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Online Psychic Editorials > Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It
Twitter Social Media Fake Likes - Fake Influence and Manipulation

Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It

In my last psychic reading editorial, I wrote about mind coercion and the falsities of the psychic reading sector. I didn't expect the higher realms to reveal how our free will is influenced by fake News Polls or fake online followers for political parties. Nevertheless widespread mind manipulation on the world wide web and social media was revealed throughout the week.

The age-of-fake was more than evident online when it was discovered that a large number of Tony Abbott's social media followers were fake. Someone had purchased thousands of followers in an attempt to influence the Australian public's notion of the popularity of Mr Abbott on social networks. I was guided mind coercion was occurring in the media and in advertising and SEO search engine results, refer to psychic prediction: Controllers of the Internet.

...someone had purchased thousands of followers in an attempt to influence the Australian public's notion of the popularity of Mr Abbott on social networks.

I have also shared guidance about how wide spread mind coercion is influencing our psyches in general. It is spiritually dangerous if you reach out for counselling, coaching or training only to be covertly influenced to change a behaviour or to follow a certain type of spiritual teaching.

The examples I provided in my previous editorial about the use of covert hypnosis when buying a car or a psychic reading were bad enough. But it's frightening to think that our political vote is being manipulated to get the general populous to falsely believe polls favour a certain political party. Or to falsely make us believe a certain ideology.

Spirit guides that we all have free will, and the karmic consequences of interfering with our ability to be in touch of our emotions, is detrimental to our overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Not being in charge of our ethereal field makes us more susceptible to extreme emotional highs and lows. There is now more depression and stress than ever recorded in history, and the guidance I've been receiving from Spirit is that this is occurring because of all of the psychic interference entering our minds.

Hypnosis or NLP subliminal manipulation in the wrong hands is creating imbalances in peoples psyches. Not to mention all the subliminal messages coming through advertising and media.

Our energetic body is directly related to our physical and mental body. If one is out of balance it can adversely influence the other. This is why I can feel ethereal scarring on my psychic reading clients when I scan their aura and find previous physical injuries indicated from the past.

There is a warning bell being sent out to the world public about these mind manipulative techniques and therapies entering every area of our life.

Become aware of how your energy is being influenced
and walk your our own path.

We need to be switched-on to the dangers of allowing these types of practices to continue without any form of regulation in the market place. We have to be discerning of the vested interests who are attempting to covertly sway our opinions.

This week is spiritually highlighting why every human being needs to monitor their own emotional health and to remove themselves from any influence which damages our emotional psyches and leaves us open to energetic consequences.

I will add more information as I am guided about this topic and hopefully you can research yourself if you believe the guidance is relevant to your own life. Spirit always guides, be your own Guru. Become aware of how your energy is being influenced, and walk your our own path.

Love and Light

August 12th 2013

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