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Ebay recently announced that it is removing all metaphysical, reiki healing, psychic, paranormal, email and tarot reading online services. Read the full range of services being removed from eBay here and then click on "What Catergories will be discontinued?" in the Discontinued Categories section.

A lot of disgruntled tarot readers and online psychics are wondering why they were suddenly removed. Twitter and Facebook petitions from EBay sellers are demanding eBay change its mind.

Why ebay Had to Remove Spell, Tarot and Psychic Services

I want to share with you why eBay had to act decisively to enforce its new policy. A lot of psychic networks have been abusing the eBay sites by falsifying their reviews to attract customers to buy hex spells, love potions, email psychic readings, prayer services, Reiki distant healing etc.

EBay received thousands of complaints from buyers about auction tampering. Fake psychics would auction psychic services and buy cheap readings from each other. They also boosted their ratings to attract new customers by reviewing each other's readings.

The psychic networks would get customers to give them top ratings to cheat the system. The more reviews they received the higher their reputation went up on eBay. If they received a bad review they contacted the buyer and gave them their money back. Which is why buyers only found 99% to 100% accuracy reviews for hex removal spells and love potion sellers etc.

EBay had to take a stand. They couldn't allow cheap metaphysical and psychic reading auction scams to damage genuine sellers reputations. Which is why a blanket policy was enforced and will have all psychic and metaphysical profiles ending in September 2012. This policy change isn't about religious or spiritual ideology and taking spirituality back into the dark ages. It is about stopping online psychic network and spiritual scams that are rampant on the World Wide Web.

Why eBay's Stand on Psychic Scams is Important to You

These fraudsters aren't only on eBay. Network psychics and associations are using social networks like Twitter and Facebook to reach you. They are 'liking' each other's pages on Facebook and Google+ to build up false psychic reputations to get unsuspecting buyers believing they are accurate psychics.

They engage in conversations with each other on social networks to entice you to their services. Some psychics create their own follower profiles and fan pages. They consider you to be gullible and easy to draw into their web.

Facebook and Twitter and other social networks are warning that there are thousands of misleading business profiles using their services. There's nothing affiliate networks won't do to build up an instant business reputation.

They buy cheap follower links from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines etc. They coerce you to friend them on Facebook by offering free psychic or tarot readings, or E-Books. They hope that by directing you to free psychic and metaphysical offers you will not think too hard about allowing them to have access to your private information.

Fake psychic networks promote spiritual and psychic reading Facebook businesses to replicate everything that genuine psychics do. They want to suck you in to a reading before you look too closely at their real business credentials or reputation.
Vine Psychic Facebook

Your Social
Network Privacy

It should go without saying that no psychic should need your personal information on his or her Facebook page. You should not share personal information before having a personal or phone psychic reading.

Psychics shouldn't be able to see your friend tags or your family photos etc.

Credible and authentic psychics would know there was a direct conflict of interest and would not 'friend' a customer on facebook or Twitter. I joined Twitter over 3 years ago to use it as a bulletin board to leave private messages for my Australian and world clients. I never give my client's name, and only they know all the significance of the messages.

Questions You Should Ask a Facebook Psychic

If you are being directed to live psychic guilds, associations, psychic review sites to friend them on their Facebook pages, ask why they desire this close type of relationship with their customers.

EBay taking a stand isn't going to stop the psychic mind spirit charlatans finding new ways to sell their witch spells etc. Be switched on and don't automatically trust angelic and spiritual businesses. You might find the beautiful angel photos are a cover for a seedy underworld business.

Reputable Psychics and Social Networks

Reputable psychics should be able to demonstrate genuine spiritual skills and don't need to know what is going on in our customer's lives. Real psychics can be found on their own websites and known because of genuine customer testimonials. No clairvoyants, spiritual mediums should have to create their own reviews period. EBay shouldn't be judged too harshly for cleaning up the fraudulent psychics and false Reiki practitioners using their online services. They acted because they were receiving thousands of Ebay buyer complaints.

Love and Light

August 13th 2012

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