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Online Psychic Editorials > Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence Energy
Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence Energy

In my psychic reading editorial I'm covering the new energies heralding Christ Consciousness awakening. The energies combine our intuitive feelings of love, connection, creativity and morality, with our rational sense of the world. The karma of all of our actions is relevant to this awakening.

Venus and Jupiter have been aligning their magnificent energy combined with the new moon. In June, the three brightest lights in the night sky, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus, formed a perfect isosceles triangle, announcing the coming together of energetic forces in 2015 and 2016. The spiritual triangle only occurs in times of major energetic transformation on Earth.

The Star of Bethlehem, which led the Magi (the three wise men) to the birth of Jesus, could have been a convergence of Jupiter and Venus (and the moon). When you go back through history you will find this spiritual triangle alignment brings the truth of what is hidden to the surface. My spiritual prophecy by the higher angelic realms guided 2015 was the spiritual karmic report card year. Our governments, legal systems, political parties and multinational corporations are all directly influenced by the spiritual energy triangle.

The Energy of Christ Consciousness

Just as Christ drove the money changers from the Temple, in 2015 we are also having light shone on deceptive practices of individuals and organizations. The spiritual understanding that consciousness is omnipresent and is all knowing will be revealed in 2015 and heralding in the 2016 year. This is a time that the people will demand more from themselves and their elected representatives.

The rising of the people standing in authentic energy is evident. Farmers and people throughout Australia are protesting the approval of the Shenhua coal mine in the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales. This occurred during the spiritual triangle formation in June and July. The coal mine's environmental damage to the NSW aquifers and prime agricultural land is causing the local farmers and environmental groups to demand greater accountability from the Federal and State government.

The same with the dismantling funding to renewable energy resources by the government when the world is acting on climate change. It seems the governments are aware of the people movement gaining traction and are attempting in Australia to silence the voice of Greenpeace and other environmental organizations that protect the wildlife and nature by declaring their funding non-tax deductible.

It would appear the dark energy is trying to take a stand before the new consciousness awakening takes a hold.

Dark energy can use governments to represent them. The fossil fuel companies have knowingly destroyed natural habitats and environments for greed. The governments who allowed the environments to be destroyed were receiving political donations to keep them in government.

The energy heralded by the alignment of Venus, Jupiter and the moon is a symbol of Christ Consciousness shining a light on all of the underhanded things going on in the world. It is looking at our own political deception.

This is happening in every country around the world. More and more lightworkers are hearing their calling to stand up and stop the destruction of the dark forces. More people are awakening from the hold of superficial attractions and mind numbing stimulation, to having a greater relationship with their natural surroundings.

Be aware that the Christ Consciousness spiritual triangle also means nature will begin to demonstrate her full consciousness. The spiritual prophecy I received recently is showing how collective karmic inaction on solving the real issues on our earth about fairness, equality, Oneness are all now under the spiritual karmic mirror.

I want to thank my psychic prediction followers who have been steadfast awaiting new spiritual prophecy. This week I will begin to release the visions I have been shown by the higher realms. Thank you for your loving loyalty throughout the years.

May the Christ Consciousness energetic triangle resonate with your own truth.

Love and Light

July 14th 2015

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