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Vine's Weekly Psychic Reading Spiritual Editorials

April 20th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

Spiritual Review of The Water Diviner by Psychic Vine

Vine Psychic Review: THE WATER DIVINER
Guiding about the Energy of PTSD

It's time to do another spiritual movie review in my psychic reading editorial.

Because it's Anzac day and the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landings at Gallipoli in 1915, it seems appropriate to review the world acclaimed Australian film, The Water Diviner.

The reason I've selected this particular film about the Gallipoli Campaign is because it shows both sides of war. It looks at the aftermath of the terrible World War I experiences from the viewpoints of both the ANZACS and the Turks, and addresses Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) of war veterans.

Russell Crowe stars in and directs The Water Diviner. It was written by Australian screenwriters Andrew Knight, whose grandfather fought at Gallipoli, and Andrew Anastasios, whose grandfather was a water diviner.

The Water Diviner is destined to be one of Australia's most memorable films because it gives Australians a view point of the Gallipoli war that we haven't seen before. Rather than try and make any moral statements about the reasons for or against war, The Water Diviner tells its story in terms of spiritual ONENESS.

It may leave the viewer pondering the futility of war, but more importantly, as Australians, we see the story of Gallipoli from the Turkish point of view as well as the ANZACs. The enemy is given humanity, just like the Aussies and New Zealand diggers. We see that we are all ONE. The Water Diviner takes us to Turkey just after the War ends, and for the first time we begin to see the WHOLE picture.

It is a story about three brothers who enlist into the Australian army at the beginning of WWI, and they end up at Gallopili. Their father played by Russell Crowe is a water diviner. At the beginning of the film we see him looking for water in a parched land. He finds water by using steel rods that energetically reveal a magnetic vibration. (I'll write about water divining as its own topic soon).

The writers bring together the spiritual aspects of life and the physical reality of war in the Water Diviner.

We are all Earthbound spiritual beings, all ONE, and the effects of war are felt by both sides.

The Trauma of War
The Water Diviner helps the viewer to see how war veterans who experience and witness the atrocities and brutality of war begin to have an energy breakdown with post traumatic stress.

The soldiers and medical staff who have experienced wars throughout history have experienced severe mental health issues. In the Water Diviner, the emotional emphasis is on one of the sons suffering from a mental breakdown. It reveals the mental anguish of losing family members and friends to war.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - What An Empath Does
As an Empath who regularly tunes into spiritual trauma on your ethereal field I can share that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be identified on the ethereal field. The aura is energetically fragmented and needs time to heal after severe mental trauma.

The Kundalini explosion on the ethereal field will immediately influence the nervous system and create a nervous breakdown. The involuntary shaking that people experience during a nervous breakdown will effect the mind and the physical body. This is what war veterans and military personnel encounter when they witness death, or are responsible for violent acts etc.

Most people who experience a life or death situation who are inherently a loving being, will naturally go into a post traumatic energy release on their aura.

PTSD - BBC Investigation into NLP Side Effects on UK War Veterans
The essence of your aura needs to be handled gently. This is why, as a spiritual Empath, I warn about any type of mind manipulation or severe psychological therapy, as it can result in the complete breakdown of the energy field.

NLP Used on War Veterans
War veterans from the United Kingdom raised concerns about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) on the aura after the symptoms of some veterans got worse and some became suicidal after treatment. The BBC News service took the issue seriously and sent undercover journalists to identify why war veterans were having adverse mental health effects.

In Australia the same level of journalistic research on unorthodox therapy like NLP isn't being employed on people who suffer from severe post traumatic stress. But some Australian war veterans suffering from PTSD are being sent to therapists who are using similar type of covert hypnosis treatments as the one's in the UK. They are unknowingly aware of the severe side effects of NLP techniques.

There is no government regulation of NLP so any counsellor, cross over therapist or life coach can regularly use half-baked hypnosis techniques on the person on the street, or emotionally wounded war veterans.

Why the Water Diviner Movie Matters
As spiritual war movies go, this is a classic because unlike other war movies that glorify war veterans, it shows the reality of the aftermath of war and how it affects the families who are left in limbo not knowing what happened to their children.

When the father uses water divining, it shows us the energy connection that we all have to our planet and to one another.

I regularly leave a spiritual message on Twitter for two WWII veterans I was destined to meet many years ago, to learn about the futility of war.

Each year I leave a tweet to honour their memory. One of the war veterans I came to love, described war as being, "nothing to be glorified".

The Water Diviner reveals how both sides of war have to pick up the pieces of their lives again and how love of culture and human decency is the only way forward.

Love and Light

April 11th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

Empathy and Compassion Psychic Vine

Vine Psychic - Compassion for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Everyone deserves compassion, no matter what age they are.

In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about a recent talk-back radio program in Australia that ignored its societal obligation and failed to truly listen with an open heart when an elderly man reached out for emotional support.

Instead of receiving empathy and support, the old man was talked down to by a well known Australian radio commentator, who trivialised the man's feelings and made him feel that the traumatic problems he'd been dealing with all of his life, were insignificant.

I'll also share the things genuine Empaths can do to help you get in touch with past trauma and to heal emotional blockages that can destroy peace of mind and trust.

My aim is to explain why it's spiritually important that you seek out gifted Empaths who will help you to embrace your own essence. By knowing what to avoid you will not fall victim to wolves in sheep's clothing.

Old Man Belittled Live on Talk-Back Radio
The elderly man phoned Sydney radio station 2SM. He told how he had been sexually assaulted as a child and as a teenager. He was so traumatised that he'd been unable to live a normal life ever since. He summoned up the courage to telephone the radio talk-back line, where commentator John Laws then proceeded to disgracefully downplay the mans feelings. There appeared to be no empathy at all, and almost zero compassion.

He was told by John Laws to put his feelings aside and go to the local pub to have a drink with his mates. He was asked why he didn't fight back against the attacker, and it appeared the caller was being blamed for being a victim of sexual assault. (listen to talk-back here)

And this is not the first time John Laws has blamed the victim for being sexually abused.

Spiritual Empathic Connection
As a spiritual Empath and medium I have done thousands of readings for people who have been energetically traumatised by sexual assault. The psychic scarring from unwanted sexual advances is etched into the ethereal aura. It isn't something you can easily dismiss.

Sexual assault victims, or victims of any type of assault are no more able to buffer the emotional pain of abuse, than they're able to go back in time and stop it from happening.

I can share that the majority of people who have had the misfortune to be physically abused and emotionally traumatised by a deviant, will have the scarring on their ethereal field.

A child who has been singled out by deviants will try to buffer the pain the best way they know how. The ethereal scarring will emotionally trigger many types of responses that are out of character.

The male or female child who has been a victim of sexual abuse may begin to act up. They may want to lash out at society or turn to crime as a way of shouting their emotional disapproval. They will reach out to buffer their feelings with alcohol or drugs. Or the psychological damage from the abuse could make them become reclusive and switch off. All of these attempts to buffer their pain are done as a way of surviving.

Auric Health
When I tune into your aura I immediately sense the state of your auric health. If you're spiritually guided to have a reading with me, your ethereal field will reveal your past traumas and emotions.

The best way of describing the heightened sense of Spiritual Empaths is to imagine you are spiritually ONE with everyone you come into contact with. Empaths believe in the ONENESS of all spiritual beings, we don't use any intuitive tools, because WE are YOU when we enter your aura to scan what ails you. Your aura melds into ours.

The clair sense that Empaths use is clairsentience. It is the heightened sense to energetically feel emotions, sensations and to spiritually know the truth. Genuine Empaths don't use tools like covert hypnosis, that's not what real Empaths require to spiritually diagnose the underlying blockages that stop you from living a full life.

Genuine Empaths will pick up on past ethereal scarring and tell you their findings. They will not probe you with questions to get you to tell them about past traumas or health issues.

If you encounter Empaths who ask you to tell them your past experiences etc. you're not talking with a genuine spiritual empath. It is most likely you are having a consult with someone who is uncertain what real Empaths do and will try to replicate the natural gift that Empaths carry.

Why it's Important to Know You're Consulting a True Empath
It is important to seek out naturally gifted Empaths for two reasons.

  1. To be spiritually supported by a compassionate being who can energetically help you to heal from energy blockages.
  2. To avoid any additional Ethereal trauma or stress on your aura by NLP or covert hypnosis profilers, which is spiritually dangerous because it takes away your ability to be in control of your own auric field.

The elderly man talking to John Laws desperately needed someone to help him or offer support. My heart ached to hear him say he felt worse for having called John Laws. I knew why I was being guided to help the elderly who have secretly lived with past traumas and are needing a compassionate voice to speak out for them.

A lot of older people were taught to hold back their feelings and then made to feel weak for not moving on from the past. They had no help for bullying and were told not to be pansies or girly boys if they cried or spoke up. Their real emotions were pushed down and it is no wonder they feel so isolated when it comes to reaching out and getting support. John Laws, is truly a victim of the age he lived in.

He probably knew no better than to tell his caller to forget about his pain. The man had never had a normal life. He had shut himself away from the world because he didn't know how to trust. Imagine being unable to have a normal loving relationship, to not have friends, or to shut yourself in your home away from society. Imagine how lonely and alienated you would feel. That's the life this man has lived because of the abuse he suffered as an innocent child and he deserves better than to be ignored by the media because it didn't fit the well adjusted retired stereotypes we prefer to think of.

If I have one message to media and radio stations, it is to not ignore the desperate in society who reach out for comfort. If you are ill equipped to emotionally support the callers, listen to them anyway. Show them you care and seek out support from a respected help group.

Take the extra time to record their details and show compassion for their suffering. Count your blessings that you have lived a life away from the trauma others have suffered. Stand in their shoes and realise you would want someone to treat them with respect.

There but for the grace of God, go I.

Love and light

March 23rd 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

Vine Psychic Finding Missing Persons

Do Psychics Help Police in Missing Person Cases in Australia?

This week my psychic reading editorial explains how I assist in missing person cases and how as a Spiritual Medium, I provide insight about traumatic loss of life. I also warn about not being taken in by psychic expo profilers who use magician-like tricks to pretend to provide medium readings.

I sometimes receive calls from people in Australia and throughout the world asking for help to find loved ones. I need to stress that I don't work with the Australian police because in Australia the police do not accept psychic help.

I'm often surprised to read claims by psychics in Australia telling how they helped in missing person cases. I know of no State, Territory or Federal police force which has publicly allowed psychics to assist in missing person cases. However, if a genuine spiritual medium approached the police with information in missing person cases, they may be inclined to record the data, in case something shared was crucial to the case.

There is one historical case in Australia where an aboriginal women in Sydney, who obviously was genuinely psychic, spiritually guided the NSW police to the burial site of a missing person. At the time, police were looking for a young girl in the same location. Instead of locating the young girl, they found another missing person who was a cold case.

This is a verified true account of a psychic leading police to a burial site. It was reported in the media and the police acknowledged the psychic, who stepped forward after she had a remote vision.

Finding the Right Spiritual Help

There's a lot of false advertising in the psychic field, so if you're seeking spiritual help to find somebody who is missing and you come across a psychic claiming to have worked with the police on missing person cases, be careful to research and verify that there is factual evidence to support the psychic's claim.

I don't help in missing person cases unless I receive direct requests from the family and friends themselves. For privacy reasons I can't list the cases I've been directly involved in, but I can reveal generally how I help distressed families unravel the mystery of family member's deaths, suicide and sometimes I help in murder cases.

How I Help in Missing Person Cases
I always tell my clients not to reveal any information before I begin a spiritual medium reading. A spiritual medium should never be told in advance why a reading is required, or spoon-fed any prior information, especially when it comes to missing person cases. A fake psychic or a cold reader could use that information to appear to be psychic, and even a genuine psychic may be influenced by knowing too much beforehand.

There is no way I ever do cold readings. So all of that is ruled out when I help in missing person calls (or similar).

I use a spiritual breath technique which allows me to make direct contact with your aura and to allow your loved ones to come through should they choose to use a medium.

As a medium relaying the guidance, sometimes I am shown locations or see a remote vision which makes no sense to me, but does mean something to the person having the reading.

How I Receive Remote Visions
For example, I had a reading from a distraught mother trying to locate a missing item belonging to her son. I was shown a remote vision of a road which wasn't a main highway, a tree and a car accident. I didn't know what that had to do with the missing item but the person I was giving the reading to then revealed that her son was involved in a car crash in which he lost control of his car and smashed into a tree. Her son did not come through to speak with me directly because he had only recently passed.

In another spiritual reading I've done which involved a murder case, I saw a vision of the person who was directly involved in the murder. I described the physical appearance of the remote vision I was shown and other important information. Not long after sharing this information a serial killer was apprehended and charged with murdering several missing persons.

As a medium, your loved ones in Spirit often come to me with valuable information, but at no stage can I guarantee that I can connect with the departed of your choice, because the spiritual realms are universally connected to free will.

I know there are a lot of mediums making elaborate claims about always being able to tune into the departed, irrespective of whether Spirit is willing or able to. But I know these claims are completely fabricated. They are made to draw-in vulnerable and often grieving people who are unfortunately being misled by so-called psychics who are more interested in putting on a good show than giving an authentic spiritual reading.

Demanding Spirit to come to you during a seance, psychic expo or platform reading is a stage act.

Can You Get Real Help
from Entertainment Psychics?
Most of the psychics and mediums who do entertainment readings ask direct questions to an audience and use all the names of the alphabet before getting one name right. Or they come up with a general scene that someone in the audience is bound to be able to relate to.

If you're sitting in an audience where a psychic or spiritual medium has either requested you to leave notes in the front foyer to pray for someone to come through before they tune in, or ask you direct questions when they are on stage, you're being fooled.

There are many spiritual mediums who find psychic entertainment cringeworthy and dislike how emotionally vulnerable people are taken advantage of by clever marketers who falsify their psychic skills.

NLP Soul Coaches who use Covert Hypnosis on their Audiences
Worse still are the false psychics who charm their audience using covert hypnosis profiling to get you to tell them what to say.

What is a Cold Reading?
For Example, if you ask a question like: "I am wanting to know did my niece suffer in her passing?" the question itself tells the profiler many things about your reasons for attending.

It tells them your niece has passed, and that she may have suffered. If no one knows whether she suffered, it tells them about the circumstances under which she may have passed. It tells them you are grieving. It helps them to know what words to relay to give you a sense of peace, and to make them seem psychic.

The direction that the charismatic profiler or NLP soul coach takes in the reading, is inherent in the question itself. The profiler could start talking about any of the things you've just told them in the question that you asked, and make it seem like they are psychic when they are not.

Some of the most famous psychics and mediums throughout Australia and the world are doing this without their audience being aware they are being used in cleverly staged platform demonstrations.

Cold reading, which is directly related to covert hypnosis and mentalist and magician's tricks, is now being used by countless so-called psychics to trick you into believing they are genuinely communicating with your departed loved ones.

I recommend seeing the movie "Hereafter", which touches on why genuine spiritual mediums and seers are less likely to be in the spotlight and not seek fame or fortune. In it a young boy seeks out a psychic so he can talk to his dead brother, but instead finds only frauds. Eventually he finds a real psychic (played by Matt Damen), but only after discovering that most of the people claiming to be psychic were con artists.

But I know there are other spiritual mediums like myself who were born with their gifts and who can provide credible spiritual guidance to help in missing person cases.

You just have to be careful to find a genuine psychic, rather than one of the many people who have done a short course and then been told it's OK to call themselves a psychic.

What has happened over the years is that psychic entertainers and hypnotists have been falsely claiming that anybody can be a psychic or a spiritual medium simply by doing a course.

Normally they will use a rapport method to attract you online. The online profilers who say, "You can ask me a question on anything", are the same psychic expo platform readers who will have convinced you that asking leading questions, which contain the answers, is what credible psychics do.

In fact this is a distorted interpretation of what genuine spiritual mediums do. These mass produced psychic expo mediums are catering to vulnerable individuals who have lost loved ones to suicide, traumatic deaths and really don't have any idea they are being sold a lie.

If you have a charming charismatic spiritual medium, confidently directing questions at you in an entertainment setting, and using NLP rapport methods on you, you won't know that your subconscious is being triggered by NLP hypnosis techniques.

When you've been singled out by the spiritual medium and been made a part of the show, you'll be less likely to want to upset the success of the show. But if you took a video of the spiritual medium and viewed it later from a distance, you would identify how they used NLP on you.

It is the reason why I don't do spiritual platform work because it's more a stage act then anything else.

The good thing about my phone psychic readings is I have no way of knowing the person contacting me. I cannot see your body mannerisms and therefore can't read them, and I don't ask you to reveal why you want a reading by asking leading questions. This immediately rules out any insincere non-psychic techniques. Vine Psychic Line does not do cold readings or use NLP on you.

My clients can attest that at no stage do I ask leading questions, and I discourage my customers revealing too much information beforehand. It's crucial for the integrity of the spiritual arts that spiritual mediums don't abuse the Universal Laws.

If you're looking for a spiritual medium to help you find a missing person, realise you may have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Don't be fooled by the fake claims on websites or by entertainers who have a charismatic presence.

Your loved ones in Spirit know that their passing causes a lot of distress to family and friends and this is why they will seek out real spiritual mediums to help with specific guidance relative to their passing.

Love and Light

March 7th 2015

Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Domestic Violence

Getting Real With Domestic Violence Emotional Energy

On this International Women's Day it is appropriate that I received a heartfelt request to write about domestic violence in my psychic reading editorial.

Domestic violence is spiralling out of control throughout Australia and the world. From my own experience, I can share there has been a steady incline since I worked on the first Australian phone psychic line.

Doing spiritual readings over the last 32 years has given me enormous insight into the energy relationship of victims of domestic violence and the perpetrators who lash out in anger. You might be alarmed to know that domestic violence isn't just perpetrated on women, there are thousands of men today who are also contending with partners who hit them. I want to concentrate on the emotional rage energy, which is becoming more prevelant on the aura.

Why are there so many men and women in toxic love relationships?
The love partnership between men and women, and within the gay community, can sometimes be romanticised to the extreme. The happy-ever-after fairy tales that capture us in our childhood are embraced in puberty when raging hormones pulsate through our veins. The school yard crush in which we lose ourselves to our first kiss or heavy petting, never takes into account whether the two souls are truly compatible.

We sometimes rush into relationships without knowing the personality of the one we are attracted to. You can be so caught up in the romance that you miss the warning signs staring you in the face. The over jealous partner, can be romanticised into the protective lover. The boyfriend or girlfriend who becomes aggro at their parents can be romanticised into someone who needs their freedom and will come good when you live together. Have no doubt there are intuitive signs revealed before you enter into long term relationships, but the majority of people ignore them.

Sometimes we rush into marriages or enter defacto relationships and excitedly welcome our first baby. We buy our first home and wait for the happy-ever-after we see in the movies. But many relationships don't measure up to the expectations we place on them when real life takes over. Addictive personalities come to the surface where drugs, gambling and other vices begin to have a voice. Childhood traumas rise to the surface from deep in our psyches, and bring insecurities to the fore. Financial pressures, career ambitions with the never ending pressure of bettering oneself to move up the societal ladder, begin to cause enormous stress to relationships.

Depending on the spiritual health of your relationship, you may survive these type of life pressures, but many relationships from all socio economic backgrounds begin to crack. The individual who hasn't developed holistic emotional coping mechanisms begins to energetically fragment.

Reaching out for alcohol or drugs to stop the pressure can chip away at the edges of your psyche. The spiritual being continually tries to buffer the emotion. Layer upon layer of stress begins to tear at the energetic body until the stress reaches peak levels. As an empath, when I tune into fragmented energy of an aura, it normally means you have ignored your emotions or are close to mentally losing control.

The drug user who blacks out and explodes and hits their partner or children, is a damaged soul. The partner who ignores the warning signs and tries to emotionally fill in the gaps by overcompensating or making excuses for their partner is also a damaged soul. The first time the violence rears its head, is a cry for help. The first shove of the hand, or the ugly words that spew out of the persons mouth, that's also a cry for help.

