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Vine's Latest Psychic Reading Spiritual Editorial: Was Prince a Spiritual Musical Lightworker?

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Vine's Weekly Psychic Reading Spiritual Editorials

April 26th 2016

Australian Psychic Reading Editorial

PRINCE - Lightworker

Was PRINCE a Spiritual Musical Lightworker?

Prince was a beacon of light who exemplified spiritual oneness. An artist and once in a life time musical genius, he was also a Lightworker...


April 15th 2016

Australian Psychic Reading Editorial

Vine Psychic Pets - Photo of Woman with Dog Inside

The Psychic Effects of Not Being Able to Have a Pet

In Vine's psychic reading editorial today, she writes about the psychic effects on your aura when you are unable to have one-on-one contact with pets when renting or living in apartment blocks.


March 30th 2016
Australian Psychic Reading Editorial ...

HopiIndian Prophecy

What is a Spiritual Lightworker? - How Can You Spot Real Lightworkers?

Vine writes about Spirit spiritual aspect to the recent US news story about Democrat presidential contender Bernie Sanders and the little bird?


February 25th 2016
Australian Psychic Reading Editorial ...

JOY - Vine Psychic Movie Review
Vine Psychic Movie Review

JOY - Business Spiritual Twist

I'm writing a review of the movie 'Joy' with a business spiritual twist. As a psychic I recognise the same small business issues in this true life story, as I see when I tune into my own clairvoyant business reading customers.


February 1st 2016

Vine's Australian Psychic Reading Editorial

Who are the Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths?

Who Are the Psychic Company Owner Psychopaths?

This psychic reading editorial answers questions I've received, about psychics who falsely build their reputation by pretending to write blog articles and books that they paid somebody else to write. They mislead readers by signing off as the author, when in fact they know little about the subject matter. They hire a writer to essentially fabricate the stories by copying material from real lightworkers.

Psychics Who Fabricate Their Business Reputation

I received an email from one of my readers who had seen my psychic tip revelations. She has a keen interest in the Akashic Records. She'd found a blog article by a psychic line owner and called up to talk about it, only to find that their actual experience didn't match what was written. When she asked a question about the Akashic Energy, the supposed author had no idea about the Akasha. So how could they have written the article? This was bleedingly obvious to my customer.

To build a false reputation, the psychic was clearly hiring people to write their blog topics, then simply signing them off at the end as if they were the author.

I also received a call on my 1902 line from a new client who was dismayed to see that her regular tarot reader had changed their business background. On checking, my client found that it wasn't the first time they had re-invented their history. One minute they were a tarot reader, the next they supposedly had heaps of lightworker clairsenses that had appeared overnight.

Fake Psychic Writers

So what's going on in the psychic reading line industry?
I can tell you exactly what is happening and it isn't nice.

You are dealing with serial liars, psychic owner (psychopaths) who do not shirk at inventing overnight spiritual backgrounds to appear relevant.

The tarot card reader who doesn't have spiritual knowledge, will hire an SEO company to copy and rewrite other psychics' articles, then sign-off on them as the author.

The psychic owners who alter their business backgrounds, do so because they want you to think of them as an authority in the psychic sector. If your psychic has changed from being a tarot card reader to becoming an overnight lightworker, you can be guaranteed your psychic is faking it.

Genuine Spiritual Lightworkers

No genuine lightworker would ever hire a writer and pretend to be the author of topics they didn't have full knowing about. No reputable spiritual medium would alter their business background every time the psychic wind direction changes. You are dealing with frauds pretending to be psychic.

There is nothing wrong with a psychic writing content and then hiring a ghost writer to edit their work and polish it. That's perfectly reasonable.

But when a person pretends to be the author of an article after the SEO engineers have hired writers to concoct it from scratch... that's fraud. They're falsely representing themselves as an authority, and inventing their business backgrounds.

Psychic Companies That Mislead Their Customers

Psychic owners who mislead their customers in an attempt to come across as angelic beacons of the light, are failing to see they are creating their own Universal debt of karma. Their every thought and action is soul recorded.

