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The Intelligent Psychic - Being Psychic Doesn't Mean You Cannot have Intelligence

Psychic Intelligence

Why does being a psychic mean you cannot be intelligent? In recent weeks I have been openly discussing issues on Twitter that have nothing to do with my spiritual abilities, but are ethically and morally related to the work that I do. I stand up for Oneness and the real causes of many of the problems we are facing in the world. Many of these problems are fear based and are a result of personal insecurities that individuals carry.

Each time I have stood up to bigotry, racism and ignorance I have experienced the stereotypical reaction usually reserved for psychics who dare to have opinions on general topics. All indications are that some areas of society frown upon psychics who have rational, intellectual opinions.

From a young age, I was spiritually guided that I would be actively involved in raising awareness about our direct relationship with each other and our beautiful planet. I can recall as a psychic kid, I was more interested in world issues than playing with dolls. There is a false perception that all psychics are away with the fairies. You will notice I never write frivolous psychic topics and always concentrate on issues that are influencing our life now.

I attempt to demystify the spiritual arts to help us understand the significance of why being born to this world is about accepting a level of responsibility for our decisions. I am sure if you think about it, you would prefer a psychic to not only walk the walk in real life, but also talk the talk online.

Authentic Self

You probably don't realise it, but many times when you read psychic blogs about being authentic, the articles are signed off by psychics who did not write them. They hire a copywriter to write it, based on other spiritual psychics work, and then sign off on a topic they know nothing about. This is the exact opposite of authentic self.

We have discovered that week after week, a well-known Australian psychic company has copied my past articles. They are copying my work so they can appear to be a leader in the psychic industry, but I'm sure you'll agree that their actions demonstrate the exact opposite of being an industry leader.

They are following my website content like a hawk and regularly copying my subject matter and keywords so they can use black hat SEO to rank higher than I do in Google searches in their new blog.

You need to know that a genuine psychic stands up for the values they write about. They are prepared to reveal their personality and let you into their real life experiences, rather than invent them to fool an audience.

Authentic Voice

I would rather have an authentic voice on social media and protect the interests of humanity and our environment than to simply hire a content manager to make stuff up based on other peoples experiences, or copy gurus inspirational quotes to appear spiritual. That doesn't exhibit leadership. What it does reveal is that the copycat is earning an income from replicating another psychic's ideas and life experiences, to falsely create a spiritual persona to attract clients to the business.

Vine's Authentic Self

Initially I have been praying on the amount of spiritual scavengers who have been helping themselves to my content to discuss on weekly TV programs or to take credit for in their books. My higher guardians advised I needed to speak out and this is why I am standing up for all creatives or writers who have painstakingly written articles or created a product to have it completely ripped off.

This is not what the higher realms acknowledge as being true to self. To be true to your self means you stand in authentic energy. If that means I go online to speak out about climate change denial or have a chat with a skeptic who singles out psychics because they don't believe in spiritual clairsenses - so be it.

The Seeds of Your Thoughts and Deeds are Known

It might surprise you to read that every time I have engaged in online conversations with skeptics in the hope of educating them about the traditional spiritual arts, they do not want to discuss the topic. I am rather disappointed that the 'prove you are psychic' skeptics are more interested in trolling a psychic than actually having an adult conversation.

They do not realise that the real spiritual arts have nothing to do with hypnosis or mind conjuring magician's tricks. If skeptics really wanted to get to the facts, they would open their mind and try to understand more about consciousness and subtle energy fields.

Yes, I am a psychic, and yes, I will use my rational intellect to help demystify the spiritual arts. I want everyone to understand the difference between genuine spiritual ability, and the mentalist hypnotic tricks and manufactured newspeak employed by so many in the psychic industry.

If you see me online discussing humanitarian or environmental issues, know that I have incarnated to follow this path.

Love and Light

July 25th 2016

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