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Aliens Cults Shysters

Aliens, Cults and Shysters

Black Hat SEO

When you're in authentic spiritual energy you speak your truth for the greater good.

I am going to write about how alien groups and cults are attempting to use the SEO on websites to appear more relevant and in touch with psychic prophecy and predictions than they really are.

If a cult leader needs to demonstrate to their followers that they are receiving divine channelling, it is important to be able to demonstrate this on a regular basis, which is why they target credible online prophecies by reputable spiritual conduits. They reword the prediction to appear as if they predicted it themselves.

Recently I placed a spiritually channelled message on my website about North Korea, which included a nuclear caution to world leaders. It was channelled over two days. The first vision and angelic channelling I received from my spiritual guardians concerned cautioning the world leaders about irrational acts by the North Korean military and their leader Kim Jong-un.

The second part of the channelling occurred the following day. In this one I was shown a vision of a nuclear explosion which could affect all of our world. I was guided to share this on my prediction website.
You can find a copy of the full transcript here.

Once I placed these spiritual warnings on my site it became obvious that I was dealing with some type of SEO prediction sabotage campaign that was trying to stop the prophecy being found.

My North Korean psychic prediction was copied by several phoney shyster psychic prediction sites. One site in particular is closely affiliated with another pilfering fake prediction site which had previously helped itself to our original content and placed it on its own site, word for word, no alterations, without seeking permission.

It was placed up by an anonymous user in Western Australia under the alias JamesOz. As it was breaching Australian and international copyright and also our policy, we acted in good faith and requested a removal of our predictions from their site.

All requests were ignored.

Vine Psychic Readings Line also served several DMCA copyright take-down notices but as soon as Google removed stolen content from it's searches, the phony sites would immediately steal new prophecies word for word. They do this again and again and so Google is powerless to stop the fake psychic sites stealing my spiritual guardian's channelled messages.

As there was no way of finding out who owned or ran the anonymous phony prediction site, we ultimately succeeded in having our stolen content removed by threatening legal recourse against the Server organization who was publishing our plagiarised content. The server organization was also unable to contact the illegal site owner because they were using a false address, name and phone number.

If this all seems a bit way-out and out-of-control to you, you're right. But it's only the tip of the iceberg of what is going on out there.

Spam sites are ripping-off original content from all over the web, and cloaking links to send traffic to their own affiliated web sites instead of to the original sites from where they stole the information. They are also sending people to corrupt websites and in doing so, trying to discredit the original website. This is called black-hat SEO.

Authentic psychics, writing real psychic predictions, are having their original spiritual predictions devalued in this way. It is as if phony psychic businesses have declared war on authentic psychics to stop Spirit's guidance from being found.

Who is Behind These Phoney Shyster Sites?

My spiritual guardians have channelled information on this controlling-of-the-internet. At the time I was trance channelling the "Controllers-of-the-Internet" information I asked, "Is the media doing this?" I was guided that some media outlets were involved but Spirit described that the media were doing the bidding of other individuals.

By now I was puzzled as to who would be deliberately attempting to stop my spiritual guardian's predictions from being found. There is no such thing as coincidence in the energy of knowing.

I began to understand what Spirit was guiding about the controllers of the internet and how they were regularly abusing reputable psychic's predictions and mixing them with current news to build up a fake reputation. Who and what could possibly be behind all of this? If the psychics weren't real, why would they be updating spiritual predictions and prophecy?

You would expect to find psychics describing their background and giving more substantial information on their websites. But these phoney sites have short sketchy predictions that appeared to be discussions amongst each other. The names of the psychics also were fictional, some with photo profiles, some without.

Separated Beings

A separated being will not consider they are part of the One; they aren't able to love themselves, so therefore they can't love humanity. There are two things that motivate separated selves - Greed and Power.


The people behind the attacks are systematically attempting to get people to refer to their websites by greedily stealing other peoples links and content. They are commercial websites which have sponsored advertising and their motivation in this case - greed for money. This could have been one of the reasons, but I was guided there was even more behind it.

Power, Aliens and Cults

The other motivating factor is power; Power to control, power to manipulate, power to enforce a belief onto a public audience. What type of power could they possibly want to control?

In this case the motivating power energy was about alien intelligence. There are several psychic reading sites which aren't what they seem. Some people believe they are aliens or that aliens control everything about our world politics, economy etc. They have cult like leanings with charismatic leaders who can easily break down emotional barriers by hypnosis and other mind control methods, and they often run web sites that don't reveal who they really are. One of these alien/paranormal groups has been targeting our predictions site.

Black-Hat SEO

This paranormal article shouldn't be considered to be an opinion piece on whether aliens exist or not, because I haven't touched on that here. This is about malicious out-of-control black hat SEO, spamdexing, link farming, link spamming scraper sights set up by individuals who are disconnected from the greater good.

Spiritually I have been guided to look past the alien intelligence and go even deeper to the power motives of the group. I was shown that the force they were trying to control was the stockmarket and global economy, and that they attempt to cover up spiritual truth and guidance in order to hold onto economic power.

The individual or country behind controlling the internet is known to Spirit.

The cults and groups who unknowingly do their bidding are mind manipulated and believe their Masters who describe they will not reincarnate. They do not know they are only part of a greater plan which is to influence the vulnerable, to take away their own sense of individual consciousness.

The lengths that these types of anonymous organizations will go to in their attempts to stifle truth and peddle their own self interest ideologies, clearly shows the type of people we are really dealing with hiding behind their dark veil.

Spiritually all the answers lie within and if you allow a charismatic leader to control you or your thinking, you are handing over your spiritual and emotional health. Anyone who uses mind techniques, black magic or hypnosis to declare themselves psychic, isn't credible.

True spiritual teachers will try to help you find your inner knowing, they don't declare themselves above their students, for they know everyone comes from the One and will return to the One.

Love and Light

April 8th 2013

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