When they hire writers without giving them the credit for their articles, they attract their own spiritual karma. The person who alters their business background to claim to be an angelic lightworker when in fact they have no real knowledge of the spiritual arts, will also have to deal with their own karma.

Any psychic business that believes they can hide behind writers or scrape and steal content from reputable spiritual lightworkers' websites, will soon find out they didn't honour the Universal Laws of spiritual intent.

Knowingly taking credit for something they didn't do is breaking a spiritual law.

Fake it Till You Make It

The original idea of 'faking it till you make it' meant that if other people approved of your genuine efforts, then keep doing what you're doing even if you're unsure yourself. You weren't actually 'faking' anything - just pretending to yourself, that you're as good as other people think you are.

That's what it used to mean.

Where Does the Distorted Law of Attraction Fit in?

The new idea that Fake it Till You Make it means "Lie and Cheat and Steal Other Peoples Work Till You Make It' originated from the false law of attraction teachings.

You see it all the time. The psychic owners are sprouting the virtues of Law of Attraction, while misleading their paying customers.

The irony of the law of attraction teachings is beyond comprehension. The distorted Law of Attraction tells people to fake their business background until becoming successful, as well as guiding that your every thought creates your destiny. It is a contradiction in itself.

Unfortunately many psychic businesses hide the real owners' intentions. In the mind body spirit sector, it's not uncommon for a psychic business owner to be immoral in this way, and even to show psychopathic tendencies. (refer to previous psychic tips about psychic owners buying reviews).

Then you have the psychic chat companies that have affiliate programs that abuse every business and consumer law to earn a commission. If you see a psychic business with an affiliate program you can be guaranteed you're dealing with the worst of the worst in the Mind Body Spirit Sector.

Black Hat SEO

When I was guided to work on the first psychic lines I witnessed many of the large psychic chat line owners presenting as kind and caring to the public, but treating their staff badly. These same psychic owners are being found on the top of web searches because they employ dirty business practices and black hat SEO tricks, to be found first. Check if the company is listed on the Stock Market and they have to provide dividends to shareholders. The big psychic companies resort to shady business practices to be a head of the pack.

Go back through my history and you will find I try to warn you that the psychic chat industry is owned by companies who don't even believe in the psychic arts.

They are ruthless business companies that don't think twice about attacking their psychic competitors with black hat, to be found first in web searches.

You need to wake up and realise these business owners are only in it for the money. They will do whatever it takes. This is why you see so many false claims about their writing and psychics skills and clairsenses ability.

Psychic Companies Reinventing Lightworkers

Have you noticed how all the large psychic companies are using the new trendy word 'lightworkers', and placing angel wings all over their websites to 'prove' it?

The Psychic blog owner my client wrote to me about is one of thousands misleading you about their business background and writing skills. They buy their way to the top. Unfortunately Google and Yahoo are oblivious of the psychic owners' dirty tactics and have many of them sitting on the top of searches. It makes a mockery of finding the right psychic and getting genuine help.

Why I Released Psychic Tips

The psychic tips and podcasts I've been releasing are revealing how many psychic chat owners treat their customers with contempt and ignore consumer laws. I'm happy to answer your questions to help you understand what is really going on in the psychic services sector. You have to do the research and find out if the psychic owners really are psychic or spinning every keyword on their website to draw you in.

SMS and Email Psychic Readings were created by telecommunication companies for revenue only. If you see psychic companies with these type of services, you are most likely dealing with fake psychic companies. Having to fill in a form or SMS a question to a psychic is purely entertainment. Don't think your getting a real psychic reading by revealing so much detail. A credible psychic doesn't need you to give upfront questions. Remember that.

Genuine Lightworkers

There are credible lightworkers out there, but you're unlikely to find them on the psychic television programs or large psychic chat companies. That's purely entertainment.

I am encouraged that my psychic articles are being found on the web and are helping you see behind the psychic company owners' facades. That can only be a good sign for paying customers searching for real psychics.

Now you can see why I was spiritually guided years ago to protect the original spiritual arts.

