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Vine Psychic Australian Heat Wave - Psychic Prediction

Hot Hot Hot - Australian Heatwave

Australians are used to living with droughts and flooding rains, but what we are not used to is how frequently bush fires are coming now, or how hot it is becoming each year, or the increased frequency of flood waters that inundate our houses.

Preparing for the Coming Earth Changes

My spiritual guardians are aware of this and they have been providing loving guidance from the higher realms trying to prepare our world leaders and people about Earth Changes.

Since 2010 I have been sharing psychic predictions about Earth Changes. These premonitions aren't about doom and gloom although some of the visions are quite frightening. They're about helping us understand our direct relationship with nature and why we need to be aware of our real connection with Gaia.

This week several important news items were released to the world public which confirm the spiritual guidance I've been receiving about how our Earth's heating is directly effecting extreme weather events around the world and should not be taken lightly.

NASA has declared climate change was a major factor in the United States in 2012 having its hottest year ever. This is also being backed up by the National Climate Assessment of many US governmental science departments who are sounding the alarm bells to the American people. The 400 page report is stressing the cost of climate change on governmental infrastructure and to our lives.

This is the psychic prediction warning Spirit shared with me in 2011. They were guiding that the political leaders around the world would be challenged in managing climate change and extreme weather events. It is more than obvious that countries all over the world in 2012 did experience extreme floods, extreme droughts, extreme hurricanes and extreme tornadoes.

Temperatures to Hit 54 degrees Celsius

Anyone in Australia who has been living with the heat over the last week, would not shocked to see that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has released two new colours for it's temperature maps, purple and magenta to bring the top limit to 54 degrees Celsius.

The Bureau of Meteorology believes in the near future the red centre will hit this limit. Temperatures are expected to skyrocket to new levels, just as my spiritual guardians have been warning.

Now I want to share a telephone conversation I had with one of my phone psychic reading clients today. She was worried about the earth drying. She shared her concerns about the heat and bushfires. She had stumbled across my psychic predictions page and read some of the premonition forecasts over the years and contacted me online to have a clairvoyant reading.

When I tuned into her ethereal field she showed me how much she loved her Australian homeland and I was shown a vision of her feet being planted into the ground. That is pretty much how she came across when I communicated with her. She proceeded to share with me she was intuitively worried about the Earth and wanted to know what she could do to help spread the message.

I shared with her that we all need to play our part in helping our governments tackle climate change. We're all responsible for creating lives which honour our environmental connection with nature.

Extreme Weather of All Kinds

I also shared that the higher visions being guided about Earth Changes aren't only about extreme heat, they are about extreme weather. Too often climate change is being misinterpreted as a warming planet. That's not the way my spiritual guardians are showing Earth Changes. It is about a variety of weather and national disasters occurring because the energetic constitution of our planet is altering.

Spiritually I'm guided that we have to be prepared to look at our lifestyles and the decisions we're making, and ask how we are contributing to climate change getting worse.

Love and Light

January 14th 2013

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