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Vine Psychic Predictions > Elites Behind Donald Trump US Elections - Fake News - New World Order Plan

Vine was spiritually guided to place world and Australian psychic predictions online to help people understand the extreme earth changes due to human ignorance, greed and corruption. Vine is a spiritual voice for the changes necessary to bring about a reduction of the devasting environmental and social effects of climate change.

2017 World Psychic Prediction

Elites Behind Donald Trump US Elections - Fake News - New World Order Plan

Deceivers' Language - Wikileaks, Anonymous and Infowar Conspiracy Influences - Social Media infiltrated to Execute the Greater New World Order Plan

World Psychic Prediction by - 6th January 2017

Putin on the Phone
What really happened to get Trump elected as President of the United States?

How calculated and out of control are the deceivers who are trying to control world governments? It is predicted that when I reveal the spiritual vision and channeling I received from my angelic guardians you will see how the deceivers treat people like you and I with economic and public disdain.

What really happened to get Trump elected as President of the United States?

Most voters in the United States believe they used their free will and voted for the Democrats or the Republican political party in the November elections.

I am guided that the strategy to get Trump elected was set up years in advance, long before he ran for office. There was an elaborate scheme set up by the real illuminati to get governments and established media to crumble.

I am about to reveal the countries whose secret societies are directly involved and what they intend to do in the future. I was also guided that the previous spiritual prophecy revealed by my higher guardians is relevant to this prediction.

When I first saw this spiritual vision from my higher angelic guardians about the deceivers' secret language, I thought surely this is a joke, but then I realized this is no laughing matter.

My higher guardians revealed that some of the deceivers created emojis and language symbols to openly communicate with each other online. These emoji and language symbols were being used on social media allowing the deceptive counterparts (intelligence) to know what was about to take place. Then I was shown the flags of several countries…

1. Israel
2. Russia
3. The United Kingdom

I was spiritually guided that each country had cells scattered all over the world, which were set up before major economic and political events to deceive the countries voters.

Then I was guided to warn that the deceptive symbolic language between deceiver cells was created to destroy the United Nations. The deceivers want full power.

I am guided that we are looking at political parties being paid by puppet masters to erode every democratic principle set up by historical founders to have complete control of fossil fuels, energy, financial and banking institutions, land and ocean territory.

The best way of interpeting 'full power' is to describe the deception as the real New World Order.

I was spiritually guided that all 'so called' conspiracy media, anonymous hackers, Infowars media were infiltrated by deceivers. The same ones who warn their audiences about the New World Order and conspiracy theories and attempt to point the finger at the United Nations.

My higher guardians guided the people are being fooled by the illuminati, and failing to identify deceivers are from the mafia around the world, who control the dark web and criminal activity. The mafia is directly singled out by my higher guardians as having direct relationships with political figures in Russia, Israel, the United Kingdom, Europe and other locations throughout the world.

I also recalled how months before the US election I was witnessing Twitter profiles with frogs on their profiles and realized this was what my higher guardians were referring to about secret social media online languages. These were the same profiles that were sharing fake news from Wikileaks, trying to sway voters.

Donald Trump on the Telephone
Most voters believe they used their free will to vote in the United States elections, but hypnotic language, data mining & fake news used by politicians and marketing, can tamper with free will.

Now we come to the next channeled warning. Spiritually I was guided the deceiver cells targeted social media trends and matched profiles to demographic and geographical voters to influence and persuade, using fake news. Again, I was guided this was set up months in advance, well before Brexit and the United States election. How many people do you know who were directly receiving fake news on their social media feeds, before major world events?

I was guided, that the same deceptive influences intend to target France and German elections. What is the next stage of the plan to convince us (the voter) that we are making informed decisions, when actually, news is being carefully orchestrated behind the scenes by the New World Order?

It is the dismantling of world media, I am spiritually guided. The deceivers want to destroy credible media and go directly to the people. It is predicted this will become more evident in 2017.

