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Online Psychic Editorials > Gold Coast Beach Erosion - Psychic Reading Question

Gold Coast Beach Erosion - Psychic Reading Question

Beach Erosion on the Gold Coast and Around the World

My psychic editorial about Supermoons touched a nerve with one of my Gold Coast psychic reading clients. The large ocean tides I wrote about became a reality when the added effects of the Supermoon hit the Gold Coast.

My client was concerned that large waves had caused further erosion to the beaches around Surfers Paradise. She was in tears because the beaches she knew were disappearing. Surfers Paradise beach itself, resembles a construction site with bulldozers and trucks regularly replenishing sand to fix the main beach.

I am familiar with this part of Queensland because I lived there in my early twenties and have a love of the beautiful Gold Coast beaches, the Gold Coast Hinterland and the friendly locals. I am also well aware of the history of beach erosion on the Gold Coast. It was made worse when the Tweed River rock walls were extended out into the ocean in the early 1960's, stopping the natural northward movement of sand to the Gold Coast beaches. (See the sand-by-passing attempts to remedy this.)

And I'm aware of the dramatic cycles of severe beach erosion and beach recovery over the last 50 years.

But now it's different.

Rising sea levels and more extreme and frequent storms associated with climate change are making the quieter periods of weather shorter. The possibility of complete beach-sand recovery becomes less likely as time goes on. Those on the Gold Coast who think that this round of beach erosion is just a part of a natural cycle and that the beaches will eventually recover on their own, need to factor climate change in, and the increasing financial burden of beach recovery.

In the past, when the Gold Coast beaches have been in trouble, other beaches around the world were not experiencing erosion. But now, Gold Coast beaches are just one of the many areas world-wide that are reflecting climate change right before our eyes. (Have a look at just a few other beaches here... Malibu, Alaska, Rhode Island, Marshall Islands, Byron Bay - Read about beach erosion around the world).

The warnings about sea rises hurting a distant country like the Maldives may not have forced our politicians to respond because it wasn't in our own backyard, but the affects of climate change now are being felt in Australia.

"This time around, the Gold Coast beaches are not the only ones dealing with coastal erosion"

Nature is altering her frequency in response to the ever increasing human population. Most in the Western world have lost touch with walking lightly on the Earth, as the indigeneous people of the world used to do.

People are dealing with floods, droughts and erosion of beaches, because we are abusing nature's resources.

The pollution we release into our atmosphere has an energetic consequence, it creates climate change. At 400 parts per million, the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere has gone past the safe mark for humanity to live in harmony with nature.

Imagine the your Body is the Earth

Imagine Your Body is the Earth

Instead of thinking about the Earth as something outside of yourself, imagine you are the Earth.

Now imagine you start to breathe never ending pollutants into your lungs. You'd begin to cough, develop breathing problems and physical ailments that you have never experienced before.

Eventually the toxins would cause your body to shut down.

This is what is happening to Gaia, and nature is reflecting just how bad the health of our environment and eco-systems is.

As we demand more and more from nature's resources, our connection with nature is lost. Just as our own bodies could not endure the absorption of all of these pollutants, neither can nature. We are ONE and the same.

Extreme weather events have escalated all over the globe because we have polluted our atmosphere. The analogy between our human bodies and the nature of the Earth we evolved in, is a simple way of demonstrating how sick that nature really is.

Just as our white cells try to save our bodies from the release of toxins into our bloodstream, our climate scientists are trying to preserve an environment on Earth in which we can survive. The cancerous cells (climate deniers) are those who continue to release toxins into the life blood of our ecological systems, changing them into something that becomes impossible for us to live in.

"We have to look after the body of our Earth as we do our own bodies"

We as humans have to look after the body of our Earth as we do our own bodies. To look after our bodies, we can stop smoking and refrain from eating too much junk food. We can start exercising and eating a wholesome well-balanced diet.

To look after our Nature, we can install solar panels for our homes and businesses and tell our elected leaders that we don't want any more pollution being pumped into the atmosphere, increasing the acidity of the oceans, melting the polar ice and causing floods and rising sea levels.

The environment we evolved in is sick, and we need to come together to search for immediate solutions to the extreme symptoms of this sickness.

Nobody is exempt. The people who believe that through positive thinking they can raise their vibrational frequency and be immune from climate change catastrophe, are mistaken. False spiritual teachings of this sort that come from so-called enlightened entities, are far from the truth. The truth is climate change will affect everyone.

My client shared that the people most affected by the sand erosion threatening their beach front homes, didn't have solar panels on the roofs of their homes or tall buildings. The same people who expect tax payers to fund the reparation of beaches damaged by climate change, were not doing anything to help solve the climate change problem.

We don't know the lesson being placed in front of the doubters. What we do know is we are witnessing that nature is already out of balance with a relentlessly increasing 400 parts per million CO2 in our atmosphere.

Spirit has guided me that 2013 is the year that human-made climate change will be made clear to everyone. The oceans and weather of our world are presently identifying climate change to us in a way that we can no longer ignore. We can now see the environmental precipice approaching fast.

Walk Lightly on Our Earth

But that is also where our hope lies, that in finally knowing how serious the problem is, we can at last collectively find the will to make the changes necessary to live in harmony with nature, walk lightly on the Earth, and have hope for future generations. If we can be the custodians of our Earth we can make a difference.

Love and Light

July 1st 2013

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