Spiritually, anger only grows from ignorance. Ignoring your emotions or buffering them with short term fixes like alcohol, drugs or sex doesn't energetically remove the ethereal scarring. Nor does artificial hypnosis methods or NLP, which is touted as the cure-all panacea, but experiments on and damages vulnerable psyches.

The energy relationship of our real emotions is completely lost when we look to understand why stress levels escalate and why the damaged psyche lashes out and wounds the one they love. It discredits the victim of domestic violence who loses their life to rage, it discredits the innocent child who is born into a violent family environment who knows nothing more than anger and violence as a way of life.

Breaking the cycle of domestic violence
Every spiritual being is a unique essence, you are loved in the higher realms, but to break the cycle of domestic violence you have to be prepared to address the origins of emotional breakdowns.

As a society we have to be prepared to see that our real emotions are not the enemy they are made out to be. We don't need to hide our feelings or enter spiritual cocoons where we layer our mind in subliminal hypnosis messages to try and heal. If we really want to stop domestic violence at the root of the evil we have to be prepared to be a natural spiritual being.

Sometimes you can seek solutions from psychics that gloss over underlying emotional issues. There are many fake, solution based psychics that declare they have all the answers to cure your life's ills - most of them under the disguise of questionable life coaching techniques and counselling. Hopefully you don't fall for the sales spin, and you know to seek out spiritual guidance that addresses the real energy-relationship.

If your higher self guided you to read this article, then maybe you're brave enough to have a real spiritual reading that will tell you what you need to hear, and help you see what is really going on in your energy field. Or, if you want to stay with the fairy tale fantasy that the false law of attraction teaches, you can seek out an intuitive soul coach to tell you what you want to hear. The spiritual choice is yours.

Love and Light

February 17th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

Vine Psychic Readings Line Eighth Anniversary

Eighth Anniversary of Vine Psychic Phone Reading Line

In our psychic reading editorial this week, we are excited to celebrate the eighth anniversary of our phone psychic reading line. It's also Melbourne clairvoyant medium Vine's 33rd year working in the Spiritual field.

We realise this business achievement is because of the loyalty of our Australia wide and international customers. Thank you for your unwavering support in cementing our psychic line phone readings, and recommending Vine Psychic Line to your family, friends and work colleagues.

As a leading online psychic service we are proud of what we have accomplished over the years. Vine Psychic Line was the first online psychic business to introduce secure PayPal bookings. Now our PayPal booking process has been replicated throughout Australian and International psychic companies.

We've also built our success on staying true to the original spiritual arts, and on revealing that genuine psychics don't require you to give prior information or to fill out questionnaires before you have a reading. Vine Psychic Line provides world's best practice psychic services.

Spiritually Guided
Vine was spiritually guided to work online long before other psychics established their online businesses. Our live phone psychic readings allow our customers to identify Vine genuinely demonstrates a wide range of heightened psychic and mediumship abilities without any prior information.

Vine has honoured her spiritual vocation and followed the Spiritual Universal Laws and never uses hypnosis or cross-over therapies on customers, unlike many psychic companies employing people who pretend to be psychic using modalities like counselling, life coaching or hypnotherapy.

Vine has used her voice to raise awareness about rampant abuses of customer trust. She has been outspoken about the need for greater public health protections to stop rogue businesses overstepping psychological boundaries. (learn more about rogue psychic businesses by reading previous articles here).

Hopefully Vine's true life articles will help educate and get State and Federal governments to seriously address the need for psychics to have some type of government regulatory body to monitor the ethical conduct of cross-over therapists.

There have been serious misconduct issues by cross-over therapists who have positioned themselves in the psychic and Mind Body Spirit sector by changing their business backgrounds to falsify psychic ability.

Vine is the spiritual pioneer who has paved the way in educating about the real spiritual arts vs. the manufactured PR spin you read on false psychic websites.

To expose this misleading manufactured PR spin, is why Melbourne born psychic Vine was spiritually guided to work online in the first place, and why she has built up a solid business reputation, founded on trust.

She has a kaleidoscope of psychic background experience that comes from working on many psychic lines over the years, including working on the very first psychic line in Australia.

Truly, if Vine doesn't know the motives of these suspect psychic companies, then nobody does.

There are some exciting changes coming soon for Vine Psychic Line and we'll share them online soon. You can be certain they'll be staying true to Vine's spiritual philosophy.

We encourage you to use our free online articles and resources in the meantime.

From the team at Vine Psychic Line
Thank you for your loyalty and trust.

February 8th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

vine Psychic Paranormal Ghost Kyneton Royal George Hotel
The Royal George Hotel, Kyneton

Vine Psychic: Ghost at Kyneton Royal George Hotel - and the Unusual Cowboy Hat

My psychic reading editorial follows on from my regional Victoria paranormal experiences. This time I'm writing about my ghost encounter at the Royal George Hotel in the small township of Kyneton, Victoria.

From Melbourne if you drive down the Calder Freeway, you'll discover this historical gem on your doorstep. Kyneton is a thriving country town with a warm welcoming feeling, situated in the Macedon Ranges region.

The Royal George Hotel was the last place my partner and I stopped on our trip with our friends. We decided to have an icy cold beer to finish off the day.

Kyneton has several trendy restaurants and bars to choose from. As we walked down the old part of town I was clairsentiently honing in on spiritual memories. Just before stepping into the Royal George Hotel's entrance I could energetically feel past violence leaking out of the hotel building. My partner only had to look at my body mannerisms to identify I was once again tuning into historical time, using the art of clairsentience.

I made sure my protective spiritual shield was strengthened on my aura as we took a seat near the front of the bar. The front room ceiling is painted in a stylish black and there's a crown of tree branches that greet the tourists. The bartenders are warm and inviting and full of enthusiasm. The Royal George has boutique beers on tap and the most delicious ginger beer. After my friend returned to the table we chatted about the unusual paranormal nature of the day's events.

Vine Psychic - Royal George Hotel Interior
Interior of the Royal George Hotel, Kyneton.

Ghost in the Royal George Hotel
Then I felt the spiritual presence of a man standing behind me with an unusual cowboy hat. I turned to my friends and told them about the presence of my spiritual ghost and described his appearance. He energetically appeared as a tall slim man, who I described as a pastoralist. He wore tan coloured pants and had a shirt with a vest. What stood out was the unusual hat he wore on his head. The hat appeared to dip in the middle of the fabric and looked like an old American West cowboy hat.

Vine Psychic Gost Royal George Hotel American Cowboy Hat
This photo taken in Kyneton circa-1867 shows the type of man, wearing the same clothes and hat, who I saw in Spirit, in the Royal George Hotel. Fifth from the left (inset).

My Dislike of Ghost Chasing TV Shows
Before I continue on what happened at the Royal George Hotel I need to share I have never chased ghosts in my life. The whole ghost chasing industry on television makes me question the level of spiritual knowledge of mediums and psychics who harass innocent ghosts. I simply don't get how a genuine medium would want to make a living harassing ghosts.

I've had so many spiritual encounters throughout the years that commmunicating with spirit is as natural as speaking with my family and friends. Spiritual consciousness is all knowing (omnipresent). Ghosts energetically pick up who genuinely wants to help or accepts their ethereal bodies. They go to the mediums and lightworkers who don't want to pry them with questions, or use paranormal electrical devices to get them to identify how they got stuck on the earth plane. My spiritual guardians from the angelic realms and ghosts openly share this information freely when they trust the medium.

Good and Evil Spiritual Ghosts
There is both good and bad in the spiritual realms, just as there are good and bad people on earth. A genuine medium can detect the vibrational frequencies being released by the auric field of the departed.

Friendly Spirit with the Cowboy Hat
The friendly Spirit wearing the cowboy hat in the Royal George Hotel only radiated heightened vibes. He wasn't a nuisance, he was just curious. He spiritually appeared relaxed and seemed to enjoy being around the locals and tourists visiting his local pub.

Curiosity sometimes gets the best of me when I have a ghostly or paranormal experience. My spiritual encounters help me to step back in time and learn about the history and the lives of the people. I had to find out more about the history of the Royal George Hotel and try to find the truth about why I saw a pastoralist wearing an American cowboy hat, and I did discover an American link to the hotel.

The Gold Diggers Arms
The Royal George Hotel was originally called the Gold Diggers Arms, and it was one of the first hotels built in Kyneton in 1852. The name itself reveals its connection to the gold rush in Victoria, where people from all over the world rushed to the Victorian Goldfields to strike it rich. Kyneton is one of the towns the gold diggers passed through to reach the goldfields in Castlemaine and Bendigo.

John Byng
The first publican of the Gold Diggers Arms was an American named John Byng. He was by historical accounts "a striking man over six foot tall who dressed in the latest fashions and rode a prancing white horse". What I found fascinating about the first owner of the Gold Diggers Arms, was he was the son of a freed African American slave from South Carolina. He had made his way to Australia and created a whole new life away from the history of the slave trade of America.

Unfortunately he wasn't the ghost figure I had seen wearing the American cowboy hat, because my ghost figure revealed he was a caucasian. But the knowledge that John Byng wore clothes like the ones I had seen my friendly ghost wearing, reinforced the American influence in Kyneton in the mid 1900's.

Then I found out that John Byng was stabbed in the Gold Diggers Arms while removing a patron from the premises, and he died five weeks later from a resulting infection. This was the immediate confirmation of violence I was picking up on, but I knew there would have been more violence than the stabbing of John Byng, because there were many incidents of violence and robbery during the gold rush.

Paranormal Experience
Having this sort of experience when I visit local historical towns like Kyneton, is one of the things that makes doing spiritual medium work rewarding. Instead of just reading a historical book and learning about the history from historians I am able to get first hand paranormal experiences that can be backed up by the historical books in libraries.

It's interesting to think that one of the reasons why I spiritually recognised the unusual cowboy hat on my ghost, was due to the flamboyant sense of style that John Byng left with the local farmers and residents of the town. To learn that an African American slave's son had pulled up roots from America to be a free man in Australia and to buy the Gold Diggers Arms, makes all of the unusual experiences worthwhile.

We can learn a lot from the spiritual realms if we allow the departed to lift the veil of time and let us into their world. The Royal George Hotel holds a special story about freedom. An African American man, son of a slave, found his peace of heaven in Kyneton Victoria. This is a story worthy of a film script and should be embraced by the locals and the Australian people.

Another paranormal mystery revealed in Victoria, just by walking into a pub at Kyneton.

Love and Light

January 19th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial

Vine Psychic Energy and Ley Lines around Hanging Rock
Hanging Rock

Vine Psychic: True Life Paranormal Story
Hanging Rock Ley Line Mystery

In my psychic reading editorial I'm revealing how I energetically found a strong ley line near Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock in regional Victoria, Australia.

If you've read the famous Australian novel "Picnic at Hanging Rock" you may believe the story is completely fictional with no basis in truth, but after my discovery during a recent drive through the Macedon Ranges, I believe there's more to the paranormal heightened energy than even the locals might be aware of. The book (and film) is about a group of girls from a local school who disappeared in mysterious circumstances whilst picnicking at Hanging Rock.

The final chapter of the book, which reveals what happened to the girls, wasn't published with the original version for commercial reasons and perhaps because the author Joan Lindsay may have been criticised for her spiritual views.

But the last chapter also reveals that Joan Lindsay had a good spiritual understanding of things and perhaps set her fictional story in this area for reasons based on her own spiritual insights.

My Spiritual Journey to Mt Macedon Region
It was a picturesque day when friends took me and my partner on a drive to the Mount Macedon area. Firstly we stopped at a lovely historical cafe and general store, The Trading Post, next to the Mount Macedon Hotel and we dined on delicious sandwiches and iced coffee.

I began noticing different vibrational frequencies as we drove on from the small township of Mount Macedon.

As an Empath, when I enter old buildings or touch antique furniture, I enter a light trance and channel heightened energies. Then I begin to see clairvoyant visions (remote visions) that flash before me. This can also happen outside or in nature when the energy is strong or unusual.

My partner is used to my energy channeling by now, but my friend had a one off experience when she took us on a surprise visit to the school her daughter attends, Braemar College. I'd never heard of it before and so I was amazed to discover a grand and picturesque old school located in the bush on the side of Mount Macedon in Woodend.

Vine Psychic Braemar College
The Picturesque Braemar College near Hanging Rock

My Spiritual Vision at Braemar College
When I stepped into the grounds of the car park at Braemar, I immediately entered a light trance and started to see spiritual visions of the property, but not the same way the architecture and surrounding grounds look now.

The vision I saw was the area in front of the school (see below). It's now used as a car park but I saw it as a playground. I saw girls wearing school tunics that looked like they were from the early 19th century. They were playing in the area just in front of the school entrance.

I described these visions to my friends but as there was no way of confirming what I saw, they probably wondered about the accuracy. I didn't enter the school building because it was during the school week and was bustling with activity.

History of Braemar College
In the days following our surprise visit I learnt that Braemar, as well as being a beautiful school, is also steeped in history. But at the time I was tuning into the visions I had no idea about the history of the building or the local stories of Hanging Rock.

One of the reasons the school is famous is because one of its patrons, the late Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, attended the school as a young girl. Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, is the mother of Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul who people either love or dislike with a passion.

Another reason Braemar College is famous, is its connection with the "Picnic at Hanging Rock" story, but as we left the school all of this was still unknown to me.

Ley Line Energy Near Hanging Rock
We all piled into the car and as we were driving along a wooded lane I felt a strong vibrational energy. It was a dark energy and without realising it, I'd said out loud what I was feeling. I'd let out an unintentional shriek.

My friend asked what was wrong, thinking I'd hurt myself. My aura had felt such a dark force that my solar plexus chakra was recovering from the energy. Then my friend realised they had gone down the wrong street so we turned around and went past the exact spot where I initially felt the energy.

This time I didn't even try to hide the feeling. It was awful. I remarked to everyone in the car, "There's a ley line here and it is radiating dark energy."

Straws Lane - Dark Magnetic Ley Line Energy Stream
As my friend lived in the area, I asked her whether there was any unusual activity in the region. She remarked that the street in which I was experiencing the energy of the ley line was running in a direct line between Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock.

Then she shared that the street was called Straws Lane, and people from all over the world come to visit the spot because it is said that cars appear to roll up hill. I've since found reports of other strange things happening around Straws Lane and Hanging Rock.

I can't say I was shocked by what she was sharing because the magnetic force of the ley line was overwhelming for me and I was half expecting that strange things would have been reported here. As we drove down this country lane, all I could feel was that this ley line wasn't pleasant. I remarked that I wanted to research what the aboriginal elders revealed about this location, because without a doubt I knew they would have picked up on what I was experiencing.

Joan Lindsay School Student - Braemar House Hanging Rock Mystery
My friend shared her local knowledge that "Picnic at Hanging Rock" was based on a true story - except that the girls in the true story were actually found. My friend revealed the author Joan Lindsay actually attended the Clyde School (Braemar College) and based the fictional school in Picnic at Hanging Rock, 'Appleyard College', on the Clyde School after it moved to Woodend.

Picnic at Hanging Rock - Clyde School Girls 1920
School girls from Clyde School, now Braemar College, certainly did have picnics at Hanging Rock as photographed here in 1920

Real Life Ley Line Mystery Discovery
We had a mystery on our hands that we all wanted to solve. Was there any truth to the famous Hanging Rock story? Why didn't the ley line have a pleasant feeling and did the author Joan Lindsay pick up on this?

We drove to Hanging Rock and there I could feel the same magnetic activity I had encountered before.

My Braemar Vision Confirmed in Old Photos
One of the passengers in my car asked her friend to loan us a book about the history of Braemar College. We returned to her home after her daughter dropped off the book and opened it to find historical photos that showed the building exactly as I described it. Then we turned to another page to find young girls in the same sort of tunics I saw, exercising at the exact location I was standing when I revealed the visions I was seeing.

Vine's Spiritual Vision of Braemar College Girls playing
This photo taken circa 1921 shows school girls dressed just as I saw them in my vision. I was standing at the front entrance when I saw a spiritual vision of girls playing, wearing school tunics. This is now a road, trees and a car park (see next picture).

Front of Braemar College today - Used as a car park
This is how it looks today in front of Braemar College - used as a car park.

Spiritual Beliefs
I could see that my friend was struggling to come to terms with what she was witnessing because she declares herself as an atheist. I respect and appreciate that a lot of the experiences I've encountered since my birth, are not the norm for everyone. What I consider to be normal spiritual occurrences, can appear to be difficult to believe for someone who has never experienced any intuitive knowing.

Macedon Ranges Unique Map and the First People Knowledge
When I later viewed a map of Mount Macedon it confirmed what my friend had told me in the car. The energy ley line I had felt, did indeed run in a direct line from Mount Macedon to Hanging Rock. And Straws Lane with its gravity hill and its unusual magnetic activity where I felt the dark force, also follows this direct line between Mount Macedon and Hanging Rock.

Later on I found various articles suggesting that Hanging Rock and the region where the ley line runs between Hanging Rock and Mount Macedon, was considered to be sacred by the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, who lived in the area.

They warned it was sacred because it released dark energy. It seems that for spiritual reasons, first nation people keep away. There are several clan groups that shared the Macedon Ranges area, and therefore it's important to acknowledge all the clans and tribes of the Kulin nation that lived in and shared this area.

What are Magnetic Ley Lines?
There is so much more to magnetic ley lines than is immediately apparent. It made me realise how the first peoples of the world are more aware of light and dark ley lines and are not into romanticising sacred energy for the sake of making everything appear positive, as is heavily promoted by New Age philosophy.

I intend to write more articles about ley lines and to share some of the spiritual knowledge about the Earth's magnetic field in future articles.

There's never a time I visit a historical town or location that I don't have some type of paranormal spiritual apparition (ghost). Next week I'm sharing a true life ghost encounter. To my customers who have been wanting me to write more paranormal articles, this is one I recommend you read.

Love and Light

January 11th 2015

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic GIRLS Review

Vine Psychic Reviews TV Series - GIRLS

WOW, it's the start of the new year and I'm excited to share in my psychic reading editorial that I am in love again. I now know what it feels like to have out-of-control cravings. Once I had experienced the first one, I had to get the second, and when I couldn't rent the third one I had to send my partner out to buy it. Fast!

I am addicted to G. I need the fourth series now!


For those poor souls who haven't yet discovered my favourite show, "Girls" is a TV series about four college students, created, directed and starring Lena Dunham. Lena has been nominated for the 2015 Golden Globe awards for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy.

I have been recommending the program to my friends because the show is equal to my top TV favourites, including "Sex and the City". The writing of the characters is exquisite. It focuses on Twentysomethings but no matter how old you are, you can immediately begin to identify how true to life the experiences of Hannah, Lena, Marnie, Jessa and Shohanna really are.

As a psychic medium I have dealt with them all.

Wading your way through the maze of life experiences can be difficult and the Girls TV programme touches on the insecurities, the highs and lows of real life in a candid, almost refreshing way.

Sex isn't taboo, because the characters are always seen romping in bed or openly discussing their relationships. If anything, Girls seems to educate the viewer to be comfortable in their own skin. Hannah tackles weight issues, Jessa comes from a dysfunctional family environment where she doesn't know a life without drugs and pushes other peoples personal boundaries to the limit.

Shoshanna is the over achiever, the perfectionist who struggles with living life in the moment and yet has strong family values and occasionally lets her guard down to have emotional outbursts that sting hard. Marnie is insecure, the control freak who tries to organise life into little boxes. She has the looks to attract men, even a gay guy makes the moves on her, but she never seems to find the happy ending she is looking for.

Then you have the male characters who make the show. Adam is hard to get to know. He appears almost abrasive and yet beneath the anger you find Hannah's guardian angel who reveals deep feelings and unmoving loyalty.

You have the unmotivated Ray, who lives in his car during the night and works in a coffee shop and who tells it like it is. He can call out a phoney just by looking at them. Hannah's ex is gay and proud and can spit out cruel words when cornered, then apologise and makes you melt and want to claim him as your best friend. There are too many amazing scenes and characters, but trust me you will become hooked on the series just like me.