I will detail the plan in full:

  • First stage of the plan is to use fake news to confuse the voters about political parties. The politician they select will be promoted extensively, the political party they don't want to get into office will be targeted with fake news by social media profiles set up on social media following trends and demographics.

  • The second stage is to denigrate the official media so we the people, don't trust the integrity of the source. Some of the deceivers’ media will turn on credible press outlets to confuse you into believing that they cannot be trusted. You are then meant to abandon this media on mass.

  • The third stage is to get the people to not fund media outlets, so they die. They will openly attack long term media who attempt to investigate political candidates, so sponsors are forced not to advertise affecting shareholdings earnings, creating panic to get rid of the stock.

  • The fourth stage I am predicted is the real intention of what the deceivers have set in motion for years, it is to go directly to the people using electronic cell phone messages and mobile devices. This means they will bypass social media completely. It is predicted the elite deceivers want to text message and block any other press source interfering to completely influence (brainwash) the people. Direct feeds in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are an intermediary stage towards this.

The start of this elaborate plan is occurring by the Trump marketing team who are ignoring press conferences and using Twitter as the main source of Trump's political communication. They were able to use PR marketing to get credible media to talk about Trump tweets. All his marketing and PR team had to do to avoid public scrutiny about Trump's tax and suspect business relationships was get him to tweet a controversial tweet. I was shown a vision of the people and the media coralled like cattle into pens, oblivious of the greater plan set up by the deceivers.

My higher guardians are revealing as a society of educated people we have failed in our spiritual responsibility to hold the deceivers accountable for the injustices in our world. 2017, I am guided is the beginning of a crowd funded public revolution to right these wrongs.

Shortly I will reveal the previous prophecy guided by the higher realms highlighting some of the devious plans set up by the spiritual deceivers (illuminati). When all predictions are combined you will see how spiritual forewarnings about social media ownership and algorithm codes were central to the deceivers pushing through radical political policies and handpicking paid politicians who would then begin to dismantle the United Nations to allow the new world order plan to take shape.

You now have to delve deeper to identify which corporate board members and government institutions are part of the deceptive plan I have channeled. This will not be easy I am spiritually guided, but only investigative research will identify the people hidden behind the scenes and reveal the truth.

I am guided that if the people (you and I) fail to act now, we allow privacy, liberty and freedoms to be eroded forever.

Do you really want a world where politicians are not held to account by ethical committees or investigative journalism to get to the truth?

Do you want to be further economically enslaved?

If the answer is no, you better come up with a real strategy to fight the illuminati before they alter the world completely and there's no way to escape their economic and data retention clutches. You have to be the heroes, is what I was spiritually guided. Exciting times ahead for long term media, social media owners who unknowingly played into the hands of the New World Order.

• • • • • • • • • •

UPDATE: 26th February 2017

What is the Purpose of Fake News and Data Mining?

Vine's psychic prediction for the Donald Trump presidency revealed a 4 stage plan for the deception and control of the people, and it's fast coming true.

  • The first stage was Fake News to confuse voters about what is true and untrue in the news.

  • The second stage is the denigration the official media so that people don't trust the integrity of the source.

Vine's Prediction TRUE - Denigration of Media

For many months the deceivers behind Donald Trump have data mined personal information and used it to micro-target fake news. The fake news backed up Trump's election campaign and thoroughly confused everyone about which news is true and which is fake.

Now, as Vine remarkably predicted, the deceivers have moved to Stage 2: dramatically escalating their assertions that traditional news outlets are fake. Vine predicted: "Some of the deceivers’ media will turn on credible press outlets to confuse you into believing that they cannot be trusted. You are then meant to abandon this media on mass.

Trump has now called the media, the "enemy of the American people", a phrase traditionally used by dictators to force compliance of the population.

Vine predicted that the deceivers' plan would become more evident in 2017, and that is precisely what is happening now, as major news organisations were banned from White House briefings:

Even Fox News condemned the Trump White House move to denigrate the press:

Many commentators are suggesting that the confusion about fake news and denigration of the press has been planned to draw attention away from the inadequacies of the Trump Government, Trump's Tax returns and connections with Russia etc. Whilst this is partly true, Vine's Spiritual Guardians warn that the real reason is to distract attention away from attempts to break down the Government of the United States.