Love and Light

January 11th 2016

Vine Psychic Guides about the Things You Can Control, and Things You Can't Control

Going With The Flow

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December 15th 2015

Vine's Angelic Guardians Spiritual Christmas Experiences

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December 10th 2015

Vine Psychic Aussie Xmas Good Will Ambassador

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November 27th 2015

Should I bring a Child into a Climate Change World?

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November 11th 2015

What is the Spiritual Meaning of 11:11 Energy Codes?

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October 21st 2015

Back To The Future - Vine Psychic Visions, OCT 21 2015

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October 13th 2015

Why Do Sports Stars Attract Ghosts & Hauntings on Tour?

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October 3rd 2015

Are Cheap Psychic Readings from Real Psychics?

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September 23rd 2015

Vine's Spiritual Prophecy - Understanding the Earth Changes Now Confronting Us

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September 12th 2015

Vine Psychic Reveals How She Became A Barefoot Spiritual Psychic Medium

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August 19th 2015

Vine Psychic Warns About Online Dating Predators

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July 21st 2015

How Can You Spot Scripted Video Psychic Testimonials and Reviews?

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July 14th 2015

Vine Psychic Guidance - Jupiter, Venus and the Moon - Convergence Energy

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July 6th 2015

Psychic Radio Tips a Hit - Giving You Truthful Answers

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June 21st 2015

Vine Psychic Radio - How to Find the Right Psychic and Avoid Agony Aunts

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May 18th 2015

Vine Psychic Chats About Melbourne Creative Artists' Passion Dilemma

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May 5th 2015

Vine Psychic Discusses - Are you in a Real Friendship or a Network?

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April 20th 2015

Vine Psychic Review:
Guiding about the Energy of PTSD

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April 11th 2015

Vine Psychic - Compassion for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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March 23rd 2015

Do Psychics Help Police in Missing Person Cases in Australia?

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March 7th 2015

Getting Real With Domestic Violence Emotional Energy

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February 17th 2015

Eighth Anniversary of Vine Psychic Phone Reading Line

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February 8th 2015

Ghost at Kyneton Royal George Hotel - and the Unusual Cowboy Hat

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January 19th 2015

Hanging Rock Ley Line Mystery - True Life Paranormal Story

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January 11th 2015

Vine Psychic Reviews TV Series - GIRLS

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December 25th 2014

Vine Psychic:
Christmas in Melbourne

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December 8th 2014

Vine Psychic:
Helps the Bereaved at Christmas

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December 2nd 2014

Vine Psychic Talks About Spiritual Responsibility

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November 24th 2014

Vine Psychic Healing Guidance - Toddlers Learning Difficulties

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November 18th 2014

Vine Psychic Guides about Influential Lightworkers Vs Spiritual Deceivers

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November 10th 2014

Vine Psychic Discusses:
Dating Pickup Artists using NLP Covert Hypnosis

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October 29th 2014

Melbourne Cup Psychic Luck
The Dream, and the Lesson

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October 20th 2014

Psychic Predictions, the Ebola-like Disease and Black Hat SEO

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October 14th 2014

Vine Psychic Discusses Root Chakra - Sexual Compatibility

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October 7th 2014

Vine Psychic: Why I Don't Trust the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Teachings

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September 28th 2014

Can a Psychic Reading Help my Business?

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Vine Psychic:
True Life Psychic Readings
Is There Proof of Afterlife

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Vine Psychic:
Bachelor Fans and Friendship

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August 24th 2014

Celebrity Psychics Client Confidentiality Breaches

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August 17th 2014

Vine Psychic: Meditation, Real Psychic Ability

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August 3rd 2014

Vine Psychic:
Spiritual Stillness Meditation

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July 29th 2014

Spiritual Aspects of Multiple Deaths

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Collective Grief and Spiritual Comforting

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July 8th 2014

Vine Psychic Talks
About Getting Over Grief and Loss

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June 24th 2014

What Are Spiritual Orbs in Photographs?

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June 15th 2014

Vine Responds to Sydney Psychic Client - Psychic Predictions and Climate Change

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June 9th 2014

Australian and Queensland Budgets - Are they Spiritual?

