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East Africa Famine, Drought, Conflict
Vine | Phone Psychic Reading Gift Vouchers

Vine Spiritual Quote - Let the Spirit of YOU emerge. By hiding behind one's fears we only cause confusion to others

Vine Phone Psychic Readings Line - recommends sustainable energies


Vine Phone Psychic Readings Line - recommends sustainable energies

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Vine's Weekly Spiritual Editorials
April 22nd 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Readings - Gay and Lesbian Community

Vine Psychic Phone Readings Earth Rainbow

Does Vine do phone psychic readings for the Lesbian and Gay community? Yes.

Vine believes in oneness and therefore it is a given that her online psychic services are for everyone.

Everybody Deserves Clarity in Their Life - The Higher Realms Don't Discriminate
Vine's spiritual motto is: "EVERYBODY deserves clarity in their life". In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about the readings I do for the gay and lesbian community to help you understand that the higher realms don't discriminate. In fact, I was spiritually guided to write about how damaging it is for your psyche to not live in your authentic essence, including when you are born of a certain knowing concerning your sexuality.

As a spiritual sensitive I have the ability to tune into heightened clairsenses. The empathic ability to use my ethereal aura as a conduit when I do my spiritual breath technique immediately reveals what is occurring around your seven chakras. When I tune into clients who are gay and lesbian there is nothing energetically that distinguishes your aura to be any different than hetrosexuals. That's because we are all spiritually equal. We are all One in God's eyes.

Stereotyping psychic readings into 'gay' or 'straight' simply doesn't register on my radar, and I would no more do that than stereotyping between different cultures.

I know some psychics who are gay would prefer to specialize in doing readings for the gay community. That's a personal choice.

If you book an online telephone consultation, we don't ask any upfront information when we process your booking. I am shocked thay many online psychic services request why customers want a reading. I don't consider that to be 'psychic' in any way.

During your phone psychic reading I tune into your aura and identify what is energetically occurring on your aura and directly influencing your current life. I then enter a light trance and scan your ethereal field. If your heart chakra is highlighting a variety of heightened emotional responses I will begin to share them with you. If you are grieving the loss of someones passing or a relationship, or have lost your job the solar plexus will bring a gut wrenching energy to my aura which reveals you are requiring gentle guidance to help you through your darkest hours.

I'm guided by your loved ones in the higher realms to help you come to terms with your issues of concern. Judgments about sexuality are never made during a reading and I personally can't relate to any form of prejudice. I speak up for all spiritual beings and share we are all equal.

I help you get in touch with your own spiritual truth and if this is about accepting your sexuality then so be it. Everyone is loved in the heavens, no matter what your background. Even people who have lost their way are not forgotten. We are all responsible for our life decisions and what we attract towards us.

I don't believe in the false law of attraction teachings which tell us we can manifest anything we desire irrespective of what others desire and with no respect for the environment on which all incarnated souls on Earth rely. We are all ONE and we are all in this together. We are not separate from each other and nor are we separate from nature.

The false law of attraction teachings go against everything I know to be a spiritual truth. They are one of the reasons we are dealing with such a disconnection from the environment and from nature that is leading to the extreme variations in our climate that we are currently witnessing.

Every human has equal spiritual value, and the flora and fauna are similarly equal to you. Oneness isn't only about human needs, it is about humans living in harmony with all of God's creatures and with each other.

In my spiritual life, a non-judgmental Spirit never lets me forget that despite our many physical, cultural, sexual and social differences, we are all ONE.

Love and Light

April 14th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Helps the Sleepless

Vine Psychic Medium - PeacefulSleeping

Are you unable to sleep at night because of financial worries?

Yes? This weeks psychic reading editorial is to help the sleepless and bring you a greater peace of mind. I am going to explain what is energetically occurring on your ethereal aura and how you can take back control of your sleeping habits.

Sleeping is necessary for our physical body to rest and heal. It is also essential for our ethereal health. The ethereal health of our aura is not something most people consider when it comes to sleep. You can easily find information about the different stages of physical sleep, but you rarely find useful information about the spiritual aspects of sleep and how they affect your over-all health. I want to help my clients and readers who are suffering from insomnia and scattered thoughts instead of sleeping when your head touches the pillow.

How many of you find it difficult to calm your mind before you go to sleep? Do you worry about paying off your mortgage, buying a house, getting a job, losing a job, finding another job that pays more, finding money to pay the school fees for your children? Are you a small business owner who has taken out a major loan? There is one thing you all have in common, you're not sleeping because you're worrying about money. There may be other thoughts entering your mind as well, about relationships and love, but the majority of sleepless nights most of us are having are due to the lack of enough money to do the things we need to do.

Nobody is immune from issues around finances. If you look at all of the new age law of attraction books and courses, you'll see they are mainly about financial prosperity. The inference is that you need to be wealthy to have peace of mind. It is drilled into our psyches that money will bring happiness. But does it really?

We Have the Wrong Role Models
The role models served up to us are rich celebrities and billionaires who are deemed successful because they have made a lot of money. We are all told that fame and fortune and fitting in with what others expect of us, is what we must aspire to.

For most of us the only way to earn excessive amounts of money is to work excessive numbers of hours. That's if you have a job, and when you're only on a casual contract or part time work and the full time jobs are rare, how can you possibly bring in enough money to make ends meet?

If our economic models can't support continual growth in all industries then there will always be job scarcity for those in the wrong place at the wrong time. Money will always be spread unevenly across society, and most of the time, very unevenly.

For every job advertised in the classifieds, there are hundreds of people applying. And there are hundreds of people studying to get higher qualifications to be considered more successful then the other applicants doing exactly the same thing. It can be soul destroying if we allow our economic models and hyped-up media role models to dictate our happiness level. It can bring nights of unrest and make us question the meaning of our life.

Is this what we incarnated for? No it is not.

You are a spiritual being who holds your own gifts. You are cherished by the higher realms and your life isn't only defined by monetary wealth.

The energy of money is not spiritually created. Money divides us, but spiritually we are all ONE and we need an economic system that reflects the ONENESS of our true spiritual nature.

Instead we have created an economic system based on scarcity, fear and division. It's a system based on using-up nature's finite resources without any necessity to live in harmony with nature. Our present economic models based on ever increasing growth are unsustainable and create division in the world. Because they are based on scarcity they pit person against person, nation against nation to compete against each other for the precious resources of our planet and the money and illusion of happiness we equate with all of that.

Real peace and subsequent happiness in our life is something we can claim for ourselves by honouring our true essence.

Wasted Energy
The wasted energy in the way we presently run our societies, leads to wasted energies in our own lives. There is much wasted energy behind our sleepless nights that does not define who we are, nor honour our true essence.

If you are not sleeping because of issues surrounding money and scarcity, you are causing enormous stress on your mental wellbeing. You are depleting your energy resources and not honouring your true spiritual self.

How Do We Return to Sleep?
To find our real knowing and return to sleep, we must return to a life lived in balance with nature. Go for long walks in parks or natural places, take deep breaths into your lungs and follow the breath as it enters your body. Your breath is your connection to your true spiritual path.

At night, switch off all the electrical devices you have in your bedroom and calm your mind. Learn to be in touch with Stillness. Utilise Nature's herbs to sooth your mind. Place some diluted lavender oil on a handkerchief and place it underneath your pillow. Discover your body's natural biorhythms and allow the night to be a time for healing.

Begin to have a better relationship with all of your spiritual bodies, not just your physical body. What I mean by this is listen to your inner spiritual voice of knowing (your intuition). Let go the scattered thoughts of the day and let you spiritual body make sense of them all in sleep. Realise you are your own creator and the strongest connection you have with the creation of your life is found through the peace of sleep.

The unsustainable economic system that defines our lives causes real problems for many of us that we can only overcome with real connection to our higher purpose. In sleep, this connection to our higher self will define the path to the financial freedom we require to live the life we are meant to live.

The sleepless nights are our Higher Self's way of telling us that we are off course and need to steer our path back to a place of truth.

Stillness Meditation
When the scattered thoughts of a restless night become overwhelming, stillness is the path to sleep. The healing connection with your Higher Self in sleep is the first step to your financial redemption and a balanced life. To find your place of stillness before sleep, try meditations designed to still your mind.

For Example, when the disturbing thoughts come, don't try to stop them, but instead, observe them intently from the outside as if they belong to someone else. Imagine that the thoughts are bubbles in a soft drink. Observe each thought bubble as it appears, then let it go to the surface and disappear. When you separate yourself from your scattered thoughts and watch them all rise away like bubbles in a soft drink, you are actually observing the thoughts from the peaceful stillness of your true self. Between each thought, try to think of nothing at all. Become aware that even the thought of 'thinking of nothing' is also a thought. Let it go.

At first this meditation won't be easy. Again and again you'll catch yourself thinking, instead of watching the thoughts. Every time you catch yourself inside your thoughts, separate yourself from the thought again. Stop it in its tracks, put it in a bubble and watch it float away. Concentrating on the consistent exercise of separating yourself from your thoughts will take your mind away from the contents of those thoughts and help you find the stillness that comes just before sleep.

Finally, take a deep slow breath in, then slowing let the breath out and with it, let out all the pressures of the day.

The pressures on us to over-consume and get ourselves into debt that we can't repay, are enormous. True connection with our higher purpose helps us to stay on our true path and not be tempted off it by superficial desires that do not serve us.

All Solutions Come from the Same Place
There are many different ways to manage the debt and the problems that drive the incessant thoughts keeping us awake at night. Finding true solutions to money stress requires an understanding of where all of the solutions come from.

They come from that peaceful place inside you that allows you to define yourself, your true self.

Don't allow the pressures of society to define who you are. See past the superficiality and false images of our over-hyped consumer age and find your own reason for being.

If you compare yourself to others you will not find peace.

Sleepless nights are your Higher Self's way of telling you that you're off course. To find peaceful sleep, steer your path back to a place of truth.

Love and Light

April 7th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine's Real Life Out of Body Experience
It happened unexpectedly. I was in an ambulance being taken to hospital when I had an out of body experience (OOBE).

Vine Psychic Out Of Body Experiences - OOBE

In my psychic reading editorial I am going to share what an out of body experience is to help you understand the energetic mechanics.

It is my spiritual aim to demystify OOBE's, to remove the sensationalised elements and to help readers come to a greater awareness about the angelic realms and spiritual guardians who protect me from harm.

I am also going to share how much gratitude I have for my partner, family, friends and loyal customers during my recovery.

Leading Up to My Out-of-Body-Experience...
I awoke last Sunday morning to excruciating pain in my body. I had noticed a sense of lethargy creeping up on me on Saturday night.

Saturday was a normal day. I completed all my phone psychic readings and was keen to attend one of my dearest friend's Earth Hour events on Saturday evening. We went from the city to the suburbs and found the children had created colourful candle jars, all Eco-friendly and they were watching an environmental educational video by the light of their hand-made candles.

My partner noticed I was tiring and not myself. We decided to leave the party, head home and get some sleep.

The next thing I knew it was morning, I felt a judder from my sleep and woke up in high fever. The room was spinning and I woke my partner and told him I was violently ill. Everything was a blur after that. My partner took control and called an ambulance.

I can hazily recall speaking to the handsome Ambos (ambulance driver and paramedics) as they asked me where the pain was.

They held me up as we went down the lift, and after putting me in the back of the ambulance, they placed oxygen over my mouth and stuck a needle in my arm to help with my nausea and pain.

My Out-of-Body-Experience...
Not long after, I felt myself lifting out of my body. I was energetically escaping the pain and toxic environment of my physical vessel. I was flying above skyscrapers in the dark night, thousands of kilometres from Australia. It was just after sunrise in Australia but I was in the Northern Hemisphere above a large Asian city that was still dark. I was also aware that my body was in an ambulance back in Australia and I returned after a short time.

There are many out of body experiences I have experienced throughout the years. As a young child I can recall lifting out of my body at will. I would float around the room and have full awareness of my body. I recall returning into my body when I saw myself lying on the bed and questioned why I was looking at myself.

The next thing I knew I was back in my body. This is how I came to learn that fear of out of body experiences will stop you from lifting out of the body. I share in the About Vine section of the website the spiritual OOBE I had in primary school when I was shown by my angelic guardians that every thought and action is soul recorded.

There are many energy sensations you can have with an OOBE. I can recall the energy vibrations, similar to ocean waves going backwards and forwards from the top of my head and feeling the sensation of lifting out of my body. Now I just slip in and out with full knowing I am in ethereal energy form.

How did I know where I was? By claircognizance, the spiritual wisdom of all knowing. A spiritual heightened clairsense that genuine spiritual light workers call upon when they work with the angelic realms. I could feel the presence of my spiritual guardians as they have been with me since I incarnated.

By now in my fifties I have experienced major spiritual learnings about consciousness and the light and dark. I no longer need the same amount of protection I had as a psychic baby and child. Yes, these energetic releases are not new to me, they are ingrained in my soul and allow me to help people who suffer from traumas and loss to find peace and direction when I do medium readings.

Near Death Experience are Different From Out of Body Experiences...
My Out of Body Experience in the ambulance wasn't a near death experience.

NDE's are different than OOBE. With NDE's you will normally encounter a passage of light tunnel where you immediately rush towards the heavenly realms. You also will have spiritual visitations of loved ones greeting you as you decide whether you wish to return to your body. If a spiritual being decides they have not fulfilled their life destiny, they will return to their body to complete these lessons.

I know my spiritual work is not done and I can't leave my divine Gaia and all of her creatures while she is suffering now. I cannot cross over until I complete my spiritual quest.

After I returned to my physical vessel, I saw the love extended from my partner as he stayed with me in the hospital ward all day and into the night. I realised how blessed I was to have found a loving partner who entered into my life. He fussed over me, and held my hand when my body was at its weakest. My family and friends from all over Australia contacted me to give me words of encouragement and allowed me to see how much support was lavished on me when I needed it.

By the time I was discharged from hospital, I saw the lesson of my acute illness experience in a philosophical way. I listened to the screams of patients in other wards and realised how precious life really is. On the way home I wound down the car window and breathed in the fresh air and stared at the green trees and knew I was one of the lucky ones. An elderly woman in my hospital room had a stroke and I heard a counsellor advise the family she would never be able to have full mobility of her legs ever again. I heard her tears in the night and sent prayers to help her in her darkest hours.

I learned how the health cuts in our public hospitals are stopping nurses from attending to ill patients who cry out in the night. I saw compassionate nurses on casual contracts for only one or two days a week, working back to help sick patients. There's plenty of work, but due to government health cuts these nurses have little chance of gaining permanent employment, while the wealthiest in our society stash their billions in tax havens to avoid paying taxes. All of these spiritual lessons were shown to me in my four day stay in hospital.

They are invaluable life lessons. I also was blown away with the amount of concern shown by my Aussie and international clients when I began to take your readings. Some of my regular clients intuitively knew I wasn't well and shared how at the exact time of my illness they were thinking of me and worried that I was OK. Your beautiful words were like flowers touching my heart. To my long term Eastern suburbs client, thank you for your generous gift offer but your prayers are more than enough.

I am much better now and have followed doctors orders and slowed down my workload. But there is much to be done and much more to share, and it's made me see that I'm not yet ready to spiritually depart.

So loyal clients rest easy, Vine Psychic reading Line is here in your time of greatest need and I'm sticking around until we adequately deal with climate change and return to our real spiritual essence of Oneness.

Are you with me?

Love and Light

March 24th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic TV Interviews, Empathy Grieving?

Australian Light Worker Spiritual Psychic Vine

The lack of respect shown by celebrity psychics and media to grief stricken families and relatives directly involved in the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is disgraceful.

Following on from last weeks editorial I want to elaborate on how disconnected some media-driven psychics are becoming from the spiritual arts that genuine psychics represent.

The spiritual arts are sacred. Credible light workers know they have entered into spiritual service to help the grief stricken find clarity.
The spiritual arts are sacred. Credible light workers know they have entered into spiritual service to help the grief stricken find clarity. Our work is devoted to the higher angelic realms and helping to relay specific channeling to assist our clients find a greater sense of truth.

The manufactured pseudo-psychic skills that celebrity psychics describe, are far removed from my spiritual teachings as a child. If you fail to have empathy for the grieving and fail to consider them as being more important than your media appearances, how can you ethically claim that you are assisting your clients to find a greater peace of mind when they are suffering? Something is spiritually amiss when famous psychics in the media ride off the pain of others.

Genuine Empathy for Grief Stricken Families
I have seen very little genuine empathy shown to the grief stricken families and relatives, as the search for missing Malaysian plane has consumed the media headlines. I viewed a woman on TV from China pouring her heart out to the media and being dragged screaming out of the press conference as she demanded answers from the Malaysian government.

I also had a video clip sent to me via email showing a British psychic being interviewed on a 24/7 news service. I was shocked to see how emotionally sterile the questions were being directed to the celebrity psychic and commentators. A number of aviation experts and a psychic were discussing theories about where the plane could have gone down. At no stage did I spiritually feel the emotional state of the friends, families, relatives or work colleagues of the missing were being taken into account.

If the media had initially respected the families and advised them to switch off the television because it may cause distress, then I might have spiritually considered they were doing the right thing by the grieving.

The emotional disconnection to the grieving shown by some celebrity psychics throughout Australia and the world is concerning, considering they claim to help people connect to the other side. It would be expected if you are spiritually in tune with the higher realms, your first priority would be to care for the grieving.

Vine psychic reading Line has been dismayed to see how many psychics have publicly used social media to describe their visions, without having predicted the event before it occurred. It seems it is more important for some psychics to be considered to be a credible psychic authority, then to have the spiritual decorum expected as a credible light worker.

Being a light worker is something I consider to be an honour. I do not take the spiritual responsibility lightly, nor do I consider the authentic spiritual arts are any way related to the manufactured social and entertainment skills that are being mass-produced in record numbers by groups and individuals who fail to identify any real spiritually authentic clairsenses.

Light workers are well aware that ego is something we have to overcome in a physical incarnation. We are aware that fame or celebrity status is of no spiritual consequence. It is a human creation and there are no celebrities in the heavenly realms because everyone is equal.

Our Role is to Help and Heal
Our role is to assist our clients when you need spiritual clarity, to help you get in touch with your own voice of knowing. It is to help the grief stricken find the courage to go on after their lover or child has died from a tragic accident. To provide inspirational channeling that will help our clients realise they have the potential to stand in authentic energy and create lives which bring personal satisfaction and rewards.

The superficial is put to the side as we allow ourselves to be a vessel to the angelic realms and to reach people who have been psychically abused or needing a helping hand.

This is why I am speaking-up for the family, relatives, lovers and friends who are grieving and being disregarded by the 24/7 news broadcasting television overreach into your personal life.

You deserve respect. You deserve to be taken into consideration by the media as they rush to break a news story. But most of all, when you are grieving, your feelings matter. I personally apologize to you as a lightworker. My prayers are extended from the angelic realms in your time of need.

Love and Light

March 17th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Celebrity Psychic Prediction Cringe

Why do celebrity psychics jump on the bandwagon after personal tragedy? This week in Vine's psychic reading editorial she writes about the psychic prediction cringe.

Vine Psychic Coping with Grief

In situations like the missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370, families grieving the unknown fate of their loved ones need facts, not self-aggrandising opportunistic celebrity predictions. Nor do they need to read fabricated psychic predictions by psychic-chat psychics engaging in conversations on prediction websites and using SEO terms from current media stories to push their own sites higher in search ratings.

Flight MH370 and Celebrity Psychics
With the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight M370, it is already difficult enough for the families, friends and loved ones, without celebrity psychic predictions being trumpeted in the media.

Celebrity psychics (or wanna-be psychics) have been doing remote visions in the media recently to find the missing Malaysian plane. They must be desperate for publicity. Cashing in on something like this is tasteless, uncaring and shameful. It is the last thing the loved ones of those concerned need. When people lump celebrity 'psychic predictions' in with genuine, caring, non-celebrity psychic predictions and prophecy, it destroys the good will of genuine psychics.

As a psychic who was spiritually guided to share clairvoyant predictions from Spirit over the last five years, I can see why there is so much concern about celebrity psychics using the media and SEO to self-promote themselves after the fact. It looks tacky and fake when psychic prediction sites use current media stories to appear relevant, and when people confuse these celebrity psychics with the real thing, it destroys credibility within the spiritual arts.

There are online psychic prediction sites created by search engine optimisation specialists (SEO) solely to appear on Google searches higher than reputable spiritual prophecy sites. These suspect prediction sites are owned by cheap psychic chat rooms who hope that their fabricated predictions will entice you into having a psychic chat phone call.

Marketing companies and the media are fooling people into believing elaborated self promotional psychic predictions.

The international and Australian media should come under more scrutiny when they ask psychics to share visions about events in the news. it is disrespectful for the people involved and to grieving family members. Some psychics need to stop selling their soul to the media, and instead stand in authentic energy.

If, as a psychic you are capable of seeing remote visions which can help the authorities, then let the people involved come to you. Stop jumping uninvited onto the bandwagon. If you didn't predict the event before it happened, it doesn't do you any favours to shout through the media that you were 'called upon' to find a missing plane. Actually it does the opposite and makes you look heartless, with no empathy for the grieving.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the grieving. They are in state of high anxiety and don't need to read half-baked guesses that a plane exploded or terrorists took over a plane. They need to know the facts. Celebrity psychics, stop destroying the spiritual arts just to get your one minute of fame.

Vine Psychic Reading Line extends our prayers to the families and friends directly affected by the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Love and Light

March 7th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Dream Psychic Readings - Real Purpose of Dreams

Vine writes about the direct connection between your dreams, your aura and your higher self.

Vine Psychic Dream Readings

Why does a dream stay with you throughout the day? You wake up from a dream and it may make you feel unsettled and wanting clarity about its real meaning. The reason why the dream won't leave your conscious mind is because it is trying to get you to analyse the emotional message behind the dream.

Your higher self is attempting to reach out to you using the subconscious electrical energy in your mind. Everything about dreams has a purpose, unravelling its messages can seem a wasted exercise. But persevere, because you might find your dreams are your way forward to understanding many pressing life issues.

I have done thousands of dream readings for customers throughout Australia and the world. I do not advocate there is one dream meaning that fits all. The dream dictionary interpretations are too simplistic. They are good for general understanding, but can't be relied upon solely to interpret your individual dreams.

When I do a dream reading, I do it in relation to your own personal circumstances. Without you telling me anything, I first use my spiritual breath technique to tune into your energetic aura, and only then do I break the dream down into segments - the introduction of the dream, the body of the dream and finally the conclusion of the dream.

This allows me to energetically identify what is at the heart of the dream's message. Also, I need to know how often the dream is occurring and what type of dream is working through your ethereal body.

Notice I am NOT referring to the dream being directly related to the mind. If you have read any of my articles in the past, you would be aware that our mind works directly with our auric body. This is why I am guided the psychological sciences are still trying to determine the mystery of dreams. Some scientists believe dreams don't have a real purpose, but this is based on the scientific tests of the mind.

When you delve deeper into the ethereal field you discover there is a lot going on unseen by the naked eye.

Try this simple dream exercise:

  1. Buy a book that can become your dream journal
  2. Before going to sleep ask your higher self to help you recall the messages of your dreams (persevere, because it might not occur straight away)
  3. If you wake up from a dream, jot everything down you can recall about the content of the dream. Don't think too hard, just write it down as you remember it. (Use bullet points if you like)
  4. Describe how you were feeling in the dream
  5. Describe who was in the dream - people, animals, aliens etc.
  6. Describe the locations - kitchen, pool, etc.
  7. Describe the colours, or if there were any props, like cars, books, phones, etc.
  8. When you've finished, go back to sleep.
You don't have to immediately interpret the dream right there and then, sometimes its best to wait until later.

If you need any assistance to work out the energetic message of your dreams, you can book a dream psychic reading online using our Secure PayPal booking procedure.

Once you learn how to interpret your dreams without using a dream encyclopedia you will be able to immediately identify the importance of your dream or nightmare.

Love and Light

February 24th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic Vine - Helping People Cope after Suicide

Vine Psychic Coping with Suicide

After the tragic loss of well known model and media identity Charlotte Dawson and the recent Australian TV series about the Aussie band INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, I have received several requests to write my psychic editorial about coping with suicide loss.

I don't intend this article to be all about well known public figures. My hope is to help families, friends, colleagues who have lost someone close to them and to give you spiritual insight about why people commit suicide.

I also hope to educate people about the life-death transition and what credible spiritual mediums do to help the public and the spiritually departed make contact using a Sensitive who converses with the higher realms.

First I want to bring a human element to understanding energetically what made the person you loved take their own life.

Anyone who believes suicide is an easy option for the departed is emphatically unaware of the emotional pain going on beneath the surface. Mental illness can happen to anyone. It only takes a few of life's hard knocks to send someone over the edge.