In Vine's 2017 Spiritual Channeling, her higher guardians warned that, "politicians elected into government (not by vote but by money) intend to tear down a lot of the government institutions we rely upon to keep society functioning properly.

Vine predicted that some of the Government Institutions at risk are:
...Health services, mental health, education services, veterans support, financial austerity practices, legal aid, environment and marine protections, climate science, national parks etc.. We are being guided to be ready for any austerity measures forced through parliaments around the world, to the extent that there may be government services never returning."

UPDATE: 17th February 2017

Russian Involvement,
National-Security Adviser, Mike Flynn Resigns

Connections between Russia and Trump have long been suspected and now have been partly revealed, resulting in the resignation of National-Security Adviser Mike Flynn.

Flynn had illegal conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak in the days leading up to the 2016 US elections.

Vine predicted it would be found that deceivers from three countries were involved in the deceitful processes used to get Trump elected. Russia was of course one of them, however Vine predicted that the connections between Trump and Russia would be found to have gone back a long way. In this prediction Vine wrote, "the strategy to get Trump elected was set up years in advance, long before he ran for office"

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi wants to find out how far back Trump's connections with Russia go. She has asked the question, "What do the Russians have on President Trump that he would flirt with lifting sanctions and weakening NATO?" She called on the FBI to investigate the financial, political and personal ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Vine's psychic predictions suggest that Mike Flynn's connections with Russia are just the tip of the iceberg. Vine has been warning about Russia and President Putin ever since her very accurate 2011 psychic prediction that Putin would return to the Russian Presidency. In that prediction Vine wrote, "Be on the watch for Russia because Spirit sends a strong caution about what is happening behind the scenes there."

Did the higher realms know that the next moves from those clandestine Russian meetings reported by Vine, were to influence world business, banking and mining interests and to interfere with elections in other countries in the same way they were rigging their own elections?

UPDATE: 15th February 2017

What did VINE Predict about Trump and the United Nations?

Australian Psychic Vine predicted that the deceivers would be "handpicking paid politicians who would then begin to dismantle the United Nations"

According to a news story in the Guardian, Donald Trump's pick for the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has said that she would overhaul the United Nations. Haley, "warned US allies that she will be "taking names" of countries that do not support Washington."

Haley said, "For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly."

Just as Vine predicted, this seems to be nothing more than a bullying plan to reduce the United Nations to an administrative arm of the Trump government in an attempt to destroy the United Nations.

UPDATE: 27th January 2017

Fake News Deliberately and Precisely Targeted to Social Media (Facebook etc)

In this 2017 psychic prediction, Australian Spiritual Medium Vine predicted it would be found that social media accounts were precisely targeted with fake or misleading facts and stories, for both the Brexit 'Leave' and the Trump campaigns.

Vine wrote:
"Spiritually I was guided the deceiver cells targeted social media trends and matched profiles to demographic and geographical voters to influence and persuade, using fake news. Again, I was guided this was set up months in advance, well before Brexit and the United States election..."

Vine's prediction is turning out to be remarkably accurate...

Big Data and the Micro-Targeting of Voters for Brexit and Trump Campaigns

The accuracy of Vine's prediction is now being unveiled in the media. It is well established that "Big Data" information-gathering techniques were used by both the Brexit 'Leave' and the Trump campaigns to tailor and microtarget voters based upon their psychological profiles.

Just as Vine predicted, more and more people are now contemplating just how much fake news was deliberately microtargeted to social media accounts using these secretive methods.

According to an article about the Trump & Brexit campaigns translated from the German magazine, "Das Magazin" see (Das Magazin German version), their success relied heavily on Facebook psychological surveys and analysis of 'Likes' to know precisely how hundreds of thousands of individual people are thinking.

Individually tailored messages could then be sent to social media accounts based on knowledge of each person's psychological make-up (gleaned from Facebook 'Likes' & surveys, supermarket loyalty cards, credit card purchases, etc).