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June 2nd 2014

Vine Psychic Talks About
Psychic Attack and Spiritual Boundaries

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May 26th 2014

Psychic Training Peer Pressure

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May 18th 2014

Online Psychic Courses -
The Dumbing Down of the Spiritual Arts

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May 6th 2014

Psychic Solutions for Politicians, Economies

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April 29th 2014

Fake and Paid Psychic Reviews - ACCC Investigates Online Reviews

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April 22nd 2014

Vine Psychic Readings - Gay and Lesbian Community

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April 14th 2014

Vine Psychic Helps the Sleepless

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April 7th 2014

Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience

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March 24th 2014

Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?

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March 17th 2014

Celebrity Psychic Prediction Cringe

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March 7th 2014

Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

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February 24th 2014

Psychic Vine - Helping People Cope after Suicide

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The Psychic Energy of Music

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Valentine's Day Psychic Readings and Love Spells?

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Special Guest - Animal Communicator

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Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

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Extreme Heat, and Your Ethereal Health

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The Deceivers of Truth
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Vine's Psychic Predictions for 2014

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12 days of Spiritual Christmas

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Soul Mate and Twin Flames
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Aussie Psychic Reading Question & Answers - Facebook and Social Media

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Vine Psychic Returns to North Queensland

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Medical Intuitive Ability True or False?

Explaining how Medical Intuitives and Empaths connect to your health issues
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Australian Psychic Directory Sabotage

Fake Online Reviews
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Free Psychic Readings - Fact Check

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August 12th 2013

Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It

Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It
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August 7th 2013

Psychic Mind Manipulative Powers and NLP

Hypnosis and NLP Hypnosis and Mind Manipulation
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July 23rd 2013

Vine Psychic Guides - Drug Addiction Energy

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July 14th 2013

Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self-Harm

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Coffee shop Conversation about Near Death Experiences
My other-half and I like to venture out to the coffee shops in the city to have breakfast. Today we went to our local cafe and I ordered a couple of quiches for 'brekkie' and sat down at our table waiting for our coffees to arrive.

My partner went to buy a newspaper. While I was waiting I heard an amazing conversation from the adjoining table. One elderly grey haired women was telling a group of women, "I saw this light and they told me it wasn't my time to be in heaven yet." Another women was sharing how she had been pronounced dead and had a similar experience.

I knew that even on my weekend off, I was guided to sit next to this table of eight women talking about the after life.

I have these experiences often and I've written in previous editorials about how you can live in the energy of synchronicity and be guided to be in a place at the right time to be apart of a magical moment.

This was one of them. I didn't have to openly communicate with the women on the other table. I was able to listen to their excited conversation about life and death and know this was special.

It is wonderful to see people openly discussing this and feeling their spiritual energy as they share there is more to life than our physical experience of it.

It reinforces how far we have come. I remember as a child reading the early versions of Doctor Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's books about spiritual near death experiences and the after-life and then keeping these mysteries of the Universe to myself.

Because 40 years ago these type of conversations were kept hush hush. I remember the highly spirited American actress and entertainer Shirely Maclaine when she was promoting her book Out on a Limb in Australia. Here was someone was openly discussing the spiritual. It was almost unheard of in my youth.

Lightworkers like myself were not in the mainstream, seeking publicity or attention - we went about our normal lives dealing with our wide range of paranormal and metaphysical experiences and living in this world at the same time.

We learned we had to keep our experiences to ourselves, because not everyone was able to assimilate or understand energy frequencies.

Now I can go to a coffee shop and hear women coming out and openly discussing their NDE's. That is a spiritual gift for me and shows how far we have come over the last 50 years.

I wanted to share how you too can look out for the signposts that the Universe reveals. Be still, observe and see if some type of spiritual message is gifted to you.

Love and Light

Tarot Readings

I'm sometimes asked why I don't do tarot readings.

I don't use any modalities like tarot cards because I can tune directly into your aura without modalities, and I don't need to know why you want a reading in advance. That's what a real psychic medium is supposed to be able to do. As a spiritual empath I can immediately sense what is going on with your emotional and spiritual field. It also allows me to connect as a medium to show real proof of the afterlife.