"Girls" isn't on free to air TV in Australia yet. So I hope there's truth to the rumours that HBO are considering going up against Murdoch's Foxtel by releasing their online streaming App HBO GO in Australia. As I am not prepared to cave into the anti-competitive media mogul's hold on Australian TV and media, I will wait until it is live streamed by HBO directly, or until I can buy the fourth series on DVD.

Now you know what I've been doing over the holiday season after my long walks in the Melbourne city parks and visiting my favourite beach locations, I'm keen to see how many of my customers throughout Australia and the world are "Girls" fans.

Please don't send me any fourth season spoilers because I want to get my friends up to speed and have a "Girls" night in. Pardon the pun.

Love and light

December 25th 2014

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Christmas in Melbourne The entrance to Post Office Lane, off Bourke Street Melbourne, Christmas 2014.

Vine Psychic's Christmas in Melbourne

Some of my international psychic reading clients have been asking what Christmas in Melbourne is like.

It's a beautiful sunny day and I'm writing my psychic reading editorial at the little beach cafe on the Bay at Elwood Beach, just down from the trendy St Kilda coffee shops and restaurants in Acland Street. I'm watching the yachts on Port Phillip Bay, and I can see the cargo ships lined up on the horizon waiting their turn to come into the Melbourne port. Those ships are a familiar image for Melbourne's bayside community.

Vine-Psychic-Elwood-Beach Elwood Beach

Melbourne is a cosmopolitan multicultural wonderland. We have many different nationalities expressing their cultural individuality and their delicious cuisines. If you want to experience a city with the most scrumptious food from all over the world, then Melbourne is the city to do it.

Melbourne has the second largest Greek community in the world and a few days ago in Lonsdale Street I had one of the best souvalakis ever in one of the many Greek cafes and restaurants there.

The bustling Lygon Street in Carlton is home to the passionate and lively Italian restaurant and bar community. This is the place to go to experience families dining on pizza, coffee, and cakes. When the Grand Prix Italian community want to celebrate a Ferrari team win, or if Italy is in the world cup finals, Lygon Street is the place to be in Melbourne.

Vine Psychic Lygon Street Coffee Brunetti's in Lygon Street, Melbourne

There's so many places to go in Melbourne to savour different food and cultures. Victoria Street, Acland Street, Brunswick Street, Sydney Road and the street art in the laneways of CBD. Too many to mention here. Just out of the City there's the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Mt Macedon, the beautiful bayside suburbs and beaches in the south.

Christmas Windows
When Christmas hits Melbourne, kids and families head for Bourke Street. The Myer Christmas windows are the highlight of the season for excited children and grown ups too. Even cultures who don't religiously celebrate Christmas will make their way into the CBD to look at the fairytale animated stories in the windows.

Vine Psychic Christmas Window Myer Christmas Windows, Bourke Street Melbourne

Melbourne is often four seasons in one day. As the saying goes, "if you don't like the weather in Melbourne, wait five minutes". Christmas dinners in Australia can be a barbeque or a traditional English roast and plum pudding. Depending on the culture or what the weather in Melbourne happens to be on Christmas day, the locals will cook accordingly.

Christmas Greetings and Blessings to All
I'd like to say how grateful I am to all of our Aussie and world online psychic reading clients for your loyal custom. No matter where you are in the world, gratitude to all, and I'm sending beautiful loving energy to you over the holiday season.

Love and Light

December 8th 2014

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spiritual Grief Guidance

Vine Psychic Helps the Bereaved at Christmas

How do you cope with the sudden loss of a loved one just before Christmas or a special event? My psychic reading editorial this week is about spiritually helping you deal with the shock of losing a loved sibling, husband, wife, lover, parent, child, friend, or pet just before Christmas.

If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one, you are most probably dealing with the energetic scarring or the emotional shock. The emotions you are contending with are raw, they cut deep into your soul and you feel numb. You are forcing yourself to eat, to sleep and to get out of bed and to just manage simple tasks.

You have to prepare for Christmas celebrations and to get gifts for your children, but you can barely scrape through the day. You keep going back to the time you were told your loved one crossed over. Some of you didn't even get to say your goodbyes. You awoke to a phone call from your parents or a family relative jolting you out of your sleep to contend with the most unbelievable heartbreak you could have ever envisioned. You don't know how to go on...

The Early Stages of Grief
If you are relating to these feelings then you are dealing with the early shock of grief. I am not going to tell you this time will pass, because right now you can't even comprehend what that means. I am here to guide that you need to honour your feelings and to find a way that allows you to deal with family get-togethers, and try not to over compensate your emotions to make it better for everybody else.

Honouring Departed Souls
Find a way of honouring the departed soul during your Christmas gathering. A good way of doing this is to create a sacred space during the festive season. You may want to light a white candle or pick some flowers from your garden and place them on the mantelpiece and offer your prayers to the recently departed. You might want to place some garden seeds in a planter and allow your love to be carried into the nurturing of the seeds to sapling. Each time you light the white candle or water the seeds you send a spiritual prayer to the recently departed.

You might want to create a shrine by collecting some photos and see their face smiling back at you when you enter your home. You might want to place their watch on your wrist or their ring on your finger, or even place a small trinket on a necklace near your heart, you may even want to buy a charm to place on your bracelet that sits on your skin and signifies your departed loved one's special qualities.

You can even set a dinner place at the Christmas table to welcome their spiritual presence into your home.

It is important for you and your direct family or friends to acknowledge the departed. Trying to buffer your grief will not spiritually serve you. It will only make you feel detached from your emotions. By finding your way to cope with the sudden departure of your loved ones, you immerse yourself in pure essence.

Empathic Connection
How could I possibly know the emotions you are contending with after the loss of your sweet friend, or parent? I know what you are feeling because I am an Empath who energetically connects to consciousness. I have done thousands of medium readings for people just like you, who have gone through the exact same feelings and sense of loss. I know you are spiritually suffering and questioning everything about the meaning of life. My vocation as a medium is to help you during this transitional energy release of grief. I also help to show the existence of life after physical death. I know your loved ones are watching over you as you go through one of the most difficult spiritual lessons. Everything is known in the angelic realms.

It's Alright to Grieve
Trying to manage the shock of a loved one crossing unexpectedly requires the acknowledgement that it is okay to grieve in your own way. If you can't cope with the celebrations or invitations, then accept this as your truth. Don't try to force yourself to do more than you are capable of. Tell the people who are fussing over you that you need some quiet space for you to process your feelings. Don't rush back to work if you can't last the day without bursting into tears. Let your higher self guide when you are up to company. Let your family and friends bring meals or do special shopping runs for you when you are unable to drag yourself out of the house.

It is okay to grieve and to not be rushed into doing more than you are emotionally capable of.

I was spiritually guided to write this article for the bereaved. I pray you find solace in the loving spiritual guidance in your hour of need. If you need some additional spiritual support you can book a reading with me to help you understand the spiritual transition from the physical vessel to the higher realms. My prayers are to the men and women and children coping with the sudden loss of your loved ones.

I will Light Candles this Christmas
I will light Candles this Christmas;
Candles of joy despite all sadness,
Candles of hope where despair keeps watch
Candles of courage for fears ever present,

Candles of peace for tempest-tossed days,
Candles of grace to ease heavy burdens,
Candles of love to inspire all my living,
Candles that will burn all the year long.

Poem by Howard Thurman

Love and Light

December 2nd 2014

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Spiritual Responsibility - Turtles Say No to Coal

Vine Psychic Talks About Spiritual Responsibility

My psychic reading editorial this week is about Spiritual responsibility, in particular about those people who do not accept personal responsibility for the abuse of the Universal Laws.

Extreme Weather in Brisbane, Australia
It was with despair I watched the beautiful city of Brisbane contending with yet another extreme weather event.

During the city's hottest November since 1910, a super-cell storm hit Brisbane and over 50 suburbs were severely affected. The storm cut a swathe through the South West of Brisbane, the CBD and into the Northern Suburbs.

It is ironic that the super-cell storm severely hit the same location in which President Obama delivered his famous speech about climate change. The University of Queensland (UQ) in St Lucia, Brisbane, where Obama delivered his speech, was one of the worst hit locations.

Direct Relation Between Qld's Coal Mining and its Natural Disasters
As the local Brisbane families and struggling businesses dealt with the aftereffects of a natural catastrophe, it was quite disturbing to see the Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, chose this time to reassure the mining industry,"We are in the coal business"

The main focus of Campbell Newman's speech to the fossil fuel companies, was to rush through State parliament extremely unpopular decisions to mine more coal and build a controversial new coal port at Abbott Point, right on the Great Barrier Reef.

Overwhelming scientific research tells us the environmental destruction caused by more frequent and more extreme weather events is directly related to the mining and burning of oil, coal and CSG. Yet there is no spiritual responsibility accepted by either the Premier of Queensland or the Australian mining companies as they increase the burning of fossil fuels.

The High Financial Cost of Climate Change in Queensland
The Economic Cost of Climate Change caused by the pollution from Coal, CSG and Oil, has already hit Queensland extremely hard.

Accepting Spiritual Responsibility for Our Actions
Something is spiritually amiss when a government isn't acting in the best interests of its people and small business owners, or providing the duty of care required to help their constituents in a time of crisis.

Something is spiritually lacking if mining companies are able to sway governments to not invest in the most cost effective renewable energy to curb more frequent storms.

Something is spiritually amiss if a democratic government enters into secret mining deals and stops all attempts by independent legislative authorities and media to seek out the truth.

The Law of Cause and Effect
The Law of Karma (Cause and Effect), is now being completely abused by political ideologies that are ignoring personal and collective responsibility for all living creatures incarnated on Earth. We are collectively responsible for our environment and its creatures, as well as the elements; Water, Air, and the Earth beneath our feet.

It is our responsibility to do no harm to our environment and to be spiritual custodians of the planet that will provide for our every living need, provided we don't abuse the relationship.

It is our responsibility to stop elected governments from being corrupted by secret handshakes behind closed doors, and from ignoring their duty of care to live in harmony with the environment.

The Either/Or Ideology of "Leaners and Lifters" causes Disharmony
When you hear politicians calling people either lifters or leaners, the implication is that low income people aren't doing their fair share of the work. It is a way of creating division and destroying the harmony between all people. The Universal Spiritual Laws are about Oneness. The Deceivers who use division to create disharmony, do so in full awareness that people will turn on each other.

They purposefully design the economic systems to divide people into 'Haves' or 'Have Nots'. Instead of identifying solutions to lift people out of poverty or become greater educated, they drain the funding to create lower classes. They then demonize them by calling them "leaners".

It is up to the people to see the deception of the current systems created by the deceivers and to be spiritually responsible to all of humanity and its environments. It is up to the people to stand up to politicians who deceive you.

Democracy in true spiritual awareness is where we all use our one vote, one voice to collectively act in the greater good for humanity and the Earth.

Are you being Spiritually responsible for your karmic choices, or are you contributing to the energy of lack and perpetuating disharmony on Earth?

Are you investing in mining fossil fuels that are hurting your fellow human and the environment? If yes, realise you are karmically responsible for the local man and woman who are affected by the increased natural disasters. You are destroying your own environment. The instant karma is nature's extreme weather immediately hurting your economies.

Love and Light

November 24th 2014

This Week's Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Learning Difficulties associated with electromagnetic radiation and wi-fi. Health risks for toddlers using Ipads and Digital Tablets

Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Toddlers Learning Difficulties

My psychic reading editorial this week is about helping frantic parents who are coping with babies and toddlers early development.

Parents are seeking my spiritual guidance about toddlers and children using electronic devices after noticing their children's behavioural and learning difficulties.

and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are immediately suspected as the underlying cause of toddlers regressing in early development. What is going on?

I was spiritually guided by the higher realms about the latest touch computer technology being a major factor in computer addiction and rewiring of the brains. You can find the psychic prediction here.

If your children are playing with electronic devices at an early age you may need to research the pros and cons of babies' minds being affected by the radiation and numbing stimulation effect of mobile and ipad touch screen technology.

Our Energy Bodies
The human body is not just physical. We have seven more energy bodies surrounding our physical body and it is here that we are first affected by the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones, computer devices and wifi.

Our physical body ultimately shows the affects of these concentrated energy bursts in ways that medical science has yet to determine. This is why it is important to allow our young children to develop their communication skills before they are subjected to concentrated bursts of damaging electromagnetic energy.

Computers, WiFi and Early Child Development
There are warnings for children using mobile phones in early development, but there are few warnings about children using ipad, tablets and wifi in early childhood development.

Some scientists and psychologists are becoming extremely concerned about teenage computer addiction and aggressive behaviour from overuse of computer games, but there's hardly enough research being invested into electronic gadgets around babies or young children.

Often you can see television programmes showing babies in cradles sucking active mobile phones or looking at the iPhone screens and touching them. Parents are mostly unaware that electronic gadgets are sending unhealthy amounts of radiation to the ethereal field.

If you are noticing your toddlers have been losing concentration or going backwards in their speech after playing with electronic devices, go and do a bit of research to see if other parenting forums are raising the same type of concerns. Don't immediately assume your child is suffering from autism.

Think about how your baby's brain needs to grow and develop, and remove any form of radiation away from your toddlers grasp until they are speaking fluidly and have full concentration.

Toys don't need to be electronic. I am guided a baby's brain needs to have constant stimulation. You can find other ways of entertaining your child when you are busy until they can handle electronic learning devices.

I hope this guidance helps parents who are dealing with this new phenomena. To my Melbourne customer worrying about your little boy's development, Spirit doesn't consider autistic children as disadvantaged. All children born with sensitivities are loved equally in the angelic realms.

Medical Intuitive
At no stage do I profess to have any professional psychological or medical background and I need to stress as an empath I am only channeling the energetic response of my clients' auras. Therefore I am only guiding from a medical intuitive perspective. This means that when I tune into your ethereal field as a healer I use a range of heightened clairsenses to relay angelic guidance about areas on your energetic aura that relate to areas of your body.

My Spiritual Breath Technique
The breath healing technique I use in my readings is similar to a doctor using a stethoscope to listen to your breathing. Except that where a doctor is interested in your physical body as the breath passes through it, I am interested in the breath itself and it's connection to your energetic aura.

Once I have connected to your ethereal blueprint I can see the energy variances on your aura. When I am given permission to connect to your aura (which is spiritually required) I then use your ethereal energy as a conduit to connect to your babies' auras. At all times I will be honest and not give false hope, or medically diagnose any health issues. My role is to channel the guidance by your higher self or your loved ones in Spirit.

My higher angelic guardians only step in if I need direct access to the Akashic Records. Since I was young child I have received training not be overly reliant on guides, because overdependency can stop you getting in touch with your own inner knowing as a healer.

This is why I am extremely sensitive in my aura and can immediately identify the cloudy energy associated with mind development problems.

Love and light

November 18th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Deceivers

Vine Psychic Guides about Influential Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

My Psychic Reading Editorial this week is about telling the difference between a Lightworker and a Spiritual deceiver.

As I write, I can see the fight between Lightworkers and Spiritual Deceivers played out at the G20 World Leader's Summit in Brisbane, Australia. Who at this conference wanted to solve problems of climate change, corporate tax evasion, poverty, health and education? And who profits from these problems and is greedily working to perpetuate them?

The Deceivers
In my psychic predictions for 2014 I was spiritually guided that this is the year that the Spiritual deceivers will be exposed. In my Spiritual channelling for 2014, Spirit said, "We know the deceivers have altered the way of your Earth to create energetic imbalances and your weather Seasons are reflecting the imbalances back to you." Spirit also guided that they will now bring the secrets of the Spiritual Deceivers to the surface.

Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers
At first thought you might think that it would be easy to tell the difference between a Lightworker and a Spiritual Deceiver. But nowadays there is so much corporate misrepresentation, covert manipulation and secret political lobbying going on behind the scenes, that it can be quite difficult to know who or what to believe. Our hearts warn us we are being deceived, but in the confusion, our heads continue to ignore the warnings.

False Prophets and Spiritual Deceivers
In Christianity, emphasis is put onto the notion of false prophets, wolves in sheep's clothing, pretending to be one thing when actually they are the opposite. These are the Deceivers.

Matthew 7:15-16
"15. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16. You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles?"

The Deceivers Work in Secret
Whilst this spiritual teaching is true, it can also limit our idea of the false prophet as being a single individual in the limelight, openly peddling a false message for all to see. The truth today is that whilst there will always be key individual deceivers, they are more likely to work in secret groups, parties or corporations. Most false prophets these days work behind the scenes, behind the murky disguise of advertising, hypnotic technique and political lobbying and funding, buying replaceable puppet politicians to publicly work their secret deceit.

If we see through one disguise, another disguise is found.

The Mythical Hydra Beast
The deceivers these days are like Hydra, the mythical multiheaded snake guardian of the Underworld. When one head is cut off, two heads grow back in it's place. Like the Hydra beast, the deceivers are a multifarious threat to life on our planet, which cannot be overcome by a single effort.

It is quite likely that recent G20 conference of world leaders will not do much to fix the problems of the world, but at least it has drawn attention to a couple of those problems: Tax Havens and Tax avoidance by the richest people, companies and corporations, and the man-made causes of Climate Change.

If the Deceivers have our world leaders hamstrung when it comes to solving the most pressing problems in the world, what can we do?

It is now up to the Lightworkers and activists to reveal to the people the deceptive ways that deceivers influence their power behind the scenes.

The Deceit of the Deceivers
The Deceivers who hold billions of dollars in tax havens and have all the money they need at their disposal, are not connected to the highest good.

They are allowed to continue placing billions of dollars into off-shore tax havens, because they pay for politicians through donations and media support to represent their interests only.

Corporate donations selectively given to governments are about one thing only: protecting the vested interests of the donor.

The austerity measures placed on ordinary people around the world are the result of greed and the abuse of our natural environments. The Deceivers will never willingly give up the economic protections they have put in place to create a fairer and more equitable world. Look at how they use their privately owned media to influence the way you think. As was revealed in the G20 summit held in Brisbane, Queensland, the Australian government quashed all attempts to promote climate change as a world priority for influential leaders to address. Instead the Liberal/National Party did the bidding of their financial backers and promoted coal and energy resources like harmful CSG and nuclear power as their priority.

They are Fully Conscious of their Deceit
The fossil fuel companies are fully aware they must curb their emissions to stop climate change spiralling out of control. So are politicians who have witnessed extreme weather events destroying infrastructure and residential homes and blowing local budgets through the roof. They knowingly choose a course to ignore the climate scientists and release more carbon into the atmosphere. The banks of our world know they are funding fossil fuel mining companies destroying natural environments and yet they knowingly give funding to continue the same destructive cycle.

The result of the Deceiver's actions is to allow third world countries and the disadvantaged in developed countries to be collateral damage. Instead of being part of the solution and tackling climate change and animal extinctions or getting the rich to pay fair taxes, the Deceivers find ways to convince the public they are looking after your best interests. When in fact, they are only responding to financial backers demands.

Have We Been Hypnotised to Accept Senseless Political Rhetoric?
We are being told that to save our freedoms we must destroy them, to stops wars we must go to more wars, and to stop Climate Change we must burn more coal and create more pollution. These messages are irrational and actually quite senselessly idiotic. So why do we continue to blindly accept them? Are we being hypnotised by repetitive political slogans and advertising and accepting the subliminal messages? Why are we not identifying the perpetrators behind these deliberate public mind manipulation attempts? Have no doubt they knowingly use these methods on the public to get people elected into governments or confuse the science of climate change.

It's up to all Lightworkers to stand up to the Deceivers and reveal the truth to the people. Draw attention to the CSG and the fossil fuel investments of media moguls e.g. Rupert Murdoch. Reveal the companies and share holdings of the richest people in the world e.g. Koch Bros and whether they are involved in secret societies. Bring it all out into the open. Reveal the manipulation techniques used in political advertising that is directly related to hypnosis and cognitive mind conditioning.

President John F Kennedy - Lightworker
In 1961 President John F Kennedy gave a famous speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association, about the Deceiver's secret societies and the truth of their far reaching influence and attempts to destroy democracy. In 1961 people would have immediately thought of the Cold War threat, but today the speech is even more uncanningly relevant.

