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Vine Psychci Tropical North Queensland

Vine Psychic's Renewed Connection with North Qld

Vine's Spiritual Reconnection with the Daintree Rainforest

This week in my psychic reading editorial I'm sharing my North Queensland holiday adventures with you and the spiritual lesson I'm learning about aging.

My Spiritual Reconnection with Nature

I'm familiar with the tropical regions surrounding Cairns, Port Douglas and the Daintree Rainforests.

In my younger years I was spiritually guided to live in the tropics and I ended up residing in the beautiful tropical town of Cairns. When I returned for a holiday recently I was expecting to see changes, and wow, the town I knew is now a bustling tourist city. I did enjoy sitting at the Cairns Esplanade and swimming in the public pool and lying under the fig trees.

I was admiring the way the Cairns community had stayed true to keeping the mudflats protected, but also making it more tourist-friendly by contrasting it with the clear blue pristine pool.

Memories of times past surfaced as I recalled sitting on the Esplanade in the evenings, drinking icy cold beers with my friends to quench our thirst from the humid nights. My appreciation of an icy cold beer was cemented living in the tropics. Anyone who has ever revisited their past would probably understand the mixed emotions that I was experiencing. I was admiring the new Cairns and remembering the old Cairns at the same time.

I'm sure the locals of the area are aware how important it is not to lose the charm of Cairns, and are endeavouring to keep the unique attractions without allowing developers to destroy its beauty. My trip this time was to return to the ley lines of the Daintree Forests and to reconnect to the energy of the trees and elements. I was being spiritually called back.

As a spiritual sensitive it is important for me to always be around nature to recharge my own life essence by meditating and blending my energies with the spiritual energy of the water and trees, and to go deep into the stillness.

I shot this video with my iPhone from a canoe on the Mossman River

I can recall a time when I was walking through the rainforests near the Atherton Tablelands in my bathers and thongs just being in the moment, then to realize I had walked over a snake and watched as it rustled into the undergrowth of the forest floor. There was no fear when I trekked the rainforests on my own, because I lived in the moment.

Wildlife knows who is there to harm them and the brown snake didn't feel threatened by my presence. When you merge your energy in Oneness you can feel all elemental energy and can communicate with the wildlife in telepathic essence. My spiritually guided apprenticeship was probably similar to the aboriginal people of Australia as they hear the calling to go walkabout to learn about their real spiritual origins.

I am sometimes dismayed by how easy it is for humans to discount the consciousness of natural elements and to think that
nature's resources can be bled dry

My love for nature is cosmic. There is no end to it. I understand how all spiritual energies complement each other and I am sometimes dismayed by how easy it is for humans to discount the consciousness of natural elements and to think that nature's resources can be bled dry. Nothing is further from the truth.

The aboriginal community is aware of these sacred locations and they value the energy released there. Sometimes we don't know why natural surroundings make us feel more relaxed because we have too many distractions occurring from our fast paced city life.

The elemental energies that surround us are taken for granted and therefore never considered when we think about mining, fracking for coal seam gas, clear felling rainforests or overfishing the oceans. To understand our real connection to nature means we have to be prepared to change our lifestyles and to live in harmony with our environment. That's not a big ask when you realize how unconditional nature can be in providing for our every need if we don't abuse it.

I probably wouldn't be alive today without the gentle caress of nature protecting my every move as I dared to push spiritual boundaries. After being coaxed into it by a diving instructor, I dived into the Great Barrier Reef even though I didn't know how to swim. I nearly drowned as water filled my mask when the diving instructor left me for a short time near the coloured corals and tropical fish.

I went rock climbing in the Cathedral Range near Buxton in Victoria and fell several feet hitting my head and was left dangling above a 300 foot drop held only by my rope. I was badly winded when saved by two doctors who were taking a day off from saving people. I'm sure the irony of the situation wasn't lost on them.

My life has been a kaleidoscope of amazing spiritual experiences, which have allowed me to draw upon the lessons I learnt to assist others to find their own truth.

In my twenties I lived without fear and was the best risk taker I could possibly be. I didn't hesitate when I saw some young men climbing up a waterfall and turned to my friend and said I have to do that. I abseiled down a rocky terrain and without hesitation plonked myself on the waterfall's ledge as the water pressure tried to push me over the edge.

I wasn't able to worry about dignity trying to hold onto my red one-piece bathers as the strong force of the water removed them from my shoulders. Thankfully the two men in front of me were too busy concentrating on their own safety to realize a half-naked woman was behind them.

Back then I would joyfully slide down the slippery rocks and plunge into the deep icy pools, and on this trip I longed for the young Vine to remerge. But the young Vine is now 30 years older.

Now when I dared to climb the same type of terrain as I did in my youth, my body was hesitant about jumping over the slippery rocks and my legs began to shake on their own accord. I sent out a prayer of gratitude to the Universe for allowing me to experience my magical moments and to appreciate the wonders of the unseeing world.

I know I have had many angels protecting me when I have thrown all caution to the wind. Now in my fifties I knew I needed to be more aware of my body's capabilities because I am not as agile as I was then. This time I was called back to the rainforests to learn the lesson of ageing. I was spiritually guided that my hormones were taking me into a different stage of my life.

As I returned to my beloved ley lines to touch base with the spiritual elementals, I had to learn to listen to my energetic body as it is going through the change of life.

I had to mellow my adventurous spirit. Instead of jumping off waterfalls, I swam in a billabong in the Mossman River. My partner and I also paddled down the river in a light canoe through the Daintree rainforest. You can see the serene energy just by viewing the video I'm sharing with you all (above) to understand how special the energy ley lines are.

Men and women have to become accustomed to dealing with kundalini release altering our physical constitutions and our bodies. We can try to fight the aging process by trying to recapture the fountain of youth, or accept this is as another part of our wonderful journey of life and embrace the energy of a new well-being.

The young adventurous warrior still lives inside of me, but it is time to allow the wiser woman to emerge and to guide the young Lightworkers who hear the higher realms whispering gently in their soul, calling them to stand in authentic energy and to be the protectors of the elementals in our environment.

Our task is just beginning.

Love and Light

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