A spiritual medium should be able to tell you how your loved ones died, share the remote visions they are being shown and provide relevant guidance about your life right now.

Your spiritual family guide you to me, to help you deal with tragedy. I can help you understand the loss of a partner or child. I can help provide greater insight about a friend, lover or family member who may have committed suicide, which leaving you to be in shock and needing answers. Mostly because you need greater clarity in love, relationships, family, work or business and need real help.

I take my spiritual work seriously because you are asking me for help.

How much do you share with your tarot reader? Tarot reading or chat?...

As a spiritual medium I relay higher realm guidance to help you heal or provide real clarity about your life situations, without the use any modalities like Tarot.

I know that you are contacting mediums to find they use tarot cards and need regular prompting about your reasons for calling. I have to stop most of my clients from telling me why they want a psychic reading, because you're so used to being asked for all of this information in other types of readings.

I can only share with you that it is a personal choice to seek out tarot readers or spiritual mediums.

I know that a lot of people open up and share so much information about their lovers, romances, relationships, partners, family and friends to tarot readers and phone psychics that you may as well class that as a friendly chat.

I encourage you to stop revealing so much information at the start of your reading and allow a real psychic to give you proof of their spiritual ability and gifts. You will know if a tarot reader can connect with you if they pick up the cards and start to give you genuine evidence and don't have to ask a lot of questions before they begin a reading.

Psychic Reviews

Many of you want to know if you can trust all of the Australian and world psychic reviews that are being updated on the web.The Spiritual Realms have been cautioning that the psychic arts are being lost by sales people pretending to be psychic.

Spirit is omnipresent and is attracted to psychic mediums who can provide credible evidence of the after life and show genuine heightened psychic ability.

Spirit selects the psychics and mediums who can genuinely work with heightened energies. Those who can use a wide range of clairsenses to channel the higher vibrational angelic realms.

The top spiritual mediums and psychics are far removed from the countless psychic review sites that claim they have found the best psychics in the world.

Vine psychic gives accurate psychic readings to people from all cultural backgrounds

I recommend you read why I was guided to work on the first Australian psychic line and then started doing readings for people around the world from all different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. Refer to my psychic blog article Are Psychic Reviews True or False and come to your own knowing about what is going on in the psychic field.

Money Money Money
There is a disturbing trend occurring in the psychic market that customers in Australia and in the world need to know about. A lot of online psychics are misleading their customers about their real psychic business reputation and duping their customers to sell online marketing products.

They're connected to network affiliate sites who use social network sites and blog sites to share their business links in the hope they will be ranked higher than genuine psychic readers.

The same people and businesses that used to drive you crazy with email spam are now networking with each other to sell a wide range of spells, charms, money making schemes. They're hoping you don't delve too deep into their real business background.

The best Australian psychic readers are out of reach because the network psychics earn commission from reaching number one ranking. Psychic reviews are being contaminated by either the psychic or the networks writing their own customer reviews and tainting a sacred spiritual craft. Spiritually it was the reason why I was guided by my Spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian Psychic Line. Any of my clients will share with you they know how passionate I am about instilling a sense of ethical integrity into the spiritual arts and that's why I am spiritually guided to speak out about these practices.

Not sure if your phone psychic readers are connected to network affiliate link sharing, or updating their own business testimonials on Australian/World psychic reviews? Check here to find out what to look out for...

Vine Psychic - Ethical Psychic Readings

Vine was spiritually guided more than 9 years ago to introduce the first online ethical psychic booking process. She researched a lot of psychic booking options and selected PayPal because it ticked all of the right boxes and still does now. It is rated the World's Best online merchant booking process.

The security of your banking details and personal information was paramount to Vine. She was spiritually guided to show credible psychic ability and that meant eliminating the unecessary phone screening by customer service representatives or the psychics themselves.

You Are in Charge
Psychic ECommerce needs to be secure and Vine has created a customer booking process that YOU'RE in control of.

Your psychic booking and your banking details are known only to YOU. That's a great relief for customers and clients in Australia and around the world.

Is Your Psychic or their customer service requesting your credit card or personal details?

