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Collective Grief in Melbourne

October 1st 2012

I was born in Melbourne and this is where my friends and family are. Melbourne has a worldly charm, not too flashy or extravagant, it's a city settled into itself. Which is why the people of Melbourne are shocked to find that one of its own met a brutal fate this week.

A birthday celebration where people had been laughing and enjoying each other's company had suddenly become a missing person case and then later during the week we discovered security cameras had caught the last glimpses of Jill Meagher's life.

Collectively, all of Melbourne was in shock.

We could all relate to this. We've all left nightclubs, city bars and restaurants and walked home on our own without a second thought. Why would you think you're in danger when you only live 5 minutes walk away?

People living in the inner CBD often rush down to the convenience store to buy something late at night. Now that our inner cities are full of apartment living, we consider the city to be our front yard.

During the week I've had customers contacting me wondering why this murder case affected them so much? This is what I shared with them.

Energetically the people of Melbourne are in shock. Many were actively involved in social media trying to help. We are deeply affected because it is so close to home. We love our city and the simple innocence of walking home through its iconic streets, day or night. We feel this opportunistic act could have happened to any one one of us.

I also shared that it's perfectly acceptable to feel a sense of grief and to collectively grieve for the loss of innocence and for the life that was taken.

The collective grief we're feeling may also be bringing up unresolved issues about someone we have lost personally. It's an energetic trigger that stirs unresolved emotions for us to confront and to feel the sorrow.

Collective grief shows we care about the people who live in our cities and suburbs. It identifies that we value and respect each other's right to live in our Country without harm or prejudice. It reveals that we are spiritual beings who want the best for each other.

Your loved ones in Spirit are aware that you need to grieve loss. As a spiritual medium, I am always in awe of how they know their own passing can stop you progressing in life. I have witnessed men and women in deep despair, having an immediate weight lifted from their shoulders and gaining a greater peace of mind after getting in touch with their departed.

The grief associated with the life-death cycle, although confronting, can teach us valuable lessons about our reasons for being.

Losing anyone tragically can cause an enormous emotional wound and collectively we can be a beacon of light and assist our fellow spiritual beings to work through their grief.

Melbourne people, we can rise above adversity and collectively look fear in the eye and say, our city will not allow evil to live here. We can shine a spiritual light and still go about our lives and reclaim our streets.

For the family, friends and work colleagues who are suffering because of this evil act, we extend our prayers.

Love and Light

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