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Vine Psychic PayPal Bookings Annerversary

Vine's PayPal Psychic Bookings

The anniversary of our PayPal online psychic readings bookings is something of a milestone for Vine Psychic Readings Line. I go back to a time when I was spiritually guided to introduce an ethical online psychic reading bookings service and why this came to fruition.

My spiritual guardians have asked a lot of me when it comes to the integrity of the spiritual arts. Vine Psychic Readings Line is a spiritually inspired business that came from the higher realms. I was shown vision after vision in my dreams about the way my business would conduct itself and stand apart from the live psychic chat lines, which are purely based on entertaining the customer.

My History on Psychic Lines

I want to share exactly how this came about. You may have read of some of the horror stories of the psychic chat lines, and I'm sure there are a lot of people in the psychic sector who will refute the claims. There are also a lot of new psychics who have emerged who possibly can't identify with the working practices psychics endured in the past. They may easily dismiss the history as written by a disgruntled psychic.

The history of the psychic industry can't be re-written just because the spiritual movement has had a makeover. The mistreated psychics of the past deserve to have a voice, and so I share their story. I have loved providing spiritual readings for clients and helping my customers come to a greater sense of clarity in their life.

One of the last experiences I had working for an international psychic line reinforced to me how they were mainly in it for the money. A female psychic owner had short changed my entire month's earnings and went on the defensive when I asked how she had miscalculated my earnings to only one third of what I was owed. Her response showed that she didn't care if her psychics were short changed, and it reinforced how sick the psychic sector was. She didn't speak nicely to explain the discrepancy. She was rude, inconsiderate and an outright bully.

This is how most psychics were treated in Australia when they worked for owners of psychic companies. I politely asked her to provide a break-down of all my earnings because not once since working for her had I received a pay slip detailing what I was owed. The psychic owner even failed to honour this business request. I quit her live psychic reading line because she had betrayed everything she declared that she stood for.

The Next Step in my Spiritual Journey

I was to celebrate my birthday with a High Tea in the Dandenong Ranges. After my partner and I had finished eating we took a walk around the top of the summit. I began to tire and sat directly under a mobile tower, which made me energetically unwell. I went home and was lying on the floor when my angelic guardians crowded around me and began to send healing towards my lethargic body. At the same time they were sending the healing, I was receiving transmitted messages to my aura about how I would open a spiritually inspired psychic reading business. I was also guided I would speak up for the psychic arts and warned about how tainted they were to become. I was given other channelled guidance about why the mobile radiation was affecting my aura. What I was guided would happen to the online psychic sector has become a reality.

The PayPal psychic reading booking process was guided to me as the best method for my customers to have credible psychic readings, whilst also maintaining privacy and security.

A psychic should have no prior knowledge of a client's personal information and it is paramount for a psychic business that all client's personal financial information is processed by a secure third party (PayPal).

At the time I introduced PayPal bookings, most psychic lines were either diverting you to their own banking merchants after you had called them, or taking your credit card details over the phone. These processes required giving too much personal information to the psychic business before you had your reading, and opened the door for unscrupulous businesses to use that information to take advantage of their clients by helping their operators to seem more 'psychic'. The visions I was shown about how many people would claim to be psychic without having any real psychic skills has come about and has resulted in thousands of fake psychics online.

They have created what is now known as psychic chat on Skype, email, automatically generated machine readings and the list goes on.

There are people entering the psychic sector from psychological backgrounds and counselling backgrounds and using these skills to appear to be psychic, but what my spiritual guardians describe as psychic and what a lot of the live psychic chat sites define as psychic, are two different things.

What does 'Psychic' Mean to the Higher Realms?

You are spiritually psychic if you have heightened energetic senses and understand the spiritual arts. You are not psychic if you have the gift of the gab, use hypnotherapy or any method other than heightened spiritual senses. This is why Spirit guided me that the fake psychics wouldn't be able to replicate credible psychic ability. They could use the PayPal method of payment, but there would still be someone facilitating the reading. They would still ask the same questions about why you wanted a reading, and still bring out a range of modalities to assist them. The onus would be on the customer to seek out genuine psychic services.

This is what has happened over the last six years since I introduced my ethical online psychic readings. Spirit has guided people towards my PayPal psychic readings business who regularly say that, "I'm not sure why I'm contacting you Vine, but I felt this need to give you a call."

I know this is Spirit. I know Spirit wants the real art of psychic readings to be kept sacred. This is a true account of how my spiritual business came to be. The higher realms are omnipresent, they know all that is happening to our world and are wanting to help you and I find our own truth.

Love and Light

May 13th 2013

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