When you book an online psychic reading with Vine you can feel assured nobody can check your social networks or engage you in a conversation to find out why you need a reading.

Does your psychic request your personal details and banking information before you have a psychic reading? How secure is their data information? These are the types of things you should think about before booking a telephone psychic reading. Our customers trust Vine's online psychic booking process.

Vine's Psychic Readings
Vine doesn't need any initial information at the start of your reading. Your complete anonymity is assured and you are not updated on a customer data base because we trust that our customers know when they want a psychic reading and don't need to receive newsletters from us.

Read Vine's PayPal history and why she was spiritually guided to put her customers in charge of their own psychic bookings.

Discounted Psychic Readings

When you Book a Phone Psychic Reading with Clairvoyant Medium Vine, you can save up to 25%.

Australian customers who wish to be charged via their phone bill, can also call Vine's phone psychic readings 1902 line.

Call - 1902 242 800 Vine's Phone Psychic Line
(call costs $4.95 per min gst incl. extra mobiles/pay Monessa Gulf)

Best contact: from 6.00pm Monday to Friday and over the weekends.

NOW 33 Years of Psychic Reading experience!
vine phone readings

Vine's Phone Psychic Reading Line

Melbourne Born Vine Psychic is dedicated to helping you obtain the best psychic reading for your spiritual needs. If you need expert help before you book an online psychic reading and you are unable to guage which psychic is genuine, we recommend you read this Psychic Reading Tips article before booking an online psychic.

Women, this is a must read by Melbourne born Vine Psychic. Find out why you should not meet up with men from psychic chat lines or purchase black magic curses or curse removals.

Australian Psychic Vine's Psychic Tips Melbourne Psychic Vine - How to Find the Right Psychic

Find the Right Psychic

If you are looking for real clarity with your life decisions make sure you seek a psychic who has a credible background and doesn't consider psychic readings to be entertainment. A genuine psychic will stand in the spirital energy of integrity and not trivalise their gifts for the sake of getting a customer to their door.

Best Psychic Readings

The best psychic reading is one that is full of clarity and will help you deal with your situations now. Be discerning of spell psychics, hex removal psychics, love psychic lines to attract someone into your life. Love psychics are normally waiting for someone who is vulnerable to call them in the middle of the night.

Read Vine's Psychic Tips on Finding the Right Psychic

Vine's Psychic Readings Line

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Vine's latest psychic reading blog articles explore:

Vine shares how you need to be discerning when selecting a reputable psychic medium, which Spirit selects to work with your loved ones from the higher realms. Don't be fooled by "energies of deceit".

What Spirit Guides Are The Energy of Deceit?
These are people who present as psychics who come from a wide range of business backgrounds and some disappointingly for psychic customers, are people who have joined business and blog affiliate networks to force the best psychics out of reach so they are found first.

Why are they doing this?
Simply because the psychic business wants to sell the networks main money making products to their customers and earn a commission. If you want to read more about which psychics in Melbourne and Australia are involved in these affiliate psychic schemes and their real business motivations we suggest you view the Karma Lounge Forums member articles.

The members of the Karma Lounge have investigated who is behind this network movement and how they came to have a huge presence in the tarot and psychic reading field in Australia. They deliberately targeted people who were vulnerable to sell their money making products. That in itself is a disgrace.

Is Your psychic reader in Australia connected to an affiliate money making scheme, or earning commission from selling products, and doesn't really have a qualified psychic background?

Take a look at your regular psychic readers website. Are they connected to a money making scheme or selling a wide range of products which are not directly related to psychic readings?

Check if any or their psychic articles or advertisements are being directed back to a main business network where they earn commission.

Look at the bottom of their webpage and see if they claim to be an entertainment psychic only (check Terms and Conditions of Use if you are unable to locate a psychic is describing their readings are for entertainment).

Check if they're directing customers to another site which could be about SEO, marketing, blog network etc. If you find a business using inorganic links to build up their profile you have stumbled across a psychic business that may not be what it seems.

Google trys to Clean Up Blog Network Inorganic Links
Google is currently checking any website networks that have inorganic links and penalizing them for trying to force genuine businesses down the search engines.