Deceiver cells on social media were therefore equipped with the precise microtargeting information they needed to send their fake news stories.

According to the article, hundreds of thousands of slightly differently worded messages were delivered via social media (and direct messaging). Each message could be constructed depending on how someone might best be persuaded to vote for Trump.

For instance, they could send fake news stories only to those people who would be likely to believe them.

Vine predicted this and has also predicted for the future that, "the same deceptive influences intend to target French and German elections" in the same way.

Which elections are coming up soon and which ones will the deceivers be targeting?

Alexander Nix, the chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, the company behind the Trump campaign's psychological microtargeting, is about to visit Australia.

There is now enough interest from politicians in Australia for Cambridge Analytica to begin to gather information on Australian voters for elections coming up in the next few years.

Exciting times for Vine's future predictions ahead. Remember to be discerning about information you reveal on social media.

Stayed tuned, because we still have to update so much more that is coming true...

UPDATE: 15th January 2017

The Plan to Destroy Trust and Create Confusion, to Remove Accountability

In this psychic prediction Vine predicted that the Trump Government would attempt to destroy public trust of politicians, mainstream media and investigative journalism.

One way they will attempt to achieve this is by releasing so many fake stories that nobody will be able to tell the difference between truth and lies.

Vine predicts that the reason for the fake stories is to encourage people to only believe "news" coming directly from Trump via social media and direct phone messaging.

The aim is to remove all political, social, legal, moral and ethical constraints that would stop them from tearing down vital Government institutions and gain complete economic control over the people.

Illegitimate Excuses for Warmongering and Environmental Degradation

Once enough accountability processes and constraints are removed, there will be nothing to stop immoral money making concerns such as, warmongering and fossil fuel environmental degradation of our planet for profit, power and greed of a very few rich, powerful and deceptive people.

Rex Tillerson, who has been heavily involved with the oil industry, is already talking about Trump policies in the South China Sea that could easily lead to war with China. This might be good news for oil companies, but disastrous for everybody else on the planet.

Dossier Alleging that Trump has been Compromised by Russia

The recent Trump dossier of files released by mainstream media alleging that Trump has been compromised by Russian interests, has already being called a possibly fake news story even though the information was gathered by 'reliable sources' (former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele) for both the Republicans and the Democrats, and is likely to be true.

American and Israeli intelligence officials are certainly taking the dossier seriously.

American intelligence officials have reportedly advised Israel not to pass on sensitive information to the US Government until it is made clear that Trump is not inappropriately connected to Russia and is not being extorted. Israel is reportedly concerned that sensitive information may be passed on to Russia and from there to Iran.

There have now been so many fake stories circulated that every story, even if they turn out to be true, becomes suspect and further works to destroy public trust. The "deceivers" controlling Trump's campaign and now his presidency, continue to gain from the muddied waters of perceived fake news stories, just as Vine predicted.

Attempt to Destroy Ethical Committee

In Vine's Spiritual Channeling for 2017 she said, " My higher guardians are warning that politicians elected into government (not by vote but by money) intend to tear down a lot of the government institutions we rely upon to keep society functioning properly.

One of the institutions Vine mentioned to be torn down was "ethical committees".

The first thing Republicans have tried to do after the elections is to vote to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. They did this "behind closed doors on a public holiday".

After intense public pressure they have for now, been forced to back down, but the stage has been set, and Vine's prediction of the tearing down of Government institutions, already looks set to come true.

Vine's Higher Guardians say Trump is Not a Legitimate President

In Vine's Psychic Prediction channeling for 2017, her Spiritual Guardians do not legitimise the Trump presidency because of the deceptive methods used to get him into public office.

This illegitimacy of Trump's Presidency is now being echoed by others. John Lewis has publicly stated, "I Don’t See Trump as a Legitimate President" for the same reasons that Vine has outlined in her Higher Guardians' channeling.

At time of writing, still five days to Trump's inauguration, Vine's predictions are already coming true.

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