When I tune into someone suffering from depression as an empath, I use my aura as a conduit to feel what is going on energetically in their ethereal field. There are several spiritual indicators that allows me to identify how the dark energy (black dog) is in control.

The heart chakra highlights a dense energy, which sends out a feeling of deep sadness. Then the aura itself visually feels cloudy, similar to an overcast or cloudy day. I can also feel the spiritual being withdrawing into them-self.

When I tune into clients who send out these type of energy signals I immediately know they are in a fragile state of mind. I am spiritually guided to do the reading, or to suggest my phone client needs to seek out professional medical help. Each spiritual reading is unique to the individual. At all times I am aware of their sacred essence and how the Universe considers everyone to be a child of equal standing.

There are times I will be spiritually guided to say words that stop my clients taking their own life. I help them find a way to deal with family disputes, childhood traumas, bullying and abuse. Spirit is aware of their life experiences. As a medium I am spiritually guided to open my vessel to the angelic realms, so the person receiving the guidance immediately identifies their loved ones are speaking through me. These readings help me realize how loved we all are in Spirit.

The people who Spirit does reach can be saved from their own demons. When they are shown ways of spiritually working around their traumas or overwhelming feelings they begin to calm down and see the possibility of changing some areas of their life.

The people who find depression to be overwhelming who take their life are unable to see the light from the dark energy that consumes them. They may have one life knock after another that doesn't bring peace of mind.

You Don't Have to be Super Positive All the Time
They may have been told to think positively by well intentioned friends or life coaches who believe positive thought will cure all of life's ills. Unfortunately this is a misconception that sometimes makes the depressed feel guilty about not staying upbeat. The overly positive person who suffers from depression, is most likely trying to put everyone else at ease. This can result in causing further mental torment to their psyche. The truth is, it is better to be true to ones emotions, no matter what they are, and honor them when they arise.

The depressed person will most likely mentally crack in a time of weakness when they are alone and just want the pain to end. They don't want their families and loved ones to suffer when they cross over. That's why they will use spiritual Sensitives to tell their loved ones they are alright.

I have done thousands of spiritual readings to help the departed reach out to their loved ones. They know you are missing them and have possibly entered different stages of guilt about whether you could have done more when they were alive.

When you send thoughts like:

  • I can't believe they are gone
  • I keep expecting them to walk through the door
  • I didn't know it was that bad, if only I had known
  • If only I could have done something
  • I tried to help them to stay positive
  • I knew they had a drinking problem and I kept saying it will work out, it always does..."
  • I should have dropped everything I was doing and gone to them when they phoned...
These thoughts will be spiritually heard in the higher realms. Spirit is an all knowing omnipresent essence and your loved ones are aware of your suffering and will attempt to make contact after they cross over.

Spiritual Loved Ones Making Contact in Dreams
The spiritually departed don't want to see their loved ones and friends suffer in the physical world. They want you to remember the good times, the days they had deep and meaningful conversations with you, or laughed themselves silly.

This is why some family members and friends will declare they had a dream where they saw their loved one or spoke to them in a dream. The memory of the dream will stay with them throughout the day and bring a sense of comfort. These spiritual dreams happen when the mind is less active and you're in a place of stillness. They allow your loved one to reach out to you when you go through different sleep states. If you have a spiritual visitation dream about a loved friend or family pet it is Spirits way of letting you know your prayers have reached them.

They Want You to Enjoy Life
The early stages of grieving a parent, sibling, friend or work colleague can be difficult. The life-death transition can be confronting as we try to understand why someone reaches a stage of dark despair. I know your loved one doesn't want you to feel responsible for their death. They know their passing will be difficult and at no time do they want you to suffer or go through depression grieving their loss.

They want you to accept their choice and to remember them as being a vibrant, loving person. They want you to continue with your life and to send thoughts and prayers to them in the higher realms when you celebrate family occasions and special life events. You honor them by keeping them in you hearts and thoughts.

Love and Light

February 17th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Psychic Energy of Music
Vine Psychic Spiritual Music

Why do we have different emotional feelings from music? What does energy have to do with music?

When we hear a long forgotten song on the radio, the special memory associated with it takes us back in time and instantly draws our emotions to the surface. We instinctively have a relationship with music but where did this energetic relationship come from?

The Music of Nature
I'd like to share with you that nature is at the root of all we know to be music. That's right, nature holds the answers to the spiritual connection we have to music.

The indigenous cultures came to realise our direct connection to the vibrational frequencies of nature. The Australian aborigines created didgeridoos and clapping sticks to replicate the beautiful tones of nature.

It's the same with other native cultures. "Every step we take is rhythm - Everything is rhythm." The first instruments came from trees, rocks and metals from the ground.

Hearing Nature's Music
But how did the people know to use these natural instruments from our Earth to make music? They were able to still their minds to hear the natural rhythms and tones being released from nature. The reason why indigenous people originally were in sync with nature is because they knew nature is the same energetic essence they originated from. Some cultures in the world have unfortunately lost the ability to hold onto this knowledge as the Western world demanded complete obedience to their way of living.

Music has evolved into different rhythmic streams. The original native chants that shared nature stories about flora and fauna and walking lightly on earth, were handed down from one generation to the next.

Music has allowed us to relay stories and to hold the memories in the cells of our energetic body.

Energy Song Recollection
How do you recall the words of hundreds of songs? Why does the instrumental energy of music bring back the words into your mind? How is it you can't recall any words to songs before the music starts, but when you hear the music again you can sing the songs word-for-word? If you said it is from the mind you are partially right. But why can't you remember the verses of songs without the musical vibration?

There is a lot more going on in the energetic body than you may be aware of. Musical energy is directly related to the chakras not seen by the naked eye. When I tune into musicians, one chakra is more prominent than all the others. Can you guess which chakra is directly related to music creation? It isn't the heart chakra. It's the base chakra (root chakra). There's some truth in the statement that rock stars refer to sex as being directly related to music creation.

When I tune into a singer the most dominant chakra is the throat chakra. A musical writer will be more connected to the third eye or heart chakra as they allow themselves to connect to the energy of the ethereal aura.

It's Not All in the Mind
There is a lot going on in the energy body that many people mistakenly believe is directly related to the mind. The mind is a physical organ that allows the energy thoughts to have a unique vibration. The mind is considered to be where knowledge and intellect comes from, but without the chakra's energy relationship, the mind would have nothing to call upon.

The human body releases it's own musical tones. Our breath releases soft or fast paced tones depending on our stress levels and emotional states. Our heart beat is an incredible rhythm keeper. Place your hands over your heart and feel the pulse of your heart as it beats like a drum and pumps the blood through your veins.

Are you in awe of your bodies natural musical vibrations? When you take a moment to reflect on the energy vibrations that the human being releases, it is impossible not to be in awe about how truly magnificent nature really is. Every one of you has a unique spiritual imprint that is known in the Universal cosmos. But so does Earth have a spiritual breath that is interconnected with our own Universal cosmos.

The flora and fauna and elements of our Earth release musical harmonies that allow animals to migrate from one side of the world to the other. The work of musician Bernie Kraus has now actually demonstrated to us that trees energetically stretch their roots into the Earth and sing as they draw in the rhythms of the earth. Everything is singing and the rhythm of life is everywhere.

When the energetic music of the Earth is out of harmony, our environment thunders with discordant climatic music. But in harmony, our Earth is rhythmically in synch with all.

Each vibration in the cosmos melts into one another and the music is universal. The music of nature is there for all to see if we open our eyes and still our minds.

Love and Light

February 9th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Valentine's Day Psychic Readings and Love Spells?
Vine Psychic Valentines Day Love Readings

Valentine's Day has a lot to answer forwhen it comes to men and women going a bit stir crazy in love relationships. Unresolved love emotions and feelings can make the best of us want answers about the people we're dating or have broken up from.

The amount of love readings I receive before February 14th almost triples each year. Why does Valentine's Day stir-up so much emotion to the surface?

It is about expectations, mostly expectations that have not come to be, and wanting to know what your love interest is feeling.

Questions like:

  • Will my boyfriend or girlfriend propose?
  • Can I get my partner to change their mind about committing and make the relationship official?
  • I love my friend and told them. How do they feel about me?
Vine's Love Psychic Readings
I will always honour your higher self and tune into your love interest before you reveal what is going on. This is how you know I'm not influenced or forced to only guide what you want to hear. The love readings that fail to help you recover from heartbreak and suggest love spells will bring a change of heart, create false hope.

Spirit guides new customers to me who have had the fairy-tale readings which don't come to pass. By the time you reach out for a love psychic reading with me, you have probably exhausted these types of psychics and want the truth. I don't believe happy-ever-after fairy-tale readings benefit you. I know that brutally honest readings provide clarity to help you in your life choices.

Overly Positive Psychic Readings
If Spirit shows me that everything about your relationship is positive, I will relay that to you and I quite often do. But how does an overly positive love reading benefit you if it is completely fabricated to give you false hope?
It doesn't.

False hope can keep you in an emotional holding pattern that can make you turn on yourself when you wait weeks, months or years for your love interest. Watching from a distance you witness them meeting someone new, get engaged, enter into defacto relationships and not even know you've been thinking about them.

When you remove the rose-coloured glasses from your eyes and realise the love spells you paid out for are completely useless and nothing eventuated the way it was previously guided, you may begin to doubt if any credible clairvoyants exist.

The Happy Psychic
You're not the only one that has been taken in by love psychics who advertise that their readings are always uplifting and always positive. You see it all the time on psychic info commercial TV.... "All our readings are positive", and "Speak to our Happy Psychics."

The Law of Attraction (LOA) psychics fail to understand and honour that life doesn't always give us what we desire.

Love Spells
If I tune into your love interest and find they have no intentions of changing their mind or they're not ready to settle down, I will tell you. You can no more use a love spell on the man or women you like, as use a magic spell to win lotto. Forget all the hype you read on psychic chat lines, that's most probably written by a professionally hired copy-writer.

This Valentine's Day, be more discerning when it comes to sourcing love readings by entertainment psychics. There are a lot of people online who will take advantage of your vulnerable state.

Before picking up the phone and calling a psychic or using video chat, ask your higher self if you can entrust your emotional health to them. Is the Australian or world psychic you're speaking with, too sales orientated? Are they pushing you into revealing why you want a love reading, or are they helping you to see the bigger picture?

Take a moment to breathe and go into the stillness of your breath before making a decision to book a Love psychic or get enticed by free horoscopes or 6 minute free offers.

Respect you higher self and ask to be guided to an accurate psychic.

Love and light

February 2nd 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Special Guest - Animal Communicator

Each week I normally allow spirit to guide the topic I'm going to write about, and this week nature herself literally flew onto my shoulder and whispered the topic into my ear.

I love all of nature's creation and sometimes I attract wildlife and lost pets to my door because they know I honour their spiritual essence and will look after them. Last night I left the balcony glass door of my apartment building open because I enjoy a natural breeze and wanted to keep the apartment cool before another hot day. At sunrise, waking up from a dream i could hear the beautiful sound of birds chirping and singing. I sleepily got out of bed to look at the greeting birds to firstly see a large black and white magpie who seemed to be happy to attract my attention with his divine magpie song. Sitting next to him on the railing of my apartment I saw an exotic green and red parrot (an Alexandrine Parakeet).

The magpie let out a final greeting and then flew away. I went to wake my partner up to show him our remaining colourful guest but returned to find the bird was nowhere to be seen. Thinking she had flown away I walked back into our bedroom, and there she was, a female (i think) Alexandrine Parakeet sitting on our bed looking very relaxed walking all over my nature-green doona. I sat gently down next to her. There was not an ounce of fear as she slowly walked towards me. Then she flew up onto my left shoulder and rubbed her beak into my uncombed hair.

Little Priestess from Nature

Spiritually she had chosen me to look after her until we found her owners. In my work as a psychic I receive calls from distraught owners looking for missing pets. I use my spiritual vessel to find out what happened to them. This time I had a loved pet that had been tempted to fly away with some wild birds and came to land on my balcony. I immediately went onto the lost and found pets site on the Australian website to see if someone had reported her missing. There were several Alexandrine Parakeets that were missing, but she wasn't one of them. A lot of pet owners had clipped the wings of their birds and that just made me cringe.

I phoned a women who shared that her bird had got out of her cage and the wings were not clipped enough to stop her from being able to fly. She suggested if I couldn't find the owner she would be interested in having her because her bird had a male companion and he was fretting his female mate was missing. I thanked the woman but knew my bird didn't want her wings clipped. She was perfect exactly as nature intended.

Surprise Guest for Psychic Customers
I promised Australian customers I would be available on Sunday to take calls on my live psychic reading line. I started to get calls coming in early on Sunday morning and my tame parakeet flew onto my shoulder (via my head) as I went to answer a call. I normally greet my customers by saying hello this is Vine speaking. The next thing I knew I heard my parakeet saying "hello" for me, as she affectionately curled into my neck. Suffice to say, my phone readings were quite surreal.

My Australian clients were told about my special guest making herself right at home as I did their readings. The joy this added to my client's readings can't be measured. They were amazed and wanted to talk to her, but as soon as I put the phone near her beak she started to chew the telephone cord.

She eventually nodded off to sleep using my shoulder as a perch. If anyone saw her there just a few hours after she flew into my life, they may have thought she was a long time family pet. She was energetically able to determine she was in good hands and no harm would come to her.

Animals know instinctively who they can trust. They are intelligent and experience emotions like we do. How the human race believe animals are only for our convenience is beyond arrogance. When I use my voice as a spokesperson for wildlife and animals I do so knowing they are equal to us. My blood boils when I see politicians making rash decisions about culling sharks in Western Australia, or not protecting the world heritage areas of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, or delisting large areas of Tasmania's World Heritage area for logging.

I feel sorry for anyone who is emotionally detached from their real connection to nature. I couldn't imagine living a life without embracing nature in the highest. It must be an empty life for someone who just sees a tree as being a resource, or a majestic mountain as a place for mining. The subtle energetic energy of nature aligns with the spiritual human being's energy field. If we disregard the energy of the environment we automatically alter Gaia's magnetic field.

Without a doubt, the most important issue our world is facing is climate change, and the destruction of all that is precious about our environment is a driving factor behind climate change.

We have to radically rethink the way we relate to the environment in which we live. The traditional view that we exist apart from nature and can do anything we like to it, is wrong. We are a part of nature and anything we do to her, we do to ourselves.

Early this morning mother nature sent me a messenger who flew to me on the night wind. Like Nature herself, she is strong, she is mischievous, and sometimes she lets us know who is boss. But if we mistreat her she will utter the name of God, fly away and leave us in a desert of our making. And so until I can find her owners again, I think I'll call my beautiful Alexandrine Parakeet, Lilith the mythological priestess who flew away of her own choosing because she wasn't prepared to allow the feminine to be subservient to the male order, similar to what has happened in our world now.

Love and Light

Update: 3rd February 2014

Best News:
After letting the RSPCA know about our beautiful Alexandrine Parrot priestess visitor, we recieved a call today from her owner, who described her perfectly and was able to tell us the words that she speaks, 'Hello" and "What are you doing". One extremely happy teenager and her mum came to pick-up our angel this evening, and all ended well.

The best of possible outcomes. She came into our lives for two days, and relayed to us the toughest of questions from mother nature - "What are you doing?"

January 27th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Can Scientific Psychic Tests Explain Clairsenses?

I believe that scientists will one day explain my clairsenses and how they work. But a recent scientific experiment has shown more about what scientists believe to be true, rather than what is true.

Scientists are still getting it wrong and here's why...

Vine Psychic No Mind Clairsenses We do not produce the energy that surrounds us - The energy produces us. Scientists are looking for clairsenses in the wrong place...

Recently we've seen some sensational media headlines about a scientific study on visual stimuli. They include: "ESP is put to the test - It's just hokum, say researchers" - National Geographic
and "Researchers dismiss sixth sense - and put their faith in common sense" - The Guardian
and No, You Don't Have A 6th Sense - Dnews on YouTube

These mainstream media stories clearly suggest that a paranormal study of ESP has taken place, and yet the scientific study in question, which has been widely reported as "debunking the sixth sense", doesn't mention anything about testing a sixth sense or ESP, or testing any of the clairsenses. In short, there is nothing paranormal about the research at all and the study's own conclusions don't ever pretend that there is.

But these media outlets haven't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

The study actually examines how our minds interpret what we see. The only time the author of the study Dr Piers Howe from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences ever mentions ESP and the sixth sense is afterwards when spruiking his study to journalists, who then eagerly lapped it up as a story that debunks psychics. (Dr Howe continues to defend his ESP remarks in the comments section of the PLOS ONE site that published the research.)

It is reported that Dr Howe devised the experiment after a student claimed she had a sixth sense and, "could sense things she couldn't see". "She said she had the ability to tell if something bad had happened to someone just by looking at them," Dr Howe said.

Prof Howe then devised A year-long University of Melbourne study in which they showed photographs to a small group of people, and then showed them again with slight changes. The study found that our mind sees all sorts of stuff that it doesn't consciously bother us with, but still uses to make decisions even though we don't consciously know why.

This is good as far as normal scientific research goes and we've all seen anecdotal evidence of it expressed in shows like The Mentalist, Lie To Me and Sherlock Holmes, who all make conscious use of the little things that the rest of us don't consciously see.

But has this really got anything to do with the spiritual arts or the "sixth sense" or being psychic?
No. Not at all.

Prof Howe's experiment involved things that people could see, which by definition is not a test of what people can sense, without seeing.

Sixth senses or clairsenses are something different, and they can't be scientifically tested in the same way as you test normal senses.

We know we have our five human senses - seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, and we know that we have a mind that processes information from those senses. Clairsenses are like heightened versions of your normal senses. But they don't come from using your mind to interpret information from your five senses. They come from the energy that surrounds and drives us (consciousness), and they are projected onto your energetic aura, not your mind.

In fact, the way to access your clairsenses isn't by better understanding how your mind works, but rather to STILL your mind completely and by-pass it.

This is why scientific tests that try to understand "psychic" ability by better understanding the way our mind works, are doomed to fail.

There is more to us than the interpretations of our mind.

We are better able to comprehend our existence by using the WHOLE of our BEING rather than just our brain. Just as we have memory stored in our cells as well as in the connections of our brain, we also have the ability to sense our environment by using the energy that surrounds us and drives us in this incarnation (sometimes called 'aura').

When I tune into your energy (your aura), I do not need to see you (with my eyes) in order to know the things that are imprinted on your aura. And those of you who have had a reading with me, will know that I specifically ask you not to to tell me anything before I have tuned into your energy and told you things that I could not possibly know without ever having seen you or heard anything about you.

Study showed how to identify a fake psychic
The scientific study above was designed to test how we can know more things about someone we HAVE seen before and DO know about. Therefore, if it had anything to do with the paranormal, it was a study that shows how fake-psychics work.

There are many fake-psychics out there who are really only telling you things that you have just told them, in one way or another. They can do this by observing the way you look or dress or if you've told them why you want the reading. If you tell a fake psychic why you want a reading before they give it to you, they can make your answers seem very relevant because the answers are often contained within your questions.

How do you spot the fake psychics?
They request information about yourself and the reasons why you want a psychic reading. Even genuine psychics should not be told why you want a reading, as this can have an effect on the reading. This is because true psychic ability is not about how the mind interprets information from the normal senses. In fact a genuine psychic ignores that mind chatter.

Before a reading, a genuine psychic STILLS their mind, in order to minimise the possibility of the mind "taking over" the reading with interpretations of what the normal senses are telling it.

If you tell a genuine psychic why you want a reading before you have the reading, it is much more difficult for them to filter out the mind chatter associated with what you have just told them. Hence the reading could be affected by what you have said. That's why you should never ask your questions until after the genuine psychic has "tuned in" and told you things only you could know.

And if you tell a fake psychic too much before the reading, you leave yourself open to be duped.

The "tell me why you want a psychic reading" psychics have nearly destroyed the original spiritual arts because they try to mould their business around duplicating what they believe psychics are.

When I read someone describing themselves as a psychic profiler I know they aren't aware of what credible psychics do. These false Australian and world psychics are likely to have a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter where they offer free psychic readings to get you to fill in all your details. The best description for these types of psychics are life coaches and counsellors. Are they psychic in the true sense? No, they have no credible psychic ability whatsoever otherwise they would not be requesting your data.

Some paranormal scientists are also guilty of tailoring their psychic tests around what they believe psychics are, rather than what they truly are.

Often in my readings I tune into the reason you are calling before you tell me anything. I also tune into important underlying issues which you weren't consciously aware of, but never-the-less have a direct bearing on your eventual questions.

I do all of this without seeing or hearing or touching or smelling or tasting anything with my normal senses. I do it with heightened clairsenses that are connected to your energetic aura, (not to your brain or your mind).

Our "sixth" senses are not contained within our human five senses and while scientists continue to look for them there, they will never find them.
I am a firm believer in science, and that science will one day be able to experimentally show that my clairsenses exist, and show how they work. But this won't happen while scientists are still devising experiments based on our normal senses. Our "sixth" senses are not contained within our human five senses and while scientists continue to look for them there, they will never find them.

And they certainly won't find the sixth senses by putting paranormal spins onto normal studies of the mind's interpretation of what we see.

At best this sort of creative marketing of scientific study may ensure more funding for the scientists, but it will never throw any light onto how our clairsenses work. For that, scientists need to think outside of the box, and outside of the mind and body as we traditionally see them.

By definition, the word 'paranormal' and the term 'sixth sense' designate experiences that lie outside "the range of normal experience or scientific explanation, or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure" -wikipedia

If sixth senses (clairsenses) are powers of perception beyond the five senses, it stands to reason that you won't find clairsenses by looking for them within the 5 senses.

We are made up of our body, our mind and the energetic bodies that surround us. But we don't make the energy that surrounds us, the energy makes us. That's where scientists need to look for clairsenses. Firstly they need to find our energetic bodies, and when they do, that's where they'll find the clairsenses.

While they continue to see what they believe, they give themselves no chance to believe what they see.

Love and Light

January 20th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Extreme Heat, and Your Ethereal Health

Extreme Heat -and Ethereal Health How did you fair in the heat wave that hit Australia?

My psychic reading article this week is about helping Aussies manage their ethereal health in extreme heat and also providing a spiritual reality check to help you put the energy puzzle together.

Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth communities have been experiencing extreme weather temperatures this week. I am spiritually guided this is what will become the new norm because we are polluting our atmosphere.

We are nearly 50 ppm C02 molecules over a safe liveable limit on our planet and it is expected to increase even more because our government hasn't tackled climate change. 350 parts per million was considered by scientists as the safe limit for the environment and nature. Last Year we reached 400ppm sooner than predicted by climate scientists.

The amount of pollution being released into our atmosphere by dirty fossil fuels is growing instead of decreasing. That means we can expect more high temperatures in the 40's and that's an uncomfortable and scary prospect for people who just went through the last oven-like heat wave temperatures.

When you consider that climate scientists are predicting we could increase temperatures by 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, you begin to see how infrastructure will not cope. In Canberra some of the roads began to break up from the heat.

But it's not only our infrastructure that will need to adapt... Your ethereal and physical health will also need to adjust to extreme heat and cold.

I'm going to give you some helpful tips to consider for when you have to deal with the next heat-spell, but first I'm here to give you the spiritual reality check that our politicians and big business don't want to address in Australia.

A Spiritual Reality Check
Climate change is with us now, there is no wishing it away with positive affirmations or listening to misguided information from climate deniers who want to continue on the same course. We are the generation who has to find a solution to curbing our emissions or dealing with erratic catastrophic weather.

My spiritual guardians requested that I release their spiritual prophecy about the changes and I have already covered their guidance in my last articles.

From a young age I was guided that I was here to help with these changes, although at that time I didn't know what the changes were.

Climate Change and Evil Energies

I've had a lot of paranormal and spiritual experiences in my lifetime and I have a well-rounded background of identifying the highest good, and the astral bad. Religious teachings and books like the Harry Potter series deal with the question of evil for a reason.

We are currently having to choose between the light and the dark on our planet. Our choices will depend on what eventuates in the coming years. If we allow the dark to control our economic structures and destroy our environment we are going to have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

Climate change is directly related to our innate connection to the environment. Each generation has moved away from the harmonious relationship we have with all consciousness. Somehow humans believed we could live above the Universal laws of creation.

My spiritual guardians from the angelic realms have cautioned about the false teachings from the astral realms. The deceivers are the ones who are ignoring the science of climate change, hiring public relation companies to deny the science and trying to convince you and I there is nothing to worry about.

We all know that Australia is "a land of droughts and flooding rains", but place on top of that the systematic breakdown of our Eco-systems and environment, and you are are witnessing a Country that isn't able to recover from the magnetic changes occurring from deep mining and pollution in our atmosphere.

Our economic systems and business corporations have manifested greed and power and as a result we witness corrupt governments and individuals influencing our peaceful way of life. We are seeing our liberties and our environment being destroyed before our eyes.