It is the number one topic at the moment in SEO circles because a lof of industries are finding they have been severely penalized and need to change their ways.

A good way of describing what Google is doing is to remove the dark seo from the search engines and only show the good side. You can easily check if your psychic is engaging in dark SEO by viewing their link page.

Are they directing you to a multitude of businesses that have nothing to do with psychic readings? If the answer is yes. You have identified what Google describes as inorganic links.

No genuine psychic business should have to falsify their links to build up reputation if they have built their reputation from a strong customer reputation base over the years. Psychic businesses that are engaging in network links and social network links, are what Spirit describes as the 'energy of deceit'.

True psychic and spiritual readings are not about money making schemes. Anyone who runs a psychic business just for the money (and there are many of them) doesn't understand the spiritual realms or value the sacred energy of spiritual servitude.

The spiritual realms only use genuine psychic mediums to be their spiritual voice.

True Life Spiritual Stories

Here's another of Vine's true life spiritual stories about a husband reaching out from the higher realms to tell his grief stricken wife how much he still loved her. Vine's story about meeting an elderly lady sitting at a bus stop while waiting for a friend is a must read for anyone wanting to know what real love is and whether their relationship stacks up.

Is Psychic Lineage important when you seek a good psychic? Vine's psychic article delves into the generational psychic backgrounds and how this is relevant when having a good psychic reading...

Psychic Trust - article:
When you place your trust in a psychic's reputation you are entrusting your spiritual health with them. To subsequently find out that an Australian or international psychic is fabricating their background is dissapointing.

Genuine psychic reputation is built on years of customer trust, but fake psychics are often simply invented at the drop of a hat by black-hat SEO writers. It is a lesson for all psychics, that above all else your customers want you to be upfront and honest. Read the full article...

Vine's Proven Psychic Predictions

Clairvoyant Medium Vine Psychic Predictions - Book a Discounted Psychic Reading with Vine

Melbourne born Vine's psychic prediction record has proven that she has the psychic ability to see into the future. Most of her Australian and world psychic predictions have come true.

Vine allows readers to follow the spiritual guidance by updating the accuracy of her predictions as reported in the news.

Predictions are never altered or taken down, whether right or wrong. Australian and World readers have come to trust in Vine because she provides genuine psychic predictions relevant to the times we are living in and she stays true to them.

Vine's predictions deal with real issues of concern, problems and solutions in the world. Her respect for the spiritual arts is too great to trivialize guidance from the higher realms. Vine doesn't bother with gossip orientated entertainment celebrity predictions.

2016 Psychic Predictions

Read Vine's Psychic Predictions for 2016 here.

Read Vine's Divine Feminine Year 2016 Psychic Predictions Message here.

2016 Psychic Prediction Message - Divine Feminine
Vine's Purple Vision from Spirit for the Divine Feminine 2016 Year

The Divine Feminine Year

2016 will see the influence of the Divine Feminine Cosmic Energy on our world.

See the remarkable purple Northern and Southern Lights that ushered in 2016 on New Years Eve. The unusual purple Aurora lights and rare purple poles of light looked remarkably like the Vine's purple Vision channeled from Spirit for the 2016 year.

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Spiritual Karma Report Card Year
2015 Psychic Predictions Message

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2015 Spiritual Karmic Report Card - Spiritual Channeling

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Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth

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Vine Psychic Line Ethical Conduct

Vine's Australian Phone Psychic Line operates according to the Universal Laws of Nature

Vine always adheres to the Universal Laws of Nature and has a strong ethical foundation in offering genuine spiritual readings and helping people gain a greater sense of peace and clarity in their lives.

A reputable psychic should have a solid spiritual and psychic background and know how to deal with a wide range of paranormal experiences. Clients trust Vine because she offers consistently clear spiritual guidance.

Summary of Vine's Psychic Background
Vine is a genuine Natural-Born Clairvoyant Medium with 33 years of extensive experience in the psychic field in Australia and globally. Her psychic reputation is real. She is an expert Spiritual Sensitive. Vine's psychic readings are amazing. She is THE REAL THING.

Learn more about Vine's spiritual background.

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