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Vine Psychic Predictions 2012

Vine's 2012 Psychic Predictions Come True

December 31st 2012

Many of Vine's predictions for 2012 have come true.

Vine is a gifted psychic medium able to see to the very heart of your issues of concern and to help and guide on a one-to-one level. But she is also an Earth Seer with a strong connection to the energy of our planet.

On the 24th of January 2012 Vine wrote a prediction entitled, "The End of the World or the Awakening? Earthquakes and Extreme Weather"

We Are Living Out of Balance with Nature

Vine's primary message in that prediction and in many other predictions and channellings, is that we are presently out of balance with the nature of our planet. We presently see ourselves as disconnected and apart from nature and we are subsequently living unbalanced lives. As a result of this, in future years there will be a worsening of extreme weather events and earthquake activity and things will continue to worsen until we live in harmony with nature and each other.

2012 was indeed an awakening.

Extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy and the tragic shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School have begun to highlight the extreme need for harmony between ourselves and nature and to push the need for change to the political level.

In the future our politicians will need our strong and continuing support and encouragement, if life-saving changes are to be made in time.

Now, and in the future, each one of us will need to be the change we need to see.

Love and Light

December 31st 2012

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