The people of the world have failed to see the harmonious relationship between nature and the environment because we haven't been able to energetically recognise the real energy of Oneness. Spirit has always guided that the human species isn't considered to be more important than the animals or the flora or elements of our world. Somehow, the interpretation of the Universal Laws has been altered to ignore our direct connection with ALL.

Governments no longer act in the best interest of the people. They place corporations or billionaires wishes before the everyday person. WE are witnessing this daily.

Some people are entering politics specifically to pass legislation to build more ports, or to fast track Coal Seam Gas, or to push through environmental legislation that will allow them to build resorts on crown land. The list goes on and on. I am guided our vote is worthless because we don't have true democracy, the way it was spiritually intended.

A lot of people feel powerless voting in governments who only think about economics, rather than holistically approaching policy decisions to take into account our connection with the flora, fauna and elements of nature.

Mainstream media spoon-feeds us selective views of events to manipulate us to think a certain way. There are people in high positions who want us to be divided by culture and religion. They don't want to reveal the truth that our world has finite resources, because they want governments to continue to economically prop-up the mining of fossil fuels and other natural resources. The thing is, this isn't sustainable.

We don't have another planet to go to, therefore the more we allow this cycle to continue the more we create the cause and effect damage to our environment. This is the truth.

Over a year ago I was spiritually guided that 2013 was the year we needed to act. But our world governments allowed 2013 to be a year of lip-service to real action on climate change.

Russia has allowed mining companies to drill for oil in the Arctic and President Obama's uplifting speech about climate change seems to have sunk into the melting tundra. California and other US cities are dealing with climate disaster after disaster. No country has really been the leader on tackling climate change.

China is being forced to act because the people cannot breathe their toxic polluted air. Every country has waited to see the consequences of further C02 being released into the atmosphere, and when they see the tornadoes, the floods, the cyclones and hurricanes they respond to the disasters.

The total disconnect of our world governments and corporations has resulted in our oceans being dredged for new ports for mining, coal seam gas extraction on our agricultural and public lands, and more pollution being released into our atmosphere. Spirit has cautioned we are now dealing with the effects of our choices. Basically we are reaping what we sow (cause and effect).

I am guided that the only way we can stop this cycle is to change our economic models to ones that don't destroy our environment.

But governments of the world are reluctant to see the bigger picture and continue to back the mining of fossil fuels instead of putting their resources behind sustainable energies and economies. The result is a self perpetuating destruction of our environment.

If you have decided to ignore the politics because it is to confusing, you are in what spirit describes as an energetic bubble. One day it too will burst because you have incarnated on the planet Earth and that's where all this is happening. There is no other planet to go to and escape the fallout of your previous choices.

Everyone must spiritually decide if you want to be a part of this cycle of destruction, or make wiser choices about your reasons for being.

Earth or Gaia will keep altering her magnetic field and if she tilts we will be no more.

That's it in a nutshell. The visions I've been shown about the future are not the world you are living in now.

The amount of freedoms we could lose is frightening in itself, all the worse to know that this could all have been stopped with greater information and education. Our mainstream media idolises wealth and power instead of shining a light on the billionaires destroying our environment. The Love of money is the root to all evil and greed is the root to all deceivers.

There are ways our world can function without burning the resources that are polluting our atmosphere. There are visionaries who have been born at this time to assist world governments come up with new technologies and solutions. There are spiritual voices sounding the alarm from all faiths.

On the subject of Climate Change, I have been recommending several films to see, and there is a new series coming from the United States that I have been guided everyone in our world needs to watch. I will be watching and recommend the "Years of Living Dangerously".

In the meantime I am going to give you some helpful tips to manage your ethereal health.

Managing Your Ethereal Health in Hot Weather
Now that I've revealed the spiritual guidance about Earth Changes I am going to offer some spiritual help to manage your ethereal health.

  • Drink Water - your energetic body can be easily dehydrated, exactly like your physical body. It requires your water levels to be high to ensure you have clarity of mind
  • If your body goes into shock I recommend you have Bach Flower Rescue Remedy on hand for emergencies. Your ethereal aura will immediately respond to the vibrational energy of Rescue Remedy
  • No matter what, attempt to sleep. Lie in front of a fan and place ice in a bowl in front of the fan to act like a vaporizer, ensuring you don't place water near electrical devices. Don't ignore sleep because it is too hot. You will become energetically drained if you don't go into the different states of sleep.
  • Eat light meals even if you don't feel like eating. A light vegetable or fruit salad is better than no food at all. Try not to eat meat or high protein meals as your body requires lots of water to process high protein meals.
  • Rose quartz crystal is a cool crystal and placing it near your bedside can bring calming energy towards you. The same as placing diluted lavender oil onto a handkerchief and placing it underneath your pillow. Experiment with plant herbs to identify which one you respond to as a healing agent.
Love and Light

January 12th 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Deceivers of Truth
or the Real Spiritual Oracle of Truth?
Vine Psychic -The Deceivers-End-Result
The Deceivers of Truth or the Real Spiritual Truth?
When the Truth is known, it's Time to Choose.
It's time to Change

Following my last psychic reading editorial It's time to get serious about the spiritual arts. It's time to move away from self serving psychics who believe in celebrity competitions that do not represent the highest good.

Over the last 30 years there has been a lot of emphasis on psychic entertainment, which has devalued the Oneness teachings from the higher realms. I am guided the real oracle of truth has been tainted by disconnected beings who have altered the spiritual teachings to create ego driven psychic empires. Instead of helping others to find their own truth, they use their position in society to be considered the authority of psychics and collectively use all political means at their disposal to be considered relevant.

Some of the associations are male orientated or rather, they are overbalanced with yang power energy whether male or female, and this has resulted in our world becoming out of balance with the peaceful, nurturing Yin energy generally associated with the feminine.

When one energy either Yin or Yang is the dominating force, the result is an out of balanced energetic planet. This is how the industrial age and what has followed, has resulted in the Yang dominance taking centre stage and destroying our beautiful environment.

People who have too much Yang energy in their auras, are inclined to see that the world is only about economic growth, without taking nature or anything else into account. They are disconnected from the greater good and only think about their own business interests and direct family.

The Oneness enlighteners see past 'all that is' from the dense teachings and identify each person and animal is the same as each other. They know the flora and fauna and elements are energetically aligned with all energies on our planet. They know the whales and dolphins in our ocean have their own families and energetic languages that are similar to the human languages we use, as do all animals from nature.

I am guided the world people are opening their eyes in 2014. Before the end of the year 2013, I entered into a light trance to be guided what I was to concentrate on in 2014. The spiritual prophecy I received was about helping you to get in touch with your own inner knowing and to reveal the deceivers of truth.

What do the deceivers have to do with the psychic and the spiritual?
I am guided that some of the deceivers are financially connected to the entertainment psychic sector and have built their million dollar empires by using the media in association with secret society groups in all areas of government and industry.

I haven't received guidance about the specific identities of individuals involved in Yang-energy power clans, but I was guided if you find what they all have in common it will lead you to the truth.

I was asked recently by a new customer if the Illuminati are behind the greed and power that has created environmental and climate change in our world. Go further than this, and ask who is energetically behind the greed and power corporations? Ask what Yang-energy-only groups exist and how do they collectively support business and political ambitions and ignore the feminine (Yin)? How long have they been operating under secret membership and why are they able to influence all areas of society?

The male (yang energy) groups have failed to have any direct connection with the feminine nurturing energy on our planet, and this has resulted in severe imbalances in industry and mining, overfishing the oceans, allowing animal species to decline rapidly and the list goes on and on.

False teachings within the religious scriptures have allowed the feminine to be subservient to the masculine. We are witnessing how failing to take into account the feminine nurturing energy has also resulted in abuse of the spiritual arts.

I always guide readers to do your own research on the guidance offered by the higher realms. Look over history to determine how many decisions in the financial, banking and political sector affecting your children's future were made by elite business associations and secret meetings.

The good news is 2014 is the year we start to unravel how the dominating male energy has been behind all that has created division in our world. The real oracle of truth is shown behind the deceivers who have used financial institutions to support war and suffering in our world.

May your journey lead you to the spiritual visionaries who help you to enter the Stillness of Knowing. Look further than the power psychic associations and their connections and ask do these organizations represent the greater good of the higher realms? When the student is ready the spiritual teacher will appear. Go to your own inner spiritual knowing and ask is this by the deceivers or is this in the greatest good?

Love and Light

January 1st 2014

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine's Psychic Predictions for 2014
Vine Psychic Reading Line is releasing Vine's 2014 psychic prediction updates in the coming weeks and sharing more visions about Australia, world politics, financial markets and the environment, including sharing some of the channeled visions she's been receiving about Earth Changes on Gaia.

Vine Psychic Psychci Predictions for 2014

2014 Higher Angelic Realms Channeling
To begin her predictions for 2014, Vine received a spiritually channeled prophecy from the higher angelic realms. She was that guided the channeling was sacred.

Vine is not a celebrity psychic and doesn't bother with celebrity predictions, which are mainly gossip orientated entertainment. Vine respects the spiritual arts and doesn't trivialize the higher realms guidance.

Instead, since 2010 Vine has been guided to release regular psychic predictions that are of benefit to humankind. The 2014 psychic predictions will show that Spirit is very much aware of what is occurring on Earth.

To begin Vine's psychic predictions for 2014, the higher angelic realms have channeled a message concerning the environment and state of our world at present.

To help you find the answers you seek, let the spiritual channeling resonate with your higher self and contemplate on the profound nature of the information from Spirit.

Vine's 2014 Spiritual Channeling from the Higher Realms is about the importance of understanding and living in harmony with the interacting energies on our planet. Read it here...

Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth

Love and Light

December 25th 2013

In place of this Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial - is giving these Christmas Spiritual Gifts

12 days of Spiritual Christmas
Australian Vine Psychic Reading Line offers 12 days of Spiritual Christmas. 12 calming and reflective meditations over the 12 days before Christmas.

Every day for 12 days before Christmas, watch our unique spiritual videos & contemplate the higher realm's energy love gift for you.

Vine Psychic 12 Days of Christmas

Click to see The Twelfth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Eleventh Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Tenth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Ninth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Eighth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Seventh Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Sixth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Fifth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Fourth Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Third Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The Second Day of Spiritual Christmas

Click to see The First Day of Spiritual Christmas

This is Vine Psychic Reading Line's unique spiritual gift to her clients and followers before Christmas to remind you of your real spiritual connection to nature and Gaia's environment.

Day Twelve
Each day there will be a spiritual channelled message from the angelic realms to contemplate and allow its true message to be revealed. Today is Day Twelve of Vine's 12 Days of Spiritual Christmas.

Blessings and love to all.

Note: Vine's 12 Days of Christmas Spiritual Contemplative Prayer videos are interfaith and offered in Oneness... They aren't related to the Christian religious interpretation.

December 4th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Christmas Psychic Readings & Gratitude to All
'Tis the Season to do our Christmas psychic reading editorial and offer a special treat for YOU. I am grateful to our Aussie and world online psychic reading clients for your loyal custom.

Vine Psychic Christmas Gift Vouchers

To book a Christmas Psychic Reading Gift Voucher with Vine, go to the Booking section above. In the message section of Step 1. tell us the name and email of the person you are purchasing the Gift Voucher for. In Step 2. select the GIFT VOUCHER reading required from the PayPal Drop-Down list.

I have a special surprise for our readers and it comes from my heart to yours. I'm not going to spoil the Christmas surprise just yet. It is my way of offering gratitude to all of my followers and sending beautiful loving energy to you over the holiday season.

Let's Reflect on the Year that Was
2013 has been a year in which we have witnessed my loving Spiritual guardians channelling about climate change coming true. The need to be more aware of our true influence on the environment has been obvious with all of the extreme weather events and loss of life. The psychic predictions I placed up at the end of 2012 have been proven in 2013. I've had many requests about sharing more prophecy. When I am spiritually guided to reveal more guidance I will add more psychic predictions for 2014. Normally I'm guided before the beginning of the year.

Prayers for Remembering the Loss of Loved Ones
Christmas can be a time to remember the loss of family, friends or work colleagues who have passed over. It can be difficult to get enthusiastic about Christmas celebrations when our hearts are heavy with grief. Your loved ones in Spirit are aware of your thoughts and will try to offer comfort when you communicate with them in the energy of 'Stillness'. Still your mind and share with them you miss them. Spirit is omnipresent and your thoughts will be found in the heavens.

Christmas the Time of Giving without Knowing Who Gave
There are many people struggling to make ends meet. Not everyone is feeling euphoric at Xmas and this is why I guide if you can offer your services or donate to a charity or even leave a gift for your elderly neighbour or the poor it will bring you much joy doing something where nobody is aware of who was the giver.

Spirit is aware of those who are pure of heart. The real gift of giving is about the joy you receive from offering your Oneness love. Try it and see what it feels like to be a secret Santa. I guarantee your heart will feel so much brighter for doing something special where nobody, but you, knows about it.

Holiday Season Beware of Online Psychic Scams
Sometimes people are unaware their actions or deeds are karmically recorded. The people who try to scam us are emotionally detached from their highest good and unfortunately the psychic sector is where you can find a lot of frauds and sales people trying it on, to get you, to purchase email and SMS psychic readings and a wide range of other fake products like love spells, murky Ouija readings etc..

You might find they'll up the ante at Christmas time to get your personal details. It would be fantastic to report that online psychic scams are losing ground, but unfortunately more and more people are trying it on to get you to consider they're a reputable psychic. The buy one get one free psychic offers are really nothing more than sales fluffery and unfortunately a lot of people are taken in by them. I hope you avail yourself of our Find the Right Psychic Checklist over the holiday season by visiting the Karma Lounge Forum.

Covert Hypnosis Psychic Readings Be Cautious
Please be cautious of people who claim to be the modern day psychics using mind altering techniques on you during a reading. Your ethereal aura is precious and anyone who knowingly uses covert hypnosis on you during a psychic reading or a video hook-up, is breaking the Karmic laws. Unless you agree to have professional hypnotism nobody should be crossing your spiritual boundary doing NLP psychic or medium reading covert hypnosis talk, no matter whether they have the best intentions. Be discerning of ALL psychics and mediums around the world that use this technique.

Vine Psychic Readings Line has been attempting to help the public identify online affiliates and psychic scammers over the years, but it is up to YOU, the buyer, to research the psychic service and to view the over the top marketing from afar and see if the psychic has genuine spiritual skills.

There are people who are spiritually gifted and then there are people who have the gift of the gab and can convince anyone to believe they're psychic. If someone comes-across like a shonky used car salesperson and tries to charm the pants off you or to get you to sign up to private Facebook email readings or free offers etc., I would be cautioning you to see past the hype and look beneath the surface.

The spiritual arts aren't about over-the-top selling, they're subtle. The gifted lightworker will help you find your own truth, not sign you up for dating or financial advice. Ask your higher self, is this someone who can spiritually assist me, and you will intuitively be given a yes or no to your question. Trust in your own inner voice.

Paranormal Psychic Readings the Dangers
Don't fall into the trap of experimenting for the sake of experimenting. If your psychic isn't available at the time you want a reading, wait until they are. I caution you to avoid electronic paranormal psychic readings where the inexperienced are attempting to get lower entities to communicate with you. This is spiritually dangerous. This guidance is directed to teenagers who are always pushing boundaries to see if they know better than the higher realms. You don't. Avoid doing anything silly that you will regret, over the holiday season.

How Can I Find the Right Psychic?
Still your mind and ask your higher self to guide you to credible Lightworkers who can do the work they advertise. Normally if you allow your heart to guide and not your head, you will find Spirit will point you in the right direction.

Love and Light

November 26th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Soul Mate and Twin Flames
- Psychic Reading Questions
In my psychic reading editorial this week I answer your questions about soul mates and twin flames.

Vine Psychic Soud Mates

Is there a perfect love match for every soul and can a love psychic reading help you know if you're in a love relationship or a fleeting connection?

In the 30 years I've been doing spiritual medium readings, I would hesitate to take a guess how many times I've been asked:

"Do you think she is my soul mate Vine"?


"Are we twin flame souls? We seem to be drawn towards each other."

Whether you're in a heterosexual, bisexual or gay relationship you want to know if the person you have feelings for is your exact soul connection or just someone you're having a fleeting passionate moment with.

What is a Soul Mate Partnership?
Now what if I shared with you, that this question needs to take into consideration a few more energetic factors then the love psychics would have you believe?

What if your soul connection relationship is more to do with two people being in sync with each other than to do with the both of you deciding before you incarnated you would find each other?

It doesn't matter if you believe or disbelieve in soul mates or twin soul connections, or find all the romantic love movies where two lovers rush into each other's arms as being a bit over the top, I'm going to explain the love connection going on energetically beneath the surface.

Love Energy Synergy - Heart Chakra
The energy synergy of two souls is relevant to understanding why people immediately feel a love connection. As a Sensitive, when I pull back the veil of love relationships and tune into individual consciousness, I can identify how you are energetically drawn towards each other. I use the spiritual art of clairsentience and feel the emotions between the lovers.

There is a definite magnetic pull between two people who are in a love connection and the heart chakra is the true indicator of a love relationship. Then there is the base chakra that causes a lot of confusion in sexual relationships...

The Base Chakra - The Take All Chakra
The base chakra is the take charge chakra; it is directly related to the sexual juices. It's the culprit for a lot of relationships that burn out and is directly related to sexual attraction.

If one person has more base chakra energy activity then the other it is going to cause a lot of confusion in a sexual relationship. Whether you're male or female the base chakra is going to call the shots about whom you are going to explore a sexual relationship with. If you believe the sexual energy is love energy alone, you might find your expectations are going to be quashed.

Women or men who have a lot of YIN energy will be inclined to feel sexual energy is love energy when they are intimate. Males or females who have more of a YANG energy field are less likely to consider love is related to sexual energy. There is more to the physical and energetic body relationship than you can possibly believe.

Now you can see why I guided there are many layers of energy attraction and why the chakras are directly related to our conscious thoughts and decisions. Let me explain how this works:

Chakras, the Energy Organs of our Aura
Because we are conscious beings we often fail to understand the workings of the chakras and their significance to how love relationships are energetically aligned to the chakra systems.

The base chakra (root chakra) is the sexual 'boom boom' chakra. When two people have the base chakra resonating on the same frequency, that's a good sign for action in the bedroom or anywhere else that takes your fancy. If you are in a base chakra relationship all you will want to do is sexually copulate.

Sometimes when I tune into my clients I will become the energetic voyeur (it isn't intentional, I can assure you) it just happens that anything directly related to energy is relayed back to my aura.

The base chakra activity can sometimes be often misinterpreted as LOVE or SOUL MATE connections in the honeymoon stage of a relationship. Two people can simply be drawn towards one another to enjoy each other's company, and a male or female can misinterpret the sexual connection as being madly in love. This is why I shared that there are many layers of understanding if the person you are with is purely a sexual attraction or whether it will develop into a long lasting relationship.

You can guarantee if the base chakra is front and centre in a relationship it's going to have your emotions going up and down like a roller-coaster. If you're in a base chakra relationship that's all about sex, you will emotionally be feeling it.

Spiritual Definition of Soul Mates or Twin Flames
The spiritual definition of a soul mate is two spiritual souls who have chosen to incarnate at the same time and have a love relationship with each other.

Then you have twin souls who are identical in energy field wanting to reconnect when they incarnate on Earth.

The majority of love psychic readings I do are about helping you find clarity and understanding whether your lover is energetically wanting the same thing as you. I am shown visions, or I tune into the person you're attracted to and feel what their aura is sharing about their true purpose of being in the relationship with you. There are times I will share that your lover isn't on the same wave-length, to give you a clear understanding where their thoughts are at.

I use my ethereal aura as a conduit to help you get the clarity you deserve, because there is nothing worse than misreading a love connection and emotionally becoming overwhelmed when you find the other person isn't wanting the same thing as you do.

My spiritual conduit role is to help you understand if you are reading the chakra attraction rightly or wrongly. Sometimes you will not want to hear what I have to say because you have strong expectations about how you want the relationship to go. That is your choice. I don't interfere in free will. You are entitled to take or leave what I have to say.

Heart Chakra - Love, Love, Love
The heart chakra is a true indicator of a love connection. If the heart chakras are energetically aligned with each other, then and only then, are you in a relationship with someone who you might recognize as your soul mate.

For real soul mate alignment you will find two individuals who are energetically wanting the same thing, at the same time, and who are heart-aligned. The heart chakra alignment is the mysterious magnetic pull that makes you feel your life would be incomplete without the other.

One Love, One Consciousness - ONE
Spiritually (energetically) we are all from the ONE consciousness. Try not to confuse soul mates and twin souls with the energetic alignment of the base chakra playing with your mind when you are sexually aroused and reading too much into a sexual connection.

When you understand the direct relationship energy chakras have in manifesting your true love connection, you begin to realize there's a lot of energy sizzle going on beneath the surface that erotic and romance novels haven't even touched on.

Love and Light

November 18th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Aussie Psychic Reading Question & Answers - Facebook and Social Media
This week in my psychic reading editorial I am answering your questions about Facebook psychics and whether modern day psychics are really psychic at all.

Think about why you're giving your Facebook details to psychics...
Vine Psychic Facebook Like

Should I Friend a Psychic on Facebook?
This answer is a categorical NO.
You should not friend psychics on social media.
Here is a Rule of Thumb to remember about finding the right psychics:

Rule of Thumb 1...
Don't befriend psychics like a best friend, and don't friend psychics on Facebook or be enticed into giving your personal information by offers of free psychic readings.

If you remember this rule it will help you find credible spiritual mediums and Lightworkers.

What Should a Psychic Be Able To Do?
Psychics should be able to demonstrate a range of credible heightened spiritual skills (clairsenses) before being considered credible psychics. You can review the full list of psychic skills I covered in my home page by clicking the link here: Vine's Clairsenses

You will notice the skills I shared are all directly related to the chakras and meridians and the energetic body. You might also notice I didn't include counselling, life coaching, hypnosis, or any other manufactured skill masquerading as a spiritual art.

Should I Enter Social Media Psychic Competitions?
No. The question about whether or not you should enter a psychic competition is directly related to why you shouldn't friend psychics on social media.

The people asking you to enter these psychic competitions are not psychic.

They either require information from you to do their psychic reading, or they want to get your personal information. They also want you to LIKE or RETWEET them to get you to share their links with your followers. What greater way of penetrating your friends, or family circle, then to ask you to FRIEND, LIKE or TAG THEM and reach your closed circle. What you do in your timeline can be easily found now that Facebook has an open search time line.

Have the Psychic Arts Changed in Modern Times?
No. Psychics who fish for information on Facebook or Twitter will also attempt to convince you they are the modern day psychics. Reading between the lines, this means they are NOT psychic at all. Recently they have been marketing themselves as profilers, mentalists, hypnotists, conjurers, magicians, NLP practitioners, life coaches to name just a few of the marketing strategies and articles they are using to convince you to share your personal information.

What if the Psychic is on TV or Famous?
Look past the fame, the glitter, the hype and the business puffery to what is really behind it all.

Rule of Thumb 2...
It doesn't matter if you're selecting a celebrity psychic, a radio station psychic, an independent psychic who has 20 years experience or a psychic who wrote a best selling book. It doesn't matter if you're selecting a psychic with the most beautiful website or a simple single page website.

If they're trying to convince you to share your personal information before a reading, they're not psychic.

Are Life Coaches Doing any Harm when they say they are Psychic?
Take a step back and begin to view that people trying to convince the public they're the new type of psychic, are actually eroding the spiritual arts. Go back to the integrity and spiritual skill that a real psychic is supposed to exhibit, and then have a look at what others are trying to convince you psychics are now. There is no comparison. Pretending to be psychic when you're not is an abuse of the spiritual arts. It's also an abuse of our spiritual selves, which is a fundamental cause of problems in the world today.

There is also another cause of harm, and another reason I am guiding you to be careful who you are friending on social media. The clever sales person charming you into a free competition, may also be a criminal who is replicating psychic services for criminal gain.

Therefore you have to be cautious on two fronts.

How Do I Know if a Facebook or Twitter Profile is Fake?
The criminals who use paid-affiliates will hire people off the street. Psychic Chat sites are renowned for hiring people on Gumtree or Craig's List and giving them a couple of hours training on video chat or chatrooms and describing their newly hired psychics as 'experts'.

  • Check if a psychic reading chat site has an affiliate program and whether they're encouraging you to send customers their way.
  • Check if a psychic reading site is advertising for psychics on social media or community forums
  • Type in the domain address of a psychic chat site and identify how many profiles they have on Twitter. Example: Type in in Twitter search and click real time. See if there is one profile or thousands of profiles sending you to the video chat site. I can tell you we have one psychic business profile, so if you find anything different come back to us and let us know, because that's probably one of our friendly-competitors up to their dirty tricks again.
  • Now do the same thing for other social media and identify how many webpages they own or how many social media profiles are sending you to their business. You might be surprised to find the Likes are just made-up profiles that you can buy from India or the Philippines.
Imagine if any other professional industry described employees as experts after several weeks or months without any credible evidence of the skill they're meant to hold? This is normal in the psychic chat sector and the people who are asking you to retweet or friend their psychic chatrooms are coming from fake Twitter and Facebook profiles.

