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Spiritual Energy Aura Vibrations and Tones

The Spiritual Energy of Aura Vibrational Tones

Feeling the Health of People and Planet

The spiritual breath technique I use when I do my phone psychic readings, allows me to make direct contact with your ethereal field. As a spiritual empath I am able to tune into your energetic ailments and energy scarring and immediately relay my findings back to you. Once I make contact with your aura I use a wide range of Clair senses, but the two most common ones I use at the beginning of a phone psychic reading, are clairvoyance and clairsentience.


When I tune into someone who has recently had a splitting headache or migraine, the sensation of the migraine is directed back to my aura and I begin to feel the same sort of pain until I immediately release it. My phone clients are often surprised and sometimes a little spooked when the location of the energy sensation I describe on my body is exactly the same as on their own body.

Vibrational Tones on Your Aura

How is it possible for medical intuitives like myself to experience these types of sensations? Your body's energy releases different vibrational frequencies that create different tones in your aura. I feel these tones during the early stages of connection. This is how I know about your headaches and migraines.

Spiritual conduits who can feel the tones in your aura that are related to health issues, trauma, violence and emotional scarring are sometimes known as medical intuitives.

Spiritual Lightworkers are finely tuned to pick up on heightened senses. These heightened energetic skills are not scientifically understood and are therefore often falsely reported as mind tricks. It's not about the mind, its about energy, and its no trick, I tell my clients what I'm tuning into - not the other way around.

Spiritual Sensitives can feel energetic changes in the weather currents before storms hit or some of us can hear high pitched sounds from our planet before earthquakes strike. In the same way that we have many languages and cultures around the world, empaths can have a variety of heightened languages of their own that they intuitively honour.

This is not hocus-pocus, it is something that natural born psychics experience from the time of birth, or learn to accept after they've had a near death experience. Empathic skills are heightened senses that we regularly use when offering spiritual guidance, and they are as tangible for us as the five normal senses.

Clearing the Energy

We obviously have to find a way of cleansing our own aura of the emotional and physical ailments that our client's electrical body releases. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to function in the world.

I immediately release the energy at the end of a call with my client. This means that every time a client re-calls I have to do the breath technique again to reconnect energetically and provide spiritual guidance and channelling from the higher realms. I never hold onto any of my clients' emotional pain because I was trained by my Spiritual Guardians to release energy.

Feeling the Energy of the Earth

Just like the energy we release from our own bodies, our Earth also releases vibrational tones. They have been increasing rapidly now that exponential amounts of human-made C02 is being released into the atmosphere, heating our oceans and creating intense weather.

There are many energy tones and they all have different frequencies. There is nothing on our Earth that doesn't release unique vibrational frequencies.

If you have ever had a splitting headache or aches or pains before lightning strikes, then you may be able to appreciate what Sensitives feel when there is a change in our environment's energy frequency. Lightworkers are passionate about sharing the knowing of the energy tones and helping our clients begin to see the relevance of the spiritual channelling.

If we can feel your aches and pains on your body or reveal loved ones who have passed and the visions we receive, it allows you to have tangible proof of the afterlife.

Sometimes the higher realms reach out and channel even stronger vibrational tones than the ones I tune into when I do readings. When I'm guided to provide psychic predictions, the angelic tones I allow my vessel to be a conduit for, radiate the highest love energy you can experience.

The energy of Oneness is all knowing and all energies blend and intertwine to allow Empaths to be spiritual vessels for the light.

I'm writing this editorial on Earth Day which highlights how climate change needs to be addressed straight away and how we must come to understand our direct relationship to nature and our environment. May this article shine a light on understanding the Oneness of Earth.

Love and Light

April 22nd 2013

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