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Psychic Reviews - Real or Fake - Astroturfing

Psychic Directory Sabotage

Fake Online Reviews

In my psychic reading editorial today I am writing about psychic competitor business sabotage and the unethical practice of astroturfing. This issue applies to every Australian and world online business operating in the global community.

My clients in Melbourne and Victoria have been in touch about recent business reviews on True Local online directory. The scathing reviews by unidentifiable individuals don't provide names or when they claim to have had the psychic reading. They have no credibility.

How is it that an Australian business directory allows individuals to publish a review without providing a name or date for service, or without providing any proof at all that the review isn't completely fake. Why aren't anonymous reviews that provide no credible information as to their authenticity, verified for accuracy before they are allowed to be published?

It works in the favour of the online business directories to allow businesses to be tarnished by fake reviews. Rather than taking down the fake reviews they would prefer you to post extra replies to refute them and in this way they use fake reviews to increases their rankings in the search engines at the expense of legitimate businesses.

These psychic directories are unreliable because they are directly related to business-to-business link promotions. As we found out, fake reviews are rampant and consumer government authorities around the world are scrutinising the accuracy of online reviews.

How Many Psychic Reviews are Credible?

I've been doing psychic readings for 31 years and I can share with you that only a very small percentage of people ever take the time write a psychic testimonial or review.

Statistically you might get a legitimate psychic review every three to six months, if you're lucky. People who live busy lives usually don't have time to sit down and write a review even if they are blown away by the accuracy of a psychic reading.

This is why fake business psychic reviews stand out to anyone looking closely. If you see an online review going up weekly by apparently satisfied customers, it's most likely highlighting that those reviews aren't real, and that there's something suspect about the business.

Normally two things can be happening. A psychic service is doing their own fake reviews, or a hired reviewer is trying to promote a business with over-the-top fake customer testimonials. If they use SEO keywords in the psychic testimonial, it reeks of fake.

Negatively Reviewing Competitors

One of the fake testimonials about my psychic services on True Local said that I didn't provide any "psychic predictions in my reading". This is a very odd and suspicious thing to say because nowhere in my psychic readings do I claim to do psychic predictions for clients. Psychic predictions are about prophecy, not spiritual readings.

I do receive visions and use a range of natural clairsenses and guide my clients about what they mean. This "psychic prediction" keyword was placed in the True Local review solely because my Psychic Prediction page ranks highly in search engine queries. This means that the "psychic prediction" keyword increases the chances of the fake negative review being found instead of my legitimate psychic predictions.

It highlights that the person who wrote the review is directly involved in the psychic sector or works for a psychic business.

The second review, from someone supposedly in the Melbourne Western Suburbs, is also anonymous, vague, has no time of appointment and doesn't give any credible information about the reading.

Again this reviewer is familiar with the concept of SEO keywords. They use the term "general reading", which isn't what a normal client might place down on a psychic review. I do offer general readings because I don't require any additional information from my clients. A lot of psychic services request upfront information about their clients, but I have removed this practice to show integrity for the spiritual arts. Whoever wrote these reviews intended them to hurt my online psychic reputation.

Genuine Reviews are not written for SEO Purposes. If you check any genuine testimonial, it identifies what happened in a reading and is a breakdown of all the highlights or lowlights.

Psychic Readings Complaints - Our Policy

It is very rare for my clients to raise concerns about their psychic readings. Over 30 years I have probably had well less than one percent raise concerns about a psychic reading. We encourage clients to peruse FAQ's, watch my spiritually inspired video to understand the exact style of reading I do.

And if my clients feel I'm not connecting to their issue within the first minute or two, I share with them that I will refund the online payment immediately. I also ensure my clients are aware of the style of reading I do before I proceed with the reading. This is why the True Local complaints over the last couple of weeks send out a business sabotage red flag.

Online Business Saboteurs - Our Story

I'm not exaggerating when I say business sabotage. Over the last six years we've dealt with every competitor black hat SEO trick imaginable. I have had to hire lawyers to send warning notices to major Australian psychic chat websites who should have known better. There have been issues to do with direct copyright breach and deliberate disinformation to confuse my customers about having a direct relationship with a competitor business.

We've had Google business listings and Hot Frog listings removed because of false reporting by competitors. And online Yellow and White Pages listings have been generated (by somebody) for plumbers, carpenters and florists etc., using my business email and phone number. Those fake business listings were found all over Australia and Sensis had no explanation for it.

The psychic predictions that I regularly update from the higher realms have been scraped and copied, completely ignoring my intellectual property rights. They are illegally reproduced on literally hundreds of spam psychic prediction sites owned by competitor businesses. On those sites you can normally find competitor advertisements waiting patiently for you to click their site and draw you away from mine.

These business attacks are ongoing. They regularly scrape my articles and links to confuse my customers in this way. I know I'm not the only business in Australia who is dealing with business sabotage issues. They come from individuals who try to create directory empires. They want to be considered the authority even if they don't deserve to have the recognition. If they see someone like myself with over 30 years real business reputation, they will overstate their qualifications to appear relevant.

Loyal Psychic Reading Customers

Throughout the years I've received emails from loyal customers who were confounded after seeing the occasional scathing review about my psychic services. Each review showed no evidence that a psychic consultation had even taken place.

The forum members on the Karma Lounge have been actively vocal in supporting greater accountability of psychic associations and institutes, who don't monitor unethical or anticompetitive business practices. These organizations have also created psychic directories to represent the psychics who choose to be members. Not all Australian or World psychics want to join and should not be disadvantaged because they independently represent their own spiritual business philosophy.

This time we're not going to lie back without a fight and let individuals try to tarnish Vine Psychic Reading Line. I've decided to reveal the lengths unscrupulous psychic businesses will stoop to when it comes to being found on the world wide web and how the best psychic business directories online are feathering their own nest.

Online directory businesses are trying to be found before psychic websites. We are regularly being approached to upgrade our business listings and we know there are cases where online businesses are targeted by fake review sites who then charge you to remove negative reviews.

Real Psychic Testimonials

Many of the testimonials I have placed on my psychic website are by authentic customers who actually swore on oath that the experiences they encountered in their readings are real. We also have customers who send emails describing their spiritual reading from the higher realms in their own words.

If Spirit wants my business to be found it will be found. We don't use professional SEO services. I write articles that my clients seek out. It's as simple as that. My online psychic site has grown organically over many years by visitors returning to seek out the guidance and articles I share to help you be greater informed.

That my business is being found before other businesses is the sole reason it is being targeted by fake reviews.

It might be easier to turn the other cheek when it comes to unfair psychic business dealings but it doesn't help you to understand what is really going on in the psychic, metaphysical sector. Ignoring it would allow the behavior to continue, and I was guided to educate and keep readers informed about a wide range of psychic topics and to raise concerns about unethical psychic reviews being setup to mislead the public.

Telstra, who own Sensis, has recently purchased True Local business directories. They need to show a respectable front about the way they are monitoring who is placing up reviews, and checking with businesses if the individual did actually use the psychic services they are reviewing.

My aim is to help you to find the right psychics and distinguish the fake psychics hiding behind other business identities.

Love and Light

October 13th 2013

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