This might be a lot to take in, but I encourage you to become further educated about the spiritual arts. You are welcome to peruse my psychic articles in my Editorial or to go back to the psychic blog I created in 2007 and refer to the spiritual information.

The spiritual arts are sacred, they are directly related to the higher realms and the spiritual mediums and Lightworkers who have natural ability will never need to request a lot of information from their customers before a reading.

I used to be on Facebook before the LIKE button was created and abused by paid-for-social-media engineers. When I noticed some of my clients wanting to friend me, I immediately shut down the account. It was obvious if I or my staff engaged in a conversation with our customers, the integrity of my spiritual art would be at stake.

It wasn't much longer before I began to see the psychic industry was dealing with out-of-control Facebook and twitter psychics on social media. It is up to you to check and see which Australian and world psychics are encouraging this relationship and to make an educated choice about selecting credible psychics.

Should I Share Information with Face-to-Face or Online Psychics?
I caution you to not share too much information with Facebook or online psychics. Especially if any Facebook or social media psychics want you to enter competitions to win a psychic reading and they want you to tell them why you are entering. If this happens you are either dealing with psychics who are abusing the spiritual arts for their own gain, or with criminals trying to cash in to steal your personal identity and financial information.

The more details you share with a psychic before the reading begins, the more likely it is that you are not having a psychic reading. Someone with real psychic ability will immediately begin to relay information about you that only you could know. It might be hard to grasp this concept if you had a tarot reading or email reading in the past and revealed a lot of information in your questions, or to customer service. In these cases you most likely had a counselling or life coach session by someone who wasn't really psychic at all.

People calling themselves Facebook psychics are all over the internet, and unfortunately they are tainting the original spiritual arts. Be discerning of facebook or social media psychics who need information to replicate real psychic ability.

Love and Light

November 4th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Clairvoyant Readings - What I do Spiritually
In my Australian psychic reading editorial this week I'm writing about the spiritual art of clairvoyance and revealing how I use this chakra skill when I tune into my customers' auras using my spiritual breath technique.

Vine Psychic Third Eye Chakra - Spiritual Eye of Heightened Seeing

Are you confused when you read different interpretations about clairvoyant readings? Let me share that's perfectly normal.

Finding genuine knowledge of the psychic arts requires a great deal of tenacity. You have to determine if an article is full of self-promotion or real content substance. Does the writer really know the psychic subject matter or are they second guessing? Personally, I am a fan of real life experiences and biographies, when they are true. Although Wikipedia is a good source of general information, it can have editorial bias by sceptic groups or psychic organizations.

Check the Wikipedia author history to identify the true purpose of wiki editors. For instance, a Wikipedia contributor may actually be a search engine optimiser trying to promote a London psychic institute and editing a wiki sentence to improve their search ratings. Or they may be a sceptic commentator trying to update a webpage to direct people back to a James Randi site.

The Wiki editors go into chat rooms to debate recent wikipedia updates, and they frantically remove links and discuss if one interpretation is more relevant than the other.

The tug-of-war between believing in psychics or disbelieving in psychics is endless.

How do you know if you're really having a psychic reading with a clairvoyant, rather than with someone pretending to be clairvoyant?
Clairvoyance is a spiritual art that needs to be respected. I don't believe anything about the spiritual needs to be over complicated; it's a natural skill that credible mediums and Lightworkers call upon when they do a reading.

The chakra directly related to the clairsense of clairvoyance is the third eye chakra. If you have clairvoyant ability, you have heightened spiritual sight. It is a spiritual art in its own right. Sometimes you see writers referring to clairvoyance to explain all clairsenses; this isn't accurate. Each clairsense is directly related to its own chakra vibration and unique spiritual skill. Depending on the ability of the psychic, they can intuitively call upon one or two skills, or a wide range of spiritual expertise.

When I do psychic predictions I enter a light trance state and then see visions in front of my third-eye (remote visions). If I tune into the art of heightened hearing clairaudience I communicate in a trance state with my spiritual guardians to channel the location of the predictions. I sometimes even feel the collective consciousness of the remote vision and identify how serious the prophecy being shown is. At all times I Still my mind to ensure I don't allow the vision to be influenced by mind chatter. Therefore mind-powers aren't my main source of spiritual information, the Stillness is how I spiritually see, hear and feel.

If you have read any of my previous articles you'll notice I share that the meaning of the word 'psychic' has been diluted by marketing experts to mean anything from hypnotism to belly-button-fluff readers. The original source of the word is from the Greek, psychikos - of the soul, but it's now been changed to mean anything the advertisers want it to mean.

Because of this, it isn't really a word recognized by the higher realms. You are a spiritual being before you enter this world. If you are naturally-born with the ability to feel heightened senses, or you've had a near death experience (NDE) and find yourself seeing visions, embrace it as a spiritual sense. Be excited you are tuning into your natural self.

It stands to reason if you chose to incarnate to be in the physical form, your priority is to learn about being in the physical body and the lessons that come with it.
Not everyone is capable of being able to genuinely spiritually see while they are in a human vessel. That's because you chose to have a life in physical incarnation and you're in a dense physical vessel blocking this relationship out. It stands to reason if you chose to incarnate to be in the physical form, your priority is to learn about being in the physical body and the lessons that come with it.

There are psychic training institutes who claim anyone can be a clairvoyant or a medium. They attempt to use manufactured tools to replicate natural spiritual ability. The covert hypnosis and NLP techniques that magicians use in their magical acts have now being taken up by large numbers of counsellors and life coaches who are using them to appear to be clairvoyant (psychic). Refer to previous articles for more information.

Even online spell casters or hex removers are profiting from misconceptions about the real spiritual arts when they falsely claim they can use spells to remove dark energy from your aura, or to bring your lover back to you.

True Life Love Psychic Reading - Australia
I did a phone booking today for a young man who has been pining after a relationship breakup. He was guided to call my Australian telephone psychic line and I immediately tuned into his anguished aura. He had previously contacted numerous live love psychics who told him he would reconcile with his girlfriend. He also purchased love spells to make her change her mind. None of this resulted in a change of heart.

I channelled his ethereal field as a conduit using the art of clairvoyance, and immediately saw she had turned her back on the relationship. She did this with sadness, but with full knowledge she was not going to change her mind. I immediately sensed how emotionally fragmented he was from hearing words like, "she'll come back to you" or, "if you use this love spell you'll attract her back into your life".

Over the years I've tuned into literally thousands of heartbroken men and women who have contacted psychic chat lines or spell casters and been told exactly what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear to help them heal.

To be fair to psychics, a client who is dealing with heartbreak only wants to hear good news; they're more inclined to put the phone down on a clairvoyant who doesn't see a relationship working out. Their expectation is that its going to be a positive outcome.

This is the reason why psychic television and radio entertainment is always upbeat and bouncy to draw in large audiences. There is nothing wrong with being cheery in life, but a person grieving the loss of a perceived soul mate shouldn't be told everything is going to be alright if it isn't true, just to make them cheery.

That's why I share that your emotional body needs to be respected at all times.

On my @vinepsychic Twitter account I leave tweets or helpful articles for my followers to guide what occurred in their clairvoyant reading (with no names to protect privacy).

Sometimes I write a detailed analysis on the Karma Lounge Spiritual Forum for my Australian and overseas clients. If you allow me to share your reading, respecting your privacy, it helps people who are going through similar types of real life situations to heal. This is why I am always grateful when my clients share spiritual medium readings in the testimonial section.

Following Your Emotions - Clairvoyant Reading
During a clairvoyant reading I can feel when you emotionally surrender to the higher realms guidance because I am directly following your meridian and chakra pathways. The breath technique I use allows me to energetically connect (similar to a magnet).

The client shared at the end of his reading: "It's been six months since we broke up Vine, and I have not been able to get over her." It immediately reinforced the channelling I'd been spiritually guided to reveal to him. For six months he was unable to let go of a relationship and was living off the words of psychics.

The well intentioned psychic who has a conversation with the heartbroken customer isn't able to spiritually see that the fragile emotional being hanging onto their every word is emotionally falling apart. I immediately sense how a client is coping because the breath technique I use allows me to have a spiritual connection to the emotions you are feeling.

I'm not going to lie, when I tune into individuals who have purchased love spells because they believed psychics can influence the spiritual free will of another, it riles me. Wiccan nature-laws have been abused because fake psychics see a market selling voodoo online spells to vulnerable individuals. We can all reach a level of vulnerability at times, so anyone is susceptible to the false claims.

Heartbreak Hurts
Heartbreak is not easy. I've been through it, and know how difficult it is to let go of someone you love. You have to unconditionally release them back to the Universe to follow their destined path. The grief we feel is like a death in the family. Your heart yearns to be in contact with your lover or ex. You also question if you will meet someone new because you doubt anyone can ever replace them.

This is why I stand in authentic energy and don't tell my clients what they want to hear. If I am shown a heightened vision I immediately feel if you're accepting the guidance (clairsentience, heightened spiritual feeling). I don't need to ask what my clients are feeling, because I spiritually know.

When I felt my customer emotionally tighten his heart chakra, I guided he had to break the unhealthy patterns. I could see him going overseas to escape the mind chatter and to have an immediate change of scenery. Spiritually he was close to having a nervous breakdown and my spiritual guardians had guided him towards me to channel that he needed to go overseas to stop doing anything erratic.

He told me he had already purchased the airline ticket and would be leaving soon.

Psychic Readers Miss Emotional Triggers
Sometimes a tarot reading isn't going to identify the emotional sensations coming from a client. The psychic chat may calm and allow the heartbreak to be reaffirmed and to be an outlet for all the pain that needs to be released, but it doesn't address the underlying issues.

Trying to buffer the heartbreak pain by a quick fix doesn't work.
Finding Real Clairvoyants
The reason why the higher realm selects credible clairvoyants is to help you find your own truth. Ask any of my clients if I've I told them what they initially wanted to hear. I never do.

There are times I am guided to give my clients a reality check because they're ignoring the inevitable about their real life situation. This is done lovingly, I allow clients to process the guidance and see if it energetically resonates. Sometimes I try to get a client out of victim-mode and see what they have in a relationship. It depends on the circumstances and the person I'm tuning into.

You Have Choice and Free Will
The choice of accepting or denying spiritual guidance is solely up to you. Every spiritual being has free will, and I will unconditionally accept your right to take or leave what I guide. When I tune into my psychic reading clients I am spiritually bound to be a conduit for the higher realms to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing. My role is to be the spiritual facilitator, the energetic conduit, who allows you to have clarity about your decisions. I will help you hear your own inner voice and recover from your emotional pain in a natural way.

Clairvoyant Visions Reveal the Truth
Clairvoyance is one of the many spiritual arts that I use to help you find your own truth. If I am shown visions about your future, the past, or the present it allows you to witness this ability and to trust in its essence.

It reinforces what credible clairvoyants do, to help you identify how manufactured psychic skills or mind power conjurers use mind talk to get you to open up and reveal what is going on. When a clairvoyant shares something you know to be accurate you can immediately compare the other readings and verify how different they are from each other.

Don't chastise yourself if you fell for fake psychics in the past, it's a learning.
There are many gifted Lightworkers who have incarnated at this time with credible clairvoyant skills who follow the natural laws of the Universe.

They, like me, will write about true life experiences and reveal their wisdom. It is up to you to find them and to resonate with the natural ones, the holders of the eternal Akasha. You will know them by their fruit.

Love and Light

I would like to extend my loving thoughts to the people of NSW and a client in Sydney who lost her home in the recent NSW bushfires. I did an urgent reading while I was in North Queensland on a holiday break after being told of the tragic loss of your home and your loved dog. I know how much trauma you experienced and extend my prayers to everyone who has lost property or your beautiful pets, or wildlife in the area.

October 28th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Returns to North Queensland
Vine's Spiritual Reconnection with the Daintree Rainforest

This week in my psychic reading editorial I am sharing my North Queensland holiday adventures with you and the spiritual lesson I am learning about aging.

I shot this video from a canoe on the Mossman River with my iPhone

My Spiritual Reconnection with Nature
I am familiar with the tropical regions surrounding Cairns, Port Douglas and the Daintree Rainforests.

In my younger years I was spiritually guided to live in the tropics and I ended up residing in the beautiful tropical town of Cairns. I was expecting to see changes, and wow, the town I knew is now a bustling tourist city. I did enjoy sitting at the Cairns Esplanade and swimming in the public pool and lying under the fig trees.

I was admiring the way the Cairns community had stayed true to keeping the mudflats protected, but also making it more tourist-friendly by contrasting it with the clear blue pristine pool.

Memories of times past surfaced as I recalled my friends and myself sitting in the evening on the Esplanade drinking icy cold beers to quench our thirst from the humid nights. My appreciation of an icy cold beer was cemented living in the tropics. Anyone who has ever revisited their past would probably understand the mixed emotions that I was experiencing. I was admiring the new Cairns and remembering the old Cairns at the same time.

Vine Psychic Coconuts

I'm sure the locals of the area are aware how important it is not to lose the charm of Cairns, and are endeavouring to keep the unique attractions without allowing developers to destroy its beauty. My trip this time was to return to the ley lines of the Daintree Forests and to reconnect to the energy of the trees and elements. I was being spiritually called back.

As a spiritual sensitive it is important for me to always be around nature to recharge my own life essence by meditating and blending my energies with the spiritual energy of the water and trees, and to go deep into the stillness.

I can recall a time when I was walking through the rainforests near the Atherton Tablelands in my bathers and thongs just being in the moment, then to realize I had walked over a snake and watched as it rustled into the undergrowth of the forest floor. There was no fear when I trekked the rainforests on my own, because I lived in the moment.

Wildlife knows who is there to harm them and the brown snake didn't feel threatened by my presence. When you merge your energy in Oneness you can feel all elemental energy and can communicate with the wildlife in telepathic essence. My spiritually guided apprenticeship was probably similar to the aboriginal people of Australia as they hear the calling to go walkabout to learn about their real spiritual origins.

I am sometimes dismayed by how easy it is for humans to discount the consciousness of natural elements and to think that nature's resources can be bled dry
My love for nature is cosmic. There is no end to it. I understand how all spiritual energies complement each other and I am sometimes dismayed by how easy it is for humans to discount the consciousness of natural elements and to think that nature's resources can be bled dry. Nothing is further from the truth.

The aboriginal community like myself, is aware of these sacred locations and they value the energy released there. Sometimes we don't know why natural surroundings make us feel more relaxed because we have too many distractions occurring from our fast paced city life.

Palm Beach

The elemental energies that surround us are taken for granted and therefore never considered when we think about mining, fracking for coal seam gas, clear felling rainforests or overfishing the oceans. To understand our real connection to nature means we have to be prepared to change our lifestyles and to live in harmony with our environment. That's not a big ask when you realize how unconditional nature is in providing for our every need.

I probably wouldn't be alive today without the gentle caress of nature protecting my every move as I dared to push spiritual boundaries. After being coaxed into it by a diving instructor, I dived into the Great Barrier Reef even though I didn't know how to swim. I nearly drowned as water filled my mask when the diving instructor left me for a short time near the coloured corals and tropical fish.

I went rock climbing in the Cathedral Range near Buxton in Victoria and fell several feet hitting my head and was left dangling above a 300 foot drop held only by my rope. I was badly winded when saved by two doctors who were taking a day off from saving people. I'm sure the irony of the situation wasn't lost on them.

My life has been a kaleidoscope of amazing spiritual experiences, which have allowed me to draw upon the lessons I learnt to assist others to find their own truth.

Cuttle Fish on the Beach

In my twenties I lived without fear and was the best risk taker I could possibly be. I didn't hesitate when I saw some young men climbing up a waterfall and turned to my friend and said I have to do that. I abseiled down a rocky terrain and without hesitation plonked myself on the waterfall's ledge as the water pressure tried to push me over the edge.

I wasn't able to worry about dignity trying to hold onto my red one-piece bathers as the strong force of the water removed them from my shoulders. Thankfully the two men in front of me were too busy concentrating on their own safety to realize a half-naked woman was behind them.

Back then I would joyfully slide down the slippery rocks and plunge into the deep icy pools, and on this trip I longed for the young Vine to remerge. But the young Vine is now 30 years older.

My body was hesitant about jumping over the slippery rocks I found my legs began to shake on their own accord when I dared to climb the same type of rocks of my youth. I sent out a prayer of gratitude to the Universe for allowing me to experience my magical moments and to appreciate the wonders of the unseeing world.

I know I have had many angels protecting me when I have thrown all caution to the wind. Now in my fifties I knew I needed to be more aware of my body's capabilities because I am not as agile as I was then. This time I was called back to the rainforests to learn the lesson of ageing. I was spiritually guided that my hormones were taking me into a different stage of my life.

As I returned to my beloved ley lines to touch base with the spiritual elementals, I had to learn to listen to my energetic body as it is going through the change of life.

Tropical North Queensland Rainforest Beach

I had to mellow my adventurous spirit. Instead of jumping off waterfalls I swam in a billabong in the Mossman River. My partner and I also paddled down the river in a light canoe through the Daintree rainforest. You can see the serene energy just by viewing the video I'm sharing with you all (above) to understand how special the energy ley lines are.

Men and women have to become accustomed to dealing with kundalini release altering our physical constitutions and our bodies. We can try to fight the aging process by trying to recapture the fountain of youth, or accept this is as another part of our wonderful journey of life and embrace the energy of a new well-being.

The young adventurous warrior still lives inside of me, but it is time to allow the wiser woman to emerge and to guide the young Lightworkers who hear the higher realms whispering gently in their soul, calling them to stand in authentic energy and to be the protectors of the elementals in our environment.

Our task is just beginning.

Love and Light

October 14th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Medical Intuitive Ability True or False?
Explaining how Medical Intuitives and Empaths connect to your health issues

In my psychic reading editorial this week I'm going to the heart of what I do as a Medical Intuitive. I want to demystify the spiritual breath technique I use when I tune into your ethereal health issues.

I am also sharing a true life client reading to provide a different point of view than the atheists or skeptics who attempt to sway individuals from the spiritual arts because they have never had any experience of it themselves. The true life story I'm sharing is an accurate account of a spiritual telephone reading I provided to a customer and what happened afterwards...


Just as an MRI scanner uses magnetic and radio waves to create pictures of tissues, organs and other structures within the body, medical intuitives and spiritual empaths can energetically scan and identify underlying health aspects resonating on your aura.
As an empath or medical intuitive, I am able to detect the level of anxiety around your aura when I begin to do a telephone psychic reading.

If you have never experienced heightened spiritual energetic ability in your own life, it's easy to doubt that empaths like myself are able to tune into ethereal health issues.

Let me explain the sensations that I tune into when I use my spiritual breath technique: Your chakras highlight different vibrational tones that send out either a light or dense sensation, and a gifted spiritual lightworker can determine the messages of the tones as they are doing your reading. I can tell if you are energetically coping with everything going on around you. I can sense if you are overwhelmed by work pressures, because your body tells me.

When I feel a tight dense sensation across your heart chakra, it indicates you are in severe anxiety. A good way of describing this feeling is to imagine you have been punched in your chest and the after effects leave you with a sore heart. This is what a medical intuitive feels on their own body as they tune into your aura using the spiritual sense of clairsentience.

Clairsentience is a heightened way of feeling. Everything is intensified and someone who is naturally in tune with their body can immediately identify if there is anything out of balance. ie. New aches or pain in the body would not be disregarded as the Sensitive would know this was not a normal part of their body function. Where as, a person who is totally switched off from their health would ignore any early signs or warnings that their body was not well.

...the majority of the people aren't wired to feel their own body's messages...
Unfortunately, most people aren't wired to feel their own body's messages because of the stresses of the world. This is where a spiritual medium can quieten their own body energy and listen to their client's health messages. Think of it like an unseen radio frequency that directs either light or dense magnetic vibrations towards the conduit.

Once I am aware of your high anxiety, I check the meridian pathway and identify if other chakras are directly related to the high stress levels. I affectionately refer to this energy check-up as an energy scan. Similar to when you have a medical scan, I do an energetic scan and find the cause of the anxiety.

I can identify if you've had a sudden shock, or if you have been experiencing regular stress and ignored the warning signs. Being able to scan your aura is important because it also reveals if there are areas you need to be monitoring. Sometimes I can feel energy holes and this means there is a disturbance on your ethereal aura.

An example of this would be to tune into a heavy smoker and find they have a slight hole around their throat or heart chakra. This is a warning sign for a medical intuitive because it shows the ethereal energy is weakening and therefore this will be directly influencing the human vessel.

If you smoke and it causes me to cough all the way through your reading, that's not a good spiritual health sign. It means my immediate reaction (the coughing) is mirroring what is going on in your body. I know when I'm speaking to a heavy smoker because I taste tobacco in my mouth and can feel my throat itching from the smoke entering my aura. Ask any of my psychic clients if I've spooked them out when using the art of clairgustence or clairsentience and they'll share that I knew their health habits immediately.

I also know your emotional reactions to the reading and I know if you are being truthful to your own self.

I don't provide medical advice, but I do attempt to get my clients to identify that the energy reactions I'm feeling might require them to have a doctor check-up. Sometimes I can identify if you are absorbing other people's energy without even realizing it. Some people are unaware they have this clairsense and when they touch someone who is ill they immediately draw the magnetic sensation to themselves.

I refer to this as being an absorbent sponge. You are sucking all the vibes around you and feel emotionally drained when you are around people that suck the energy out of you. This is sometimes referred to as an energy vampires. You might find everything is too much for you, and that's understandable because your aura is like a vacuum sucking everything towards you.

True Life Medical Intuitive Telephone Reading
There is one significant medical intuitive reading I did when I worked for the first Australian live psychic line:

A woman had called me for a reading and I coated her ethereal breath around my aura and immediately felt an acute pain on my back. I then scanned her aura and found she had a large energy hole near the middle of her spine. I gently guided her to the location and asked if she'd been experiencing any pain in the area. She shared it had been acting up.

I never panic anyone, but I suggested she might want to head to a doctor and get it looked at.

She called me back months later to tell me that if she hadn't gone to the doctor they wouldn't have found she had skin cancer. Had she not had the biopsy and had a cancerous lump removed, she may not have been around for the next few years.

This was Spirits way of directing her towards me to help her identify how to tune into her own health issues. These type of fated readings happen a lot and I don't blink an eye when a new customer shares I'm not sure why I'm calling. That's my call card, to find out why she or he is being spiritually guided to use my services. I am a conduit for Spirit and I lovingly use the skills I was given to help You, your lover, your friends understand the subtle messages of your emotional body and your physical body.

...only a small percentage of the human community can tune into other peoples ethereal health concerns
We all have the capacity to listen to our body's health pulses because we are all spiritual beings, but only a small percentage of the human community can tune into other peoples ethereal health concerns. This is why you have to be cautious about what clairsentience really is. It is a refined spiritual skills that cannot be taught. You either have the heightened spiritual ability to feel the health of others, or you don't. Be careful of psychic schools that use covert hypnosis, tapping or subliminal mind control.

There is a lot of abuse of the spiritual arts online. It is up to you to check if a life coach or counsellor is using tools to teach you how to be psychic.

I refer to credible psychics as being in touch with heightened clairsenses and having true knowing of the spiritual arts. Anything which is from nature is natural. Anything which is orchestrated to duplicate real psychic skills is manufactured and isn't credible or recognized as being in touch with pure spiritual essence.

However, you certainly can learn to listen to your own ethereal health messages. To do this you have to enter the Stillness to pick up on the subtle signs. A mind that is Still doesn't require any man-made subliminal hypnosis or meditation techniques, but that's something we'll cover in another article. When you begin to discover that the answers lie within, and begin to quieten your mind to get in touch with natural balances, you will begin to discover how much more there is to your life on earth.

Astroturfing Small Online Business - Update
Before I finish this article I want to provide an update about what's happened since I wrote about online astroturfing abuse.

I was spiritually guided to be a voice for all online small business and have placed a submission into the Federal Government Small Business Ministers office and have been informed they are taking this issue up seriously. Our fake review attack is one of the thousands being reported to the ACCC and the Consumer Affairs departments. My submission included methods of alleviating fake online reviews and making online directory sites more accountable for anonymous business reviews.

It stands to reason if a customer has a psychic reading they should be prepared to use their first name and be identified as a credible business client, without breaching the Privacy Act. We also have received a lot of lovely customer emails from business clients congratulating us on speaking up.

What you might not know, at the same time the fake reviews were being placed on True Local we had a black hat SEO attack on our business. We have provided this information to the government and they are aware how business is been targeted by online competitors.