In 1961 the secret threat was perceived to be coming from outside the USA, but in 2014 an even more insidious threat is coming from within our own societies.

In this speech he revealed the threat of having our freedoms and independence "covertly" removed. Today when we look at the new heightened security measures passed into legislation in Australia and democracies all over the world, we can see President Kennedy's prediction about the erosion of spiritual freedoms coming true before our eyes.

The higher realms guidance is crucial to stopping further destruction and oppression of humanity and all other forms of consciousness. The one thing the deceivers don't want is everyone knowing who they are, what they are doing and how they are doing it. When you lift the veil of the deceiver they have nowhere to hide. When you reveal their methods of mind manipulation the people know what to look out for.

Our continued existence on Earth depends on Lightworkers revealing the truth.

Love and Light

November 10th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Dating Discernment and Pickup Artists

Vine Psychic Discusses Dating Pickup Artists using NLP Covert Hypnosis

My psychic reading editorial this week is about the spread of misogynistic pick-up artist techniques spotlighted by the recent social media and Twitter-storm of protest under the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc begun by Jenn Li on Twitter: @JennLi123

What is a Pickup Artist?
A pick-up artist is a person, (mostly male) who makes a 'game' of picking up women (in clubs and mobile dating Apps like Tinder) using at best, morally dubious techniques.

The Pickup artists I'm writing about here are not those engaged in normal interaction between men and women based on the Universal principals of respect and caring for others. No, this latest Pickup Artist development is an ugly, abhorrent and sometimes criminally reprehensible cult-like phenomenon, based on selfishness and the fear of lack, and brought about through the denial of Oneness.

The Pick-Up Artist in Australia
Australian men and women don't like pickup artists who manipulate, degrade and encourage violence against women.

This was made obvious when American pickup artist Julien Blanc was recently forced out of Australia by community networks protesting at Melbourne's St Kilda Pier and in social media after a video featuring Blanc in one of his "lectures" showed his abusive methods for seducing Japanese women.

Protesters successfully convinced The Como and other venues in Melbourne including Melbourne River Cruises to cancel his seminars.

The amazing people of Melbourne were protesting the methods used by Blanc, which included sexually assaulting women in Japan by thrusting their heads into his crotch. Blanc's video commentary included, "At least in Tokyo, if you're a white male, you can do what you want. I'm just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls' heads, just like, head, pfft on the dick. Head, on the dick, yelling, 'pikachu'."

Abuse of Natural Laws
These and other quack techniques are aimed at insecure men all over the world, to convince them to pay money for the 'secret' of having sex with hundreds of women. It's not only an appalling, manipulating, misogynistic degradation of women, it's also a dangerous lie that could easily have unforeseen consequences when the lie does not live up to the money spent on it.

The selfish disregard for others found in Pick-up artist philosophy and techniques, flaunts and corrupts the Natural Spiritual Laws, adding to the out-of-balance energetic disturbances in the life forces of our planet.

At the heart of all the Natural Laws is Oneness of All. We are all One. What we do to another, we do to ourselves and what we do to one, we do to all.

The selfishness and lack of regard for others in this Pick-up artist scam is so extremely sad on so many levels, I just don't know where to begin.

The idea of 'picking up' has been around for over 70 years, but the most concerning thing for me is why immature selfish, misogynistic and potentially violent 'pickup artist' techniques have been able to take a hold in our communities in recent years.

Covert Hypnosis, NLP and Pickup Artists
One of my Twitter followers, a young woman from Japan, urged me to watch the video of Japanese women being sexually assaulted on the street as they had their heads thrust towards Julien Blanc's crotch. I immediately realised I was viewing a most abusive open display of cognitive coaching and covert hypnosis. It served to reinforce how far out of control Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) has become.

For years now I have been watching and warning my psychic readers about life coaches using NLP hypnosis techniques on their customers. NLP techniques have been used more and more by psychics on video programs to manipulate people without your knowledge or consent. YouTube is full of self-promotional videos where NLP techniques are subtly placed throughout the lecture to get you to buy products or sign up for training courses.

There have been plenty of articles on the web about how to secretly use covert hypnosis NLP methods to seduce women, and the pickup artists have borrowed heavily from them.

There is no scientific support for the speculations of NLP, and even less for the hotch potch sales pitches of the pickup artists. And here too they have borrowed heavily from NLP marketing techniques. The main aim of the pickup artists companies that have sprung up all over the place, in recent years, is to make as much money as quickly as possible selling books and courses on how to secretly manipulate women.

To be a Pickup artist you have to be disconnected from the Oneness of all people. The techniques that dating pickup artists aspire to, are nothing more than distorted Universal Laws that are more about ego, power, manipulation and fear of lack. The pick-up artist's techniques are just another manifestation of the denial of Oneness.

The real Universal Laws are about the love of all beings on our planet. There would be no need to use any coercion or NLP hypnosis techniques if everyone followed the Universal Laws and simply treated people with respect.

Love and Light

October 29th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Melbourne CupLaw of Resonance

Melbourne Cup Psychic Luck - The Dream, and the Lesson

The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is the lead up to the Melbourne Cup, and the subject of my psychic reading editorial this week. I have some interstate guests staying with me who are into horse racing, and my partner has been leaving racing forms around our home for me to find in the hope that I will tune-in using my psychic ability to give him a few winners.

Even though he knows I'm not allowed to use the Spiritual arts for gambling or personal gain, every year at Spring Racing time, he tries it on. Without fail I'll be pestered for winners of the Caulfield Cup, the Manikato Stakes, The Cox Plate and the Melbourne Cup. He keeps asking for horses and I keep declining to give them.

He says, "But it's not you who'll be winning, it'll be me, therefore you won't be personally gaining." I laugh and rebuke all attempts to get me to lay down my guard.

With the horses, he knows I could tune into the jockey or the trainer and see what the post-race energy surrounding their aura will be. If it's a happy joyous energy and I see a big smile on their face, that would indicate to me that they will be winning. If I don't see the trainer with a happy face after the race, they probably aren't going to win. So if I was spiritually allowed to select the horse race winners, it would be all about tuning into the energy of the people concerned. - but I know I am unable to use the Akashic consciousness to do readings about gambling.

Getting in touch with Your Own Intuition
Though I love all of my partner's unsuccessful attempts to coerce Melbourne Cup winners out of me, he also admits he does it because he rarely picks winners. That's the energy of lack talking, not the energy of the joy of being in the moment.

Angelic Light, The Manikato Stakes
and The Race Horse Dream
Something else has happened this year to make the Spring Carnival all about my partner getting in touch with his own intuition and trusting in his own ability to attract a winner.

Several weeks ago I semi-awoke from a dream, looked at my partner, and although I can't remember any of this, he swears I then said to him, "I've been told to tell you about a dream I've just had about a horse that will do great things. It has the light of Spirit inside, and the word "Light" in its name. Its colour is brown." Then apparently I just went back to sleep. My mischievous partner kept the dream to himself for a few weeks because he knew I wasn't supposed to predict horse race results, and he thought that's what the dream was about.

Dream Interpretation Sneakiness
The next day my sneaky partner searched the internet for brown horses running in Australian races with the word Light in their name that might also have the light of Spirit within. He could only find one horse in Australia at the moment that fits the description. Her name is "Angelic Light".

My partner then discovered that one week before my dream, Angelic Light had beaten Lankan Rupee, the hot favourite and fastest ranked sprinter in the world.

The two horses were to race again two weeks later and because of my dream, my partner thought he was onto a sure thing. He trusted his interpretation of my dream so much, that he put a massive $4 on the nose of Angelic Light. That's double what he would normally bet.

But he had to re-think his interpretation of my dream when Angelic Light came in 4th. The winner that day was the 2nd fastest ranked sprinter in the world, "Buffering".

Interstate Friends Urging Partner To Bet
Friday night my interstate friends were eager to have a bet on the Manikato Stakes at Moonee Valley. My partner looked at the field and discovered that Angelic Light and Lankan Rupee were running again.

Lankan Rupee was the favourite. But somehow my partner's original interpretation of the message of my dream once again became the motivating force for him to declare that Angelic Light was a sure thing. Even though that interpretation had proved incorrect once before.

Just before the Manikato Stakes everyone went down to the local pub/TAB and my partner decided to do a trifecta bet. The standard Trifecta is where you have to predict the first three winners of the race in correct order.

The Manikato Stakes Trending on Social Media
If you were in Australia when the 2014 Manikato Stakes was run last Friday night you will already know what happened next. The horse race result went into overdrive because there were two protests, 2nd and 3rd against 1st. My partner was beside himself because he had all 3 winning horses in his trifecta but in the wrong order.

True to his interpretation of my dream he had backed: 1. Angelic Light 2. Lankan Rupee and 3. Famous Seamus.

The order they crossed the line was 1. Lankan Rupee 2. Angelic Light and 3. Famous Seamus

If the protest was upheld he would win over a $1000 for his $2 bet and it took a gut-renching 40 minutes for the officials to determine the result and announce the winner.

The protest was dismissed. Another $2 into the TAB coffers.

The Real Meaning of The Dream
Once again after the race my partner professed to intuitively feeling that Lankan Rupee was due for a win. But instead he had stuck with his flawed interpretation of my dream and got the order of the winning horses wrong.

The race horse dream I had was clearly not meant for me. I don't even remember it. It was for my partner and he now sees that it was not about picking a winning race horse. The dream drew his attention to an amazing horse that truly does have the Light of Spirit in her. She came back from an injury that could easily have ended her racing days. But with the support and trust of her trainer, her handlers and her owners she overcame that adversity to go on and be a part of some of the most thrilling races we have ever seen, and there's more to come. The dream wasn't about winning at all. It's about an amazing and wonderful journey of a special racing horse that my partner is glad to be witnessing, because of my dream.

Now he says that when the Melbourne Cup comes around he won't ask me to tune in and pick a winner this year. Instead he will search his feelings, attempt to recognise his intuitive insights when they happen, and choose his own winners.

Then he added that if there was a brown horse in the Melbourne Cup with the word "Light" in it's name, he'd put $4 on the nose.

Ah well, at least he's having fun.

Love and Light

October 20th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spirit, Prohecy, oneness energy

Psychic Predictions,
the Ebola-like Disease and Black Hat SEO

My Psychic Reading Editorial this week addresses the concerns about the Ebola disease from my psychic prediction readers. Especially the similarities of my 2013 psychic prediction about new diseases in which I describe Ebola-like symptoms, quarantine to stop the spread of the disease and mismanagement by health officials.

A Sydney psychic client wants to know why my psychic prediction wasn't being found on the net when the premonition was so accurate (her words). I also received emails from Australian and world readers who sent links to current news stories identifying that the symptoms and circumstances I described in my predictions were near identical to the Ebola virus.

With so many people interested, I have agreed to only highlight what is accurate about the prophecy and to answer your questions about how I am guided about world prophecy.

How I Receive My Psychic Predictions
When I'm shown spiritual visions I go directly into the Akashic Records. This is the Universal knowing of what is next a major spiritual issue for our world. The way I see the visions is through the art of clairvoyance. Or sometimes I may go into a light trance and have angelic guidance impressed to my aura.

I then have to translate the energetic vision from Spirit into words. The energetic visions aren't subtitled, and so I am rarely given the exact names of places and things.

Microbes Changing Before My Eyes
In my New Diseases vision I saw a disease that had microbes changing before my eyes. Then I saw people who were from one specific cultural background becoming ill. I wasn't exactly sure where the disease was originating from, but I was guided by my loving spiritual guardians if the disease wasn't managed well, it would reach other parts of the world.

When I received guidance about new diseases arising from changes to our environment, Spirit wasn't singling out one race as being more susceptible. The people of West Africa who are most effected by Ebola, are somehow becoming lost in the media driven frenzy to release 24/7 news about Ebola in America. There are several things you need to consider about why the press are drip feeding fear about Ebola in the USA.

  • There are some media owned corporations that are politically motivated to use fear mongering associated with the mid term elections for important seats in the Senate. They are attempting to create a level of hysteria about the Ebola virus becoming a pandemic. By creating fear in the American community their strategists hope it will stop people voting, therefore working in the interests of the Republican Party.
  • The use of fear in politics and the media isn't new. Look no further than Australia to see the same type of fear strategies being used on the Australian public since before the last federal election. The LNP got into government on the back of a massive fear-based campaign against the carbon pollution tax, the mining tax and refugees. Fear-based politics surrounding Iraq and now Ebola continues to be used to draw attention away from an unpopular budget.
It helps to carefully observe the tactics of the political strategists and realise when they are using fear to control the way you think and act.

This type of critical observance is also required when searching the web for credible psychic predictions.

Finding my Psychic Predictions about Earth Changes on the Web
The reason why my "New Diseases" psychic prediction is hard to find in web searches is because there are deliberate attempts by SEO companies throughout the world to stop them being found.

Although the majority of the spiritual prophecy being guided by my spiritual guardians is relevant and coming true, there are SEO companies creating black hat SEO websites specifically to stop credible prophecy from being found. They want to redirect the traffic from credible psychic predictions, to their own hotchpotch psychic prediction sites. Most of these shonky psychic sites are owned by purely profit-driven companies who wish to stay hidden in the background.

They are parasitic companies using black hat SEO techniques to steal psychic predictions and associated keywords, to draw web traffic away from reputable psychics and towards their own shonky sites. Many of the articles on those so-called psychic predictiuon sites are not even psychic predictions. They are mainly opinion pieces about current news events, laced with psychic prediction keywords so that they come up as psychic prediction sites in Google searches.

I recommend you go and check for yourself how many apparent prediction sites on the web are being artificially stuffed with psychic key-worded waffle to get them to the top of the search engines to be found before real predictions.

How the Black Hat SEO Works
Try typing these words into the search engine on Google "which psychics predicted Ebola?"

You are unlikely to find any entries at the top of the search results from psychics who predicted the Ebola virus. What you will find is dubious psychic prediction and astrology websites with anonymous people chatting generally about Ebola and whatever else is currently in the news. The purpose is to generate SEO keywords and attempt to show a respectable front to fool Google and the other search engines into ranking them highly.

These fake psychic prediction sites also regularly and deliberately scrape the content of my predictions and other genuine prediction sites using black hat SEO to discredit our genuine sites so that Google will ignore us. They also sometimes rewrite stolen predictions to take false credit for themselves.

For every dubious prediction site we are able to have removed, there are countless more appearing every day.

Psychic Predictions from Spirit Have a Purpose
The people who are suffering from Ebola deserve more than political point scoring. There are young children and babies and families having to deal with the deadly virus, either fighting the disease or grieving the loss of their families, friends and colleagues. They are spiritual beings who deserve to have the same world health treatment that people in the Western World are used to. If you and I contracted the Ebola disease we would expect a level of compassion, generosity and support from the local community.

Sections of the media are creating massive fear campaigns to sell newspapers, and to support the political ideology of the political party that best suits them.

It is time for everyone to see behind all of the deception of media coverage and political strategists. And it is time to identify that the spiritual arts are being manipulated by companies and individuals for commercial gain.

I thank my psychic prediction followers and customers for going out of your way to call the psychic line or write emails. At all times I respect your opinion and this is why I have taken the time to respond to your emails.

It is obvious you care about the spiritual arts and the prophecy being shared by my loving angelic guardians, and for that I am truly grateful.

Love and Light

October 14th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Root Chakra - Base Chakra - Sexual Energy

Vine Psychic Discusses Root Chakra - Sexual Compatibility

My psychic reading editorial this week is discussing chakra sexual compatibility and why so many relationships are contending with partners who don't resonate with the same sexual chakra needs.

I receive a lot of love psychic readings from men and women who try to unravel some of the obvious differences in their relationships. When I tune into my clients' auras using my spiritual breath technique I can immediately identify the chakra energy of sexual attraction. It is important to know the person you have a crush on, or are sexually attracted to, is interested in you.

The root chakra reveals how sexually compatible you are with the man or woman of your choice. Sometimes it can be surprising to tune into some of my clients relationships and realize they are not sexually compatible at all. I can immediately identify women have a stronger libido than men or vice versa.

The Sexual Chakra's Dominance
The sexual chakra energy can be overlooked when choosing a long time life partner. You can become infatuated by someone's appearance, popularity and intellect and ignore whether the person you are falling head over heels in love with is actually your sexual counterpart.

What can happen is, once the honeymoon stage is over in the relationship the reality of how sexually compatible you are to each other becomes more obvious. Some of you enter into marriages and feel trapped by the lack of sexual intimacy you personally need to feel loved. Some of you miss feeling energised and spiritually alive after having sexual intimacy. Some of you sacrifice your happiness for the sake of your children or you try to ignore your feelings because you don't want to appear too needy etc.

I have a lot of men and women clients who feel cheated by the rejection of their partners sexual advances. They don't understand how one moment there was a longing to be intimately close to each other, and then the connection is no more. The love psychic readings I tune into because a husband or wife is attracted to someone else outside of the relationship, stem from the sexual root chakra. Some people can be quick to judge why men and women seek out extra marital affairs or have the seven year itch. The dominance of the root chakra can be completely overlooked.

The Root Chakra - Red for Passion
Anyone who believes sexual attraction is a response from the mind sending chemicals and hormones to the physical body isn't aware of the energetic response of the etheric Muladhara chakra (or root chakra) activity. The root chakra is situated in the lowest region of the ethereal body and the lotus flower colour is red. Red for passion.

Root Chakra - Creative Juices
The root chakra also has other specific energetic responses that aren't directly related to sexual energy. Your creative energy comes from the root chakra. As an Empath when I am tuning into my clients who are artists, singers or actors I can identify whether they are energetically aligned with their creative essence or are experiencing some type of blockages. There can be an energetic reason why sometimes you just ooze creative energy and other days you struggle to write, draw, or be on top of your creative work. The unseen energy going on beneath the surface of our physical reality can be overlooked because most people can't tap into the chakra vibrational activity. As a Spiritual Medium I use a breath technique to get in contact with your ethereal energy vibrational sensations. More times than not when you are not firing up, I'll find the root chakra is the culprit for no creative drive.

How Sexual Energy Can Make People Stray
Infidelity in relationships has to take into account more than just whether there is a wondering eye. It also has to take into account whether there has been a sexually neglected spouse or true honesty in your relationship. If you approach your partner to share you feel neglected in the relationship and need more love, then this should be emotionally reciprocated by the other person. More times than not, men and women will not say anything because they feel they will be judged. If nothing is said about the lack of intimacy, in a relationship resentment can emotionally fester.

How Affairs Happen In Moments of Weakness
A night out with the boys or girls, where the sexually affected becomes emotionally vulnerable because of alcohol or drugs can make you let your guard down and act out on your fantasies. All of the unresolved emotions are allowed to come to the surface when the drug breaks down your inhibitions. It doesn't mean you will not feel guilty after you become sober. Most times if someone is in love they will be absolutely devastated they let their guard down and be extremely remorseful. Let me stress at no stage am I recommending you should seek a love affair outside of your relationship, that is a personal choice. I am a great believer in honesty in relationships and speaking one's truth.

Getting Honest With Lovers and Partners
I know of some married people who have open relationships which allow the most sexually active to have their needs met, but also not stray from the marriage itself. Everyone has unique spiritual relationships that require lots of understanding and compassion. We are all responsible for our own choices and sometimes standing in authentic energy means you have to leave a relationship when there is no give and take. Remember, nobody is aware of what someone is going through in a relationship, until they experience it themselves.

Some men and women deal with psychological abuse by partners who openly put you down about your looks, your weight and basically make you feel insecure throughout the relationship. There is no rule that says anyone deserves to be with a partner who belittles them or makes you feel inferior. You are a unique spiritual being who needs to honor your own feelings and needs. If you are accepting the unacceptable, ask why?

Sexual chakras shouldn't have to give you a wake up call to get you to see you have been ignoring your sexual body. Realize you incarnated to experience sexual energy and the only person you are hurting by ignoring your own sexual energy, is yourself.

