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Vine's Psychic Predictions for 2014 - Spiritual Channeling

Vine Psychic Reading Line is sharing more visions about Australia, world politics, financial markets and the environment, including sharing some of the channeled visions she's been receiving about Earth Changes on Gaia.

2014 Higher Angelic Realms Channeling

Vine began her psychic predictions for 2014 with a spiritually channeled prophecy from the higher angelic realms. She was that guided the channeling was sacred.

Vine is not a celebrity psychic and doesn't bother with celebrity predictions, which are mainly gossip orientated entertainment. Vine respects the spiritual arts and doesn't trivialize guidance from the higher realms.

Instead, since 2010 Vine has been guided to release regular psychic predictions that are of benefit to humankind. The 2014 psychic predictions show that Spirit is very much aware of what is occurring on Earth.

Vine's psychic predictions channeled message for 2014 from the higher angelic realms, concerns the environment and state of our world at present.

To help you find the answers you seek, let the spiritual channeling resonate with your higher self and contemplate on the profound nature of the information from Spirit.

Vine's 2014 Spiritual Channeling from the Higher Realms is about the importance of understanding and living in harmony with the interacting energies on our planet.

Read the channeling here...
Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth

Love and Light

January 1st 2014

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