I encourage other small businesses to report black hat SEO to your State, Territory or Federal Ministers to help them identify how widely spread astroturfing and SEO black hat bowling is. I am being guided to hire a lawyer to follow up on these issues as this is one of many attacks our business has experienced over a six year period.

Love and Light

October 13th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Australian Psychic Directory Sabotage
Fake Online Reviews

In my psychic reading editorial today I am writing about psychic competitor business sabotage and the unethical practice of astroturfing. This issue applies to every Australian and world online business that is operating in a global community.

vine psychic astroturfing

My clients in Melbourne and Victoria have been in touch about very recent business reviews on True Local online directory. The scathing reviews by unidentifiable individuals don't provide names or when they claim to have had the reading, and have no credibility.

How is it that an Australian business directory allows individuals to not provide a name or date for service, or to verify accuracy before they publish their reviews?

It works in the favour of online business directories to allow non-paying businesses to be tarnished by fake reviews. If a business has a free directory listing it stops the paid listings from being found. They want everyone to be a paid listing to have greater market share and to stop legitimate websites from being found.

These psychic directories are unreliable because they are directly related to business-to-business link promotions. As we found out, tampering of online reviews is rampant and consumer government authorities around the world are scrutinising the accuracy of online reviews.

How Many Psychic Reviews are Credible?
I've been doing psychic readings for over 30 years and I can share with you that only 1 out of 100 people ever write a psychic testimonial or review.

Statistically that is probably going to mean you might get a psychic review every three to six months - if you are lucky.

This is why fake business psychic reviews stand out to anyone who works in the psychic sector. If you see an online review going up weekly by apparently satisfied customers, that's highlighting something is amiss with the online business and is highly suspect.

Normally two things can be happening. A psychic service is doing their own fake reviews, or a hired reviewer is trying to promote a business by going over the top with customer testimonials. If they use SEO keywords in the psychic testimonial, it reeks of a fake testimonial.

Negatively Reviewing Competitors
using Keywords so They'll be Found.
One of the fake testimonials updated about my psychic services on True Local mentioned I didn't provide any "psychic predictions". This is accurate because nowhere in my psychic readings do I claim to do psychic predictions for clients. Psychic predictions are about prophecy, not spiritual readings.

I do receive visions and use a range of natural clairsenses and guide my clients what they mean. This "psychic prediction" keyword was placed in the True Local review solely because my Psychic Prediction page is Australia's #1 prediction site. This means that the "psychic prediction" keyword increases the chances of the fake review being found instead of my legitimate psychic predictions.

It highlights that the person who wrote the review is directly involved in the psychic sector or works for a psychic business.

The second review, from a Western Suburbs customer in Melbourne is also anonymous, vague, has no time of appointment and doesn't say why the reading did not hit the mark. It isn't credible.

Again this reviewer is familiar with the concept of SEO keywords. They use the term "general reading" and this isn't what a normal client might place down on a psychic review. I do offer general readings because I don't require any additional information from my clients. A lot of psychic services request upfront information about their clients, but I have removed this practice to show integrity for the spiritual arts. Whoever wrote these reviews intended them to hurt my online psychic reputation.

Genuine Reviews are not written for SEO Purposes. If you check any genuine testimonial, it identifies what happened in a reading and is a breakdown of all the highlights or lowlights.

Psychic Readings Complaints - Our Policy
It is very rare for my clients to raise concerns about their psychic readings. Over 30 years I have probably had less than one percent raise concerns about a psychic reading. We encourage clients to peruse FAQ's, watch my spiritually inspired video to understand the exact style of reading I do.

And if my clients feel I'm not connecting to their issue within the first minute or two, I share with them that I will refund the online payment immediately. I also ensure my clients are aware of the style of reading I do before I proceed with the reading. This is why the True Local complaints over the last two weeks are sending out a red flag of 'another' attempt of business sabotage.

Online Business Saboteurs - Our Story
When I state this is another attempt of business sabotage I am not exaggerating when I reveal over the last six years we have dealt with every form of competitor black hat SEO trick imaginable. I have had to hire lawyers to send warning notices to major Australian psychic chat websites who should have known better. There have been issues to do with direct copyright breach and deliberate disinformation to confuse my customers about having a direct relationship with a competitor business.

Yellow and White Pages listings online have been generated to use our business email and business phone number when they are related to plumbers, carpenters, florists etc.

These business listings have been found all over Australia. We have dealt with Sensis corporate management and they have no explanation why our listings are regularly found in other industries. Not to mention having our Google business listings and Hot Frog listings being removed because of false reporting by competitors.

The psychic predictions that I regularly update from the higher realms have been scraped and copied, ignoring my intellectual property rights. They are illegally reproduced on literally hundreds of spam psychic prediction sites owned by competitor businesses. On those sites you can normally find Oranum psychic video chat with a psychic waiting patiently for you to click their site.

They regularly scrape my articles and links to confuse my online customers.

These business attacks are ongoing. I know I'm not the only business in Australia who is dealing with business sabotage issues. They come from individuals who try to create directory empires. They want to be considered the authority even if they don't deserve to have the recognition. If they see someone like myself with over 30 years real business reputation, they will overstate their qualifications to appear relevant.

Vine Psychic has Loyal Customers
Never underestimate the loyalty of a customer, and especially never underestimate the loyalty of my customers. I have received emails from my online and face to face clients after they found scathing reviews about my psychic services throughout the years. In each review there was no evidence that a psychic consultation had taken place.

My clients are aware of how many dirty handed tactics I've experienced since I was guided to start my own spiritual psychic reading line.

They get involved when they see something isn't right. The forum members on the Karma Lounge have been actively vocal in supporting greater accountability of psychic associations and institutes, especially if they don't monitor unethical or anticompetitive business practices. These organizations also have created psychic directories to represent the psychics who choose to be members. Not all Australian or World psychics want to join and should not be disadvantaged because they independently represent their own spiritual business philosophy.

This time we're not going to lie back without a fight and let individuals try to tarnish Vine Psychic Reading Line. I've decided to reveal the lengths unscrupulous psychic businesses will stoop to when it comes to being found on the world wide web and how the best psychic business directories online are feathering their own nest.

Online directory businesses are trying to be found before psychic websites. We are regularly being approached to upgrade our business listings and we know there are cases where an online business will be targeted by Australian and international fake reviewers who want you to pay to remove negative feedback on a business review. I don't intend using psychic directory services who believe in market domination and who engage in black-hat SEO. We will inform the public and let them make up their own minds.

My online psychic site has grown organically over many years by visitors returning to seek out the guidance and articles I share...
The testimonials I have originally placed on my psychic website are by customers who swore on oath the experiences they encountered in their readings are real. We also have customers who send emails describing their spiritual reading from the higher realms in their own words.

If Spirit wants my business to be found it will be found. This I know because we don't use professional SEO. I write articles that my clients seek out. My online psychic site has grown organically over many years by visitors returning to seek out the guidance and articles I share to help you be greater informed.

That my business is being found before other businesses is the sole reason it is being targeted by fake reviews.

It might be easier to turn the other cheek when it comes to unfair psychic business dealings but it doesn't help YOU to understand what is really going on in the psychic, metaphysical sector. Ignoring it would allow the behaviour to continue, and I was guided to educate and keep readers informed about a wide range of psychic topics.

I have been using my spiritual voice to raise concerns about unethical psychic reviews being setup to mislead the public.

This might be why I have been targeted, but it isn't going to stop me from sharing information with the public and allowing you to find the right psychics and distinguish the fake psychics hiding behind other business identities.

Telstra, who own Sensis has recently purchased True Local business directories. They need to show a respectable front about the way they are monitoring who is placing up reviews, and checking with businesses if the individual did actually use the psychic services.

For my loyal clients who want us to take the True Local business directory issue up further, we have already been in touch with Sensis and are awaiting their reply this week. We don't intend to let this behaviour go unnoticed. We'll also notify Consumer Affairs and the ACCC to show a case study for other online businesses.

Big thank you for your support.

Love and Light

September 23rd 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

This psychic reading editorial is about free psychic reading offers and how they are directly related to suspect psychic chat room sites, as well as having links to the criminal community. I'm also writing about fake psychic accreditation courses that are confusing the public.

Free psychic reading scam links

You can't avoid the free psychic reading offers on social networks. If you go into Twitter you'll find that the large psychic chat line companies have set up hundreds of fake profiles enticing you into having an (apparently) free astrology or love reading. Their tactics include: "Use our free psychic directory" to "Sign up for our complimentary loyalty scheme".

But did you know some of these enticing offers are highly suspect and can be directly related to criminal organizations.

Why would unscrupulous individuals hide behind the psychic reading sector?

If your immediate thought was your money, you have answered the question accurately.

The reason why these criminal organizations are enticing you with free psychic offers is because they want your personal details. If they can make you feel like you're getting something for free and you are an impulse buyer, or feeling extremely vulnerable because you are lonely, they believe you will share your personal information with them without thinking twice.

Take a look at Yahoo Answers and view how many people request free psychic readings. The Yahoo astrology and religion section is inundated with free psychic reading offers every week.

Some people believe credible psychics can provide their professional services for no payment. This isn't correct. Reputable psychics need to earn a living like any other business does. I have to pay wages to my administration staff, my graphic artist, etc., and I have to pay my bills like everyone else.

Genuine psychics who are naturally gifted with a range of spiritual heightened senses are highly sought-after. Our customers don't hesitate in paying us a fee for service as they know the guidance provided is offering real clarity. That's why we don't enter into affiliate programs like the fake psychic chat sites, and we never try to get you to sign up for freebies. Now if genuine psychics and spiritual mediums aren't making false free offers, you need to be aware of who is and about the motives behind these offers of free psychic readings.

I was spiritually guided by the higher realms to warn the public about fake psychic services because there are people who pose as psychics who have no real psychic ability whatsoever. Normally you will find they will try to get a lot of personal information out of you. They use sales tactics and marketing strategies to make you feel it is all above board. You might not realize that your data on social networks is being broken down into topics and some of the people who engage you in a conversation or recommend psychic readings, are actually fake.

That's right, you might have a bot responding to you after you write on your Facebook page something about feeling lonely, or breaking up from a love relationship. They are looking for those keywords and when they see them, the next thing you know a free psychic offer is pushed at you in your most vulnerable time.

Make no mistake, these identify theft and data information scams have been highly thought-out, and they work. That's why you will be none the wiser if a Twitter follower sends you a message about the free psychic reading they had. What you don't know, is your free astrology or sign up offer asks for all your personal information for something more than psychic services. Your personal information can be sold off, or it can be held to send a phishing link to your email account at a later date when you're less likely to see a direct relationship between the two. You may innocently click a link which sends a virus onto your computer.

Your personal information can land in the wrong hands - a criminal group in China or Taiwan, Russia etc. This is why I have spiritually warned that your personal details should be considered sacred and not readily disseminated.

Psychic Institutes and Accreditation
Psychic institutes and associations attempt to show a respectable front to the public by saying they are 'accredited'. Scratch beneath the surface and you find they have accredited themselves.

There is no such thing as government accreditation for psychics anywhere in the world.
Spiritually I have already shared that the higher realms doesn't recognize institution accreditations. Don't take psychic institute's accreditation seriously, because they are not worth the paper they are written on. Some psychic institutes hide behind covert hypnosis to create the perception they're credible psychics. Recently I shared how neuro-linguistic programming, originally a business training model, has been abused in the psychic reading sector.

On investigation we found large numbers of life coaches in Australia and the world are using covert hypnosis without revealing it to their customers.

Credible psychics rely upon natural spiritual skills; they do not hypnotise their clients. Misuse of hypnosis does not energetically align with the Universal Laws of free will.

Love and Light

I thank my loyal customers who have waited for my latest psychic reading editorial and asked me to write about free psychic reading and accreditation institutes. I have been extremely busy and I thank you for your loyalty.

August 12th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic Twitter Accounts - Influence by Faking It
In my last psychic reading editorial, I wrote about mind coercion and the falsities of the psychic reading sector. I didn't expect the higher realms to reveal how our free will is influenced by fake News Polls or fake online followers for political parties. Nevertheless widespread mind manipulation on the world wide web and social media was revealed throughout the week.

The age-of-fake was more than evident online when we discovered a large number of Tony Abbott's social media followers were fake. That's right, someone had purchased thousands of followers in an attempt to influence the Australian public's notion of the popularity of Mr Abbott on social networks. I was guided mind coercion was occurring in the media and in advertising and SEO search engine results, refer to psychic prediction: Controllers of the Internet.

" ...someone had purchased thousands of followers in an attempt to influence the Australian public's notion of the popularity of Mr Abbott on social networks. "
I have also shared guidance about how wide spread mind coercion is influencing our psyches in general, without needing to only concentrate on the psychic sector. It is spiritually dangerous if you reach out for counselling, coaching or training and are being covertly influenced to change a behaviour or to follow a certain type of spiritual teaching.

The examples I provided in my previous editorial about the use of covert hypnosis when buying a car or a psychic reading were bad enough. But it's frightening to think that our political vote is being manipulated to get the general populous to falsely believe polls favour a certain political party. Or to falsely make us believe a certain ideology.

Spirit guides that we all have free will, and the karmic consequences of interfering with our ability to be in touch of our emotions, is detrimental to our overall wellbeing and quality of life.

The spiritual dangers of not being in charge of our ethereal field makes us more susceptible to extreme emotional highs and lows. There is now more depression and stress than ever recorded in history, and the guidance I've been receiving from Spirit is that this is occurring because of all of the psychic interference entering our minds.

It is easy to step back and see that hypnosis or NLP subliminal manipulation in the wrong hands is creating imbalances in peoples psyches. Not to mention all the subliminal messages coming through advertising and media.

Our energetic body is directly related to our physical and mental body. If one is out of balance it can adversely influence the other. This is why I can feel ethereal scarring on my psychic reading clients when I scan their aura and find previous physical injuries indicated from the past.

There is a warning bell being sent out to the world public about these mind manipulative techniques and therapies entering every area of our life.

" Become aware of how your energy is being influenced, and walk your our own path. "
We need to be switched-on to the dangers of allowing these types of practices to continue without any form of regulation in the market place. We have to be discerning of the vested interests who are attempting to sway our opinions and not allowing us to individually come to our own choices.

This week is spiritually highlighting why every human being needs to monitor their own emotional health and to remove themselves from any influence which damages our emotional psyches and leaves us open to energetic consequences.

I will add more information as I am guided about this topic and hopefully you can research yourself if you believe the guidance is relevant to your own life. Spirit always guides, be your own Guru. Become aware of how your energy is being influenced, and walk your our own path.

Love and Light

August 7th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic Mind Manipulative Powers and NLP
Please Explain

This week in my psychic reading editorial I am writing about:
Why manufactured mind powers, conjuring and hypnosis models are in no way related to the spiritual arts.

I do not refer to the spiritual arts as modality-only psychic skills. By 'modality' I mean tarot, crystal balls, email or SMS psychic readings to name a few of the manufactured skills. Nor do I refer to the spiritual arts as being mind-altering techniques like Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis etc.

As a young psychic child I was guided that the spiritual arts were sacred. The watering down of the spiritual arts and attempts to spiritualise magical tricks, mind manipulation, life coaching, counselling, conjuring or even hypnosis and mentalism isn't going down well in the angelic realms.

I have already guided that these techniques are in no way connected to the higher realms. People calling themselves mediums and psychics who use life-coaching type courses and similar professional training skills as the core of their business, are misleading the public when they claim to be a psychic authority.

If an apparent spiritual medium is unable to connect naturally to the higher realms without using mind-talk or touch to influence their psychic clients, they are not spiritually acknowledged as using credible Akasha tools.

" ...attempts to spiritualise magical tricks, mind manipulation, life coaching, counselling, conjuring or even hypnosis and mentalism isn't going down well with the higher realms. "
I was guided to speak up for the original spiritual arts by my angelic guardians in 2007. I was shown visions of new therapies emerging that were mind manipulative techniques. My Higher Guardians warned of the influencers who were having counsel with unsuspecting clients and being energetically altered without knowing this was occurring. Later in my spiritual prophecy page Spiritual Warning for Sensitive People in 2012 I shared why every spiritual being needed to be responsible for their own ethereal health.

If you spiritually interfere in the free will of another person without their knowledge, it karmically backfires. A lot of people who practice these techniques are not aware they are energetically tampering with the person's free will.

What Harm is Being Done using NLP and Mind Manipulation?
First we need to understand what NLP really is. It is a subliminal way of influencing your mind to change its behavior. These techniques are often referred to as modelling. NLP was introduced by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970s.

They based NLP on their study of a variety of anthropologists, philosophers, linguists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and clinical hypnotherapists.

Their attempts to have it scientifically recognized as a credible science failed, and NLP is poorly supported by independent empirical research.

After unsuccessfully convincing the science fraternity of the validity of NLP, they instead simplified the information into short courses and commercially orientated books like "Frogs Into Princes", and introduced NLP into the burgeoning Human Potential self-help market of the 1970s.

NLP claims that it gives a reliable way to understand and influence people and to manipulate one's own behaviour. It has therefore been marketed to, and taken up by professional management trainers, salespeople and now life-coaches and those seeking self-help advice.

Some mentalists and mind conjurers when advertising their business, use conversational hypnosis techniques similar to NLP techniques, to attempt to get their customers to do something outside of their own will. They make a sale they would not otherwise have made.

An example of someone being influenced by these sort of mind alterations is openly displayed by entertainment hypnotists such as Derren Brown. These conjurers specifically select people out of the audience who are most receptive to hypnosis. Their mind manipulation tricks are performed on willing members of the audience, and laughter reins when the audience is captivated by the amazing and sometimes funny antics during the live show.

The hypnotist at the end of the show tells all of the stage entertainers they will return to normal, as they were before the start of the show. The altered state of their reality is then normalised. At all times the people are made to be aware of what is happening to them and they have the choice of saying yes or no, to be part of the stage act.

In this example by entertainment hypnotist Derren Brown, he uses hypnosis to convince a subject (Simon Pegg) to change his mind about a birthday gift he has asked for.

At the end of the video, Derren gives us a false explanation of how he did the trick. The false explanation is a part of his job as a professional magician, to draw our attention away from where the trick is really happening. In this case Derren Brown performed the trick with hypnosis but you might not twig to this if you believe his false explanation. Watch how he continually touches the subject, and be aware that it is a strictly edited entertainment video and we may not be seeing the whole of the hypnosis technique.

There's nothing wrong with this type of entertainment hypnosis and mind-altering tricks, and it can be fun to watch. But things change completely when these techniques are used in everyday life and participants are unaware of what is happening to them.

Mind Altering Hypnosis Taken So Much Further in Everyday Life
You are probably wondering how entertainment hypnosis has anything to do with counseling, life coaching, or the psychic reading industry?

On close inspection of the mind power or neuro linguistic programming models, you begin to find something disturbing. A lot of the coaching is done by consultants who use similar techniques as the entertainment hypnotist.

People attending counseling might find the practitioner will sometimes touch the customer while they are talking to them or they may use a hypnotic talk to convince them to follow their suggestions.

The web is bristling with courses teaching conversational hypnosis (sometimes called Covert hypnosis) with the aim of influencing people without their knowledge. A Google search for "learn conversational hypnosis NLP" produces 203,000 results.

This Derren Brown video shows him using conversational hypnosis to make a woman see colors differently than normal. Watch his hand movements as he continually touches his subject when hypnotising her.

Derren Brown does this for entertainment with full permission from the subjects, but when people seeking out counseling, life coaching or training have no idea that this type of hypnosis is being used on them, it goes against the Universal Law of Free Will.

" ...the latest NLP marketing push is into the psychic industry. "
Nearly every business industry today is being infiltrated by these types of trainers. There are car salesmen/women using these techniques to sell cars you might not otherwise have bought. We have subliminal messages used in advertising, and the latest NLP marketing push is into the psychic industry.

Mind altering techniques are now being used in epidemic proportions within the Psychic sector. Now when you reach out to an apparently trusted psychic reader, you may instead be talking to a life-coach using NLP or hypnosis techniques pretending to be psychic.

Many NLP practitioners are now also claiming to be psychic. They are claiming that psychic clairsenses can be taught, but if you were to ask them to provide evidence of spiritual mediumship, they are unlikely to be able to do so.

In some cases the people who run the schools and courses claiming they can teach people to be psychics are knowingly attempting to alter the public perception of what they want you to consider a psychic to be.

This is the same magician's trick that Derren Brown uses... the magician distracts your attention, so you don't see the truth. eg. If you are thinking that their method is psychic, you are less likely to see what they are really doing to you - ie. hypnotising you.

They may also believe that if they convince the public that NLP is a psychic method it would gain credibility and be able to move into the psychic market.

None of these mind altering tactics are recognized by the higher realms. I have been guided of the danger of emotionally altering energetic fields against free will. Have no doubt the people who introduced these techniques know they can use hypnotic talk, or touch you on the arm or tap you on your chest and get you to accept a certain behaviour.

Imagine if you requested a quote for a renovation in your home and you had someone using this type of hypnotic talk on you when you spoke to them. How would you feel knowing that someone had tried to influence your decision about using their services? When you realize that a mind altering technique may be subliminally influencing your choices without you knowing about it, It begins to get a bit spiritually scary.

Take it to the extreme and imagine if you had a spiritual medium doing seances using these techniques on you. You would be led to believe the experience you were having was really connecting you to your departed family member, but instead you had a person lightly touching you as they reached out to gently console you and you were none the wiser a magical trick was being used in this spiritual setting.

" It distresses me to see how many apparent psychics are prepared to claim NLP assists them with their readings."
I can assure you as a medium who converses with the spiritual realms these type of practices just don't sit right when related to life and death and grieving.

It distresses me to see how many apparent psychics are prepared to claim NLP assists them with their readings. Why would a natural spiritual medium need any mind altering technique to demonstrate credible contact with a loved one? We don't.

Why is it difficult to find anything negative about NLP?
If you check the internet to find any constructive criticism of these mind altering techniques you will probably find the search engines will direct you to mostly positive articles about the techniques. It is the same with the law of attraction abuse.

SEO tricks such as facebook, Twitter and Pininterest 'Likes' are marketed by the hypnotists, life coaches etc. They all click each others sites en masse to artificially produce page-one results in the search engines to make them seem more popular than they really are.

This could be considered to be another magician's trick, or another form of manipulation. There is often some type of celebrity trainer who encourages their coaches that this technique is fine to use.

It is energetically described as the buffer effect. It goes something like this:

A highly recognized and respected authority will share they have used the technique and it created untold wealth and happiness into their life. Then you are encouraged to buy a service or product because of the recommendation. This could be a training course, books, online courses etc. The authority will use their image to brand the technique and you and I are the pawns in a well rehearsed publicity campaign. It normally will follow a pyramid selling or network model to keep everyone conversing with each other and promoting NLP or similar model.

Dangers of Energetic Altering to Your Ethereal Field
There is a real danger if non-psychic practitioners dabble in the spiritual arts sector with incomplete psychic skills. They may inadvertently open people up to the astral planes because they have energetically altered your ethereal field. I can share that the spiritual dangers are extreme.

Also if you have been programmed to alter your way of thinking and to think you need to be successful in everything you do, you may begin to experience extreme emotional lows.

It is disturbing how many people are becoming disconnected to their real emotions. Remember: NLP was originally meant to be used as a training method. It has been abused to such an extreme that people within the NLP field are wanting stronger regulation of their own industry. Similar to the psychic sector that has been taken over by anyone who can create an overnight psychic history and start a psychic business.

The regulations about your emotional health are slack and the governments are not aware of some of the psychological issues coming from the abuse of these training models in the hands of short course and training practitioners. Psychiatrists and psychologists and professional counsellors who don't stray from the academic teachings are most likely to see customers who have somehow innocently found themselves being mind coerced.

I have noticed new clients being guided towards me who don't even know why they're not able to stop the happy pill talk. They are unable to relax into themselves, they find it difficult to switch off. I recently had a conversation with a respected Australian psychologist and she is inundated with people just wanting to talk about their real emotions, it seems people don't want to be happy 24/7.

Worst Case Scenarios - Psychic Attack
If you have never had a paranormal experience you may find it difficult to understand what a psychic attack is. Anyone who has experienced vulnerabilities to their ethereal field, who has first-hand knowledge of psychic attack doesn't need convincing of what I am sharing. They open themselves up to lower entity planes. I have already shared how people using Ouija boards can open their ethereal field when they believe they are playing on a talking board. Please refer to Ouija article to understand the complexities of this topic.

Find Out for Yourself - Question Everything
I don't want you to blindly trust what I am sharing. Investigate and research this topic for yourself and see if you can trace the historical origin of the mind altering procedures and their marketing techniques.

I recommend you check the psychic services who openly share they are NLP trainers or life coaches, and find out who they are affiliated with behind their services.

Check if they can do a psychic reading without any information from you. Do they refer to spiritual visions from your past, can they demonstrate credible spiritual evidence of the after life?

