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Online Psychic Editorials > Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self-Harm
Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self Harm

Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self-Harm

My Australian psychic reading editorial this week might be a little heavy, but my aim is to assist parents who are dealing with teenagers who self-harm.

I am going to explain what is happening energetically to your children when they attack their own body with sharp instruments. The best way to tackle a spiritual or psychic issue that falls outside the norm is to be honest about it. What I'm about to share may have also happened to you when you went through the puberty cycle.

Why do young children find the puberty cycle to be so emotionally confronting? There are a lot of physical changes taking place in their body, but are you aware there are also energy changes influencing the way they think and stimulating their emotions?

The Energy behind the Physical Experience

The hormonal changes teenagers experience are intense. They have to become accustomed to understanding why they feel extreme emotional highs and lows. You might think they are just being difficult when they don't want to communicate, but I'm here to share there is a lot of energetic changes also taking place in them that they aren't accustomed to. Go back in time to your teenage years and you may remember what I'm referring to. Do you remember how your body needed so much more sleep when you were a teenager? And the insatiable hungry spells or the exact opposite to that, not feeling like you wanted to eat any food at all.

Disconnection from Self

Now let's take some of your own experiences in teenage years to the extreme. Imagine you started to have all of these changes inside of you but you felt disconnected to what was happening to you.

You felt the emotions were an enemy and you couldn't cope with peer group pressure, school commitments and family issues, and you couldn't identify with the person staring back at you in the mirror. It was so overwhelming you felt like a pressure cooker steaming from within.

You were unable to articulate the emotions because you couldn't understand what was happening to you. You were so disconnected from your emotions you couldn't relate to anyone or anything around you. You felt like an alien in your own body.

Kundalini Energy

This is what happens to the teenagers who self-harm. Their feelings are off the radar, they have strong hormonal bursts which remind them they are becoming sexually aroused. They don't know how to deal with their thoughts, because they are unknown to them. They may have experienced childhood memories that they have tried to block out and then all of a sudden because of the kundalini energy releasing them to the surface they are overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Kundalini energy is extremely misunderstood when it comes to the puberty cycle. A teenager who is extremely sensitive to this energy may self-harm to release the emotional pain they feel inside.

Feeling Emotions as Pain

When I describe the emotion as a pain, it is exactly how they interpret the feeling inside of them. It is similar to an acute physical pain that has you screaming in agony as you try to find a comfortable position to release the stress you feel.

This is the same type of energetic pain teenagers experience when they are working through strong emotions. They can't cope with the intensity of the energy emotion and they try to find a way of quickly releasing it. Hence, they attack themselves. They believe if they can release the emotion it will not hurt anymore. It might seem a violent way of doing it, but at the time they are overwhelmed by alien feelings and they just want them gone.

Stopping the Pain at Any Cost

This is why they attack their body. They feel the emotion and pain stirring within them and they want to stop it at all costs. They would rather hurt themselves physically than feel the emotion. It might seem extreme, and it is, but you have to realize they are not accustomed to the emotional pain.

They are used to suppressing their feelings as a child and they find the whole experience really frightening.

There is a lot of energy change occurring around teenagers during puberty. They measure and compare their physical looks with their peers and have to identify with their sexuality. It's a lot to take in.

There's No Law saying You Have to be Happy All the Time

The most effective way of dealing with strong emotions is to breathe into them. In society we have a tendency to want to buffer them with medication or feel-good, short term fixes. This is why a lot of people turn towards self-help books and distorted Law of Attraction teachings. Some of the false teachings guide that you should be happy all the time. Try telling this to a teen who is going through intense emotions and can't even think about drawing the happy vibe to the surface.

The most effective way of dealing with strong emotions is to
breathe into them

Let your teenage child or friend know that it is perfectly natural to feel that their emotions are the enemy. Allow them to that see this process is energetically attuning their physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, and that eventually it will pass.

Tell them you understand what they are going through. Sometimes they will reject the communication, so try other ways to relay the message. Don't judge, because they already feel bad about attacking their own body. They also do this by starving themselves; hence you will find a lot of cases of anorexia nervosa arising in teenage years.

Trying to understand the energy release teenagers experience might be difficult if you've never experienced the same intense emotions yourself, but it doesn't mean because you can't relate to it personally it doesn't occur.

It is the same type of thing spiritual sensitives like myself deal with when people can't relate to psychic ability or heightened clairvoyant and medium senses. If you haven't personally had a psychic or paranormal experience, don't rule out other people having different ways of relating to their senses.

The self-harm teenager isn't highly strung; but they are dealing with highly strung emotions. There is a difference. Be compassionate and open minded to appreciate the type of feelings they have stirring in their aura. And accept your child unconditionally and speak to them openly about the feelings they are experiencing. The self-harm teenager or anorexic is no more aware of why they are responding in the manner they do than you are, which means you have to come from a place of compassion.

Love and Light

July 14th 2013

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