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Psychic Training Peer Pressure

Psychic Training Peer Pressure

Last week's online psychic reading editorial about Psychic Training Courses had a strong reaction. I received a variety of responses I'd like to share...

One client's short course experience learning how to be an animal whisperer, summed up the fake psychic course industry:

"I didn't feel anything at all. I was told that I was thinking too hard and needed to build up my confidence."

What she might not have known about these 'Anyone Can be a Psychic' courses, is that most people who do online psychic courses or psychic training are gaining nothing more than fabricated qualifications set up by individuals who are not psychic themselves. The 'I can teach you to be psychic' courses that are springing up all over the net, are by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) life coaches claiming that anyone can be psychic if you use their methods. It makes a mockery of the spiritual arts.

Peer Pressure to be Psychic

People attending these courses are often so keen to do well that they can convince themselves they are doing well. The teachers have a financial incentive to support these false results. When everyone else in the course seems to be successful at being psychic, it creates peer pressure to feel the energy like everyone else.

An Inconvenient Psychic Truth

Another email I received was from a business in Sydney that wanted me to write an online psychic course. Needless to say I declined the offer because it isn't possible to teach everyone to have heightened clairsenses. This doesn't mean that you are not capable of tuning into your own higher self. But when it comes to heightened clairsenses, you are either born with them or have a near death experience that alters your ethereal field.

But this inconvenient truth doesn't suit the people who teach neuro-linguistic programming and falsely claim they are psychic as a marketing technique to make more money.

Financial Incentives

The financial incentive of the psychic industry is the reason so many NLP practitioners (or similar) are now marketing themselves as being psychic/intuitive, even though NLP practitioners have never been 'psychic' in the past.

To sell their online or face-to-face training courses, they have to convince you that you are psychic as well.

They've even tried to describe conversational hypnosis as being psychic.

If you refer back to the original spiritual arts, the mystery school teachings or the genuine medicine men and women, seers and prophets, there is no historical evidence to support NLP as being a credible psychic art.

Now that's not what the life coach psychic industry wants you to discover.

Marketing Tricks

They have networked amongst each other to increase their presence on the web: they have created psychic institutes and associations and lobbied governments to be considered a legitimate psychic authority. The original founders of NLP even tried to get science recognition and failed. If you refer back to the beginnings of NLP and you'll see it was never originally pretending to be psychic. After the founders of NLP failed to convince the science community it was a legitimate science, they instead introduced it into the 'Spiritual Self Help' category.

Fast forward now to the wide range of intuitive courses online or lifestyle psychic teachers on the net and you find there is an NLP Network connection. Throw in the false Law of Attraction teachings and the pletherer of people claiming to be psychic: psychic hairdressers, psychic cooks or psychic life coaches and you come to the real reason why everyone is being told they can be psychic: Making money.

If a 'psychic' can't prove the accuracy of their guidance, they aren't psychic. And if before a psychic reading, you're being asked to fill in forms sharing what is going on in your life, then you're not having a genuine psychic reading.

What you are most likely experiencing is someone who is trying to convince you they are a psychic expert to get you to open up and tell them what is going on in your life.

You won't find the seers of the past writing celebrity predictions or hunting for ghosts in graveyards. This is the tacky side of the mind body spirit sector. There may not be much money in being a ghost hunter, but there is a lot more money in starting a psychic course to teach others how to be a ghost hunter. A lot of money is changing hands but not many ghosts are being found.

This is the motivator behind these online psychic courses. It is all about making money from the most vulnerable in society.

Genuine lightworkers have to pay bills and so must charge for their phone psychic readings. But they know that they can't teach everyone to be psychic, which is why they steer clear of all the over-the-top PR spin that comes from fake psychics.

I have previously taught spiritual workshops, but never have my workshops been about teaching anyone at all to be psychic. My workshops were about helping to get in touch with your authentic spiritual self and taking back your own inner knowing. If you become overly reliant on psychics or join psychic clubs that treat the psychic as a guru, then your doing a disservice to self.

Credible light workers will guide and help you through the worst and best days of your life. We're not meant to be a spiritual crutch for every thought you think. If you're being told otherwise, check the spiritual source of the guidance and where it is really coming from.

No apologies for sharing that the majority of psychic training is suspect and a hotchpotch of unrelated, scientific, social and spiritual teachings. Try not to be taken in by the sales talk that says that everyone is psychic, and get to the essence of your own inner knowing.

Love and Light

February 25th 2013

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