If you think you detect repetitive hypnotic talk in your face to face psychic reading, find a way of protecting your aura. Someone may be trying to convince you they are psychic.

I am going to share how you can protect yourself from these type of psychic manipulators in my next editorial. In the meantime do a bit of researching about NLP training and find out how many organizations, businesses, government departments etc., politicians, media industries, life coaches, psychic and training services are using these type of techniques on you and your family. You might be surprised.

Love and Light

It is important to understand the difference between professional doctors and psychiatrists who use highly structured clinical hypnosis techniques with the patient's complete knowledge and approval, instead of people doing a short course on hypnosis/NLP, falsely calling themselves psychics. Using manipulative techniques by trainers and coaches without spiritually understanding the potential dangers or without the subject's knowledge is against the Universal Karmic Laws. It is also important to distinguish natural spiritual abilities as opposed to manufactured facsimiles such as cold reading, mind conjurers, mentalists, magician tricks etc.

July 23rd 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Guides - Drug Addiction Energy
I'm a huge Glee Fan and have been from the start of the show. Like you, I was shocked to read of the early death of Cory Monteith who plays the role of Finn.

This week in my psychic reading editorial I'm going to reveal the energy story of the addictive drug user. I will try to help anyone who is energetically connected to the lure of mind altering drugs, and hopefully give you a different take on what is going on beneath the surface of your ethereal field, which influences your emotional body.

Vine Psychic Drug Addict

Firstly - How does a Genuine Psychic Sense the Use of Drugs?
What would a psychic know about drugs? If we rephrase the question to, What does a spiritual sensitive know about your ethereal field? it allows me to share how the physical body is directly related to the aura.

Ever since I've been able to tune into energy I have come across something that is extremely obvious about the aura. It wants to remain in perfect ethereal health, but it also displays different energy tones that show ethereal scarring.

Similar to your physical body, the ethereal essence electrical current can display several forms of energetic scarring. A spiritual sensitive or Empath will be able to detect if a client has been injured in the past or has encountered some type of emotional or physical trauma.

The way they do this is by energetically scanning the aura. I regularly scan my client's aura when I am doing a phone psychic reading. It allows me to detect any out of the ordinary energy health issues that could move towards my client's physical form. I also share these findings with my clients, ensuring at all times I do not provide any type of medical advice. More often than not my customers share that the information I have provided is accurate.

" A spiritual sensitive can detect if a client has been injured in the past or has encountered some type of emotional or physical trauma. "
This also occurs when I tune into my customers who smoke. I automatically pick up on which clients smoke, have smoked in the past or live with heavy smokers and breathe in a lot of second-hand smoke. There is a weakness in the throat and heart chakra which allows me to detect damage to the physical body.

Sensing Problems on the Aura Cannot be Taught in Courses
This leads me to why gifted spiritual sensitives can use a wide range of clairsenses to help their clients. The psychics or medical intuitives that have this ability, know inside themselves they carry heightened sensitivity. To anybody who thinks you can go to school to learn this, I'm sorry to share that this type of heightened ability isn't something you can get from doing some type of NLP training course that will make you "accredited". You are either born with it or you are not.

There are a lot of international psychic institutes attempting to replicate what credible mediums and spiritual sensitive's do. They use a wide range of modalities to mimic the natural born skills that medical intuitives and Empaths can call upon. You will be told if you use this part of your brain or this part of the body it will allow you to develop these skills.

I'm here to share it has nothing to do with your mind. It has more to do with your ethereal energy. Nor for that matter does hypnosis bring these skills to the surface. The teachers who guide their students can develop exactly the same spiritual skills are probably not capable of doing it themselves. The people who are most likely to have these heightened skills have either been born with them or had a near death experience which has altered their ethereal body.

These skills allow a Natural Born psychic, or a psychic who came upon their heightened energy by an out of body experience, to feel if someone has a cloudy energy around their aura. If a medical intuitive can tune into this cloudy energy they know the ethereal health of their customer has been altered.

Let me stress there is currently no proven technology created to pick up on the different ranges of vibrational frequency being released from the aura. This means what I am sharing will probably be difficult to believe. That's fine, but if you are open-minded to read what I'm going to share next, it may help you to deal with a drug addict more sensitively in the future.

Sensing the Use of Drugs
A genuine psychic who encounters a person who is a heavy drug user will detect it by using one of the many clairsenses listed on my home page. Someone who is reliant upon drugs can sometimes fit into the mainstream without any problem. They can be scraping for money and living on the streets, or professionally employed and completely normal looking. But to a genuine psychic, the ethereal field of a drug user shows the truth. A cloudy ethereal field shows a genuine psychic that a drug user is no more in control of their actions than a toddler releasing anger when their body requests nourishment.

" The cloudy energy of drugs comes from distortions in the ethereal field which automatically affect the emotional mind and mental strength of the drug user. "

Drug Use Allows Discordant Energies In
The cloudy and weakened aura can allow discordant energies to have a great deal of control over the user. When we talk of discordant energies we are talking about lower entity energy which takes over when the spiritual being lets down their guard. You may never read about the lower discordant energetical entities because in some spiritual circles it is considered to be taboo to even utter the name. It is similar to the characters in the Harry Potter books who preferred to call the lower entity, "he who must not be named". The more you avoid the spiritual topic of dark energy, the more it grows in the shadows of the underworld. People wouldn't use Ouija boards if they knew that lower entities control the movements of the board. Nor would the public be so open to Ouija channelled law of attraction manifestation techniques, if they knew the true source of the guidance was lower entities through Ouija boards.

Other Ways Discordant Energies are Allowed In
Have you ever wondered why law of attraction lower entity channellings guide you don't need to be concerned about your planet's health?

Lower entity law of attraction channellings are about selfishly manifesting personal wealth, happiness and power without concern for anybody else or the health of our planet. These lower entities channel the message that you are here on Earth to evolve spiritually and the Earth itself is of no consequence. This isn't true. This deceptive channelling is designed to destroy our planet, and the destruction of our planet is taking place right now because of it. We are already spiritual beings here on Earth to experience our lessons in physical form, and not only is the Earth an integral part of this journey, the Earth is also a part of us.

The original law of attraction spiritual teachings that all credible spiritual masters through-out time have shared, have been lost in these lower entity teachings. The pursuit of happiness can lead to desires not being met and make people doubt the skills they carry. It also creates energetic defects. A spiritual being who is ruled by desires cannot emotionally engage with all people of the world. It energetically creates a spiritual divide which leads to a level of mistrust. This is why you see racial hatred, bigotry, discrimination of all kinds. A discordant energy will always cause divide, even if it is disguised in a loving spiritual way. You will see cults developing and claiming that their knowing is more important than another. These discordant energies don't discriminate. They select people from all different cultural and social-economic backgrounds.

How do Discordant Energies Affect Drug Addicts
The discordant energy isn't here to harmonise our planet, it is here to create a level of disharmony and the people who have encountered this energy first hand will tell you it can be deceptive, mind controlling and makes drug users believe they're in control. Some people have witnessed how the drug user has lost all ability to manage their own sense of will. They have looked into the eyes of their child, parent, sibling or friend to find they can't even identify the essence of the person before them.

I can share this experience is normal. You will begin to doubt if you even know the person who is lost to the addictive energy of the drug and who has also become an open vessel for the discordant energy.

" There needs to be a holistic approach when managing drug addiction and this includes treating the weakened ethereal body... "

There is hope for the drug user and there are ways of engaging with an addict to come back on the straight and narrow. There needs to be a holistic approach when managing drug addiction. Treating the weakened ethereal body is an integral part of the healing process. The drug user has to become accustomed to being in their own physical vessel and to learn to stop the energy of doubt or fear from influencing their way of thinking.

This may seem a completely unorthodox method to comprehend, but addiction isn't only about chemical imbalances in the brain. It is also about the thought that enters the mind. Discerning whether the thought is from pure consciousness, or from discordant lower entities requires spiritual practice.

The spiritual masters knew these energy planes existed and used their own words to describe them. Jesus called it the devil. The Buddha recognized evil in Mara or Varsavarti - he who fulfills desires. Don't doubt they exist, because they rely on that doubt to obtain a great deal of influence on weakened minds and egotistical personalities.

Love and Light

July 14th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine Psychic Guides Parents about Self-Harm
The Australian psychic reading editorial I'm writing about today might be too deep for some people to handle. But if you stick around you might see the topic will assist people who are dealing with teenagers who self-harm.


I am going to explain what is energetically occurring to your children when they attack their own bodies with sharp instruments. The best way to tackle a spiritual or psychic issue which falls outside the norm is to be honest about it. What I'm about to share may have also happened to you when you went through the puberty cycle.

Why do young children find the puberty cycle to be emotionally confronting? There are a lot of physical changes taking place in their body, but are you aware there are also energy changes influencing the way they think and stimulating their emotions?

The hormonal changes teenagers experience are intense. They have to become accustomed to understanding why they feel extreme emotional highs and lows. You might think they are just being difficult when they don't want to communicate, but I'm here to share there is a lot of energetic changes also taking place in them, which they aren't accustomed to. Go back in time to your teenage years and you may remember what I'm referring to. Do you remember how your body needed so much more sleep when you were a teenager? There was also the insatiable hungry spells or the exact opposite to that, not feeling like you wanted to eat any food at all.

Now let's take some of your own experiences in teenage years to the extreme. Imagine you started to have all of these changes inside of you but you felt disconnected to what was happening to you.

You felt the emotions were an enemy and you couldn't cope with peer group pressure, school commitments, family issues and even identifying who the person was staring back at you in the mirror. It was so overwhelming you felt like a pressure cooker steaming from within.

" disconnected from your emotions you couldn't relate to anyone or anything around you. "

You were unable to articulate the emotions because you couldn't understand what was happening to you. You were so disconnected from your emotions you couldn't relate to anyone or anything around you. You felt like an alien in your own body.

This is what happens to the teenagers who self-harm. Their feelings are off the radar, they have strong hormonal bursts which remind them they are becoming sexually aroused. They don't know how to deal with their thoughts, because they are unknown to them. They may have experienced childhood memories that they have tried to block out and then all of a sudden because of the kundalini energy releasing them to the surface they are overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Kundalini is extremely misunderstood when it comes to the puberty cycle. I'm here to take away a bit of the mystery behind the puberty cycle. A teenager who is extremely sensitive is likely to self-harm to release the pain they feel inside.

When I describe the emotion as a pain, it is exactly how they interpret the feeling inside of them. It is similar to an acute physical pain that has you screaming in agony as you try to find a comfortable position to release the stress you feel.

This is the same type of energetic pain teenagers experience when they are working through strong emotions. They can't cope with the intensity of the energy emotion and they try to find a way of quickly releasing it. Hence, they attack themselves. They believe if they can release the emotion it will not hurt anymore. It might seem a violent way of doing it, but at the time they are overwhelmed by alien feelings and they just want them gone.

" They feel the emotion is stirring within them and they want to stop it at all costs. "

This is why they attack their body. They feel the emotion is stirring within them and they want to stop it at all costs. They would rather hurt themselves physically then feel the emotion. It might seem extreme, and it is, but you have to realize they are not accustomed to the emotional pain.

They are used to suppressing their feelings as a child and they find the whole experience really frightening.

There is a lot of energy change occurring around teenagers during puberty. They measure and compare their physical looks with their peers and have to identify with their sexuality. It's a lot to take in.

The most effective way of dealing with strong emotions is to breathe into them. In society we have a tendency to want to buffer them with medication or feel-good, short term fixes. This is why a lot of people turn towards self-help books and law of attraction teachings. Some of the false teachings guide that you should be happy all the time. Try telling this to a teen who is going through intense emotions and can't even draw the happy vibe to the surface.

" The most effective way of dealing with strong emotions is to breathe into them. "

Guide your teenage child or friend that it is perfectly natural to feel their emotions are the enemy. Allow them to see this process is energetically attuning their physical, mental, emotional and energetic body, and eventually it will pass.

Tell them you understand what they are going through. Sometimes they will reject the communication, so try other ways to relay the message. Don't judge, because they already feel bad about attacking their own body. They also do this by starving themselves; hence you will find a lot of cases of anorexia nervosa arising in teenage years.

Trying to understand the energy release teenagers experience might be difficult because you didn't have the same intense emotions, but it doesn't mean because you can't relate to it personally it doesn't occur.

It is the same type of thing spiritual sensitive's like myself deal with when people can't relate to psychic ability or heightened clairvoyant and medium senses. If you haven't personally had a psychic or paranormal experience don't rule out other people having different ways of relating to their senses.

The self-harm teenager isn't highly strung; they are dealing with highly strung emotions. There is a difference. Be compassionate and open minded to appreciate the type of feelings they have stirring in their aura.

There is always a direct relationship to the energetic body and the emotional body. If you read about claircognizance and clairsentience in my psychic home page it goes into a little more detail about these particular heightened senses.

In the meantime just accept your child unconditionally and speak to them openly about the feelings they are experiencing. The self-harm teenager or anorexic is no more aware of why they are responding in the manner they do, which means you have to come from a place of compassion.

Love and Light

July 9th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic Abuse - Natural Law of Attraction
Every week I write a psychic reading editorial about a wide range of spiritual topics. This week I'm writing about the abuse of the Natural Law teachings.

The original Law of Attraction teachings referred to by indigenous cultures, are not the same teachings being found in best-selling books today. The original laws are about understanding our direct relationship with nature and respecting and honouring this relationship when we live on our planet Earth.

Vine Psychic Seance

The false versions of the Law of Attraction are from lower entity teachings that come directly from the astral planes to people who seek greed and power above wisdom.

The Danger of Using Ouija Boards
The guidance I received from my Spiritual Guardians as a young psychic child was that the Ouija board is spiritually dangerous. And I am not alone in warning of the dangers of using a spiritual board as a way of contacting the departed.

Your loved ones in Spirit reach out from the higher realms if they want to. You cannot summon a famous departed celebrity at your own calling like beer on tap, as many celebrity channels say they can. Would you want to be summoned at the drop of the hat into any sleazy environment just because someone beckoned you to their seance? Of course not.

Why would you think the spiritually departed would come to the seance when they have no direct relationship with anyone there? They don't. Most of these seances are for show and entertainment and they're not real. The energies who do show at these Ouija seances and pretend to be a departed famous identity are from the lower astral realms.

It seems there is a lot of misinformation about Ouija boards because there are a lot of businesses that make a profit from selling the boards and they only tell you the good stuff. If people do have paranormal occurrences that bring some type of strange activity into their home, this is made out to be a bit of a novelty, or else the user is blamed for not having enough protection.

I'm here to share that the entities behind the boards are not to be trusted. I want to highlight and draw to your attention the dubious nature of some of the best selling channelled material and where it originated from.

"...the entities behind the Ouija boards
are not to be trusted "

Jane Roberts has openly shared she met a spiritual entity by the name of Seth by using the Ouija board. Esther Hicks began channelling the entity Abraham after her husband Jerry was influenced by the Seth books and used Ouija boards. Jerry Hicks then used pyramid selling knowledge learnt during his time as a successful Amway distributor, to market the Abraham channellings.

The Esther Hick's channelled Abraham-versions of the Law of Attraction teachings are radically altered from the original laws, which are based on our direct relationship with nature.

Many other channels are teaching the same abused versions of the Law of Attraction after receiving information from talking boards. They believe their thoughts can alter natural balances and that the Universe is giving them a free reign to have all their desires met.

But just as with pyramid schemes, in the abused Law of Attraction teachings, only those at the top of the pyramid can have all their desires met. Whilst the vast majority of people in the world live in abject poverty.

Jesus in the Desert
The false Law of Attraction teachings remind me of the spiritual master Jesus who was approached by a lower entity when he went into the desert. He was tempted with "all the kingdoms of the world and their splendour". Jesus immediately saw this for what it was. It was a deceptive energy attempting to get him to follow the teachings of the lower astral realms.

Dangerous Spiritual Teachings
Everyone and everything on our planet is connected with everything else. Even the environment of our planet itself is not a closed system. Energies are continuously entering and leaving and so ultimately we are connected with everything, spiritually and physically.

The teachers of the abused versions of the Law of Attraction state that everyone can operate in a "bubble" and not be effected by what is going on around them. They teach that everyone inside their bubble can manifest untold wealth regardless of whether or not nature can physically provide it. And that inside your "bubble" your life will be complete, even if your friends, neighbours and loved ones are starving.

This is nothing more than spiritual-bubble babble designed to make more money for the people at the top of the pyramid. Any doubts you may have about being too insular are easily removed as you hear the channelled guidance that you don't need to be concerned about your Earth or the people who have incarnated onto inhospitable lands. You are here to be able to create untold wealth and to be content knowing your wealth will be used to create more wealth from using the resources readily available from the environment.

What's wrong with this channelling?

There are a lot of contradictions in the spiritual teachings. If you step outside of the insular bubble you will begin to spiritually see how out of balance the teachings really are with the natural laws followed by the native peoples of the world. The native inhabitants of our planet were able to live in harmony with the environment and nature. They walked lightly on the Earth.

The current teachings from Abraham being channelled by Esther Hicks tell us we can ignore climate change. The climate change warnings are summarised as doomsayers and scientists trying to interfere with the well being of happiness that you deserve to experience living a life on Earth.

You are also guided that your thoughts have manifested these extreme events. Which if interpreted accurately by natural laws, means that out of control fears of lack have made the human species search for more than our planet can provide.

The misinterpreted version is that your throughts if collectively shared with other LOA enlightened followers would alter the planets energetic ability to transform itself.

The only issue with this, is Universal consciousness radiates at different frequencies. Which means your energy would need to alter its vibrational frequency to match all Universal forms.

This interpretation by lower astral channellers, places the spiritual being as being more important than other consciousness forms. This is how the abuse of the natural laws have been commercially altered to support a political and ideological self-perpetuating business model. Which is why law of attraction affiliates will try to teach the guidance to new converts and earn money bringing people into cult-like institutional environments.

These are the same type of psychic and spiritual institutes that the higher realms do not recognise because of the Oneness omnipresence knowing, of All That Is and Will Be.

" The native inhabitants of our planet were able to live in harmony with the environment and nature. They walked lightly on the Earth "

The wealth teachings from the manipulated laws are about consuming for the sake of consuming. Now, if we lived on a Planet that wasn't affected by the abuse of the industrial age it would be fantastic to live in this spiritual bubble. But we don't. We live in a world which can't support these insular spiritual bubbles because of the harm it's directly doing to our environment when we desire the resources for frivolous material wants.

The Message from Buddha and Jesus
When you refer to the spiritual teachings of Buddha and Jesus, you discover where the rejigged law of attraction ideas about desires comes from. The Buddhist teachings tell you that desires create foggy minds and are the source of added suffering. Jesus shared that we should reach out to the poor and assist them.

The manipulated laws of attraction coming from Ouija entities is the exact opposite of the message shared by these revered spiritual masters.

The spiritual teachings from Abraham are easily simplified. According to them, you embrace financial lessons learnt from multi-millionaires about looking out for yourself. You forget about the people suffering around you, forget about your environment, forget about how over-consumerism is releasing pollution into the atmosphere and disturbing the natural balances of your planet.

" The manipulated laws of attraction coming from Ouija entities is exact opposite of the message shared by the Buddha and Jesus "

What a con job is being pulled right before our eyes from the lower astral entities. The people who believe this misinterpretation consider they are only here on this Earth to be spiritually awakened. They fail to see one important thing. You are already a spiritual essence who has chosen to incarnate on this Earth. You don't have to find a sense of enlightenment on Earth, because you are already a spiritual essence in physical form.

So why are the lower entities telling us to consume beyond our needs, and ultimately beyond our planet's ability to sustain life? Why are they telling you to be indifferent to the suffering of others and to allow the Arctic to melt and new bacteria and diseases to develop? Why are they saying that everyone can have what they want and be enlightened by abused laws? When in reality many people in developed countries are struggling to pay bills and survive, and the vast majority of people in the world live in poverty with no chance of getting out?

What's in it for them to get you to switch off from your natural surroundings and stop manifesting a more equitable and balanced world?

That's the question you should be asking when you listen to the teachings from the lower astral realms.

Jesus was able to see through the false teachings, can you?

Love and Light

July 1st 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Gold Coast Psychic Reading Plea
Beach Erosion on the Gold Coast and Around the World

My psychic editorial touched a nerve last week with one of my Gold Coast psychic reading clients. The large ocean tides that I previously wrote about became a reality when the Supermoon hit the Gold Coast.

My client was concerned that large waves had caused further erosion to the beaches around Surfers Paradise. She was in tears because the beaches she knew were disappearing. Surfers Paradise beach itself, resembles a construction site with bulldozers and trucks regularly replenishing sand to fix the main beach.

I am familiar with this part of Queensland because I lived there in my early twenties and have a love of the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland and the friendly locals. I am also well aware of the history of beach erosion on the Gold Coast. It was made worse when the Tweed River rock walls were extended out into the ocean in the early 1960's, stopping the natural northward movement of sand to the Gold Coast beaches. (See the sand-by-passing attempts to remedy this.)

And I'm aware of the dramatic cycles of severe beach erosion and beach recovery over the last 50 years.

But this time it's different.

Rising sea levels and more extreme and frequent storms associated with climate change are making the quieter periods of weather shorter. The possibility of beach-sand recovery is less likely this time around. Those on the Gold Coast who think that this round of beach erosion is just a part of a natural cycle and that the beaches will eventually recover, need to think again.

In the past, when the Gold Coast beaches have been in trouble, other beaches around the world were not experiencing erosion. But now, Gold Coast beaches are just one of the many areas world-wide that are reflecting climate change right before our eyes. (Have a look at just a few other beaches here... Malibu, Alaska, Rhode Island, Marshall Islands, Byron Bay).

The warning of sea rises hurting a distant country like the Maldives may not have forced our politicians to respond because it wasn't in our own backyard. But the effects of climate change now are being felt in Australia.

"This time around, the Gold Coast beaches are not the only ones dealing with sea erosion"

Nature is altering her frequency in response to the ever increasing human population. Most in the Western world have lost touch with walking lightly on the Earth as the indigeneous people of the world used to do.

People are dealing with erosion around beaches and rivers because we are abusing nature's resources.

The pollution we release into our atmosphere has an energetic consequence, it creates climate change. 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere has gone past the safe mark for humanity to live in harmony with nature.

Your body is ONE with the Earth

Imagine Your Body is the Earth
Instead of thinking about the Earth as something outside of yourself, imagine you are the Earth.

Now imagine you start to breathe never ending pollutants into your lungs. You would begin to cough, develop breathing problems and physical ailments that you have never experienced before.

Eventually the toxins would cause your body to shut down.

This is what is happening to Gaia, and nature is reflecting just how bad the health of our environment and eco-systems is.

As we demand more and more from nature's resources, our connection with nature has been lost. Just as our own bodies could not endure the absorption of all of these pollutants, neither can nature. We are ONE and the same.

Extreme weather events have escalated all over the globe because we have polluted our atmosphere. The analogy I used to explain the relationship between our human bodies and the Earths nature is a simple way of demonstrating how sick our Earth really is.

Just as our white cells try to save our bodies from the release of toxins into our bloodstream, our climate scientists are trying to preserve an environment on Earth in which we can survive. The cancerous cells (climate deniers) are those who continue to release toxins into the life blood of our ecological systems.

"We have to look after the body of our Earth as we do our own bodies"

We as humans have to look after the body of our Earth as we do our own bodies. To look after our bodies, we can stop smoking and refrain from eating too much junk food. We can start exercising and eating a wholesome well-balanced diet.

To look after our Nature, we can install solar panels for our homes and businesses and tell our elected leaders that we don't want any more pollution being pumped into the atmosphere, increasing the acidity of the oceans, melting the polar ice and causing floods and rising sea levels.

When we get a cold, we search for a solution to recover from the virus. Our world now has an environmental flu and we need to come together to search for immediate solutions to the extreme symptoms of this sickness.

Nobody is exempt. The people who believe that through positive thinking they can raise their vibrational frequency and be immune from climate change catastrophe, are mistaken. False spiritual teachings to this effect from so-called enlightened entities are far from the truth. The truth is climate change effects everyone. If nature's creatures and elements are dealing with altered frequencies, then it stands to reason nature isn't discriminating.

My client shared that the people most affected by the sand erosion threatening their homes, didn't have solar panels on the roofs of their homes or tall buildings. She was dismayed that the same people who wanted immediate public action to fix the damaged beaches caused by climate change, were not doing anything to help solve the climate change problem.

We don't know the lesson being placed in front of the doubters. What we do know is we are witnessing that nature is already out of balance with a relentlessly increasing 400 parts per million CO2 in our atmosphere.

Spirit has guided me that 2013 is the year that human-made climate change will be made clear to everyone. The oceans and weather of our world are presently identifying climate change to us in a way that we can no longer ignore. We can now see the environmental precipice approaching fast.

