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Online Psychic Editorials > The Dark Energy of Pedophilia and Deviants
Dark Energy of Pedophilia

The Dark Energy of Pedophilia
and Deviants

This article is about a taboo subject in society. It makes your skin crawl when you think of the damage it does to peoples lives and psyches. It affects families all over the world.

I'm wriing about the energy of pedophilia and deviants, to help identify the early warning signs and how the higher angelic realms can reach out to help.

When I tune into the energy of a deviant I have to heighten my aura. I can immediately sense their unhealthy motivations when I move towards their ethereal field. Their aura sends a strong dense sensation to a Sensitive like myself. We feel their ugly urges and realise they don't have a conscience when they act up. They see people as prey and they deliberately target the vulnerable to get their latest thrill.

A young child born into a normal family environment can tear a family apart when they begin to show cruelty to animals or push moral boundaries. They can be compulsive liars, or want to experiment with touching young children's private parts. They show signs of unusual and disturbing behaviour.

Later on in life, society may label these deviants as psychopaths or pedophiles. Families try to cover-up their actions because they don't want to acknowledge they could have brought a child like this into the world.

They ignore the warnings, and families fall apart when some of the behaviours begin to be known to siblings and parents. Silence and disbelief and family cover-up are an unwelcome feeling for the innocent parties. Everyone is on tenterhooks hoping the next issue, isn't as bad as the last.

If the child's behaviour is ignored long enough they will feel more and more confident they can keep getting away with their abuse. They begin to become more bold and take greater risks. Perhaps looking at their neighbour's children and waiting for the high that comes from finding another victim.

The parents who felt their children would grow out of their behaviour now realise they can' t ignore the signs. They feel powerless as more people approach them describing their disgust. They regularly visit Children's courts or deal with litigation. Their child's conduct is known.

The child mixes with other deviants and they flock to one another. They build off the strength they offer each other. They communicate in secret languages and hide behind secret data.

Later in life undetected deviants can be highly educated, work in government departments, or even in the clergy. They move towards occupations that allow them to be around children.

Some of my clients have had ethereal scarring caused by pedophiles.

I have been spiritually guided to caution my single mother clients about the intentions of their latest boyfriend who shows no real feelings for them.

I have written articles to help them identify some of the signs and sometimes the guidance I have offered has fallen on death ears. I have been contacted after the warnings were not heeded and have listened to their wails as they realise their children have been attacked. I have offered guidance as they cope with drawn out court cases. I've felt their energetic body become more fragmented as they're emotionally crushed when they see their children withdrawing into themselves.

This isn't something you can sweep under the carpet. It needs to be aired for people to digest and recognise the subtle or not so subtle signs.

Deviants are evil. They have the ability to mask themselves. To charm their way into your life. They gain positions of authority and have secret codes to block out the rest of the world. Deviants have trained themselves to blend in with the crowd.

I've been guided by Spirit to share that reputable spiritual services can help. But it's crucial to seek out credible psychic experts who are naturally capable of working with the higher realms to provide accurate spiritual guidance.

Only credible mediums will be able to sense their dense vibrational frequency.

How do they do that?

I can't speak for other Sensitives, but I use a breath technique that allows me to make direct contact with my client's aura. I then use their spiritual vessel as a conduit and I tune into a deviant's aura. I am able to sense different vibrational frequencies. They release a clammy energetic vibration that alerts an Empath straight away. This is how I tune into your loved one's past illnesses or can determine how they died. This spiritual art is called clairsentience.

Sometimes the psychic arts are misunderstood. Especially if you believe the lies of psychic marketing companies who attempt to pass off anybody with the gift of the gab as a credible psychic.

Most people aren't aware that a credible psychic requires natural born skills.

Spiritual readings concerning deviants and pedophiles cannot be taken lightly. They require psychic and medium experts to work with a heightened level of sensitivity to relay true spiritual guidance.

There are too many lives at stake. Some of the victims of deviants commit suicide because they are tormented by their experiences. This is why I was guided to share that you should seek out only reputable spiritual services for help.

Singling out deviants doesn't mean we don't come with compassion. They require professional medical help but sometimes this isn't enough to stop their cravings. The one thing we can do as a community is to not ignore the early warning signs. To speak up when they display unacceptable behaviour and not to cover-up in the hope they will grow out of it.

Love and Light

November 10th 2012

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