Love and Light

October 7th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Oneness Doesn't Destroy Life - Animals in the Vortex

Vine Psychic: Why I Don't Trust the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Teachings

In my psychic reading editorial this week, I'm explaining why as a psychic, I warn against the Abraham Hicks version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teachings.

I know there are a lot of Mind, Body, Spirit Abraham followers (they call themselves "Abers"), who will find this article spiritually challenging. Some of them will completely rule out my opinions of their Law of Attraction teachings. I'm going to touch some energetic nerves.

My intention in outlining my spiritual concerns about channeled Abraham teachings is not to offend. I hope the information will be helpful and spiritually educational.

Climate Change and Animal Extinctions
I want to concentrate on what Esther Hicks channels about climate change. In this channelling Abraham denies any man-made climate change and goes on to flippantly portray the many recent animal extinction events, as joyful animals skipping across to the afterworld to "hang around with their friends".

Abraham continues, "They're quietly over there hiding (ie. dead) and saying we're not extinct, we're just hiding from you..." as if extinct animals can simply stop "hiding" and come back to life.

Abraham's climate change denial channelings reinforce my concerns for followers being mislead by deceptive lower realm entities. The entities that pretend to be helping us, could be doing the exact opposite by numbing our minds with trance like channeling to stop you from spiritually getting in touch with your own higher knowing.

Let's break down this channeling from Abraham about climate Change and animal extinction:

The YouTube sound recording of the channeling session begins with a man in the audience asking questions:

"Geological records indicate that the Earth has over millions of years experienced many climate changes, ice ages, some severe some mild have come and gone"....

Abraham interjects:
"Who was burning the fossil fuel that melted that ice age?" (audience laughs)

"Well that's what I'm interested in.. Who created these changes, humans or the source? And to what extent have humans created or contributed to the current climate warming?"

Abraham replies:
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"
"There is no climate problem"

(audience claps loudly and shouts enthusiastically in agreement with the Abraham entity)

Abraham continues:
"You live on an earth that is cycling, you live on an earth that is cycling, you live on an Earth that is finely in balance.

Vine's Response to to Abraham Hicks Climate Change Channeling
In the channeling, the Abraham entity makes a sarcastic reference to fossil fuel (which wasn't mentioned in the question). It is the sort of provocative statement you might expect to hear from a climate change denier.

Abraham then repeats the statement, "There is no climate problem", four times! This is an almost hypnotic suggestion that Abraham repeats for the in-house and world YouTube audience.

Then Abraham Hicks refers to our world being finely in balance.

And then uses the word, 'Always' to end the answer.

The use of hypnotic power words and repetition is a conversational hypnosis technique. This is also used by NLP and sales people when they are trying to convince you to buy whatever they're selling.

Now let's look at other important and relevant details from the climate change denial channeling by Abraham Hicks. This part of the Abraham entity channeling describes why people who are not convinced by the channeling are outside of the vortex.

"It is only someone who for whatever reason is standing outside the vortex and cannot see that, that is talking about a planet in peril. It is not."
(Audience claps)

"As you look at the beasts of your planet that they are worrying about becoming extinct we just want to say to you, do you really miss the dinosaur?"
(audience laughs)

"Or do you like its new adaptation? And as you realize that the beasts of your planet are primarily in the vortex. Those that you domesticate can come out and can play with you."
(Audience laughs)

"The beasts of your planet are predominantly in the vortex."

Vine Dissects the Abraham Hicks Climate Change Channeling

Let's dissect this part of channeling by the Abraham Entities....

The beasts of our planet, are the wildlife on our planet. They are all the animals that make our wildlife and support our Eco systems. The channeling describes that the beasts are "primarily in the vortex" (in Spirit).

Now let's get to why I believe the Abraham spiritual channeling is spiritually concerning.

Abraham refers to the Vortex quite often. It's a place in the spiritual realms. In other words, when the Abraham entity says that "the beasts are primarily in the Vortex", it is another way of saying that the animals have primarily died (or crossed over). But the Abraham entity also insists that the beasts are happy being in Spirit, implying that the problems we have created on this planet are of little consequence to those still living.

Look how easy the wildlife extinction is dismissed as being of no concern to humans.

According to the WWF Extinction Report, population sizes of vertebrate species have declined by 52 percent in the last 40 years. We have lost more than half of those animals in less than two human generations, whereas the human population has almost doubled in the same time.

The extinction rate of species we are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate.

In the last 60 years our co2 levels have skyrocketed as a result of human pollution. We are watching our Planet suffocating.

Nasa Co2 Grapgh - Climate Change

For the Eco system's survival we need animals to manage the forest flora. We need the crustaceans and ocean fish to continue the life cycle that cleanses our oceans.

When one part of the Ecosystems dies out it affects life survival on earth including human survival. This was clearly overlooked by the Abraham entity who seems more interested in convincing us that dead animals are happy, than he is with talking about the problems we are causing to life on Earth.

How many people follow Abraham Hicks Channeling?
The version of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teaching channeled by Esther Hicks has reached every section of the globe. Since 1986, when Jerry and Esther Hicks started the Abraham network marketing, millions of people have in some way or other been introduced to Abraham's version of the Law of Attraction teachings. Sales people have embraced the teachings and marketing techniques.

People are teaching courses to teach other people how to teach courses to teach other people how to become millionaires. In these LOA teachings, people are being taught to attract every material thing they desire with little thought for anyone or anything else. In reality, the ones most likely to become millionaires are the ones on the upper most levels of the marketing schemes. Hence, the majority of these Guru teachings follow a network marketing concept.

Australian and International Psychics and Mediums also Try to Convert Using Law of Attraction Teachings
It is the same with Australian and international psychics, who proudly share they follow the teachings of Abraham and try to upsell books, training courses etc., and use the same type of hypnotic talk to convince you that Abraham has all the answers to your life issues.

How Did the Abraham Entities Begin to Channel through Esther Hicks?
What I spiritually find disturbing is the number of people who are unaware of where the Abraham entity came from. Esther Hicks used an ouija board at the urging of her husband Jerry Hicks, now departed. Both Esther and Jerry Hicks were involved in Amway network marketing. Jerry Hicks introduced the ouija to Esther when he was seeking ways to become wealthy. The original material by Abraham was about sales and prosperity. "Think and Grow Rich" was one of the books that influenced Jerry Hicks. Now Esther Hick's channeling is being distributed by Hayhouse, and Wayne Dyer is also promoting the Esther Hicks channeling.

The Contradictions In the Abraham Hicks Channeling
There are contradictory elements to the Abraham Entity Channeling. Audience members are sometimes told that it's not up to Abraham to give them the answers to their questions. But in other guidance, for instance the Abraham channeling on climate change, the exact opposite is true. Abraham tries to influence what the audience thinks (eg. repeating "There is no climate problem" four times). The Abraham entities fail to understand the spiritual law of free will. The knowledge that all spiritual beings are entitled to get in touch with their own truth.

The Answers You Seek About Abraham teachings vs the Indigenous and Religious Teachings
  • You are entitled to ask why all the tribal, religious teaching about us being the custodians of the planet's environment and animals, has been completely altered by the Abraham entities
  • You are entitled to ask why spiritual discernment about global warming and climate change and animal extinction is being described as negativity or being outside the vortex
  • You are entitled to ask why the channeling has a conversational hypnosis(NLP) trance-like aspect that attempts to alter your perception (rather than helping you to get in touch with your higher self through natural means)
  • You are entitled to ask why entities are trying to convince people that man-made climate change does not exist and that it's okay to let species after species become extinct due to the imbalances we are causing.
The list of concerns about the Abraham Entity teachings goes on and on...

Why Did "Abraham" become "Abraham Hicks"?
Esther Hicks isn't the only person who professes to channel Abraham, so I sometimes wonder if Abraham has franchised himself out? I wonder if he has taken on the last name of Hicks in order to differentiate his Esther Hick's franchise from other franchises? Or maybe other people are just appropriating Esther and Jerry Hick's idea?

A less jovial and more obvious answer as to why Abraham is called "Abraham Hicks" instead of just "Abraham", is for SEO purposes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
The entity is called "Abraham" but if you Google just the word "Abraham" on it's own, you get Abraham Lincoln or Abraham Father of the Jews. However, if you Google "Abraham Hicks" you get a sea of pages for the Abraham entities.

I know that writers who warn of the false law of attraction teachings, are contending with SEO keyword saturation and their articles are easily lost on search engines searches. Articles that don't support the teachings of Abraham can sometimes be difficult to locate on the net. But searches for "Abraham Hicks" bring up thousands of pages.

Deceptive Entity Teachings - Why I don't believe Abraham Hicks
I don't believe in the Abraham entity false Law of Attraction teachings because I can spiritually identify the entity's motives for influencing the world population, business leaders and governments. I can see that Abraham is manipulating the real Universal Laws to energetically switch people off from their natural surroundings, and ignore the warning signs of serious problems on our planet. The lack of empathy shown to our fellow humans can be easily dismissed as people outside of the vortex.

I can see how the Abraham network are saturating the net with training material and infiltrating every business and our corporate and government sector.

It is time for people to see behind the false teachings and to identify that all is not what it seems. No doubt many followers will ignore the guidance I'm sharing. That is your free will.

But it is also important to find psychics and mediums who don't preach Law of Attraction as a way of appearing to be psychic, or use the hypnosis methods without your knowledge. It is important to see how hypnotic suggestion is being widely used throughout the mind body spirit sector without any mental health caution and can create a lack of empathy in the individual and become cult-like.

Some of Abraham's other teachings about death and dying appear to lack any empathy for the person grieving the loss of their loved ones. Being emotionally detached from one's feelings can leave a human being energetically fragmented.

There are other critics who have raised concerns about the spiritual teachings of Abraham. I encourage you to find the critiques and research some of the information they are sharing. It is important to find educational articles that get you to think outside the programmed teachings. You also have the right to identify if covert hypnosis has been used on the unsuspecting to get participants to alter their way of thinking. Sometimes we have to take a step back and use the art of spiritual discernment to get in touch with our own truth.

I have shared my truth and it is up to you to see if it resonates with your higher knowing.

Love and light

September 28th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Readings for Small Business Owners

Can a Psychic Reading Help my Business?

Small Business Problems When the Economy is Stressed

The aim of my psychic reading editorial this week is to spiritually help Australian and world business owners, especially small business owners, who are weighing up the pros and cons of seeking psychic guidance. The media has been full of economic gloom and some financial experts say the figures may soon reflect the gloomy talk. Men and women business owners are looking for solutions to help them gain greater certainty and clarity in their business decisions.

Many small business owners in Australia and around the world are very worried about the effect that the state of the economy is having on their business now and in the near future.

Small Business and Gloom in the Economy
In the last six months I have received an influx of Australian business readings because both small and large business owners are concerned about economic uncertainty and a downturn in the economy. You're feeling the pressure now.

I am certain that the reason I've received so many calls about business concerns, is that the Higher Realms are guiding distressed business proprietors to seek out their first psychic reading. Some of you have sought out business coaching and are now taking the next step to seek genuine psychic guidance.

Spiritual Guidance for Small Business
My small business customers come from a variety of industries. You have unique business issues that require specialised spiritual guidance. I have farmers who are dealing with the environmental impacts of CSG or damaged crop, reaching out because you are emotionally crumbling under the weight of financial responsibility managing properties and families. I have manufacturers trying to navigate around government policy that has an immediate domino effect on new contracts.

The recent decision of the government to cripple the renewable industry is hurting families and communities who invested energy and money into building the most innovative technologies. These worried business owners are dealing with stress levels that result in depression and anxiety disorders.

I speak to retailers, mechanics, manufacturers, designers, hairdressers, tradies etc. all worried about the future of their jobs and businesses.

Should I sell my small business? Should I let go of staff? Should I look for a job? These are some of the real life issues that business owners are contending with in Australia and globally.

Fear Mongering in the Media
The lone business owner can become lost in the crowd. Some are watching everything they worked for being destroyed because the economy has been talked down by the government to create fear in the public. Out-of-control fear-mongering in our news and media everyday, can make business come to a standstill. I have previously spiritually guided that out-of-control fear is energetically destroying our peace of mind.

The media is drip feeding fear to society. Look at the way Newspapers and TV have over-blown recent news about national security, when there are many other things that represent a greater danger to our way of life. The effects of climate change immediately comes to mind. Australians who are otherwise relaxed and secure, are becoming emotionally deflated because they are watching everything they love and value about their country being devalued, because of fear.

Spiritual Help for your Business
I have had many clients, including business owners, needing spiritual reassurance. There are occasions when a psychic reading can bypass the fear mongering red herrings and get to the heart of your most secret thoughts about life and running a business. The higher angelic realms are aware when you are emotionally struggling.

As a conduit who channels your loved one's guidance I I know your prayers are being heard when the worries of meeting overheads and loans becomes too much. Spirit knows about the energy you have poured into your business. They know you have worked long hours into the night to finish off administration tasks or pay your taxes. Everything is spiritually known.

If you feel you need business direction, if your higher self guides you to seek guidance and clarity you may find this article was placed here for you to identify that you're not a single voice, and to get the business help you really deserve.

Love and light

September 9th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic True Life Readings- Proof of Afterlife

Vine Psychic - True Life Psychic Readings
Is There Proof of Afterlife

Life after Death spiritual channeling is it true?

In my psychic reading editorial this week I want to share true life readings. They are supported by testimonials and also more recently by diarised Twitter summaries I leave for my clients after readings. Technology is now helping the spiritual realms to reach out and demonstrate that life after death exists. I was initially guided to use social media to reach out to the public. I began to leave tweet diary entries for my Australian and international psychic predictions for full transparency and correct dating.

Being upfront and honest about spiritual prophecy and ensuring that psychic predictions are correctly dated and not fabricated is important for several reasons. It allows you to make your own mind up. It helps scientists to understand how the clairsenses are relevant to spiritual mediums and Empaths and that they aren't directly related to neutral tools such as Tarot Cards. Clairsenses are energy - not mind powers.

Discerning real clairsenses from manufactured tools may eventually help you identify the good and bad elements in the psychic world. Education and knowledge of the spiritual arts is key to seeking out genuine psychics.

Some people aren't open to anything psychic because they don't have verifiable proof of genuine ability. The following @VinePsychic twitter diary tweets when compared with family photos and psychic reviews are a one-of-a-kind record of spiritual medium readings, showing proof of genuine spiritual abilities.

How I Do Spiritual Medium Readings
Firstly, before reading my clients reviews in their own words, I need to specify how I do spiritual medium readings:

  • None of my client's backgrounds are previously known to me.
  • I don't engage in social media contact with my clients and I discourage customers from having too close of a relationship with psychics.
  • To avoid conflict-of-interest and over familiarity I only know my clients by their first name and discourage customers revealing surnames to psychics.
  • For online security and privacy I will not accept readings where additional information has been supplied.
  • My only way of channeling is by using a spiritual breath technique and to channel your loved ones in Spirit.
  • I can't at any time guarantee I will make contact with the departed of your choice because there is 'free will' in the higher realms, and I inform my clients of this fact before I begin a phone reading.
  • At all times I will only reveal what I am guided. I will not try to interpret the meaning of the visions, but only share what is guided.

The following real life reviews and photos are from my Melbourne, New South Wales and South Australian customers.

Vine Psychic Australian Customer Reviews

Testimonial - Glenda
6th September 2014

"...A couple of hours before my reading I picked up a photo of my dad and mum who had passed over when I was two and eleven respectably . I sent up a little prayer to them both to let them know I was having a reading and wouldn't it be lovely if they could pop in. I took that photo of my mum and dad into the lounge room where I was speaking to Vine on the phone. Well within a couple of minutes my dad came through. Vine described him well, but at first I was a little wary as my dad passed when I was two so I didn't really have a good memory of him and didn't catch on at first then I happened to look over at my dads photo and it hit me that it was him, and Vine was indeed describing him accurately! He went on to accurately describe a health issue I was having with my heart, dizziness and palpitations..."

Love Glenda

Read full review here

Photo of Clients Father
Photo supplied by Glenda: Baby Glenda in the arms of her father.

Tweets for Glenda's reading:

• • • • • • • • • •

Testimonial - Emma
3rd June 2014

I absolutely can not believe what you knew about my life with only my breath.

I have to say before today I was sceptical of the psychic abilities but there is no way you could have knew anything I was going through, feeling or the way you described my late grandfathers appearance and mannerisms to a tee!

I can not wait to speak with you again!

Kindest Regards,

Read full review here

Tweets for Emma's reading:

• • • • • • • • • •

Testimonial - Alison
10th August 2014

"...Thank you for looking around my family, I know I asked you to do a lot. As you said in your tweet, you moved from psychometry to clairvoyance, and then clairaudience. I have had readings with you before where you have picked up my tummy rumbling, and a recent significant bleed due to a fall, so whilst being amazed I wasn't too shocked when you noticed the smell from the candle I had been burning in the room..."


Read full psychic review here

Tweets for Alison's reading:

• • • • • • • • • •

Testimonial - Kareena

23rd March 2013

Vine picked up the presence of a woman standing beside me, It was my grandmother, with whom I had a very close connection, she raised my sister and myself and we called her Nanny. She was quite the character and took over my reading by giving Vine a tour of the home and showing Vine ornaments.

Nanny held a ornamental dog right up to Vines face. I asked Vine did Nanny have any messages for me ? Vine told me Nanny was with me at the home and watching me ,Nanny said ' It's very entertaining to talk with me through a medium and there is life after death.

Throughout the reading Nanny being the adventurous spirit was off on her own tangent wondering around being very comfortable in the home showing Vine the plumbing needs to be done and picking up things to show her, she also brought a little boy along with her . Outside in the backyard the shed door would open and close.

Vine asked me if I noticed anything about my washing, and after i hung it out to dry there would always be 2 or 3 items on the ground.

It has been just over a month since this remarkable reading as a result the electrical activity has calmed down and my daughter isn't scared to walk around, In fact we all say hello to Nanny and know she is still here as she is attracted to her old antiques and photos.


Read full psychic review here

Client's Grandmother
Photo supplied by Kareena: Kareena's Grandmother

• • • • • • • • • •

Thank you to all of my clients for generously sharing your true life spiritual medium reading reviews and photographs of your loved ones who have now passed and are in Spirit. May your spiritual readings help other people seeking answers from their loved ones in Spirit.

Love and Light

September 1st 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spiritual Friendship and The Bachelor

Vine Psychic - Bachelor Fans and Friendship

How did I come to write about the Australian reality show The Bachelor in my psychic reading editorial this week? It's not my fault. Actually, I started to get hooked on the show last year, when I had a group of women contacting me to find out if the bubbly Ali would win the Bachelors heart. So it's their fault, LOL.

As an online medium, I use remote viewing to help my clients gain a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind. That's what allows me to see future forecasts, and why last year I began to get unusual requests from a group of giggling women wanting me to predict which Bachelor contestant was going to be sent home.

My interest was sparked after receiving regular weekly readings. I began to watch the show to see what the female Bachelor contestants actually looked like.

Take Your Contestant Bets
This year the women started to call me again on my psychic line after the show went to air. They meet up at each other's homes and watch the show together.

Before the reality show contestants are politely told they are not the one, the girls take bets on who will be booted off the show. They enjoy catching up with each other to admire the weekly fashions, watch the contestants antics and to have their weekly bets.

Spiritual Friendships
They remind me of my close Melbourne friends when we used to meet up for our Sex In The City girls night. The goddess energy of women meeting together is special. The friends we attract towards us, allow us to be spiritually supportive of each other. I have been blessed to attract beautiful supportive friends who love to have a good time, go out dancing, or to hang out at the beach.

Spiritual friendships that are soul connected can be amazing. They allow you to open up, to share your feelings and to be unconditionally there for each other. My friends are from all different cultures of the world. I have Greek, Macedonian, German, Chinese, New Zealand, Romanian and Indian friends and they all have amazing personalities and beautiful natures. I enjoy their vibrant personalities and exuberant energy.

The time I share with my friends is special. I have a girlfriend I've known since three years of age and we rarely see each other because she lives in another State of Australia now. We both share a love of nature. She looks after injured or abandoned wildlife in her city apartment and has proud scratches etched on her arms from tiny baby possums.

