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Online Psychic Editorials > The Ascension - December 21 2012
The Ascencion - To Have... or to Be...

The Ascension
December 21st 2012

December 17th 2012

12/12/12 has been and gone and now the world waits in anticipation for December 21 2012 and the beginning of the changes.

Depending on your religious and spiritual beliefs this will be a time to rejoice or a time to fear.

Actually it just, IS.

What do I mean by this? It is neither positive nor negative. The changes are an awakening, a time of awareness that will allow our spiritual vessels to be in tune with the subtle vibrational frequencies on our exquisite planet Gaia.

I love Gaia with all of my heart. My reasons for doing spiritual work and incarnating on our planet have always been known to me since I was a young psychic kid. My love of Gaia is unquenchable and my spiritual readings are about helping my clients get in touch with their own ethereal field. I am a spiritual teacher who is here to help you learn about the knowings of our planet.

As a spiritual medium I am aware of many spiritual worlds and also understand subtle spiritual frequencies that allow me to feel changes in climate and to tap into the Akashic Record to discover the knowledge of the times we are now entering.

I am aware there are many people who fear the planets' aligning because of the Mayan Calendar prophecies and the wide range of interpretations from religious doctrines and Gurus.

People want to know if they should question those gurus who are claiming they are the new messiah and guiding them to get ready for the world to end.

These type of cults arose in the Age of Pisces, during which we have seen many dictators and spiritual cults arise. Over the last few years with movements like the Arab Springs and the Occupy Movement, many dictators have fallen because they had to. The ones who try to cling onto power will also fall.

The gurus who declare to their disciples that they are going to lift out of their vessels and become light beings, forget to tell their students one thing. We are already light beings.

We chose to enter our physical vessel to experience a life on Earth and to ascend when Gaia goes through a major transformation.

The Ascension is about Oneness

Each one of us has chosen to be here to experience Gaia's amazing transformation. If you have been energetically attuned to these changes you are witnessing a time of spiritual awareness about our real connection to our planet.

The spiritual ascension we are all eagerly anticipating is about Oneness.

You are now learning how to hear your own inner voice and to be spiritually aware. There are lightworkers who have incarnated with full knowing of these changes. They are here to help you let go of your emotional energetic debris and begin to lighten in your own consciousness.

You are responsible for your own energetic health and this is why you need to become accustomed to working with your spiritual vessel and to be discerning of spellcasters and not allow anyone to control your mind.

2013 is welcoming a new consciousness and my spiritual readings are about helping you to see past the false teachings and to learn how to hear your own inner voice.

Love and Light

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