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Vine's Jade Buddha, spiritual companion. Trusting a greater spiritual force

My Jade Buddha

September 24th 2012

The history of my Jade Buddha statue shows that sometimes you have to trust that everything will work out, and place your faith in a greater spiritual force.

I remember first seeing my serene buddha when I was walking down George Street, in the inner city of Sydney. I had moved into a beautiful apartment in North Sydney, right near Sydney Harbour. I used to walk out of my building and look across to the magnificent view of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I love everything about Sydney and it is one of the most exciting cities I've ever lived in.

My beautiful Buddha was waiting for me there. He wasn't cheap, because he was made of Chinese Jade and sat on a lotus flower stand. He travelled with me all over Australia when I was going through a lot of my spiritual learnings.

Let me share how I came to be travelling around Australia in the first place.

My spiritual quest started when I was a young child and I've always been communicating and channeling messages from the higher realms. I had a heavenly vision that defined my spirtual vocation.

If you know the story of Joan of Arc when she was shown spiritual visions about protecting France, you might be able to grasp that spiritual seers still have similar types of real life encounters in their life as well (although not as dramatic as Saint Joan's tragic story).

One night I awoke from sleep to see one of my enlightened celestial guardians standing in front of me and telling me I had to leave my parents house and to venture out on my own. This is how I found myself living in the CBD in Northern Sydney. I lived and worked in the local area and moved only when I was spiritually guided to relocate to Queensland. I affectionately remember this time of my life as a spiritual apprenticeship. I had to venture out on my own to learn about life. I was guided to different spots to meet a variety of wonderful people.

Years later, when I was living in a house in Middle Park, Melbourne, near the Albert Park village, a friend placed my Jade Buddha at the front of the door and used him as a door stop. A strong gust of wind entered the Victorian home and my Buddha took a serious knock. He fell off the stand and the altar around his head was cut in a sharp edge. He looked terrible. My friend was horrified about the damage and offered to pay to have it repaired. I called around several stonemasons but they couldn't fix him. I was devastated.

I wrapped him up in some cloth and placed him in a box because he wasn't in a pretty state.

One day I went to find something in the box and decided to take a peek at my beautiful Buddha. What I found staring back at me was a different Buddha. The ugly and broken altar around his head had somehow crumbled into small pieces and he'd been miraculously transformed into a different statue.

For me, this was a surreal day. I was able to take him from the carefully wrapped cloth and display him proudly on my top shelf. He has been in every home and business location I've worked in ever since. He now sits on top of my cupboard and looks down upon my staff and me.

He reinforces how the Universe works in mysterious ways and when you love something with all of your heart you need to trust and let go. If it's meant to come back to you, it will.

Love and Light

September 24th 2012

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