I have another friend who is a nurse, who cares about the health and wellbeing of our lives. She nurtures her own body by having a disciplined regime that puts the rest of us to shame. She takes brisk walks or visits the gym every morning.

I met another of my girlfriends after having a premonition dream about walking into a building that had revolving glass doors. A week later I found myself walking through the same doors I dreamt of. I met my new friend immediately after. Our destined meeting has resulted in one of the best friendships you could wish for.

Just BE
Friendships are important in our lives. True friendships last the distance. Some friendships can be closer than family connections. You can joke around, be yourself and just be in the moment.

For women and men alike, sometimes when your world is going too fast you can meet up with your girl friends or mates to watch the footy or your favourite show, and just be in the moment. You can leave the kids home with your husband or wife and escape to watch your team play or to watch a reality show like The Bachelor. You can give yourself a moment to just be. No responsibility, no stresses, just blissful, soak in the moment friendship that rejuvenates your aura and energises your soul.

The Bachelor Fan Club
I enjoy receiving the phone calls from my Bachelor Australia fan club because they bring a sense of fun to my day. They have a laugh and don't take the show too seriously. Their weekly calls brighten my day as they allow me to escape into their world. I've been embraced as one of their own, that is, someone who questions the dating habits and love interests of Blake.

Is Jessica (the accounting student) a real contender or will the bachelor end up with Zoe the pharmacy Training Officer, or perhaps Lisa the fashion designer? Anything can happen on the drama-filled Bachelor.

I know my callers come from different socio-economic backgrounds, they have varied careers and some are single mothers. They all allow themselves time to wind down from busy schedules and children and they don't feel guilty about giving themselves a break.

Everyone can offer themselves a bit of unreserved fun me time. It might be for cooking classes or discussing a book in your local book club. Meet ups don't need to be costly. The most important thing about friendship get-togetherness, is the joy you experience when you're doing something you love.

Are you allowing your soul to have ridiculous fun?

Love and Light

August 24th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic - In today's Celebrity Driven World, Psychic Confidentiality is Essential

Celebrity Psychics Client Confidentiality Breaches

In my psychic reading editorial this week I am writing about self proclaimed celebrity psychics who fail to respect the privacy of their customers. In the news this week we had yet another appalling example. American psychic Ron Bard has publicly aired that he is Brad Pitt's psychic, and he then proceeded to reveal the private life of his famous customer.

Whether his claims are true or not isn't the issue. His allegations about the movie star's private family life aren't pivotal to this article. What I want to discuss is the blatant abuse of client confidentiality by "so called" celebrity psychics who fail to respect the privacy of their clients.

Historical Cases Celebrity Psychic Shame
This isn't the first time well-known psychics have gone to the media to reveal personal details of their client's lives. The late Princess Diana also had her dirty linen exposed by Psychic Sally Morgan, a well known British psychic. It was embarrassing to see a psychic using her public profile to gain fame (or notoriety?) by disclosing the private information of the globally loved Princess Diana.

The same thing occurred when British fashion designer Alexander McQueen died. Not long after his passing Psychic Sally Morgan was going to the press to discuss the late designer's private conversations with her. Celebrity psychics who reveal the names of their famous clients and worst still, openly share their client's details, break every spiritual karmic law that reputable lightworkers follow.

Psychics Disclosing Customer Details
There is no way that reputable spiritual mediums, empaths or healers should disclose their customers private life to anyone. They know if they abuse the trust of their clients they would be karmically abusing the Universal Spiritual Laws we all must follow.

Gossip Press Responsibilty
The media also bears responsibilty for encouraging psychics to abuse their clients trust in an open public forum. As soon as a psychic goes to the press with details about the private life of their clients, or to reveal their client's identities, their integrity is immediately lost.

Psychic Celebrity Name Dropping
Then you have the psychics who name drop their client list to the public in gossip magazines and television interviews hoping it will sell more books and attract customers to their door. You have to wonder about the sincerity of psychics who don't have any qualms about revealing your private information? Whether any money changes hands between the psychic and the press who seek out these gossip stories, isn't known. It is more than likely the psychic will openly go to a journalist to share information if they can attract customers to their business. The status of the celebrity psychic's reputation is reinforced by regularly revealing personal information about clients, or worst still, by riding off the coattails of famous personalities like Brad Pitt, Princess Diana and other well known entertainers and identities.

Psychics Abusing Intellectual Property
Some psychic media shows advertise astrology profiles of Hollywood stars to entice you to watch. They use copyrighted photos of actors, comedians, musicians, politicans and then milk the celebrity title for all it's worth. It is embarrassing to see these psychics taint the spiritual arts to get publicity for their television shows and online websites.

Customer Trust Lost
It destroys the trust of psychic customers who reach out to clairvoyants and mediums looking for a source of spiritual comfort and reassurance. They watch psychics fail to comply with the same privacy laws all business must follow and are powerless to take legal action for breach of privacy in case it gets further traction in the media and damages their acting career prospects.

Speak Up if Psychics Abuse Privacy
It doesn't matter if you are Brad Pitt or if you come from royalty, it doesn't matter if you are a politician or any sort of well known public identity, your privacy is considered sacred by the higher realms. Don't allow any psychic to abuse your trust by embarrassing you in the media. You have the same rights as every other citizen when it comes to keeping your identity private.

Take Legal Action if Psychics Breach Privacy
You can take legal action if a psychic company falsely uses your photos or intellectual property rights on their websites or social media to make it appear as if you endorse their product, service or company. On Twitter I noticed a Psychic Chat site using Oprah Winfey on their social media as someone who endorsed their services. Our Admin staff publicly challenged them for misleading the public. It must have reached Oprah's management team because not long later it was removed. If you see any psychic business using the rights of intellectual property to falsely endorse their business, challenge them. Don't let them get away with it.

Vine Psychic Line has world's best standard client confidentiality. We do not ever recontact our clients or disclose personal information. We request permission before we share customer true life stories with our audience and never identify the customer.

All Psychics Are Being Tainted
Genuine psychics are fed up with the cowboys in the industry who embarrass all lightworkers by creating the impression that this is what all psychics and healers do. We don't. Reputable psychics find the actions of celebrity psychics to be crass and overly self promotional. Seek legal redress if a psychic oversteps the mark with your confidentiality. Send a clear signal to any psychic who abuses your trust, and set an example to curb this type of breach of privacy. If you take action at the time the psychic is going public it may stop other psychics doing the same thing.

Monitor and Research Psychic Ethics
It is the behaviour of the psychic you need to monitor, to determine their trust level in society. If you use a celebrity psychic who gossips about their client's life, you can expect that the same psychic won't show loyalty to you either.

Research the psychics and healer's backgrounds thoroughly. Check through word of mouth and view web sites etc. to see if the psychic is reputable. Don't become a victim of unscrupulous psychics who aren't standing in authentic spiritual energy, and who taint the original spiritual arts.

Love and Light

August 17th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Meditation

Vine Psychic Meditation, Real Psychic Ability

In my previous psychic reading editorial I wrote about the stillness meditation method and how this technique allows us to align to our inner knowing when the mind is quietened.

Psychic Ability Doesn't Lie in the Mind
There are many meditation techniques that are directly related to the mind. The belief that psychic ability comes solely from the mind is entrenched in most healing institutions. Manufactured psychic skills have been embraced by the Mind Body Spirit sector because it allows everyone to appear to be psychic, when in fact only a small minority of people in the world have pure psychic ability.

That is, they have incarnated with heightened spiritual senses, or had a near death life experience that has brought them on. Pure psychics don't need to use any manufactured tools like tarot, angel cards, crystal balls, ouija or hypnosis to be psychic. They just are psychic.

These spiritually aligned Sensitives are in touch with the higher worlds and throughout history they have been identified as seers, prophets, sages, high priestess, medicine men & women, rainbow warriors, light workers etc.

On the World Wide Web you'll find countless numbers of people claiming to be psychic. But are they really psychic? The dilemma the modern world now has, is the vast amount of individuals declaring they are psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, etc. without revealing they are using a variety of manufactured skills to appear to be psychic. It has reached epidemic proportions because of the potential for financial profit by professing to be able to "solve your problems" using contrived psychic skills.

This means the original spiritual arts have been tarnished and almost destroyed by entertainment and media driven psychics. It is a big reason why skeptics are cynical that psychic ability exists.

The Pure Art of Meditation
The same thing has happened with the pure art of meditation. Before recent times there were no electronic devices for meditation. It was up to the individual to learn the spiritual essence of meditation. The origins of meditation in different cultures and religions contain a direct energetic relationship with nature. Yogis in India would enter deep trances that allowed them to bypass the mind and enter a mind-less place of being. These yogis mastered their minds by disciplined daily meditation techniques.

This is why I previously guided the stillness meditation technique requires the learner to dedicate enough time for a daily practice to quieten the mind.

In Absolute Silence

A high and blank negation is not all,
A huge extinction is not God's last word,
Life's ultimate sense, the close of being's course,
The meaning of this great mysterious world.
In absolute silence sleeps an absolute Power.
Awaking, it can wake the trance-bound soul

[link] Sri Aurobindo. Savitri

Our Fast Paced World
We live in a fast paced world that demands instant gratification and quick-fix solutions to manage our time. The constant need to be entertained or stimulated by some new form of technology or App is placing enormous strain on our ethereal and emotional bodies. Our minds are becoming over stimulated by mobile phone texting, or playing computer games into the early hours. We find it hard to switch off the mind chatter or to fall asleep. Depression and suicide is growing throughout our society with no key factor to determine it's steady incline. Why are people feeling depressed?

The harmonious flow of our spiritual health is out of balance. Out of balance minds means we are creating an out of balance world. It is that simple. There are many undercurrents that arise from not treating our mental health once it is identified.

This is why nature is crucial to our spiritual wellbeing. If we have a direct relationship with nature we immediately attune our aura to our natural surroundings. When you meditate near a peaceful and beautiful setting you become one with the nature of that setting.

As a spiritual Empath when I tune into your aura, if it is out of balance I can feel the anxiety edged into your chakras.

If you are feeling depressed or suicidal, reach out to qualified professionals as a sounding board. Sometimes you might not believe you can release the strangling emotions that eat you up. It's time to place your spiritual health as your number one priority.

You are spiritually loved, and this spiritual inspired article may help you identify if your fast paced life is stopping you from getting in touch with your true self, and to begin the healing process.

Love and Light

August 3rd 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spiritual Meditation

Vine Psychic Spiritual Stillness Meditation

My psychic reading editorial this week is about the spiritual benefits of meditation and what is energetically occurring to your aura as you enter a meditative state.

I knew at a young age that I was extremely sensitive. I was not the type of girl who played with dolls. I valued nature and spent my childhood climbing trees with my friends in the street. I look back on my childhood and I cherish the freedom we had being able to escape and play games and to walk to school with other school children in the neighbourhood.

When you compare the freedom children had in the sixties and seventies with today, you begin to see how so many of these freedoms have now been lost to cumulative fear. These days if we want our kids to walk to school we have to organise a Walking School Bus.

But just a few decades ago we could sleep outside on hot nights, gaze at the heavens, look into the stars and be at peace; what a feeling. It was meditation. How blessed we all are to have had this type of innocent childhood.

As a young kid, my higher angelic guardians spiritually channeled guidance about learning meditation. At seven years of age, I was guided to still my mind and to heighten my ethereal aura. I didn't seek out a spiritual vocation, it was always a part of me.

As a Sensitive, I came to love the stillness and I would withdraw into the nothingness. I realised entering the Stillness was my way of going directly to the higher source. It is how I came to realize how the illusion of time is insignificant to spiritual essence. There is no such thing as time in the Universe.

When you quieten your mind you go into a spiritual space that allows you to be ONE with your surroundings. You realize every living creature is from the same essence as yourself. It is divine to enter the spiritual realms that connect the breath to all that is and will be. The god essence of all of creation.

The Stillness Meditation
The best meditation I recommend for your soul and emotional body is the Stillness Meditation. I know there are other forms of meditation that guide you through different mind visualizations, but they still require you to think. When your mind is active you are not allowing yourself to surrender to your own inner awareness. You are handing your power over to another to direct your mind's movements. Becoming overly reliant on a meditation facilitator stops you from getting in touch with your own inner essence.

If you're serious about calming your mind, avoid the hypnosis meditation mp3 recordings and try meditating cold turkey. Remember though, with the Stillness Meditation you have to be prepared to be disciplined and not give up through impatience for immediate results. There is no mental quick fix when it comes to your spiritual connections. If you're not prepared to put 20 minutes aside everyday day for the Stillness Meditation, it would be best to postpone it until you can.

I recommend you first try the Stillness Meditation with nature. If you go out into your garden, a peaceful park or near a beautiful majestic tree or the ocean waves, you will find the Stillness Meditation automatically blends in with your surroundings.

Next week I will continue the meditation article to help you in the early stages of the meditation.

I am grateful for the beautiful emails from readers who have found my recent articles and shared how much you loved them and how they helped you through difficult times. I was spiritually guided that these articles would help you in your darkest hours. If you look at my first ever Tweet over five years ago, you will see how I was guided to use social media. Know you are loved and the higher realms want you to come through your grief and to live lives that allow you to be in true essence.

Blessings to you all.

Love and light

July 29th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Medium Talks about Multiple Deaths

Spiritual Aspects of Multiple Deaths

My psychic reading editorial this week is about the spiritual phenomena of multiple deaths in the family, either simultaneously or within days or weeks of each other.

In 2014, July has left its mark on thousands of grieving families who have lost children, mothers, fathers, siblings and relatives to plane crashes, car accidents and war. Individual grieving is hard enough, but some families have to contend with the cumulative grief of multiple deaths. If you are grieving the loss of your loved ones I want to help you understand how the departed are aware of your grief and can help you recover from their loss.

My family has personally been affected by grief this month, with my uncle, aunty and cousin all passing in July. They passed within days of each other and had different health conditions. My uncle passed first, he was in his nineties. He lived in Sydney all of his life after returning from the Second World War. My cousin, his nephew, was the second relative to cross over after suffering from cancer for some time. My Aunty, my cousin's mother was in a nursing home in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Within days of my cousin dying she had a light fall and died from bleeding in the brain. My family had some time to prepare for our loved relatives passing over because we knew my aunty would cross not long after her son died.

Spiritual Interconnectedness
It is the people who have no prior warning who are spiritually inconsolable when they have one or more family members passing. I know this grief feels like hell. Your life can be turned inside out. Trying to spiritually understand the multiple death phenomena is important because it helps to see the spiritual interconnectedness of all life.

Universal Energy of Consciousness
My aim of writing about multiple deaths and grieving is to raise awareness about and explain the universal energy of consciousness. Energetically we all are part of the divine thread of universal consciousness. Before we incarnated to be born to a biological family we spiritually chose who we wanted to be soul connected to and the lessons we wanted to learn in physical form. The soul connection is as relevant as the cellular gene connection.

Why We Incarnate in the First Place
The individual essence when we incarnate is crucial to the soul's self evolvement. If we all came into the world with full knowing there would be no use incarnating into the physical world to begin with. This is why we enter into a physical vessel that has a dense matter. The cellular matter allows the physical organs like the brain to immediately react to the stimuli we experience as a baby. This is how we all learn human language and develop intellect. The newborn is fully aware of the spiritual thread of consciousness. They are not only sleeping for physical sustenance and growth. A baby is also energetically in the pure essence of consciousness, communicating with the angelic realms.

The child essence begins to alter as the child begins to physically age. The wonder of new images and stimulation is replaced by thoughts and belief systems. Most children will begin to release the energy connection they have with higher consciousness to have a physical life. Your higher self is energetically connected to the Oneness consciousness and monitors your life learnings and experiences like a protective guardian as your spiritual being becomes more involved and affected by its physical environment.

Your Soul Family
The soul family, who incarnated as brother, sister, mother, father are all energetically aligned to their soul tribe. When I tune into your soul family in Spirit they are aware of your grief and will try to help you recover from their physical loss. They will reveal how they physically looked and impress energy memory about their life. The soul family can go back many generations. If you all choose to experience a soul family lesson, then your loved ones who physically die will energetically cross and wait for you.

Near Death Experiences
This is why people who have near death experiences (NDE) will make contact with their soul family. If you want to believe NDE is from the mind and follow only the scientific explanation, that's up to you. If you're open to an alternative explanation, that your auric body still exists after you die because the mind is merely an organ that functions in the physical vessel like other important body organs, then consider there is a spiritual energy that is all knowing and is aware what is happening in your soul family. This is how I spiritually link-in with your soul family and other subtle energy that sends out unique vibrational frequency.

I often write about life and death because I have experienced first hand how the Universe, or God essence, is protective of all of its soul children. I attempt to share my knowing to help others get in touch with their own truth. If you are grieving the loss of your children or parents and friends, they are aware of your thoughts. They hear your prayers and feel your love and will wait patiently as you fulfil your life purpose and then also cross over. Your Spiritual family doesn't abandon you. You are divinely loved and watched over. Try to contemplate the guidance I have shared and see if it energetically resonates on your aura.

Love and light

July 21st 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Spiritual Comforting

Collective Grief and Spiritual Comforting

My psychic reading editorial is about helping the grieving families and friends, who wake up to news coverage, phone calls or visiting police officers telling them that their children, parents, siblings, or friends have crossed over without being able to say goodbye.

Whether it's the collective grief of the Dutch, Australian and international citizens coming to terms with the tragic loss of MH17, or the people of Gaza watching their children killed indiscriminately by the weapons of war... it's devastating for the family left behind coping with painstaking grief.

Spiritual Medium Help
As a spiritual medium, I allow my ethereal vessel to communicate with the higher realms and relay their messages to help you cope with traumatic loss. I know how difficult it is to function as your heart is torn in two. I understand the shock and numbness you are feeling as your world is turned upside down.

You force yourself to get out of bed, or blame yourself for not making different choices and go over and over everything in your mind. What if you didn't allow them to get on the plane, or jump in the car with their friends? Would they would still be alive? I have done thousands of readings helping heartbroken customers understand the death process.

Spiritual Confirmation
You want to know how your loved ones are, on the other side. You need to know if they are still aware of your life and are spiritually around you. This is important for your healing. Your loved ones in the angelic realms are aware of your emotional pain. I have been humbled by the spiritual readings I am asked to do as a medium. I have no prior knowing why my clients book a consultation until I tune into the departed, at the time of your reading. They will provide specific guidance about your life, which only you know. Sometimes I am taken aback by the channeling, as I find out about their tragedies or the illnesses they recall before they crossed over.

Spiritual Healing

Time and again I have witnessed the most grief stricken husbands, wives and parents who couldn't function because of depression, or post traumatic stress begin to enter the healing process.

I know you are loved in the spiritual realms because I see how much of an effort your loved ones make to heighten their energy fields to communicate with genuine mediums and pass this message on. Your loved ones energetically impress visions about their passings and even go into detail about your lives. They are all knowing, omnipresent, spiritual beings who incarnated on the earth to be in your life. Your partners and children know you are grieving their loss, they know the nights you are not sleeping or going over and over everything in your mind.

My Spiritual Technique
My spiritual role as a Sensitive (medium) is to help you see there is a way through your grief. I use my spiritual vessel as an energetic conduit to connect with your aura. I use a unique spiritual breath technique to channel their messages. The breath method allows me to connect to your aura like a magnetic frequency. Similar to a radio frequency, the breath technique allows me to hone into your aura. Every spiritual being resonates with a unique frequency, this is how your biological family in Spirit can immediately identify you are wanting to make contact.

The best way of describing this energy frequency is that it's similar to a radio station channel being scanned to find the channel of your choice. This is the way credible mediums are selected by spirit. I don't use tarot cards, angel cards or crystal balls, I tune directly into the higher realms and have no need to use any neutral tools to do readings.

Care Required When Seeking Credible Mediums
People seeking spiritual help for their grief should not have to go through the maze of entertainment psychics who say they are mediums but are unable to demonstrate authentic heightened skills.

