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Light Workers for Sustainable Living - EarthShip Atrium
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Lightworkers - Supporting Sustainable Living

My spiritual work is a labour of love, as is my love of nature and spiritual connection to our environment.

I am hoping to build an earthship or similar sustainable home suitable for Australian environmental conditions, to live and promote sustainable living. This is a spiritual passion of mine, and the guidance I've been receiving over the last few years as a psychic reader reinforces how lightworkers need to be more proactive about the health of our environment.

All is One and we are a part of the whole. Therefore a balance between our inner and outer worlds is crucial to our survival on this Planet. When we give too much attention to the outside world and not enough to our inner spiritual selves, we become out-of-balance.

Life on Gaia

As lightworkers we can sometimes be so inward looking that we fail to see important issues on the outside that are in need of our attention. I'm talking about our Planet. When Gaia's health is discounted because we consider the spiritual plane is more important, we become out-of-balance with life on Gaia.

Earth Changes

You will notice our world is going through the Changes. This is what I have always known them to be. The Changes are more than our planet altering its energetic field, it is about us as a spiritual community understanding our direct relationship with Gaia.

Indigenous cultures share how a loss of our connection to nature is our undoing. They are right. Failing to see the energetic vibration of our Earth's elements makes us take them for granted.

Preoccupation with Material Things

We consider the largest television is a must, or that we must replace our mobile phone before it breaks to allow us to use the most modern technology. What we fail to see, is that each time we want and buy the most modern product, and each time we rely on unsustainable production techniques to manufacture our 'toys', we are disturbing the balance of nature.

Our desires to have more are creating the imbalances. Our planet has been sending out a warning for years.

Sea of Plastic

The plastic we have carelessly thrown away has found its way into our oceans and over time ground into small particles. Particles of plastic are as small as plantkon and may even be consumed by plankton as well as by fish and birds. Our food chain is being altered dramatically and we are responsible.

There is no escaping the damage we have done on our planet.

In this week's Presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney, there was no discussion on climate change, development of sustainable energy and sustainable production techniques. If this an accurate generalization of community interest, we are in trouble.

Light workers for Sustainable Living

This is why lightworkers (if they are not already doing so) need to promote and work pro-actively towards living a self-sustainable life that does no harm. Oneness isn't just about our human population. It is also about recognizing that our flora, fauna and the elements resonate with their own subtle energy.

We have declared war on our planet's elementary energy by being self absorbed. Instead of allowing our needs to take centre stage we can resonate with this knowing and speak to consciousness and ask, what can I do for my beautiful planet today?

When we finally see the interconnectedness of All that Is, we will be able to create new technologies that don't drain Gaia's resources. We can breathe in her beauty and understand our real relationship with our surroundings. It is not yet too late to create a non-toxic energetic world. We have the spiritual tools inside of us and we can use this knowing to benefit all energies on our Planet's plane.

Love and Light

Sign the petition here to ban cosmetics with plastic micro beads inside.

October 8th 2012

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