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Culture and Spiritual Mediumship

I absolutely love culture and traveling around different pockets of the world. There is so much truth in the adage that life itself is our greatest teacher. When you travel you learn all about your strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure if you've gone to a foreign location you found yourself having to navigate the language barriers and struggling to get the correct oral pronunciation when you greeted the locals.

I remember one time trying to organize my hotel accommodation in Spain. I had been practicing my Spanish words before dialing the phone number and had successfully greeted the caller at the end of the line and asked if they had any rooms for the night. I must have nailed the language, because the man on the end of the line asked a question in Spanish. I had no idea what he was saying so I hesitated and just listened, as he then exclaimed, "No speak Espanol, no speak?" And he hung up.

These type of events happen often when you visit a foreign speaking country. You learn to respect the ways of the people, to wear the correct clothing when you walk through the streets in case you may offend someone.

This is the same thing that happens when I do spiritual readings for customers around the world. Spirit doesn't divide us by cultural or sexual differences, I have spiritual visitors from all different cultures and backgrounds. When I do readings for people from India, Singapore, Europe or Britain I know we all have one thing in common. We are all from the same Universal consciousness.

I sometimes do spiritual medium readings for people from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Orthodox and Indigenous backgrounds. I only speak English and it's amazing how through remote viewing, I can describe what my client's departed family and loved ones looked like before they crossed over. I am shown visions of their life and are fascinated by the clairvoyant impressions of the homes they lived in. Sometimes they show me special moments they shared with their partners, children and grandchildren. I am guided how they physically passed and share this information with my customers. The guidance they offer my clients is so precise and accurate that I feel blessed that they consider me worthy to be a spiritual conduit, and to help my customers understand that life after death does exist. It is an honor to do the work that I do and I never take it for granted.

My customers know they are respected and valued and Spirit is aware as a Natural Born Sensitive I am able to share their guidance to help their loved ones recover from grief, and through the art of prayer speak directly with them no matter how different our cultural backgrounds are. In our Earthbound lives, cultural differences often create divides, but in our spiritual lives we are all One.

Love and Light

August 26th 2012

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