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Online Psychic Editorials > Why did Hurricane Sandy Happen?
Vine Psychic - Earth Seer writes about Hurricane Sandy - Why did it Happen?

Why did Hurricane Sandy Happen?

November 1st 2012

As super storm Sandy causes havoc on the US East Coast and moves on, I am guided to write about the Earth's magnetic field and the energies that created that havoc.

Extreme Weather

I have been writing about Earth changes for many years, but I was first guided to write about extreme storms in January 2012.

I wrote a psychic prediction entitled: "The End of the World or the Awakening? Earthquakes and Extreme Weather".

There I shared the spiritual channeling I had received from my spiritual guardians and the visions I was shown. My spiritual guardians were guiding that magnetic pulses from our earth's core would cause extreme weather events around the world.

Earth's Magnetic Field is a Spiritual Protective Shield

From a spiritual energetic point of view, the Earth's magnetic field is manifested by an underlying energetic shield that protects us from disharmony. This protective shield is generated from the poles and the polar-ice forms part of that protective shield.

When we release pollutants and carbon dioxide into the environment they create dense magnetic energies that congregate at the poles. They reverberate down to the very core where they create magnetic pulses that bounce back to the surface, further destabilizing already unbalanced energies and creating extreme weather events and earthquakes, etc.

In my vision I saw two opposing energies merging with the other and was immediately spiritually guided that the energy pulses were coming from the imbalance of our magnetic field.

Hurricane Sandy - A Warning of What is to Come

Although the super storm Hurricane Sandy was in the North East of the United States, it is important to everyone around the world.

It is a warning of what is to come.

Our planet is a living breathing entity.

From now we'll be experiencing more and more of these super storms, and it's time to stop thinking that you will not be affected. Whether you are living high up in the mountains or living near the oceans or rivers, you will experience these changes sooner or later.

The earth's magnetic field is easily dismissed when we mine for minerals, remove trees from forests and force nature to bend and wield to our wanting. The human population believes we are a superior race with the right to use all of nature's resources at our disposal. If that's your belief, you could not be more mistaken.

The Earth Changes

We have altered nature so much that now we are starting to see the consequences of our actions. We are calling it Climate Change, which isn't that far off from what my spiritual guardians have called it since I was a young child. They have always referred to this time of knowing as 'the Changes'.

Our climate scientists, conservationists and environmental activists are to be admired. For many years they have attempted to share the dangers of not acting on climate change and they've have had to deal with a great deal of skepticism by special interest groups representing out of date fossil fuel energy technologies. These people don't want to move away from their current economic course. They either don't care or they mistakenly believe coal seam gas fracking will do no harm. Nor will mining into the ground and removing the tar sands from the Arctic, dredging our sea floors, or overfishing our oceans. They believe nature is economically there for our use.

What's wrong with this picture?

It's unsustainable, that is obvious. More than that, it disconnects us from nature, and stops us from seeing that the whole planet is energetically alive with everything interconnected.

We and nature are one.

That's right our Earth is energetically alive. Affectionately known as Gaia, or Earth Mother, she is revered by indigenous cultures around the world. The stories that were handed down from one generation to the next have slowly been lost. Respect for Mother Earth has been lost.The prayers that were said to thank her for healthy harvests and successful hunts have been wiped aside in the name of productivity and greed.

We have Disconnected Ourselves from Nature

Climate Change, earthquakes and social breakdown are the end results of our disconnection with nature. The way we are presently living is changing everything! Not only the extreme weather we are seeing, but also earthquakes, wars, terrorism and suffering.

From our everyday perspective, the extreme weather events are caused by man-made warming of air and seas. This causes the ice at the poles to melt, which creates more open water, attracting more solar radiation, which in turn helps to generate storms like Hurricane Sandy.

Interconnected Spiritual Energy

But at the core of our spiritual existence is energy, and from this perspective: the air, the sea, the ice, the earth and all life on the planet are harmoniously vibrating energies.

These energies connect EVERYTHING - all life and elements on Earth.

Therefore when we fall out of balance with the nature of our planet by polluting the air and seas, we are creating dense discordant vibrating energies. This in turn manifests as many different types of problems. Not only extreme weather events, droughts, fire, floods and rising sea levels, but also earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme social breakdowns resulting in wars and terrorism. They are all connected.

Nature is Vibrational Harmony

Nature is the vibrational harmony of the elements. This harmonious relationship is similar to an orchestra playing musical instruments. Channeling these subtle vibrational frequencies allows a Sensitive like myself to understand the different tones they release. It is why I am able to clairaudiently hear nature's tones when there is an imbalance (i.e. earthquakes). And when I walk through a tropical forest and become one with nature I am sent into a state of bliss.

There are so many energies on our planet that we can't hear because we allow our minds to be busy. We're too distracted.

The energy pulses arising from our earth's crust at the moment are not harmonious. They are dense, created by imbalances that we have caused, and now we're all beginning to deal with the consequences in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, super storms, droughts, fires, floods etc.

Hurricane Sandy is showing our world the type of mega storms we will have to contend with on a regular basis if we don't immediately begin to see our direct relationship with nature.

Respect for Nature

The human population has to stop considering that they are a superior race above nature, and begin to see that our flora and fauna and the elements have a similar consciousness as our own. We must begin to give her more respect. If we don't, her energies will stir and cause environmental and economic catastrophe. Let's hope we can wake up before one of these super storms rolls onto your own doorstep.

Connecting to Nature

What we are trying to understand here, is how we connect to nature. It's not about how we can manifest more and more, as this will only create more imbalance and more problems.

Instead, it is about understanding how peace and harmony is manifested through a balanced relationship with nature. And about how both human and planetary suffering are created by living a life out of balance with nature.

Love and Light

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