Vague readings promoted by media psychic TV can do more harm than good. I know, because a lot of my grief stricken clients initially reached out to these mass produced entertainment psychics and wasted their money. The media owned entertainment psychic TV who falsely advertise that their psychics are mediums do a disservice to the public. The readings are vague and don't demonstrate any knowledge about your loved ones. This causes more trauma for the grief stricken.

I have heard customers breaking down in tears believing their loved ones have forgotten them after seeking out online psychics and mediums who mislead about their psychic skills.

Media Driven Psychic TV Entertainment
There is a lot of soul searching media psychics need to karmically address when it comes to entertainment psychic readings. The grief stricken and the general public deserve more than someone rambling about angels, butterflies and past life generalities. It makes a mockery of the spiritual arts when the grief stricken aren't able to get real assistance.

When it comes to helping the grieving we need to speak up about the marketing of media psychic TV false claims. We need to place a karmic mirror in front of companies and individuals who know their psychics are purely entertainment and question their ethical standards about misleading the general public. They need to know their readings are detrimental to the grieving.

The bereaved are entitled to find reputable mediums and not be further traumatised by individuals who pretend to be mediums, who use hypnosis techniques or Law of Attraction methods believing this will buffer your pain. You know who you are, and you know what you're doing. But so do the higher realms and your every thought and action is soul recorded. Have no doubt Spirit is all knowing and is aware who is abusing the spiritual arts for self aggrandisement. Spirit knows who is building empires to live in luxury off the vulnerable. Your identity is spiritually known.

Seek Out Credible Spiritual Mediums

If you're grieving and seeking out an authentic medium; bypass entertainment psychics. They have tainted the spiritual arts and done an enormous disservice to lightworkers.

Research the websites that openly describe their readings and products are for entertainment. When they place this on their terms of use or disclaimer policy in their websites, believe them. That way you will save yourself a lot of time and emotional upset by by avoiding entertainment psychics.

Your grief needs to be respected and not trivialized for commercial gain by media psychics or individuals who are unaware of the psychological damage they are causing by marketing themselves as mediums. Check the readings they provide on TV and see if they go into any specific information that identifies they are credible. You need to research and verify the review, find out if their relationship it too close with their clients (i.e. Facebook following) and identify if all is as it seems.

The Oneness Prayer
Before I conclude my article I would like to extend my prayers to all of the countries around the world who have been personally affected by the traumatic loss of your loved ones by any tragedy or traumatic event.

We are all from the One spiritual family no matter our culture or geographical location in the globe. We all have the same pain, the same emotions. Spirit doesn't single out any person above another and it is time our global media begin to identify this after their most recent news coverage reporting.

Love and light

July 8th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Coping with Grief - Vine Clairvoyant Medium

Vine Psychic Talks
About Getting Over Grief and Loss

In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about energetic grief. Do we really understand the spiritual and emotional stages of grief?

Do we all grieve in the same way?
Nobody grieves in the same way. Going through grief and bereavement is a personal journey. I don't subscribe to the belief that you can speed up the grieving process. It's different for everybody.

Some people find it difficult to get in touch with their feelings when they break up from a relationship or when someone they love goes missing, commits suicide or dies. Or a beloved pet, cherished and loved by the family takes ill and we have to decide if we do the humane thing by putting them out of their suffering. It leaves a large dent in our hearts when we encounter the raw emotion of grief. As a spiritual empath I use my vessel to energetically identify the chakra activity that reveals deep seated grief in your aura.

Can you Buffer Grief?
Believe it or not, grief is now being targeted by "get over grief quickly therapists" who are pushing a belief system that says emotions are an unnecessary inconvenience in this fast paced world. This obsession about quickly recovering from grief in case you dwell on the past for too long, is spiritually sick.

Some people are told to toughen up and get over their grief because they need to look on the bright side of life. Others try to buffer their pain in case they are seen to be weak and not capable of doing their job in the workplace. They have found themselves outside of their emotional depth and emotionally struggling. Men and women make grief stricken attempts to push through their feelings to make it better for the people around them.

I've heard grown men in tears as they try to cope with their child's passing after being shown visions of the little girl or boy in the higher realms. I have spiritually tuned into women and men who break up from relationships attempting to bypass their grief and rush towards new relationships hoping they will escape the pain of being alone. Energetically the individuals are emotionally fragile and near nervous exhaustion as they force themselves to ignore their grief.

People who are guided towards me as a spiritual medium are spiritually in need of real grief assistance. Spiritually we are all loved in the eyes of the higher realms. Spirit is omnipresent and knows our pain and suffering. You are honoured in spiritual essence and your emotions are not taken lightly or skipped over. Reputable Spiritual Mediums are used by the angelic realms to help you get in touch with your loved ones and for them to relay guidance you know to be true. There are no crystal balls or higher guides who talk about death in general ways which leave the grieving questioning why they were only communicating with spiritual guides and not their loved ones who they deeply miss. The guidance channeled by authentic mediums has been scientifically researched and identified as benefiting the bereaved because it helped the grieving accept the passing of the departed.

When I tune into your ethereal aura I am given energetic impressions around your chakras. Deep grief is embedded in the heart chakra. The best way of describing the way I see deep rooted grief is to imagine a grainy surface vibration that is similar to sand paper. As an empath I am allowing my auric body to relay what your auric body is feeling. I know if you are angry, I know if you are sad, I know if you are afraid because your aura reveals all without you having to tell me anything. Each emotion releases a unique vibration.

This is why I'm revealing that hypnosis and get-over-grief-quickly therapies don't work. I have tuned into customers who have used cognitive therapy to recover from grief to find it only buffered the pain. The ethereal grief scarring was easily identified on my clients aura. I have tuned into customers who used subliminal meditation techniques to buffer their grief, only to find that the grainy grief vibration hadn't budged.

The get-over-grief therapies are temporary. They buffer but don't offer full grief recovery.

Why do we Believe Emotions Can be Controlled?
The psychological sciences study mind reactions. The seven stages of grieving are only a guide to collectively identify how we emotionally grieve. They are a useful tool, but to ignore the ethereal scarring on our aura is to only heal on a surface level. Which is why I am cautioning the public to beware of get-over-grief hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming that simplifies the energy body relationship by saying that it all comes from the mind.

Your emotions are a gift and when you honour their message you energetically align your aura with your emotions.

Love and light

June 24th 2014

Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

What Are Spiritual Orbs in Photographs?

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June 15th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Responds to Sydney Psychic Client
- Psychic Predictions

Vine Psychic Predictions 2014

A Sydney psychic reading client who is a keen follower of my Australian and international predictions would like to know why I haven't shared more frequent prophecy as I've done over the last five years.

Before I answer the question, I will reveal there are NEW predictions going up today.

The spiritual channelings I receive from the angelic realms are not celebrity predictions. That was something I ruled out before agreeing to channel visions from my spiritual guardians.

To bring a level of credibility to spiritual predictions I was only prepared to do premonitions about important and relevant World events that matter to the international community.

The spiritual arts have to be respected as a soul channeling craft. The historical seers and astrologers who grasped our direct relationship of Universal Knowing, have never degraded the akashic ethereal teachings for self aggrandisement, and nor will I.

I have been in a spiritual dilemma about writing psychic predictions about Australian politics because I didn't want to appear biased towards any political party. This was why I have deliberately abstained from writing Federal And State psychic predictions in the last year.

What I must confess is that I've written many predictions about Australia which have never been published. They were waiting to be updated but something unusual occurred before I began to share the spiritual forecasts. The predictions were coming true within days.

In the past there was no super hurry to publish them on my psychic predictions site. Some of the spiritual prophecy I have received is given months and years in advance. Some world leaders in my visions have not even been elected to office yet.

How do you place up prophecy that doesn't seem relevant to what is going on in the world right now? Now I am being given spiritual guidance that has a small window of publishing time to be recorded. If I am busy doing consultations it leaves little time to type them up and send them to the webmaster.

I have always guided readers of my articles to research the metaphysical origins and psychic sciences before accepting everything you learn is a truth.

I know the next thing I'm revealing about psychic predictions will require the reader to think outside of the box. Spiritual seers and prophets have no concept of time in the way we physically understand it.

As a young child, I have always known physical time to be an illusion. When you have one precognitive vision after another that comes true, you learn that what is considered to be normal, may actually be part of the illusion.

What I mean by this, is it becomes more difficult to tell a child the spiritual apparitions they are seeing (ghosts) are only make believe. As a psychic kid learns more and more about the higher realms, they are wired to keep the visions to themselves. This is why many sensitives and Empaths have worn masks in their early childhood to appear normal. Ask a genuine psychic about their childhood experiences and you'll find most have gone through many mystical or paranormal experiences, which they kept secret.

There are many sciences in the Universe and the spiritual arts is one of them. This is why I respect the sciences and trust in Climate Scientists when they reveal their findings about climate change. I believe one day the spiritual arts will be understood, as science gets closer to understanding the magnetic variations of frequencies that are coming from nature and our own auras.

As I shared earlier the psychic dilemma I have been encountering is honouring the spiritual visions and messages by actively standing up and speaking out to save the environment. Most of the predictions I have been receiving are about climate change, extreme weather or politics. I am guided our world is in grave danger of energetically becoming more fragmented as we allow the natural balances to deteriorate because we are releasing dense carbon into our atmosphere.

My client became my teacher when she shared if you have been given this gift of vision why are you not using it to help others prepare or understand what is happening on our planet? She shared how astrologers are writing predictions that are political because they are directly involved in business groups and secret societies like the Freemasons and others who support each other's businesses and prop up the fossil fuel companies. She asked why Australian astrologers are able to influence the public when they don't declare their political leanings. In short her frankness was my light bulb moment and has prompted me to begin to release the predictions I have been holding back. As a spiritual teacher, I also know we learn from each other. I'm open to my client being honest with me about the predictions.

I am grateful for her loyalty and her frankness and will be regularly sharing prophecy once it is channeled to me. I am also stating to readers, that I am unashamedly standing up for humanity and the environment. How people interpret my political predictions is a matter for them to resolve.

Love and Light

June 9th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Talks About
The Australian and Queensland Budgets

Vine Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Spiritual Budget

I was asked by a Brisbane online phone psychic reading client to write about the Australian and Queensland budgets in my editorial..

She shared that she felt demonised by the Queensland Liberal National Party who called her a champagne sipper and part of the latte set because she had invested in solar panels to help the environment and was putting renewable energy back into the grid.

She was told that solar power was a good thing and encouraged to install solar panels by one Government, and now she is being demonised for installing them by another Government.

Politicians Creating Division
Apparently the Queensland State liberal politician who referred to solar energy users as "champagne sippers" was trying to create division between the people who invested in renewable energy and the Queensland public who didn't invest in solar energy. This led to her asking about the way the Australian budget is creating division.

She wanted to gauge if the coalition government's recent federal budget was taking into account the spiritual energy of exchange I wrote about several weeks back.

Having worked in the spiritual arts for over 30 years I have a variety of clients from all socio-economic backgrounds. As a spiritual empath, when I tune into my clients' auras I am immediately aware of the everyday stresses of your lives. Empaths are spiritually sensitive to the emotional feelings of our clients. Love energy is about placing our spiritual vessel as a conduit to help you get a greater sense of clarity about your life.

Even before the Australian federal budget was published, or before the previous federal election was called, I was spiritually guided our 'lucky country' was going to encounter a lot of hurt. If you are a regular reader of my psychic prediction page you may have noticed how I was spiritually guided that ignoring climate change and subsequent environmental problems would karmically backfire on Australia in years to come. My 2013 spiritual channeling was warning that we're about to enter a time of deception by individuals who controlled our governments and media. Spirit described these individuals as the deceivers. They would dictate government policy which benefited their own economic agenda.

I wasn't shocked at all to see the reaction of the Australian public to the budget. These policies have been waiting in the wings to be implemented for many years. I am guided this economic model will not benefit future generations because it has ignored the environmental impacts of not working in harmony with nature or in accordance with the spiritual energy of exchange.

A Budget that ignores it's effect on the environment, and that blocks the flow of exchange between all people, will have a severe karmic impact on the community in the short and long term.

We are Spiritual Beings, Not Economic Drivers
When you take the free flowing energy of exchange into account, you can identify one crucial component of the Budget that is missing. The current economic model is failing to take into account the emotional and spiritual impact on you and I. Everyone is being classified as an economic driver, rather than a complete and multifaceted spiritual being.

This economic budget is also failing to address the need to do NO FURTHER harm to our environment. The individuals who collectively created these policies have ignored climate change cause and effect. When you sell all the assets that are earning money for the taxpayer, we will have nothing to fall back on when more extreme, frequent and expensive weather events and natural disasters hit in the future.

Governments will have nothing to rely upon to rebuild residential communities, help business and aid the recovery of the farming and rural communities. The only way forward will be to borrow again from the international financial sector. This means the budgets of the future will cause even more financial hardship to medium income and low income families.

Does the current Australian budget facilitate the flow that will create economic sustainability in the future? No it does not.

Spiritually, governments that are identifying that the only way to survive the future of climate change is to create policy that respects the environment, are the governments that will come out on top.

Short sighted financial budgets that are ideologically driven by the deceivers, will destroy future economies. This means the Aussie families who are negotiating high insurance premiums for floods and fire will probably not be able to afford the costs of future premiums. You don't have to be Einstein to see the energetic domino effect that future generations will encounter with the most basic living needs.

If you apply the energy of spiritual flow model to the Australian budget in its present form, you can see that it has no contingency for environmental or economic sustainability.

When a government only sees the people as an economic unit and doesn't take into consideration the feelings, hopes and aspirations of their constituents, it will not be received as a compassionate government. There are many people who feel deceived by people in power who fail to share their real policies before they are elected. The onus is on the people to demand greater accountability of their elected minister.

If you are ignoring the lack of harmonious flow in any area of government and it directly influences your family, friends and community, you have to take personal responsibility when such a a government is in power. You can get in touch with your local member of parliament and express your dissatisfaction about the lack of empathy in their policies and the problems there causing. The onus is on us, to ensure elected governments follow the spiritual energy of flow.

Personally, if an Australian minister used division politics to stir disharmony in the community, particularly about renewable energy, I would call their office and express my concern. I would speak out about an elected minister creating division, because they are meant to be representing the people, not dividing them.

Democracy is spiritually about governments being elected by the people, for the people. That's what the spiritual flow represents. See behind the political rhetoric when a politician uses their position to stir disharmony in the community because they are acting for the fossil fuel and energy corporations rather than for the people.

The same with government budgets. You have the power to use your voice for the greater good and to meet with like-minded people and apply pressure to any government that is spiritually short sighted.

Love and Light

June 2nd 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Talks About
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May 26th 2014

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Psychic Training Peer Pressure

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May 18th 2014

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Online Psychic Courses -
The Dumbing Down of the Spiritual Arts

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May 6th 2014

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Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies

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April 29th 2014

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Fake and Paid Psychic Reviews - ACCC Investigates Online Reviews

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April 22nd 2014

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Vine Psychic Readings - Gay and Lesbian Community

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April 14th 2014

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Vine Psychic Helps the Sleepless

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April 7th 2014

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Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience

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March 24th 2014

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Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?

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March 17th 2014

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Celebrity Psychic Prediction Cringe

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March 7th 2014

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Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

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February 24th 2014

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Psychic Vine - Helping People Cope after Suicide

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February 17th 2014

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The Psychic Energy of Music

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February 9th 2014

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Valentine's Day Psychic Readings and Love Spells?

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February 2nd 2014

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Special Guest - Animal Communicator

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January 27th 2014

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Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

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January 20th 2014

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Extreme Heat, and Your Ethereal Health

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January 12th 2014

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The Deceivers of Truth
or the Real Spiritual Oracle of Truth?

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January 1st 2014

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Vine's Psychic Predictions for 2014

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December 25th 2013

In place of this Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial - is giving these Christmas Spiritual Gifts

12 days of Spiritual Christmas

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December 4th 2013

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Christmas Psychic Readings & Gratitude to All

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November 26th 2013

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Soul Mate and Twin Flames
- Psychic Reading Questions

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November 18th 2013

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Aussie Psychic Reading Question & Answers - Facebook and Social Media

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November 4th 2013

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Vine Clairvoyant Readings - What I do Spiritually

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October 28th 2013

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Vine Psychic Returns to North Queensland

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October 14th 2013

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Medical Intuitive Ability True or False?

Explaining how Medical Intuitives and Empaths connect to your health issues
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October 13th 2013

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Australian Psychic Directory Sabotage

Fake Online Reviews
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September 23rd 2013

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August 12th 2013

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Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It

Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It
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August 7th 2013

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Psychic Mind Manipulative Powers and NLP

Hypnosis and NLP Hypnosis and Mind Manipulation
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July 23rd 2013

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Vine Psychic Guides - Drug Addiction Energy

Energy story of the addictive drug user has been archived.

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July 14th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self-Harm

This psychic reading editorial about helping parents and friends deal with Self Harm and Anorexia Nervosa in their children has been archived.

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Coffee shop Conversation about Near Death Experiences
My other-half and I like to venture out to the coffee shops in the city to have breakfast. Today we went to our local cafe and I ordered a couple of quiches for 'brekkie' and sat down at our table waiting for our coffees to arrive.

My partner went to buy a newspaper. While I was waiting I heard an amazing conversation from the adjoining table. One elderly grey haired women was telling a group of women, "I saw this light and they told me it wasn't my time to be in heaven yet." Another women was sharing how she had been pronounced dead and had a similar experience.

I knew that even on my weekend off, I was guided to sit next to this table of eight women talking about the after life.

I have these experiences often and I've written in previous editorials about how you can live in the energy of synchronicity and be guided to be in a place at the right time to be apart of a magical moment.

This was one of them. I didn't have to openly communicate with the women on the other table. I was able to listen to their excited conversation about life and death and know this was special.

It is wonderful to see people openly discussing this and feeling their spiritual energy as they share there is more to life than our physical experience of it.

It reinforces how far we have come. I remember as a child reading the early versions of Doctor Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's books about spiritual near death experiences and the after-life and keeping the mysteries of the Universe to myself.

Because 40 years ago these type of conversations were kept hush hush. The highly spirited American actress and entertainer Shirely Maclaine was one of my own. I remember when she was promoting her book Out on a Limb in Australia that someone openly discussed the spiritual. It was almost unheard of in my youth.

Lightworkers like myself were not in the mainstream, seeking publicity or attention - we went about our normal lives dealing with our wide range of paranormal and metaphysical experiences and living in this world at the same time.

We learned we had to keep our experiences to ourselves, because not everyone was able to assimilate or understand energy frequencies.

Now I can go to a coffee shop and hear women coming out and openly discussing their NDE's. That is a spiritual gift for me and shows how far we have come over the last 50 years.

I wanted to share how you too can look out for the signposts that the Universe reveals. Be still, observe and see if some type of spiritual message is gifted to you.

Love and Light

Tarot Readings

Why don't I do tarot readings I was recently asked by a new client.

I don't use any modalities whatsoever because I can tune into your aura without knowing why you want a reading. That is what a real psychic medium is supposed to be able to demonstrate and as a spiritual empath I can immediately sense what is going on with your emotional and spiritual field. It also allows me to connect as a medium to show real proof of the afterlife.

A spiritual medium should be able to tell you how your loved ones died, share the remote visions they are being shown and provide relevant guidance about your life right now. I take my spiritual work seriously because you are asking me for help.

Your spiritual family guide you to me, to help you deal with tragedy. I help you understand the loss of a partner or child who died suddenly in a car accident or drowning.

I help provide greater insight about a friend, lover or family member who committed suicide which has left you to be in shock and needing answers. Mostly because you need greater clarity in love, relationships, family, work or business and need real help.

How much do you share with your tarot reader? Tarot reading or chat?...

As a spiritual medium I'm responsible for relaying higher realm guidance to help you heal or provide real clarity about your life situations. That's why I don't need to use any modalities.

I know that you are contacting mediums to find they use tarot cards and need regular prompting about your reasons for calling. I have to stop most of my clients from telling me why they want a psychic reading, because you're so used to being asked for all of this information in other types of readings.