Walk Lightly on Our Earth
But that is also where our hope lies, that in finally knowing how serious the problem is, we can at last collectively find the will to make the changes necessary to live in harmony with nature, walk lightly on the Earth, and have hope for future generations. If we can be the custodians of our Earth we can make a difference.

Love and Light

June 23th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

SUPERMOON - Spiritual Meaning
In my latest psychic reading editorial I'm writing about the SuperMoon (Perigee Moon) and how the energy of Universal planets influence each other and how there is synchronicity between the magnetic field and the human and ethereal body and the elements of the world.

Vine Psychic SuperMoon

As a human species we can sometimes lose track of our direct connection to the elements, mainly because we allow ourselves to believe in the physical plane more than understanding our direct relationship with the energetic tones of our planet. We can become disconnected to the knowing that all of Gaia's energy is in harmony with our own consciousness.

We can undo the harmony by allowing ourselves to be neglectful of the direct relationship we have with all of the elements, water, air, earth, fire...

This disconnection also stops us from understanding how the Earth's magnetic field is interconnected to the ions and atoms and bacteria that are hidden from the naked eye.

We believe we can use the minerals and fossil fuels willy-nilly without any energetic consequence to our lives. This is completely off-track and it is why we are witnessing the abuse of the natural Universal Laws actually cementing climate change and extreme weather in our life time.

The flora, fauna and minerals are energetically aligned to create harmony on Earth and also synergize with other planets in our Universe.

"The flora, fauna and minerals are energetically aligned to create harmony on Earth and also synergize with other planets in our Universe"

When we abuse the Law of Attraction, it disturbs our Earth's health. This is regularly happening, because countless individuals are being enticed to the teachings of greed by the manipulators who have chosen to incarnate and provide false teachings.

If you take a step back you can see the Universal Laws working directly with all energies. The Spiritual laws of exchange are about cause and effect. Therefore if we desire more than our planet can offer and if we use the natural resources believing we as humans are the greater consciousness, we actually create the imbalance and disharmony on our planet.

You may notice the ions change when there is a magnetic pull on the Earth's atmosphere when there is a full moon. You will see the oceans of our world respond by energetically altering the mass in water to produce tides and King tides. The same thing occurs to the human energy field and physical constitution. Our ethereal aura feels a pull because we are 50-75% water. The aura is energetically connected to the magnetic essence and we can sometimes feel out of balance, hence we have historically labelled cases of mental anxiety, as Lunatics.

I am guided that because we resonate with a fluid energy, our health has a direct relationship with the phases of the moon. The women's menstrual cycle is also closely linked to the moon. It is a fluid energetic response and there have always been close associations between menstrual cycles and moon cycles.

The Super moons (Perigee Moons) are different because they are closer to the Earth. This means they are aligning with different magnetic tones. It is like a triple dose of magnetic plasma being sent into our atmosphere. There are two things that can result from a Super moon coming so close to the Earth.

  • If our planet is in harmony it will send energetic tones which will uplift and balance all subtle energies. As humans we would feel full of life and generally upbeat.
  • If our planet isn't in harmony it will escalate moods and escalate extreme weather. The North and South Poles when energetically aligned, send out a pure vibrational frequency, but loss of ice adversely effects this balance.
The Arctic has been severely affected due to the abuse of our natural resources by leaders of the world who believe they must stay with the economic model of the past to stop disruption to the human race.

What they fail to understand is the energetic relationship we have with all subtle energies of the Universe allows us to be in Spiritual balance and perfect health. The Arctic damage, where glaciers have melted to half of their normal protection isn't allowing everything to harmonize and is creating discordant energies.

Short term energy grabs by governments lining up to use the remaining fossil fuels is energetically disturbing the harmony of energies on our planet, as well as the ability for all planets to harmonize with each other.

"Short term energy grabs by governments lining up to use the remaining fossil fuels is energetically disturbing the harmony of energies on our planet"

You'll remember that in February this year (2013) a meteor hit Russia (The Chelyabinsk Meteor), and in March two more small asteroids passed close to Earth. On March 17, a 40 kilogram meteor slammed into the Moon causing an explosion bright enough to see from Earth with the naked eye. The conduits we rely upon to keep our world in harmony are lessening because of the individuals who have abused the natural laws.

I was guided to write about this today because the Super Moon is energetically pulsing strong waves into our atmosphere. Sometimes oceans can respond to these pulses and create massive waves. I am not guided this is occurring this time, but I am warned of the consequences of staying on a dangerous course which doesn't identify the synergy of the Universal symbol of the figure 8. Flowing between energy planes.

Albert Einstein's mathematic formula E = Mc2 , shares the same thing. Energy and light can be converted to a large amount of magnetic impulses effecting the vibrational frequencies of mass.

Climate Change results from the imbalance of our own fearful thoughts when we allow our minds to be in the energy of lack. The abuse of the Law of Attraction when associated with greed and selfishness brought on by the energy of lack, has set us a dangerous course resulting in the extreme climate change related weather we have been experiencing around the world.

When you are able to spiritually see, you know that a lot of the things we reach out for are just an illusion. Are you ready to lift the veil and begin to see your direct relationship with consciousness?

Love and Light

June 18th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Separating the Psychic Wheat from the Chaff
There are real psychics and then there are people who pretend to be psychic. How can you tell the difference?

Psychic Headache

This week in my Psychic Editorial I will cover some of the misconceptions surrounding genuine Sensitives and Lightworkers.

Where many people see psychics* as charlatans, there are also many others who know that genuine psychics do exist. They have been touched by the special guidance they've received from spiritual conduits, and been given confirming information that wasn't known to anyone but themselves.

Since human history began, every community has always had a small number of spiritual conduits assisting those in need of guidance and clarity in their lives. And in the smaller communities of the past where everybody knew each other it was difficult to fake genuine psychic abilities.

But since we have developed the technology to have a global community with global economics, in which we don't actually know the people we are dealing with, we no longer have any community knowledge of who possesses genuine psychic abilities and who doesn't.

This makes it much easier for misguided souls to fake psychic abilities for personal gain, and why it is important to know what a genuine psychic should and should not be able to do.

This is especially true for the skeptics of the world who often confuse the psychic ability of recognizing and reading the subtle energies surrounding us, with magician's tricks such as knowing what card I'm holding behind my back or what picture I've drawn on the piece of paper inside this sealed envelope. These sorts of tests are only suitable for testing the skill of magicians, mentalists (like on the TV show) and entertainment "psychics."

The vibrational frequencies that psychics tune into, cannot be measured by the magician's tests that skeptics want them to agree to. Indeed, one way tell a fake psychic is if they claim to be able to do magician's tricks, like bending spoons, manifesting objects out of thin air, guessing the card you're holding behind your back, talking to the ghost of Elvis, or using spells to make someone love you.

Misconceptions Surrounding Questions about Death
And there are things that genuine psychics will not do. For instance, they will not talk about when someone will die. It is forbidden by Akashic Records, and for good reason.

Imagine if you knew when you will die. Would that change your life and how you are living it? The answer to that question for many people is probably, yes it would change things.

Most people are not psychologically equipped to handle the answers they might get. An answer they might not want to hear about something as final as death, might adversely affect their future.

In the last few days there's been a media report from the United States of America about an apparent psychic having to pay out $6.8 million dollars for the false reporting of a criminal matter. Once the media released the story it was guaranteed that all Sensitives would be painted with the same brush and feel the wrath of the public. It happens all the time.

The press should not have swarmed all over the story, the police should not have released it to the press and the 'so-called' psychic should not have made the accusations.

Psychics should not comment on missing person cases before the information is known by authorities and widely reported. This means that even if a psychic knows something before it is discovered and reported, they should keep it to themselves, unless actually asked by the people personally involved. And even then, never predict death.

Sylvia Browne, when supposedly channelling guidance on a psychic television program, shared with a distressed mother that her abducted child was no longer alive. The mother was understandably distressed upon hearing this news. She died several years later, before her daughter was found alive after 10 years held captive in a home in a residential area.

Most people believe Sylvia Browne was responsible for relaying guidance which had turned out to be untrue, and she is now paying the price.

If a client asks whether someone will die, the correct response from a psychic should be: we are forbidden to talk about this aspect of life.

When Sylvia Browne was asked whether the child was alive or not, she disregarded this basic directive and gave a definitive answer, which was likely to have a negative effect on the person asking the question.

Whilst a psychic should always deal in truth and clarity, it is irresponsible to say something that would take away all hope, and no genuine psychic would do this.

Genuine psychics will not do platform readings and TV shows of an entertainment nature like the one Sylvia Browne was doing when she answered that question. Those psychic shows are for entertainment only. Answers to questions about death, in those settings in particular, should be avoided or worked around. A really good psychic entertainer should have been able to do that, and a genuine psychic wouldn't even have been there.

Vine Psychic Connection With Nature

Spiritual Sensitives and lightworkers follow the Akashic Records and know that if they harm another from their reading they would be required to feel the karma of the reading. In the Akasha the law of life and death is sacred and known only to the soul who is choosing to incarnate. This is why you have to be discerning about over-publicized television programs and talk back shows about psychics.

A lot of these shows are designed to draw in an audience and they don't reflect the teachings of the seers and starseeds who have come to earth to do the work they do.

When you have psychic institutes and individuals teaching people to be psychic stating everyone is psychic, what they should be sharing is everyone is energetically connected and are spiritual beings. Not everyone is going to be able to call upon the heightened senses in this lifetime and that is okay.

Faith and trust don't require proof of one's spiritual knowing. You can still live a fully recognized spiritual life on Earth without having to delve into the higher realms. It may be your calling to do exactly that. Allow yourself to resonate with this guidance.

Love and Light

The term "psychic" has been overused and abused to the point where we don't know what people mean by it anymore. It seems that anyone who has bought a Tarot pack or done a Reiki Course or has been to a Law of Manifestation conference are calling them selves psychics, whether or not they are able to demonstrate genuine clairsenses or mediumship abilities. Even psychologists, trainers, life coaches and hypnotists are calling themselves "psychic".

For the sake of simplicity I sometimes use the word psychic in italics to express the idea that the word in that case could have different meanings. Other times I use more descriptive terminology such as: 'Spiritual Conduit', Clairvoyant Medium, Soul Reader, Seer or Sensitive etc.. My aim is partly to use a name that describes what a psychic actually is, and partly to induce the question: What is a "psychic" supposed to be anyway?

June 10th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Waking Up to Climate Change on a Psychic Level
Getting Real with The Law of Attraction


I make no secret that I am a spiritual voice for nature and the environment. I've been shown vision after vision about the changes taking place on our planet from a young age and was spiritually guided to share the knowing with people who came to my online website.

This means I speak up for the environment and nature on a regular basis. In 2007 I was being given spiritual transcripts which I shared on my psychic blog about understanding the changes that were about to take place. At that time I never anticipated I would be predicting world events, I believed the trance state I entered into was only a one-off about preparing Lightworkers for major Earth Changes.

I then began to realize my spiritual guardians from the angelic realms were guiding that I speak up, and it reminded me of my childhood when I was learning about the psychic arts from Spirit. As I did then, I was rebellious and I was adamant that I didn't want any part of the celebrity psychic predictions and I shared this with the angelic realms. I agreed when I was shown visions of climate catastrophes and guided this was crucial to help the rainbow warriors (environmentalists, scientists and those dedicated to a sustainable way of life) be understood.

"...I was shown visions of climate catastrophes and guided that this was crucial to help the rainbow warriors be understood."
This is why I stand in authentic energy and write spiritual and metaphysical topics explaining the energetic changes and how this relates to the understandings of the science of our world. The Arctic Ice melting is something all of Australia and the world need to wake up to. It is our final warning about climate change. If that sounds quite dire; that's because it is. If we could fast track renewable energy and make this guidance unnecessary, that would be wonderful.

Spiritual Lightworkers aren't afraid of death; they communicate with the higher realms and understand that the life experiences we have are about being a spiritual being in physical incarnation. I can share we also don't know fear as you know it. We have each had our own traumatic lessons about fear. I will share my childhood and teenage and adult lessons about fear another time, today I want to concentrate on saving the planet for future generations.

Bill McKibben
American environmentalist and head of Bill McKibben, has written best selling books about our environmental crises and stopping climate change. He is now raising awareness in Australia concerning the small amount of extra carbon we can afford to release into the atmosphere before our Planet spirals out of control.

This message is especially important in Australia because in a few short months we will be using our constitutional right to vote for political parties that have not yet fully comprehended the dire nature of our environmental emergency. That's a tough concept to think about, when my spiritual guardians are revealing that we have this year only to get this right, or condemn our children's generations to an uninhabitable world. That is one scary prospect.

The visions and teachings I've received from the higher realms are declaring we don't have much more time left to get this right. In my 2013 psychic prediction I shared that if the penny didn't drop this year and the world leaders didn't stop carbon increasing past 400ppm, then we would be signing our own death warrant for the future. That's pretty heavy stuff to relay on a spiritual site.

Law of Attraction
It is why I have been actively involved relaying guidance about the seriousness of climate change on my Twitter site. I am also drawing attention to misconceptions about the Law of Attraction, which are adding to climate change when they are selectively and selfishly interpreted in the energy of greed.

The natural laws are in harmony with nature and the manifestation principles are all about Oneness. If we all followed these natural laws we would know that if we request more from our planet than it can give, we automatically energetically create disturbances to natural balance. This is why we are witnessing extreme weather events around the world.

We are failing to understand the humanitarian, economic and environmental consequences of burning fossil fuels in Australia and the World.

"We are failing to understand the humanitarian, economic and environmental consequences of burning fossil fuels..."
Still your mind and look back to Easter Island. All the trees were chopped down and all the resources used up and the people died out. This is what we are doing with the Earth now.

We have rightly dedicated the occasional environmental day to saving our oceans, turning off our lights, thinking about our world. But this should be happening every second of every minute of every day of every month of every year, for every one of us.

This should be a natural way of thinking when we create businesses, build infrastructure and housing, and create our governments.

We need to create Governments that will be governed by the natural laws of nature, instead of by disconnected un-enlightened self-interest-based micro-economics in which moral and environmental considerations have no role to play and nature is not taken into account.

Every decision we make is to either create the ability to live in harmony with nature, or to remove ourselves from nature and our natural state of being, causing imbalance and unnecessary added suffering, destruction of life and of property.

I highly recommend you watch Bill McKibben's 350 org Do The Math video and let him explain the simple maths. This information is of the highest quality. It will benefit anyone who is looking for accurate data detailing the imperative need for all of us to take responsibility for our Planet's health, and to take action.

Love and Light

June 3rd 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Why are the Rainbow People Letting Themselves Down with Racism?
I call my fellow Aussies the rainbow people, and before I move into the question of racism in my psychic reading editorial this week, let me explain why I call the people of Australia, the Rainbow People.

Vine Psychic Rainbow People

When I was a young child and learning about the psychic arts I was guided that many people from all over the world would travel to live in Australia, and the spiritual words I heard were, "colors of the rainbow".

When I was born the white Australia policy dictated who could enter into Australia. The first people were not acknowledged as the rightful owners of our Australian nation and anyone who had an English heritage had our nation's arms extended out to them. We then allowed people of European descent to board boats and come to our country to start anew, and to build the Snowy Mountain scheme.

As a young child I remember the first time I realized that our skin was irrelevant to our spiritual essence. My favourite doll was one I created myself. Her name was KerryAnne, she looked androgynous and had two colors. I had put the head of one doll and the body of another together and couldn't have imagined that this was unusual. It might have seemed to be way out there in the 1960's, but I loved that doll with all of my heart and I wouldn't let anyone interfere with her unique multi-color appearance.

I remember when the boat people started to arrive. I was watching a black and white television and there was news coverage of some people who were uniquely beautiful and looked tired, stressed and needing a place to rest after escaping war in their country. The people of Vietnam I knew were some of the "colors of the rainbow" my spiritual guardians had guided me about.

"I was guided that many people from all over the world would travel to live in Australia, and the spiritual words I heard were, "colors of the rainbow."
I was so happy the new people were beginning to arrive and I jumped up and down and rejoiced how all the people, from all different cultures would be arriving on our shores. I also equally adored the aboriginal people of our country. When I heard the didgeridoo playing it sent me into a light trance and I felt that I had walked the desert plains in another lifetime and loved how I was spiritually similar to the first people. They knew the importance of nature and our environment and lived with complete acceptance of the knowing we must treat her with respect.

At this stage of my childhood I felt that I was in heaven.

But at that young age I was not fully aware how appallingly the aboriginal people of our country were treated by the first Europeans to arrive here. And little did I know that each wave of new people would also be treated as inferior human beings by many of those already here.

So many of us are ruled by our fears of the new, and try as hard as we can to hold back the things that we see as different from us. Often we do this to our own detriment.

Even when the arrival of each new wave of boat people widens our experiences, makes us more capable and enlightened and enriches our nation as a whole, we still fear them and the change they herald.

But shooting the messengers of change never stops the change, it still comes.

Today in the city, I overheard two guys talking to each other about going to Crown Casino. They said, "Let's go to the Casino and play Spot The Aussie".

They weren't simply commenting on the increased number of Chinese tourists coming to our Casino. They were seeing the new people as different than themselves, as inferior and yet more privileged than themselves, and there was a sense of resentment behind the statement.

"We are all ONE.
What we do to others, we do to ourselves."
Racism is the word we use when someone treats a person from a different race or culture as inferior to themselves. It stems from fear that is always in the background waiting to fill the void created by lack of knowledge and ignorance of truth.

The truth is that we are all the same, we're all individuations of the ONE and what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

The illusion of separation allows us to perceive difference between two or more things, which in turn allows us to experience all of what we are. Our problems start when we believe that this illusion of separation is real instead of a device.

Vine Psychic We Are All ONE

So let's get stuck into the muck and mire of experience to look at how believing in separation causes racism and added suffering in our lives:

In Australia this week, racism reared it's ugly head once again on our national TV with the subject of Asylum seekers living in Australia under Bridging Visas. (A Current Affair - Who's Living Next Door). This is a difficult problem as it deals with people who have already suffered much hardship. Great care and understanding of everybody involved is required to deal with it in a way that will not cause more hardship.

And yet the TV reporter called the Bridging Visa a "Get out of jail card". Thus making the assertion that anyone with a Bridging Visa should be in jail and is therefore a criminal.

This was followed with the statement:
"Now, we're not saying anyone seen in our story tonight has ever committed a criminal offence while in our community, in fact I found every one of our interviewees incredibly polite and desperately struggling, BUT, there have been at least, 10 criminal incidents allegedly committed by people on bridging visas. Including an alleged sexual assault at this University (picture of Macquarie University), and an indecent assault on two girls who attended a celebrity event at this shopping centre."

"statistically, you are significantly safer amongst asylum seekers on bridging visas, than elsewhere
in Australia."
Of the reported 11,500+ asylum seekers living on bridging visas in Australia, the one "alleged sexual assault" crime represents .008%, whereas the Australian national figure for sexual assault is .07%.
The "10 criminal incidents" represents just .08% of the asylum seekers on bridging visas, whereas the percentage for property crimes alone in the broader community of Australia is 3.4%. This means that statistically, you are significantly safer amongst asylum seekers on bridging visas, than elsewhere in Australia. (2011 Australian Crime Statistics)

But none of this was reported on the A Current Affair programme. Instead they used inflammatory language such as:

"Gangs of men roam our streets".

When a national TV programme pushes the false idea that all those on Bridging Visas are criminals, it drives a separating wedge between us, and gives voice to those who wish to express extreme views, like these comments on the A Current Affair FaceBook page:

"Long as they don't cut our heads off like in culturally enriched Britain, that would not be nice"

"Lets see some australians being given all of this assistance!!"

"They are not coming to my house they can go back to where they came from sinking boat or not"

"Bring back the gun"

"Send them back tighten the rules set up detention centres in the outback or country of origin.. keep them out of our suburbs and cities. We dont want them here"

"Greater separation causes more pain and hardship. Coming together causes peace and joy."
Television programmes like this only inflame the problems and give no solutions other than a continuation of the established system that caused the suffering in the first place. Is it any surprise then that people vote for those politicians who offer more of the same suffering through a continuation of the same system, based on the lie of separation.

The lie in this message is that more separation will cause peace. The Truth is exactly the opposite.

Coming together causes peace and joy. Greater separation causes more pain and hardship. When we ignore the plight of asylum seekers whether illegal or legal, de-humanise them, treat them inhumanly and send them home without conscious, we do not learn from the experience. And instead of solving the problem, we perpetuate it.

We are ALL the victims of this unbalanced way of life.

The only way we can solve the problem of racism in our world is to realise that we are all ONE and what we do to others, we do to ourselves. When we realize that separation is only an illusionary device that allows us to experience ourselves, we will finally be able to experience all of our beautiful diversity without causing added suffering.

The more we separate ourselves from one another and see ourselves as different, the more suffering we experience. But when we come together we experience the peace of union, fear is dissolved and racism disappears.

We are the Rainbow People. We are all ONE.

Love and Light

May 21st 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spiritual Energy of Intent - Climate Change
The recent psychic predictions I've been sharing about climate change have resulted in online psychic customers wanting to understand the relationship of energy and the spiritual intent of the Law of Attraction.

Vine Psychic Face of Australia

Depending on which Law of Attraction principles you follow, you might come across a law which states: ethereal energy can manifest anything you desire - as you think, so you create. According to this interpretation of the Law of Attraction, if you want to become a millionaire you can manifest energy to attract unlimited wealth around you.

But the unlimited potential to manifest all of our heart's desires has to take into consideration more than our individual needs. Any individual or collective needs that do not take into account all of our Earth's energy, is creating an imbalance. We don't have thousands of planets to frequent on this plane of existence, therefore we have to work within the energetic vibrational frequency of a spiritual life on just one planet, Earth.

This is where the Law of Attraction is in real conflict with the energetic vibrational frequencies of our planet. Energetically Gaia unconditionally provides for our every living need, but our Earth isn't energetically capable of creating more and more resources for the human population. Which means the Law of Attraction needs a sense of balance in the teachings.

Is there a sense of balance in the teachings of the Law of Attraction?
Not really.

The Spiritual energy of intent is fine if the teachers and students could actually collectively demonstrate the ability to alter the vibrational frequency of nature.

One way of indicating that collective energy can alter or change nature, would be to stop the Arctic ice melting due to 400ppm+ carbon dioxide being released into our atmosphere. Everyone who follows the law of attraction should be able to cooperatively and/or accumulatively use the spiritual energy of intent to stop nature deteriorating. We should be able to use the spiritual energy of intent to stop world hunger and wars. None of this is happening. The attention of the majority of Law of Attraction teachers isn't on Oneness, the attention is instead on tuning into the energy of Me. I want more, I need more, I deserve more.

"Any individual or collective needs that do not take into account all of our Earth's energy, is creating an imbalance."
There are millions of people following the principles of Law of Attraction. Teachers share with their students: As you sow, so shall you reap. Now this is a real law, but many Law of Attraction teachers have turned the law around to suit themselves, rather than what the Universal principle really stands for.

The Law of Attraction is the Karmic Law - The Law of Cause and Effect. It guides that our every thought will attract life experiences towards us to learn from. The harmony of our energetic aura will create the major lessons we need to learn. But this law has been altered to get people to believe they can energetically manifest untold wealth and have their every material need met.

How is that working in our world now?

We can see there is such a level of greed that there are energetic imbalances. Any billionaires who keep following this principle are destroying the planet we live on and they are separated from the higher good. The failure of these individuals to have a connection to our natural earth is disturbing.

Perhaps they think they've been given the right to trash the Earth in one of the most widely misunderstood verses in the Bible:

Genesis 1:28 - "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

But just as the Bible says that we must love our neighbour and treat them well, so must we also treat God's creation well and not suppress or vanquish it.

An interperation of Genesis 1:28 is found in Genesis 2:15 - "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it." In other words, to look after it.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Garden of Eden or the Earth was meant to be trashed and misused as we are now doing. According to the Bible, we are meant to be stewards of the Earth, looking after God's creation, not destroying it for personal gain without regard for others.

The Bible calls people who act without regard for others, "the fat and the strong" and says that their Karma will catch up with them:

Ezekiel 34:3 - You eat the fat, and you clothe yourselves with the wool, you kill them that are fed: but you feed not the flock.

Ezekiel 34:4 - The diseased have you not strengthened, neither have you healed those who were sick, neither have you bound up those who were broken, neither have you brought again those who were driven away, neither have you sought those who were lost; but with force and with cruelty have you ruled them...

Ezekiel 34:16 - "I will seek what was lost and bring back what was driven away, bind up the broken and strengthen what was sick; but I will destroy the fat and the strong, and feed them in judgment."

"They may desire a larger home but fail to build in a way that causes no harm to the planet"
The individual who continues to use our natural resources for their own gain, isn't following the alchemy Law of Attraction that recognizes the Oneness of nature, our environment and our elements.

