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Online Psychic Editorials > Melbourne Cup Psychic Luck, The Dream, and the Lesson
Melbourne Cup Psychic Luck

Melbourne Cup Psychic Luck
The Dream, and the Lesson

The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is the lead up to the Melbourne Cup, and the subject of my psychic reading editorial this week. I have some interstate guests staying with me who are into horse racing, and my partner has been leaving racing forms around our home for me to find in the hope that I will tune-in using my psychic ability to give him a few winners.

Even though he knows I'm not allowed to use the Spiritual arts for gambling or personal gain, every year at Spring Racing time, he tries it on. Without fail I'll be pestered for winners of the Caulfield Cup, the Manikato Stakes, The Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup. He keeps asking for horses and I keep declining to give them.

He says, "But it's not you who'll be winning, it'll be me, therefore you won't be personally gaining." I laugh and rebuke all attempts to get me to lay down my guard.

With the horses, he knows I could tune into the jockey or the trainer and see what the post-race energy surrounding their aura will be. If it's a happy joyous energy and I see a big smile on their face, that would indicate to me that they will be winning. If I don't see the trainer with a happy face after the race, they probably aren't going to win. So if I was spiritually allowed to select the horse race winners, it would be all about tuning into the energy of the people concerned, but I know I am unable to use the Akashic consciousness to do readings about gambling.

Getting in touch with Your Own Intuition

Though I love all of my partner's unsuccessful attempts to coerce Melbourne Cup winners out of me, he also admits he does it because he rarely picks winners. That's the energy of lack talking, not the energy of the joy of being in the moment.

Angelic Light, The Manikato Stakes
and The Race Horse Dream

Something else has happened this year to make the Spring Carnival all about my partner getting in touch with his own intuition and trusting in his own ability to attract a winner.

Several weeks ago I semi-awoke from a dream, looked at my partner, and although I can't remember any of this, he swears I then said to him, "I've been told to tell you about a dream I've just had about a horse that will do great things. It has the light of Spirit inside, and the word "Light" in its name. Its colour is brown." Then apparently I just went back to sleep. My mischievous partner kept the dream to himself for a few weeks because he knew I wasn't supposed to predict horse race results, and he thought that's what the dream was about.

Dream Interpretation Sneakiness

The next day my sneaky partner searched the internet for brown horses running in Australian races with the word Light in their name that might also have the light of Spirit within. He could only find one horse in Australia at the moment that fits the description. Her name is "Angelic Light".

My partner then discovered that one week before my dream, Angelic Light had beaten Lankan Rupee, the hot favourite and fastest ranked sprinter in the world.

The two horses were to race again two weeks later and because of my dream, my partner thought he was onto a sure thing. He trusted his interpretation of my dream so much, that he put a massive $4 on the nose of Angelic Light. That's double what he would normally bet.

But he had to re-think his interpretation of my dream when Angelic Light came in 4th. The winner that day was the 2nd fastest ranked sprinter in the world, "Buffering".

Interstate Friends Urging Partner To Bet

Friday night my interstate friends were eager to have a bet on the Manikato Stakes at Moonee Valley. My partner looked at the field and discovered that Angelic Light and Lankan Rupee were running again.

Lankan Rupee was the favourite. But somehow my partner's original interpretation of the message of my dream once again became the motivating force for him to declare that Angelic Light was a sure thing. Even though that interpretation had proved incorrect once before.

Just before the Manikato Stakes everyone went down to the local pub/TAB and my partner decided to do a trifecta bet. The standard Trifecta is where you have to predict the first three winners of the race in correct order.

The Manikato Stakes Trending on Social Media

If you were in Australia when the 2014 Manikato Stakes was run last Friday night you will already know what happened next. The horse race result went into overdrive because there were two protests, 2nd and 3rd against 1st. My partner was beside himself because he had all 3 winning horses in his trifecta but in the wrong order.

True to his interpretation of my dream he had backed:
1. Angelic Light 2. Lankan Rupee and 3. Famous Seamus.

The order they crossed the line was:
1. Lankan Rupee 2. Angelic Light and 3. Famous Seamus

If the protest was upheld he would win over a $1000 for his $2 bet and it took a gut-renching 40 minutes for the officials to determine the result and announce the winner.

The protest was dismissed. Another $2 into the TAB coffers.

The Real Meaning of The Dream

Once again after the race my partner professed to intuitively feeling that Lankan Rupee was due for a win. But instead he had stuck with his flawed interpretation of my dream and got the order of the winning horses wrong.

The race horse dream I had was clearly not meant for me. I don't even remember it. It was for my partner and he now sees that it was not about picking a winning race horse. The dream drew his attention to an amazing horse that truly does have the Light of Spirit in her. She came back from an injury that could easily have ended her racing days. But with the support and trust of her trainer, her handlers and her owners she overcame that adversity to go on and be a part of some of the most thrilling races we have ever seen, and there's more to come. The dream wasn't about winning at all. It's about an amazing and wonderful journey of a special racing horse that my partner is glad to be witnessing, because of my dream.

Now he says that when the Melbourne Cup comes around he won't ask me to tune in and pick a winner this year. Instead he will search his feelings, attempt to recognise his intuitive insights when they happen, and choose his own winners.

Then he added that if there was a brown horse in the Melbourne Cup with the word "Light" in its name, he'd put $4 on the nose.

Ah well, at least he's having fun.

Love and Light

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