I can only share with you that it is a personal choice to seek out tarot readers or spiritual mediums.

I know that a lot of people open up and share so much information about their lovers, romances, relationships, partners, family and friends to tarot readers and phone psychics that you may as well class that as a friendly chat.

I encourage you to stop revealing so much information at the start of your reading and allow a real psychic to give you proof of their spiritual ability and gifts. You will know if a tarot reader can connect with you if they pick up the cards and start to give you genuine evidence and don't have to ask a lot of questions before they begin a reading.

Psychic Reviews
Most of you want to know if you can trust all of the Australian and world psychic reviews that are being updated on the web. In the month of October I will concentrate on how the Spiritual Realms have been cautioning that the psychic arts are being lost by sales people pretending to be psychic.

Spirit is omnipresent and is attracted to psychic mediums who can provide credible evidence of the after life and show genuine heightened psychic ability.

Spirit selects the psychics and mediums who genuinely can work with heightened energies. They use a wide range of clairsenses to channel the higher vibrational angelic realms.

The top spiritual mediums and psychics are far removed from the psychic review sites that exclaim they have found the best psychics in the world. These reviews are simply a way of promoting live psychics throughout the globe.

Vine psychic gives accurate psychic readings to people from all cultural backgrounds

I recommend you read why I was guided to work on the first Australian psychic line and then started doing readings for people around the world from all different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. Refer to my latest psycic blog article Are Psychic Reviews True or False and come to your own knowing about what is going on in the psychic field.

Free Psychic Stuff
We love your customer feedback and recently a Melbourne client suggested Vine psychic readings line do a new page to showcase all of our free psychic stuff. It is a great idea, so we are in the process of placing all of our free psychic interactive chakra charts on their own web page. You will be able to access this whenever you want.

The saying, ask and you shall receive is true when it comes to providing genuine psychic and spiritual services for our clients and readers. Keep the suggestions coming in, as they're greatly welcomed.

Money Money Money
There is a disturbing trend occurring in the psychic market that customers in Australia and in the world need to know about. A lot of online psychics are misleading their customers about their real psychic business reputation and duping their customers to sell online marketing products.

They're connected to network affiliate sites who use social network sites and blog sites to share their business links in the hope they will be ranked higher than genuine psychic readers.

The same people and businesses that used to drive you crazy with email spam are now networking with each other to sell a wide range of spells, charms, money making schemes. They're hoping you don't delve too deep into their real business background.

The best Australian psychic readers are out of reach because the network psychics earn commission from reaching number one ranking. Psychic reviews are being contaminated by either the psychic or the networks writing their own customer reviews and tainting a sacred spiritual craft. Spiritually it was the reason why I was guided by my Spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian Psychic Line. Any of my clients will share with you they know how passionate I am about instilling a sense of ethical integrity into the spiritual arts and that's why I am spiritually guided to speak out about these practices.

Not sure if your phone psychic readers are connected to network affiliate link sharing, or updating their own business testimonials on Australian/World psychic reviews. Check here to find out what to look out for...

Vine Psychic - Ethical Psychic Readings

What a lot of Vine's Australian & World readers might not realize is Vine was spiritually more than 6 years ago to introduce the first online ethical psychic booking process. She researched a lot of psychic booking options and selected PayPal because it ticked all of the right boxes and still does now. It is rated the World's Best online merchant booking process.

The security of your banking details and personal information was paramount to Vine. She was spiritually guided to show credible psychic ability and that meant eliminating the unecessary phone screening by customer service representatives or the psychics themselves. Does your trustworthy honest psychic follow a similar type of booking process as Vine?

You Are in Charge
Psychic ECommerce needs to be secure and Vine has created a customer booking process which YOU'RE in control of.

Your psychic booking and your banking details are known only to YOU. That's a great relief for customers and clients in Australia and around the world.

Is Your Psychic or Customer Service requesting your credit card or personal details?

Why not try the safe option and book an online psychic reading with Vine and feel assured nobody can check your social networks or engage you in a conversation to find out why you need a reading.

Does your psychic request your personal details and banking information before you have a psychic reading? How secure is their data information? These are the types of things you should think about before booking a telephone psychic reading. Our customers trust Vine's online psychic booking process.

Vine's Psychic Readings
Vine doesn't need any initial information at the start of your reading. Your complete anonymity is assured and you are not updated on a customer data base because we trust our customers know when they want a psychic reading and don't need to receive a newsletter from us.

Read Vine's PayPal history and why she was spiritually guided to let her customers be in charge of their own psychic bookings.

Phone Psychic Readings - Australia
Book Accurate Psychic Readings with Vine

Australian customers who wish to be charged via their phone bill can call Vine's phone psychic readings line.

Call - 1902 242 800 Vine's Phone Psychic Line
(call costs $4.95 per min gst incl. extra mobiles/pay Monessa Gulf)
Best contact: from 6.00pm Monday to Friday and over the weekends.

Revisiting the Cleveland Ghosts
I have some interesting events to share with you after I managed to go back and do a follow up story last week about the Cleveland Ghosts and visited another spiritually active psychic location at the Cleveland Court House in Brisbane, Queensland. I was able to immediately sense two ghosts (spiritual beings) that were wanting to communicate and I will be sharing this story with you soon in my true life psychic stories section you can click here to read the original story here...

Love and Light

NOW 32 Years of Psychic Reading experience!
vine phone readings

Online Psychic Readings - Vine Psychic Line
Melbourne Born Vine Psychic is dedicated to helping you find the best psychic reading for your spiritual needs. If you need expert help before you book an online psychic reading and you are unable to guage which psychic is genuine, we recommend you read this article before booking an online psychic.

Women, this is a must read by Melbourne Born Vine Psychic. Find out why you should not meet up with men from psychic chat lines or purchase/remove black magic curses.

Vine's psychic Tips HeadPic_Philosophy.jpg

How to Find the Right Psychic

If you are looking for real clarity with your life decisions make sure you seek a psychic who has a credible background and doesn't consider readings to be entertainment. A genuine psychic will stand in the spirital energy of integrity and not trivalise their gifts for the sake of getting a customer to their door.

The best psychic reading is one that is full of clarity and will help you deal with your situations now. Be discerning of spell psychics, hex removal psychics, love psychic lines to attract someone into your life. Love psychics are normally waiting for someone who is vulnerable to call them in the middle of the night.

Vine's Psychic Readings Line

Clairvoyant Medium Vine - Phone Psychic Readings, heartbreak, break-up, grief help

Vine's latest psychic reading blog articles explore:

Since Vine started to take reader's questions she has covered a lot of unique spiritual and psychic topics. Her latest psychic blog articles are about her 2015 psycic predictions and channelling form Spirit. She also shares how you need to be discerning when selecting a reputable psychic medium, which Spirit selects to work with your loved ones from the higher realms. Don't be fooled by "energies of deceit".

What Spirit Guides Are The Energy of Deceit?
These are people who present as psychics who come from a wide range of business backgrounds and some dissapointingly for psychic customers, are people who have joined business and blog affiliate networks to force the best psychics out of reach so they are found first.

Why are they doing this?
Simply because the psychic business wants to sell the networks main money making products to their customers and earn a commission. If you want to read more about which psychics in Melbourne and Australia are involved in these affiliate psychic schemes and their real business motivations we suggest you view the Karma Lounge Forums member articles.

The members of the Karma Lounge have investigated who is behind this network movement and how they came to have a huge presence in the tarot and psychic reading field in Australia. They deliberately targeted people who were vulnerable to sell their money making products. That in itself is a disgrace.

Is Your psychic reader in Australia connected to an affiliate money making scheme, or earning commission from selling products and doesn't really have a qualified psychic background?

Take a look at your regular psychic readers website. Are they connected to a money making scheme or selling a wide range of products which are not directly related to psychic readings?

Check if any or their psychic articles or advertisements are being directed back to a main business network where they earn commission.

Look at the bottom of their webpage and see if they claim to be an entertainment psychic only (check Terms and Conditions of Use if you are unable to locate a psychic is describing their readings are for entertainment).

Check if they're directing customers to another site which could be about SEO, marketing, blog network etc. If you find a business using inorganic links to build up their profile you have stumbled across a psychic business that may not be what it seems.

Google Moves to Clean Up Blog Network Inorganic Links.

Google is currently checking any website networks that have inorganic links and penalizing them for trying to force genuine businesses down the search engines.

It is the number one topic at the moment in SEO circles because a lof of industries are finding they have been severely penalized and need to change their ways.

A good way of describing what Google is doing is to remove the dark seo from the search engines and only show the light side (just like Star Wars). You can easily check if your psychic is engaging in dark SEO by viewing their link page.

Are they directing you to a multitude of businesses that have nothing to do with psychic readings? If the answer is yes. You have identified what Google describes as inorganic links. 'Penguin' the word Google is using to stamp out these practices is hitting a lot of sites as we write.

No genuine psychic business should have to falsify their links to build up reputation if they have built their reputation from a strong customer reputation base over the years. The only psychic businesses that are engaging in network links and social network links, are what Spirit describes are the 'energy of deceit'.

True psychic and spiritual readings are not about money making schemes. Anyone who runs a psychic business just for the money doesn't understand the spiritual realms or how they value the sacred energy of spiritual servitude. The spiritual realms only use genuine psychic mediums to be their spiritual voice.

Passive Aggressive Relationships
If you are in a passive aggressive relationship and you reach out to a psychic who isn't telling the truth about their own psychic background, you will find you're attracting another passive aggressive person towards you as a psychic reader. Don't be their next victim or use their wide range of Mind Body Spirit businesses.

Our Energetic Psychic Body
These unique spiritual articles by Vine, may help readers understand how our energetic psychic body is so much more than we can mentally grasp.

Here's another of Vine's amazing true life spiritual stories about a husband reaching out from the higher realms to tell his grief stricken wife how much he still loved her. Australian Vine's latest story about meeting an elderly lady sitting at a bus stop while waiting for a friend is a must read for readers wanting to know what real love is and whether their relationship stacks up.

Is Psychic Lineage important when you seek a good psychic?
Read Vine's psychic readers article that delves into the generational psychic backgrounds and whether this is relevant to having a great reading...

Vine's psychic reading forum articles:
When you place your trust in a psychics reputation you are entrusting your spiritual health with the psychic. To find out an Australian or international psychic is fabricating their background to show a false level of credibility to their customers is dissapointing.

I am encouraging you to read my Spiritual forum article about why new psychics need to be honest about their psychic backgrounds.

Genuine psychic reputation is built on years of customer trust and can't be simply invented at the drop of a hat on psychic websites or article content farms by black hat SEO writers. It is a lesson for all psychics to learn by and realize above all else your customer wants you to be upfront and honest. Read the full article...

Vine's Dream Readings

The Meaning of My Dreams - Phone Psychic Readings

Melbourne Born Australian Psychic Medium Vine is an expert in dream interpretation and has been helping people unravel the meaning of their dreams since she began doing psychic readings 32 years ago.

Vine's clients give their permission to share some of their real-life dreams. This dream article is a must read if you are thinking of getting an online dream reading from a psychic chat line or affiliate psychic business.

Vine's Proven Psychic Predictions

Clairvoyant Medium Vine Psychic Predictions - Book a Real Phone Psychic Reading with Vine

Melbourne Born Vine's psychic prediction record has proven that she has the psychic ability to see into the future. Most of her Australian and world psychic predictions have come true.

Vine allows readers to follow the spiritual guidance by updating the accuracy of her predictions as reported in the news. Predictions are never altered or taken down, whether right or wrong. Australian and World readers have come to trust in Vine because she provides genuine psychic predictions relevant to the times we are living in and she stays true to them.

Vine's predictions deal with real issues of concern, problems and solutions in the world. Her respect for the spiritual arts is too great to trivialize guidance from the higher realms. Vine therefore doesn't bother withgossip orientated entertainment celebrity predictions.

Vine began her 2014 psychic predictions with a channelled message from Spirit - Read it here:
Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth

Read Vine's 2014 predictions here:
2014 Psychic Predictions

Read Vine's 2015 Psychic Predictions message here:
2015 Psychic Predictions Message

Read Vine's 2015 Psychic Prediction Spiritual Channeling from the Higher Realms here:
2015 Spiritual Karmic Report Card - Spiritual Channeling

Latest Psychic Predictions to Come True in 2013 and 2014 Melbourne Born Australian Psychic Vine
Accurate Psychic Readings

Secrets Revealed in 2014
Vine's 2014 Higher Angelic Realms Channeling entitled "Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth" is about the deceivers who have altered the way of our Earth and created energetic imbalances. The channelling deals with why the deceivers decieve: "You are unaware that one motion can cause an effect on different energetic planes and we come to you to guide the YEAR 2014 will bring the secrets to the surface."

Vine goes into more detail about secrets being revealed in her prediction entitled, "World Banks Public Uproar for 2014", which also deals surrounding environmental issues:

"I have been spiritually guided that the world public have been mislead about the state of our environment and the secret deals being done behind closed doors."

In 2014 these secrets to do with economic and environmental issues were revealed:

  • Mafia Colludes with Government Officials to Dump Toxic Waste
    According to former mafia boss Camine Schiavone the Camorra mafia have been dumping toxic waste in the country side around Naples with the full knowledge of corrupt senior officials, since the early 1990's.

    Now in 2014 that the Italian Government and the media have begun to throw a stronger spotlight on this long held secret. In January 2014 two jailed Camorra mafia whistle-blowers identified a field as one of the secret sites where the Camorra mafia had buried toxic waste, and the authorities invited the press to watch them dig the field.
  • Barclays Bank Forced to disclose Trading secret - A whistle blower exposed 27,000 confidential customer files stolen from Barclays Bank and sold on to rogue City traders.
  • Putin's Secret Interests Exposed - The truth about President Viktor Yanukovych's government in the Ukraine was brought to the surface when thousands protested over the future development of their country - whether it would be a country based on the rule of law, or Russian-style oligarchy and closed interests? The protest brought Russia's secret interests in the Ukraine out into the open for all to see.
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - Conflict of Interest Exposed - Two Great barrier Reef Marine Park board members exposed as having having financial links to mining companies at the same time as approving dumping on the Reef for mining company ports.
  • Tax Havens Revealed in 2014
    In 2014, light was shone onto Apple's secret tax havens and Ikea's secret Tax havens.

    Both companies avoid paying billions of dollars in Tax using various forms of secrecy and spiritually immoral, and unethical tax avoidance schemes.

• • • • • • • • • •

Universal Energy Codes
The Connection between Human-Made Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events in 2012 and 2013

On 28th November 2012 Vine relayed a message from Spirit in a general prediction for 2013. It concerns our "reasons for being", and in it Vine firstly shared that in 2012 we would begin to see the connection between man-made global warming and extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy.

Vine then predicted that 2013 would be ruled by an energy code represented by, "the ancient rune 'H', Hagal, or Hail meaning disruption, the destructive wrath of nature, uncontrolled forces usually the weather but also within us. Times of crisis and trials clearing away the negative to be a blessing in disguise and lead to inner peace."

This meant that in 2013 the global warming and climate change message would be driven home with further extreme weather events and that because of this we would begin to contemplate the life styles that caused these events and the life changes required to avert complete environmental catastrophe in the future.

Vine then relayed from Spirit, that we have been led to this environmental precipice by our "present infatuation with HAVING (rampant consumerism, and continual economic and industrial growth)..."

Vine ended the prophecy with this:
"Whether or not we can pull ourselves back from the brink, depends on whether we continue to define our lives around HAVING, or BEING."

Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and Vietnam is the latest and worst of a long line of catastrophic weather events in 2013. We pray for the friends and family of the many thousands of people who have lost their lives, and the millions affected by the storm.

The people of the Philippines are used to Typhoons but no one there had ever seen anything as strong as Typhoon Haiyan.

"We've Never Seen Anything Like This Before"
After the many extreme weather events in the last couple of years, the catch phrase most often repeated, time and time again is: "We've never seen anything like this before".

This is because we haven't seen storms, floods, fires and droughts as bad and as often as this before.

We can no longer be so complacent.

Whether or not we can pull ourselves back from the environmental brink we have brought ourselves to, depends on whether we define our lives less around HAVING - rampant consumerism, and greed associated with continual economic and industrial growth), and more around BEING - Love and caring for all spiritual beings on our planet and the realisation that we are ALL ONE.

• • • • • • • • • •

Queensland Politics - Campbell Newman
On 16th December 2012, Vine predicted that 2013 would be a rough year for Queensland's Premier Campbell Newman.

This has come true with everything from criticisms of his unpopular austerity measures to problems with ministers and political associates. The worst being the Michael Caltabiano affair, which Newman rated as the lowest point of his eighteen months in office.

Campbell Newman did not recover from his bad year in 2013. In the 2015 State Election he lost his seat and his LNP Govt lost power in a huge and unprecedented swing to the Labor party.
• • • • • • • • • •

Ocean Seabed Floor Phenomena - New Land
On 4th December 2012, Vine predicted new land would rise from the sea as a result of volvcanic activity in 2013.

In October 2013 a new island rose from the sea as a result of volcanic activity after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan.

• • • • • • • • • •

Australian Politics
12 month lead up to the 2013 Australian Election

On 23rd December 2012, when Vine relayed Spirit's prediction for politics in Australia, Labor's Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister, the polls were heavily in favour of the Liberals, and the election was almost a year away.

In the lead up to the Australian election Vine predicted:

  • The women's vote would be important and women would be turned off by Tony Abbott
  • Tony Abbott's unpopularity with Australian women would not convert into support for Julia Gillard and she would not be given the green light
  • That even though the polls were heavily in favour of the Liberals when Vine made the prediction, when the 2013 Australian elections were called it would be straight down the middle 50/50

  • All of these predictions came true.

• • • • • • • • • •

Floods Like We Have Never Seen Before
On 2nd December 2012, Vine made a prediction for 2013... It was for floods like the world has never seen before. Downpours that will send large amounts of water around towns too close to the waters edge.

From the very beginning of the year, the prediction came true again and again, with catastrophic floods all over the world resulting from record downpours of rain. The message from Spirit, Vine says, is that these unusual and record rainfalls are caused by climate change.

• • • • • • • • • •

Qld Respiratory Health Problems
Vine's psychic prediction of respiratory health problems through some type of chemical or gas vapor release into the air, came true for the local community at Banyo in Brisbane's outer suburbs.

• • • • • • • • • •

President Obama Wins
Vine accurately predicted that President Obama would win the US Presidential elections in November 2012.

• • • • • • • • • •

Mitt Romney
Vine was also shown a remote-viewing psychic vision of the successful 2012 US republican candidate who looked exactly like Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney went on to contest the US Elections against President Barack Obama.

• • • • • • • • • •

Australian & New Zealand Currency
Vine accurately predicted Australia and the New Zealand government would consider merging their currency.

This was considered by the Productivity Commissions of each country.

Vine Psychic Line Ethical Conduct

Universal Laws of Nature - Law of Attraction - Free Will

Vine Psychic Line follows the Universal Laws and has a strong ethical foundation in offering genuine spiritual readings and helping people get a greater sense of peace and clarity in their life. You can be guaranteed that you will only get a high quality reading here.

A reputable psychic should have a solid spiritual and psychic background and know how to deal with a wide range of paranormal experiences. Clients trust Vine because she offers clear spiritual guidance that is proven time and time again.

Summary of Vine's Psychic Background
Vine is a Natural Born Psychic Medium with 32 years of extensive experience in the psychic field in Australia and globally. Real psychic reputation and considered to be an expert Spiritual Sensitive. To learn more about Vine's spiritual background please click here.

International Psychic Reading Inquiries

Thank you for considering booking a psychic reading with Vine Psychic Line. Please use our secure PayPal credit card booking and select the block of time and payment method you require - It's that easy.

We recommend new clients read the FAQ section on the website and view Vine's psychic readings video before having a psychic reading. Book Best Psychic Clairvoyant Readings here.

If you require additional assistance please contact our administration area via the Contact Page.

We gratefully accept client recommendations and encourage you to share this site with your friends, family and colleagues.

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