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Energy of betrayal

Spiritual Energy of Betrayal

I'm writing about the spiritual energy of betrayal to help you understand how to spiritually cope when someone fails to be truthful.

You may have encountered some of the following:

  • Been in a relationship to find your partner has cheated on you.
  • Your lover walked out of your relationship and now is living with someone else.
  • You were born into a dysfunctional family that failed to give you a good life platform where you were nurtured or had a sense of social connection.
  • Found out your friend has been misleading you and has been gossiping behind your back.
  • A friend, work colleague, husband, wife, family member have been keeping confidences and keeping you in the dark and now you are suffering the emotional and financial consequences of their past actions.
  • Global betrayal, politicians and businesses misleading the public that destroys your belief in the common good.
  • Spiritual betrayal: Being told you can't have children. Losing the ability to see, hear, or walk. Experiencing trauma from war, or violence.
  • Coping with suicide loss or grief after sudden death of your child, mother, father, sibling or friends.
No matter what form of betrayal you are working through, your loving spiritual family can help you find a greater sense of clarity. Your departed loved ones guidance can help you to make informed decisions to assist you with your choices and allow you to take back the reins.

If you find your husband or wife is gambling your savings away or taking an extra mortgage on your home without you knowing what is going on, you will feel betrayed. Betrayal is an emotional reaction where you feel hurt by other peoples actions. Your expectations have not been met.

As a natural born psychic medium I have assisted thousands of customers deal with betrayal. I use my spiritual vessel as a conduit for the higher realms to share spiritual guidance that is relevant to fixing your problems and understanding the motivation behind the other individuals behaviour. As an empath I can find out energetically what is going on behind the scenes and provide angelic guidance from your loved ones to calm a situation down.

I have been working in the spiritual field for over 30 years and I have witnessed customers who have experienced betrayal being consoled and uplifted by the healing channeling from the angelic realms.

If you've intuitively found this article, realise there are higher powers at work.

You don’t have to hold onto unnecessary pain, and you deserve a life that brings joy back into your heart.

Love and Light

February 11th 2013

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