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Workshops + One-on-One Tuition

Vine teaches spiritual lessons concerning the understanding of subtle energy forms and how emotions are linked to daily actions and responses.
Spiritually there is a reason why I chose this image for my psychic workshops. Life is not easy, we have major emotional and spiritual lessons placed before us with relationships, family unions, friendships and most importantly getting in touch with ourselves. The emotional grounds we walk can sometimes crack beneath our feet when we lose loved ones and break up from relationships. We find ourselves not coping and needing a spiritual helping hand. Which is why spiritually my workshops are about introducing you to a place of truth and allowing you to take back control of your own spiritual health. You are the master of your own higher knowing.

My workshops are not about teaching you to be psychic - they are about teaching you how to be authentic spiritual self...

Book early, as Vine's workshops can be filled quickly.

The workshop will help you to delve deeper into knowledge of your true self and will provide comprehensive tools for reading higher guidance messages and relating them to the world about you.

Participants are provided with a comprehensive workbook and the necessary tools and disciplines required to discern and work with higher energy frequencies. If you have ever wondered why all spiritual teachings consider love to be the highest energy frequency, then this is your chance to grasp what love energy really is. The workshops aim to clear away confusing spiritual jargon allowing you to understand the subtlety of the energies around you in plain and simple terms.

Understanding the Human Energy Field and Our Emotional Body

  • A spiritual programme to help you connect intuitively to your own inner voice and to appreciate the subtle energy forms around you
  • Delve deeper into knowledge of your true self
  • Gain knowledge about spiritual energy forms
  • Be spiritually assisted to know how your emotions can either prevent or assist your spiritual evolvement

Topics Covered in the workshop

  • What is energy?
  • How can I connect to my energetic body?
  • How emotional blockages create stagnant energy fields
  • How to listen to your own inner voice and recognise the subtleties of nature and spiritual forms
  • Being more spiritually discerning
  • Spring cleaning spiritual jargon and confusing messages which stop you progressing fully spiritually

What to Expect

  • One day fully intensive course in which like-minded people complete exercises and group activities
  • A caring medium/facilitator with over 32 years psychic experience who has assisted thousands of clients to tap into and release unknown blockages which have stopped them moving forward in their lives
  • A supportive non-judgemental work shop environment where you will be able to share your own experiences with other like-minded participants
  • A comprehensive workbook containing step by step exercises with useful tools and disciplines to work with in your daily life
  • Groups of 10-30

Before booking an Online Psychic Course or joining a Spiritual Circle Vine recommends you read her latest articles about not placing your spiritual health in danger with inexperienced psychic or spiritual teachers. Vine has been receiving SOS calls from people who are dealing with a wide range of astral experiences that they are ill equipped to manage. Do not place your spiritual health in the wrong hands.