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Free Psychic Readings

Fact Check

This psychic reading editorial is about free psychic reading offers and how they are directly related to suspect psychic chat room sites, as well as sometimes having links to the criminal community. I'm also writing about fake psychic accreditation courses that are confusing the public.

You can't avoid the free psychic reading offers on social networks. If you go into Twitter you'll find that the large psychic chat line companies have set up hundreds of fake profiles enticing you into having an (apparently) free astrology or love reading. Their tactics include things like: "Use our free psychic directory" and "Sign up for our complimentary loyalty scheme".

But did you know some of these enticing offers are highly suspect and can be directly related to criminal organizations.

Why would unscrupulous individuals hide behind the psychic reading sector?

If your immediate thought was your money, you have answered the question accurately.

The reason these criminal organizations are enticing you with free psychic offers is because they want your personal details. If they can make you feel like you're getting something for free and you are an impulse buyer, or feeling extremely vulnerable because you are lonely, they believe you will share your personal information with them without thinking twice.

Take a look at Yahoo Answers and view how many people request free psychic readings. The Yahoo astrology and religion section is inundated with free psychic reading offers every week.

Some people believe credible psychics should provide their professional services for no payment. This isn't correct. Reputable psychics need to earn a living like any other business does. I have to pay wages to my administration staff, my graphic artist, etc., and I have to pay my bills like everyone else.

Naturally gifted genuine psychics with a range of spiritual heightened senses offer real clarity and are highly sought-after. That's why we don't enter into affiliate programs like the fake psychic chat sites, and we never try to entice you with fake freebies. Now if genuine psychics and spiritual mediums aren't making false free offers, you need to be aware of who is and about the motives behind these offers of (apparently) free psychic readings.

Your Personal Information is at Risk

I was spiritually guided by the higher realms to warn about fake psychic services because there are people who pose as psychics who have no real psychic ability whatsoever. Normally you will find they will try to get a lot of personal information out of you. They use sales tactics and marketing strategies to make you feel it is all above board. You might not realize that your data on social networks is automatically searched for and broken down into topics and specific key words so that fake people can engage you in a conversation that is specifically tailored to the things you have written about.

Automatic Responses from Bots

That's right, you might have a bot responding to you after you write on your Facebook page something about feeling lonely, or breaking up from a love relationship. They are looking for those keywords and when they see them, the next thing you know, a free psychic offer is pushed at you in your most vulnerable time.

Make no mistake, these identify theft and data information scams have been highly thought-out, and they work. That's why you will be none the wiser if a Twitter follower sends you a message about the free psychic reading they had. And you may not realise the reason they ask for all your personal information, is nothing to do with the apparently free psychic reading they are offering.

Your personal information can be sold off, or it can be held to send a phishing link to your email account at a later date when you're less likely to see a direct relationship between the two. You may innocently click a link which sends a virus onto your computer.

Your personal information can land in the wrong hands - a criminal group in China or Taiwan, Russia etc. This is why I have been spiritually guided to warn that your personal details should be considered sacred and not readily given out.

Psychic Institutes and Accreditation

Psychic institutes and associations attempt to show a respectable front to the public by saying they are 'accredited'. Scratch beneath the surface and you find they have accredited themselves.

There is no such thing as government accreditation for psychics anywhere in the world.

Spiritually I have already shared that the higher realms don't recognize institution accreditations. Don't take psychic institute's accreditation seriously, because they are not worth the paper they are written on. Some psychic institutes hide behind covert hypnosis to create the perception they're credible psychics. Recently I shared how neuro-linguistic programming, originally a business training model, has been abused in the psychic reading sector.

On investigation we found large numbers of life coaches in Australia and the world are using covert hypnosis without revealing it to their customers.

Misuse of hypnosis does not energetically align with the Universal Laws of free will. Credible psychics do not hypnotise their clients.

Credible psychics rely upon natural spiritual skills.

Love and Light

September 23rd 2013

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