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World Energy

Living in the World of Fake

The creative energy that arises from a thought, a craft or a profession, is being manipulated to such an extent it is creating its own negative energy. This is the Year of Fake, according to my spiritual guardians.

Stealing Other People's Work

Now more than ever before, we have people claiming the creation of things that were created by others.

Where once there were lines drawn in the sand about ethics, integrity and reputation, we now have people abusing the Universal Laws in ways previous generations could never have imagined.

This is something we have allowed to develop in our lifetime.

Spiritual Energy of Exchange

Let me describe an example of the Universal spiritual energy of exchange. Pure thought allows the individual to tap into their unique essence. We create what we think and then use our energy to place it in physical form.

The Akasha records our thoughts and actions and witnesses the being who stands in authentic energy. It taps into their unique creative essence.

Authenic Energy

The being who honours their craft, whether it is a mechanical, creative, practical or analytical craft, stands in authentic spiritual energy. The artist who goes into character and draws out the emotion of their craft knows they escape into the authentic energy and feel immediately at one with its knowing. The inventor who allows him or herself to see the possibility of a new technology and applies themselves diligently to the task, stands in authentic energy.

The Energy of Lack

The beings who abuse the energy of exchange are the scavengers, they choose not to utilize their own skills and unique talents, but rather to claim another's creative essence. This is created by 'the energy of lack'. The energy of lack is a spiritual term to describe how the essence of fear will determine the actions of governments, corporations and individuals.

The more a person uses another being's creative essence without their permission, the more it grows and becomes its own entity. This is happening right now on our beautiful planet.

The beings who fear not having enough or who always want more, are creating a world where there is no respect for the creative essence. Governments and Corporations who manipulate the creative essence and try to cling onto power by lying or not allowing the truth to be told, create the energy of lack. The beings who claim the creation of an invention which was not created by themselves, fail to see the karmic consequences of their actions. They consider they are untouchable because they think that their thoughts are not known.

Everything is known

Your thoughts are the energetic imprint of your consciousness. Everything is known. Everything you think is recorded by you. The Akashic Record is every spiritual beings' thoughts and every subtle energy that exists on our planet and the Universe. The being who interferes in free will because they fear they will not have enough, or will lose the person they love, or are afraid of change, will create a karmic lesson in this life time or one of the next.

The being who rapes and pillages our environment will create karma in which they will be born into the world they destroyed, to experience what they created. The millionaires who use people as pawns will find they will be born into a lifetime where they are treated in exactly the same way. The creator of the false energy will create their own universal destiny. We are spiritually held to account by the thoughts and actions of our lives. We can collectively combine our creative energies for the greater good, or we can choose to walk a path which briefly allows us to enjoy the falsehoods of the illusion.

It is an illusion to believe that wealth or status are attributes of the higher realms. They are not.

The higher realms look for the emotional connections you feel. They see past the made up faces and the toys we create, and they rejoice when we are able to identify our true essence from the illusionary matter we have created on our planet.

Consider how we have abused our planet's resources for our own needs. We allow the dictator to reveal what is considered to be of relevance to our greater being. When in fact if we allowed ourselves to be at One with all, we would find our Universal consciousness would support our every need.

The beings who have designed this world to create economic slavery, fail to see there is a knowing which looks past all of the illusion and allows us to get in touch with our own creative and spiritual senses.

The clairsenses are the connection to the higher energy of our spiritual being. When you still your mind and allow yourself to become One with the knowing, you will identify there is no need to manipulate or destroy our planet for the sake of greed.

Love and Light

February 25th 2013

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