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Psychic Bald Eagle

Psychic Animals

October 22nd 2012

It's two weeks to go before the American public select a president, so watch the media circus come out to 'playfully' discredit everything about the spiritual.

It's amusing to see news headlines about Paul the psychic octopus selecting the World Cup, or the psychic pig declaring the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a bit of a laugh taking the mickey out of the psychics.

This time it's the US elections, so what will be the next unfortunate 'psychic' animal to have two pieces of Republican red and Democrat blue food placed in front of it?

Forget about the psychic penguins and the psychic crocodile, be amazed, be enchanted, be mystified, be amused... How about a psychic Bald Eagle?

I'm all for having a bit of a laugh. I was approached recently by a Russian newspaper to declare the winner of the US elections and politely declined. My psychic predictions are not for entertainment value, they are visions that are shown to me when I go into a light trance and venture into the Akashic Halls of Learning.

A lot of spiritual mediums like myself take our vocations seriously and are not enticed by the celebrity psychic title. We see our visions as being sacred and important guidance to help see a positive path into the future. Our prophecy is to help others find a greater sense of truth and clarity.

The Media's Love-Hate Relationship with Psychics

The media has a love-hate relationship with the psychic and spiritual fraternity. They are happy to promote psychics in advertorials and earn money from advertising costs. But at the same time make fun of psychics in editorials and amusing stories about psychic animals.

It seems some people still want animals in their circus.

Love and Light

October 22nd 2012

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