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Synchronicity on Twitter

Yesterday in between a break from psychic readings, I was updating a Tweet for my last client. I was then immediately drawn to another message from one of the people I follow.

A young woman I've never met was sharing how lonely she was. I noticed she was living in Melbourne and I knew this was a sign for me to reach out and help her. Being a local of the Melbourne CBD allows me to know all of the great ways of getting around the city and what Melbourne has on offer.

I knew the Centre of Adult Education has great meet-up courses for all different tastes. I had done a couple of the walking tours and eating out restaurant courses myself, and knew instantly that I was synchronising with her energy to guide her to something she didn't know about yet.


Helping someone without personal gain, is what the energy of synchronicity is all about. You are emotionally connected to the collective and your thoughts are for the higher good. I sent her the web link to read the course guide and received a tweet back from her thanking me for the guidance.

Living in the Moment

This is what living in the moment and being in touch with the Akashic spiritual thread really means, and it doesn't require a great deal of concentration to understand the subtleties of the spiritual energy frequency. If you slow down your mind and become Still, you will find that signposts will appear when and where you least expect them.

Serendipity is about tapping into the Oneness cell. Everyone is capable of tapping into the guidance when you don't search for its meaning.

Love and Light

August 19th 2012

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