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Barefoot Psychic Vine - The Importance of Earth Yourself

Vine Psychic Reveals How She Became A Barefoot Spiritual Psychic Medium

This week my psychic reading editorial is about the spiritual benefits of going barefoot.

You might think there isn't much to write about on the subject of going barefoot. Or that not wearing shoes when you go for a walk is a silly thing for a grown-up person to do. But think again...

Remember when we were kids and going barefoot was the natural thing to do? We loved it and when it was time to put our shoes on it was such a drag. But then we grew up and the only excuse we ever get to take our shoes off is when we go to the beach and feel the beautiful sand between our toes. Our shoes have quite literally interrupted our connection with nature.

The Physical Body Loves Barefoot Therapy

When you walk without shoes, you are allowing your body to use the muscular skeletal system the way nature intended.

The energy meridians of your chakras come together on the soles of your feet and when you walk in bare feet, you stimulate the energy points for your entire body. The blood circulates and pumps through the heart to breathe deeper into your core. You allow your body to be fully and naturally alive.

Walking bare feet around the house or on a grassy surface, reconnects you to the earth. Like a tree that draws nutrients out of the ground, you too can allow your feet to energetically ground you by physically touching different surfaces.

My partner has become accustomed to my spontaneous barefoot adventures, as I choose rocky or pebbled surfaces when walking around the streets bare feet. I deliberately move to and from different textures to allow my body to experience the sensations from the sense of touch.

Reconnecting with the Earth

By connecting to the earth you also see your direct connection to nature. When I walked through the rainforests in the North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands and Cairns Highlands and quietened my mind, I immediately began to feel part of my surroundings. By having this direct relationship to my natural surroundings I merged my life force with the forest flora and fauna.

In particular on two occasions I walked right past snakes. I turned around, only when I heard them beginning to escape into the forest floor. No reptile or animal harmed me because I respected their native home. It might appear a foolhardy way of walking through a native forest, but at the time I was oblivious to any dangers. I was in absolute serenity.

Spiritual Knowing of Nature

I am fortunate to have a unique connection to nature. I have heightened my spiritual senses to be able to hear and feel subtle energy vibrations that animals can sense. It is why I understand the interconnectness of all of nature's creatures and reject some of the false law of attraction teachings about treating our Earth and our treasured wildlife as nothing more than a commodity for consumer use.

This knowing of nature motivates me in my psychic business. I don't just write about nature in an abstract way, I know nature in pure essence. Going barefoot and experiencing the energy flow of ley lines from Gaia's energy field allows me to see how the aboriginal people are aware of our direct connection to nature. If you look at some of the dances of the indigenous peoples of Australia, watch how they dig their bare heels into the earth as they jump in energetic rhythm.

You can see the dancing and the barefoot connection with the Earth in this fantastic Yothu Yindi song and video, "Timeless Land".

Respecting the Wisdom of Aboriginal People

Because I know the energy of nature, I immediately have a spiritual infinity with all native people from different nations. Wisdom of natural harmonious balance is entrenched in all First Nation people. It's why the western world has lost sight of how our destructive economic models (overconsumption of nature), are bringing climate change to our door.

This comes from an ignorant sense of human entitlement, without being scientifically aware of the magnetic relationship to all the elements that are required for life survival.

Answering Nature's Call

Once you experience nature's call, you forever hold onto the wisdom and knowing. Nature chooses her spiritual warriors. If you are chosen to be a vessel for nature you will dedicate your life to protecting her. Nature knows what is in your heart and whether you come to her with pure intentions. Gaia knows the false gurus who profess to understand her energy without ever having experienced it first-hand and refer to the wisdom of others to gain fame, or notorietary.

Nature sees through false prophets.

Reconnecting to Nature's Energy Fields

Begin to walk bare feet and you will allow yourself to tap into this natural sense and experience this truth more and more. Begin to see how the connection with nature returns when you remove your shoes and walk in the way your body was intended to walk.

Start by doing it ten minutes a day, then increase the time by five minute intervals. If you are doing a jog or walk, take off your shoes when you are winding down and touch base with the ground. Watch how your body begins to tone when you walk on the heels and soles of your feet.

Be in the zen when walking.

(When walking in bare feet, always make sure to avoid glass or sharp objects.)

Love and Light

September 12th 2015

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