They may be grateful for the beautiful car they have manifested, but they chose to buy a car which causes harm to the environment. They may desire a larger home but fail to build in a way that causes no harm to the planet.

Therefore they have not taken into consideration the natural laws of nature, and instead, they have attempted to mold the law of intent to suit their own teachings.

As a result we have created the energy of greed. Individuals who desire more and more from our planet's resources are failing to work within the principles of nature, and the law of exchange has been lost.

The energy of Oneness takes into account all vibrational frequencies on our planet. We are not separated from our planet and we are not separated from the knowing that you and I are one of the same, and our Earth's environment is one of the same.

This means that when I use the energy of intent, I am connecting to all consciousness and not just thinking of my own individual needs. If I know everything around me resonates with a consciousness similar to my own, I will cause no harm to the environment and my home. I would know that my energy resonates with the energy of the Earth and the elements, and therefore needs to be harmonized.

The Law of Attraction ideas that concentrate on self without taking into account all the other selfs and all the other animals and things in existence on this planet, are failing to see the direct relationship between All that Is. The potential that we have to create, must take into account everything that is energetically around us.

Vine Psychic Face of Asia

Universal consciousness is unconditional. This means that we can end up collectively creating a world that is out of balance simply because we desire the resources for our individual needs.

It doesn't mean we can avoid the consequences of failing to take the natural laws into consideration. This is what is happening at the moment when you see how much carbon is being released into our atmosphere. The 400ppm is increasing because we're not working within the natural laws of creation. As a result we are experiencing climate change and extreme weather.

When you're sick, your body tells you. When nature is sick, she tells you by demonstrating extreme weather and climate change. Believing that the human spiritual encounter is more relevant than all other energetic forms, is a misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction. It desensitizes the individual into believing that our spiritual form is more worthy than the Earth's spiritual energy - that the elements are considered to be for our use, the plants and animals are considered to be for our use, and so on.

Believing that the human spiritual encounter is more relevant than all other energetic forms, is a misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction.
This is destroying our planet as we know it now. Your thoughts coincide with our Blue Planet and the choices you make are determining the life that will exist within the next few years or the next one hundred years.

Law of Attraction will create the life we live on Earth. If the people have the ability to energetically alter the Earth's fabric they better begin to do it now, because abuse of the Universal Laws of Attraction is altering the energetic structure of our Arctic magnetic field.

Religious doctrines share many useful parables that allow us to understand the relevance of nature. In the Christian bible story about Noahs Ark, two of all animals were placed in the Ark to be saved from the onslaught of great floods. It was a cleansing that took place to remove the discordant energies from our planet.

Our Earth is changing her energetic structure in our lifetime. The cleansing that is taking place isn't going to single out people who practice LOA for their own needs. Everyone, whether they follow a spiritual calling or are an atheist, is about to experience the Earth changes that we have created.

It is up to each individual to begin to see past the teacher's interpretation and to ask their higher self whether they resonate with this knowing.

Love and Light

May 13th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine's PayPal Psychic Bookings Anniversary

Vine Psychic Pay Pal

The anniversary of our PayPal online psychic readings bookings is something of a milestone for Vine Psychic Readings Line. I go back to a time when I was spiritually guided to introduce an ethical online psychic reading bookings service and why this came to fruition.

My spiritual guardians have asked a lot of me when it comes to the integrity of the spiritual arts. Vine Psychic Readings Line is a spiritually inspired business that came from the higher realms. I was shown vision after vision in my dreams about the way my business would conduct itself and stand apart from the live psychic chat lines, which are purely based on entertaining the customer.

I want to share with readers exactly how this came about. You may have read of some of the horror stories of the psychic chat lines, and I'm sure there are a lot of people in the psychic sector who will refute the claims. There are also a lot of new psychics who have emerged who possibly can't identify with the working practices psychics endured in the past. They may easily dismiss the history as written by a disgruntled psychic.

The history of the psychic industry can't be re-written just because the spiritual movement has had a makeover. The mistreated psychics of the past deserve to have a voice, and so I share their story. I have loved providing spiritual readings for clients and helping my customers come to a greater sense of clarity in their life.

One of the last experiences I had working for an international psychic line reinforced to me how they were mainly in it for the money. A female psychic owner had short changed my entire month's earnings and went on the defensive when I asked how she had miscalculated my earnings to only one third of what I was owed. Her response showed that she didn't care if her psychics were short changed, and it reinforced how sick the psychic sector was. She didn't speak nicely to explain the discrepancy. She was rude, inconsiderate and an outright bully.

This is how most psychics were treated in Australia when they worked for owners of psychic companies. I politely asked her to provide a break-down of all my earnings because not once since working for her had I received a pay slip detailing what I was owed. The psychic owner even failed to honour this business request. I quit her live psychic reading line because she had betrayed everything she declared that she stood for.

The Next Step in my Spiritual Journey
I was to celebrate my birthday with a High Tea in the Dandenong Ranges. After my partner and I had finished eating we took a walk around the top of the summit. I began to tire and sat directly under a mobile tower, which made me energetically unwell. I went home and was lying on the floor when my angelic guardians crowded around me and began to send healing towards my lethargic body. At the same time they were sending the healing, I was receiving transmitted messages to my aura about how I would open a spiritually inspired psychic reading business. I was also guided I would speak up for the psychic arts and warned about how tainted they were to become. I was given other channelled guidance about why the mobile radiation was affecting my aura. What I was guided would happen to the online psychic sector has become a reality.

The PayPal psychic reading booking process was guided to me as the best method for my customers to have credible psychic readings, whilst also maintaining privacy and security.

A psychic should have no prior knowledge of a client's personal information and it is paramount for a psychic business that all client's personal financial information is processed by a secure third party (PayPal).

At the time I introduced PayPal bookings, most psychic lines were either diverting you to their own banking merchants after you had called them, or taking your credit card details over the phone. These processes required giving too much personal information to the psychic business before you had your reading, and opened the door for unscrupulous businesses to use that information to take advantage of their clients by helping their operators to seem more 'psychic'. The visions I was shown about how many people would claim to be psychic without having any real psychic skills has come about and has resulted in thousands of fake psychics online.

They have created what is now known as psychic chat on Skype, email, automatically generated machine readings and the list goes on.

There are people entering the psychic sector from psychological backgrounds and counselling backgrounds and using these skills to appear to be psychic, but what my spiritual guardians describe as psychic and what a lot of the live psychic chat sites define as psychic, are two different things.

What does 'Psychic' Mean to the Higher Realms?
You are spiritually psychic if you have heightened energetic senses and understand the spiritual arts. You are not psychic if you have the gift of the gab, use hypnotherapy or any method other than heightened spiritual senses. This is why Spirit guided me that the fake psychics wouldn't be able to replicate credible psychic ability. They could use the PayPal method of payment, but there would still be someone facilitating the reading. They would still ask the same questions about why you wanted a reading, and still bring out a range of modalities to assist them. The onus would be on the customer to seek out genuine psychic services.

This is what has happened over the last six years since I introduced my ethical online psychic readings. Spirit has guided people towards my PayPal psychic readings business who regularly say that, "I'm not sure why I'm contacting you Vine, but I felt this need to give you a call."

I know this is Spirit. I know Spirit wants the real art of psychic readings to be kept sacred. This is a true account of how my spiritual business came to be. The higher realms are omnipresent, they know all that is happening to our world and are wanting to help you and I find our own truth.

Love and Light

May 5th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

50,000 Psychic Readings
My Cathartic Journey from the Beginning of Psychic Lines

Vine-Psychic-Karma-Spiral Karma Spiral

How many psychic readings do you think you have done Vine?

This casually came up during a phone reading with one of my old clients. Do you know it had never occurred to me to do the math and calculate them?

After my phone booking I tried to do an estimate of the number of psychic phone calls I have done by conservatively estimating how many readings I have done every week for the past 20 years. The number I arrived at is 50,000 psychic readings.

That's in 20 years of doing online telephone readings, without even taking into account my personal bookings. The amount triggered past memories to the surface. It made me remember the time I was guided by my spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian psychic line and how different it was then.

Way back when I began doing spiritual readings the psychic movement was in its infancy in Australia. There were no psychic networks, chat groups, tarot and medium guilds at that time. The large psychic organizations you find today have evolved from many different industry sectors. Not all of them have been of benefit to people seeking credible spiritual guidance.

There are hundreds of stories I could share about the people behind the psychic industry, but for obvious reasons I cannot name the most prominent people who have altered their images over the years.

Needless to say the spiritual readings that you now find online didn't have a very spiritual feel to them when I began to do phone readings. There were people who worked in the government sector and Telecom (now Telstra) who resigned from their positions to open service provision for 1900 psychic readings and initially only offered premium line service provision.

When they began to see the data of how many people were prepared to call psychics, they went into direct competition with real psychics without any regulation from any governing body in Australia. They were able to use the private data they had on their system to go into direct opposition with psychic businesses. It is why a lot of good psychics walked away and the multinationals began to rule the online networks. The Australian government didn't know what they were doing and didn't realize they had been played by the cowboy Service Providers.

This is where the original psychic chat came from. The essence of psychic chat was, can you talk to someone on the phone, can you keep them on the phone for over a certain period. There was no spiritual movement at this time I can assure you. It was all about making money and some of the psychics employed were treated badly. For historical reasons I believe it is important to be honest about the psychic movement and not gloss over some of the ugly side of the industry.

I recall that one psychic company I worked for docked me $700 because they believed I had missed some calls. At this time the phone used to ring only four times before it stopped and went to the next available operator. Most of the times if you missed a call it was because nature was calling and you couldn't help it.

But nevertheless this was the psychic company's way of pulling out the stick to keep psychics in line. Back then psychics were contracted and any protections about contract employment were non-existent in Australia. I decided I would challenge the company who stole my earnings and was told by the management I had no rights. Needless to say I didn't stay with this company after this incident.

I know which psychic owners were treating their psychics this way and who have now have changed their image to draw the public towards their spiritual services. Do I believe they have converted to the light? I would like to hope so, but I'm guided they have altered their image simply because it served a purpose to appear to be more angelic and spiritual. Being top of the search engines was the motivator for the image change, rather than because they're genuine Lightworkers.

Spot the Fake Psychic Photo
It is the same reason you find psychic businesses displaying non-existent psychics on their web sites and advertising. They believe they have to look like they have more psychics and are more popular than they really are to draw the prospective customer towards them.

We've had many reports from customers who have sought out psychics on the web who don't actually exist. They find photos of men and women psychics that are taken from stock photos and are purely fictional. Why do some psychic services do this? Because they believe they have to compete with the live psychic networks. But does this have any integrity behind it? Not at all.

If you look at my recent psychic blog article this week, it shows the lengths to which top psychic businesses will go to get you to use their services. Nothing much has changed. The majority of the forums about fraud psychic chat live psychic businesses have been found to be replicating this practice of including fake psychic photos and profiles. For some reason they believe bigger is better.

Please Explain
As a psychic employee of these companies you were expected to keep your hours up and not miss calls. If you did, you would have to 'explain' in a weekly meeting why you didn't keep your hours up. There were psychics who were not meeting the targets and were contacted during their days off to be chastised and made to feel insignificant. I can remember consoling a psychic who worked on another line after she was close to having a nervous breakdown because she had been working weird hours to earn a living.

I was the spiritual rebel and did my spiritual readings my own way. I have never swayed from using my breath technique even during the years I worked for other psychic businesses. My clients called because I was giving them real clarity and therefore I was meeting the business sales target and I was left alone.

I never had to have one of those 'please explain' weekly meetings about keeping my hours up.

Although this is still happening, the majority of these practices have waned because the large multinational psychic lines are now offering 24/7 psychics from different countries and time zones. Let's not forget the same business owners were the ones perpetrating these types of practices in the past. They now have life coaches, counsellors and a wide range of people working for them to keep customers on the line. If you throw in a modality here or there, it means they will still refer to their operators as 'psychics' when in fact there is nothing psychic about the readings being offered.

The spiritual protective breath technique I use doesn't require any modality. My customers called back and recommended me to their friends and family and this was one of the ways I was able to build up a loyal customer following.

When I moved from one psychic line to the next, my customers would follow. I can share during the time I worked for all the psychic companies I never used their customer data base to begin my own business. Even so, I used to be watched like a hawk. Some psychic service owners would get their friends to call me and ask for my personal number to see if I would break their policy guidelines. What they found was that I stood in authentic energy and was loyal from the time I started in their employment.

The way my clients found me was by my name, and being guided to my business. Once they realized I was the same psychic they had been having readings with over the years they stayed. I can proudly say I have never swayed from my spiritual message about helping my clients find clarity and giving them the spiritual tools to find their own voice.

I am grateful for the love and support of all of my clients over the last 30 years. Some of you have been with me since the first reading I ever did on a psychic line. I know how far you've come from the time you were guided to pick up the phone and have a spiritual reading. I can tune into your energy and see you are in healthy relationships, have taken your career to the next level, went out on a limb and started your own business. I know you have cried many tears grieved the loss of your loved ones and found that after making contact with the departed you could accept their passing and begin to live quality lives.

With this knowing I can see how far we have come together and I am grateful for all of the learning I encountered. I know karma exists and I know that the psychic services who treated their psychic employees appallingly in the past will have a life review that they will have to answer to one day.

It is not for us to judge why people treat other people with such a lack of respect, but we should be wary of those who are separated from their highest good.

50,000 psychic readings later I know genuine Lightworkers and star seeds are benefiting from the foundation laid out in front of them to do their work.

Many Lightworkers have gone before you, to help you be found and for your messages to be known. We may have worked on some seedy psychic chat lines but we knew this was only the beginning.

When you realize we are all of spiritual service to one another and work together, it can allow the pure essence of Oneness to be known.

Love and Light

April 29th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Truth About Spiritual Mediumship
Channelling Spiritual Messages from the Higher Realms

What is the most special thing about being able to communicate with the higher realms and channelling spiritual messages?

Vine Psychic Mediumship

This question was asked of me recently by a new customer who has been following my writings since I began my psychic blog. I hope my reply may also help other readers understand the joys of allowing my vessel to be a conduit for the higher realms.

First I want to clear up any misconceptions about mediumship that you may read on psychic chat sites.

Not everyone who desires to be a conduit for spirit will become a medium. If you've attended any live platform spiritual demonstrations of mediumship, you may notice some people are really good at it and some don't hit the mark. There is a general misconception that if you sit in a spiritual circle and follow certain techniques you can do mediumship work.

Nothing is further from the truth.

As well as the normal seven chakras that everybody has, there is also an eighth chakra unique to authentic mediums. Anyone who has this unique chakra on their ethereal field (aura) will be a natural medium. Psychic development educators are misinforming people when they claim you can be a spiritual medium by doing psychic courses and communicating with the departed.

Never-the-less, 'How to Become a Psychic Medium' courses are springing up all over the place as extra income streams for institutes and online psychic groups. For those relatively few who genuinely carry the natural gift, it would be more applicable to do a course on 'Honing Your Already Existing Mediumship Abilities'.

It is also spiritually disconcerting to combine hypnosis with psychic ability. The two are totally separate and don't complement the other.

Many people who have been trained in Mind Body Spirit techniques similar to NLP or Reiki are now claiming to be the new psychics. However, natural born mediums are born with their abilities or have a near death experience which heightens their aura once they have experienced crossing over to the higher realms. They don't learn their spiritual clair senses by doing courses or sitting in circles as a lot of organizations would have you believe.

Spiritual mediums are chosen by your loved ones and you can't force the spiritual realms to select you because you want to be a medium. They select the mediums that carry the medium chakra, they know this medium is finely tuned to feel a range of heightened higher senses and will be able to communicate their channelling effectively.

I remember when I went to view some mediums on platform in Melbourne and I was dismayed by the lack of evidence they could offer to audience members.

The experienced turned me off platform work because it seemed to be more about entertainment and giving everyone in the audience some little titbit to make them happy. But what I saw were the bereaved and suffering sitting in the audience, who were desperate after their partner committed suicide or their child died of cancer.

These people were not getting anything they could hold onto to give them a greater peace of mind. Not that anyone in the audience was complaining. They knew the well-intentioned mediums were doing the best they could. They didn't know the people doing the courses were not natural mediums.

The Dangers of Using Ouija Boards in Mediumship
One medium in particular decided he would use a Ouija board to get guidance and build his skills up. The energies that frequent the Ouija sessions are not from the higher realms, they only pretend to be. They are from the lower astral worlds, and just as we have people in this world who are considered to be bad natured, the same thing applies in the lower astral worlds.

This means the teacher who tries to provide mediumship evidence to the student by using the Ouija board, is allowing his or her students to become vulnerable to the lower astral realms.

Natural spiritual mediums know that the Ouija board is spiritually dangerous. We have been trained to identify the wide range of energies that frequent the astral and higher realms and can feel the vibrational frequency of all energies.

It is alarming that teachers rarely acknowledge the lower astral realms and instead teach that if you simply concentrate on the light, nothing can harm you.

Genuine metaphysical teachers like the departed Edgar Cayce would refute these claims because credible spiritual mediums know that where there is light, there is also dark.

When you view the symbol of the Tao you see the white light on one side of the circle and the dark light on the other side. This reveals that when the two are balanced they are in harmony.

When the astral is out of balance it creates disharmony. People who sit in spiritual circles can find their lives become out of control. Teachers who cut corners and try to show evidence of the astral worlds through Ouija boards, listen to the guidance of energies from lower astral worlds, believing it is from the angelic realms.

It isn't.

This is why you need to be cautious about sitting in Spiritual circles to develop mediumship skills. You will not become a credible medium by using an Ouija board. There are real life cases of people going mad or suffering mental illnesses. You can also find that houses and buildings where people who use these boards live, are frequented by lower astral entities.

In my psychic blog articles I attempt to give you a more balanced view of the spiritual arts, so that those who are vulnerable will not to be influenced by charismatic teachers who are ruled by over inflated egos, and are too concerned about knowing more than the mystery school teachings.

Learn the Lessons of Atlantis
There is a spiritual story about Atlantis I would like to share with you. Whether you want to believe this is a true life story is up to you, but it will give an understanding of the dangers of opening energy doors that you're not equipped to deal with.

Vine Psychic Atlantis Crystals Crystals in the Sea were their Energy Source

Once upon a time there lived a peaceful people who had a full awareness of the knowing of spiritual energy.

They were able to communicate telepathically and lived in harmony with the land and the higher worlds. Crystals in the sea were their energy source.

Then they decided they wanted to combine a range of energies together. "Let's combine the animal genes with the human genes" said a Priest (masculine), and he set out to do just this against the opposition of the priestesses (feminine).

The energies became out of balance and the harmony that once flowed, was now replaced by disharmony. As more energies were abused, wars were declared, and it was a fight between the light and the dark.

The energies that were altering the country began to alter the environment. The energy crystals in the sea exploded and blood red skies greeted the people. The earth began to shake, the seas rose, and the people were no more.

The danger of carelessly altering energies, is that you create dangerous disharmony as a direct result.

This is why you need to be wary of the teacher who tries to infiltrate your mind or become the leader of the group.

You are the holder of the key to your individual consciousness. If you are not to be a spiritual medium in this life time, then be accepting of this knowing, and be who you are meant to be.

Don't allow the ego to state, I am better than that. I deserve to be more than this. Be comfortable in your spiritual skin and allow the Universe to show the gifts that you naturally carry.

The Greatest Joy of Mediumship
The best thing about being a spiritual conduit for the higher realms, is witnessing my clients recover from the emotional loss of a child, parent, sibling, or friend.

When I am able to provide credible spiritual proof of how someone died or through remote vision, revisit special memories that are impressed to my aura, I can feel my clients begin to relax.

Although they may not have said the final words to their loved ones before they died, the channelling provided allows them to know the prayers they sent out into the Universe have been answered.

This is the greatest joy for a spiritual medium. We love to see our clients recover from trauma and grief and claim back the lives they deserve to live.

Love and Light

April 22nd 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Spiritual Energy of Aura Vibrational Tones
Feeling the Health of People and the Planet

Kirlian Energy Photo

The spiritual breath technique I use when I do my phone psychic readings, allows me to make direct contact with your ethereal field. As a spiritual empath I am able to tune into your energetic ailments and energy scarring and immediately relay my findings back to you. Once I make contact with your aura I use a wide range of Clair senses, but the two most common ones I use at the beginning of a phone psychic reading, are clairvoyance and clairsentience.

When I tune into someone who has recently had a splitting headache or migraine, the sensation of the migraine is directed back to my aura and I begin to feel the same sort of pain until I immediately release it. My phone clients are often surprised and sometimes a little spooked when the location of the energy sensation I describe on my body is exactly the same as on their own body.

How is it possible for medical intuitives like myself to experience these types of sensations?
Your body's energy releases different vibrational frequencies that create different tones in your aura. I feel these tones during the early stages of connection. This is how I know about your headaches and migraines.

Spiritual conduits who can feel the tones in your aura that are related to health issues, trauma, violence and emotional scarring are sometimes known as medical intuitives.

Spiritual Lightworkers are finely tuned to pick up on heightened senses. These heightened energetic skills are not scientifically understood and are therefore often falsely reported as mind tricks. I can assure you that my online phone clients know this is not the case, because I tell them what I'm tuning into - not the other way around.

Spiritual Sensitives can feel energetic changes in the weather currents before storms hit or some of us can hear high pitched sounds from our planet before earthquakes strike. In the same way that we have many languages and cultures around the world, empaths can have a variety of heightened languages of their own that they intuitively honour.

This is not hocus-pocus, it is something that natural born psychics experience from the time of birth, or learn to accept after they've had a near death experience. Empathic skills are heightened senses that we regularly use when offering spiritual guidance, and they are as tangible for us as the five normal senses.

Clearing the Energy
We obviously have to find a way of cleansing our own aura of the emotional and physical ailments that our client's electrical body releases. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to function in the world.

I immediately release the energy at the end of a call with my client. This means that every time a client re-calls I have to do the breath technique again to reconnect energetically and provide spiritual guidance and channelling from the higher realms. I never hold onto any of my clients' emotional pain because I was trained by my Spiritual Guardians to release energy.

Feeling the Energy of the Earth
Just like the energy we release from our own bodies, our Earth also releases vibrational tones. They have been increasing rapidly now that exponential amounts of human-made C02 is being released into the atmosphere, heating our oceans and creating intense weather.

There are many energy tones and they all have different frequencies. There is nothing on our Earth that doesn't release unique vibrational frequencies.

If you have ever had a splitting headache or aches or pains before lightning strikes, then you may be able to appreciate what Sensitives feel when there is a change in our environment's energy frequency. Lightworkers are passionate about sharing the knowing of the energy tones and helping our clients begin to see the relevance of the spiritual channelling.

If we can demonstrate your aches and pains on your body or reveal loved ones who have passed and the visions we receive, it allows you to have tangible proof of the afterlife.

Sometimes the higher realms will reach out and channel even stronger vibrational tones than the ones I tune into when I do your readings. When I am guided to provide psychic predictions, the angelic tones I allow my vessel to be a conduit for, radiate the highest love energy you can experience.

The energy of Oneness is all knowing and all energies blend and intertwine to allow Empaths to be spiritual vessels for the light.

Today is Earth Day and 2013 is highlighting how climate change needs to be addressed straight away and how we must come to understand our direct relationship to nature and our environment. May this article shine a light on understanding the Oneness of Earth.

Love and Light

April 15th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Spiritual Energy of Dance
This week's psychic editorial is about the spiritual energy of dance.

Vine Psychic Dancers

It feels as though you're the only ones on the dance floor as your body intuitively connects to the rhythm & beat of the drums and musical instruments. You find yourself entering a light trance and the Oneness consciousness that allows your body to melt into the moment. You know there are other people dancing next to you but you're oblivious to all but your partners step as you merge intuitive consciousness with one another.

Now you're embracing the energy of dance. You no longer have to count the steps as before when you painstakingly tried to follow the dancing instructor. That's all far behind you, as you begin to understand how nature has a magical essence that binds all tones and vibrational frequencies together.

When you allow yourself to be free as a bird and to move your body the way nature intended there is no stiffness or concentration. The energy release from your meridians into your chakras will encourage the natural rhythm of the dance. Even a doubter or disbeliever who feels that they are uncoordinated can let go if they stop the mind chatter telling them otherwise.

This is the spiritual energy of dance.

Vine Psychic Swing Dancers

On my nights off from doing psychic readings I was invited by my girlfriends to catch up at the Copacabana in Melbourne. I spiritually manifested a loving partnership while dancing at a Latin night club in Collingwood. My partner was a fantastic Lindy Hop swing dancer who was used to dancing to songs like Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and Sing Sing Sing and doing cool and sexy West Coast steps. He energetically stood out at the Copacabana because he was also a fantastic Latin dancer.

The first thing you need to learn about dancing Salsa is that there are set rules about who is the lead dancer and who is the follower. Normally the masculine energy is the leader and the feminine energy is the follower. Similar to the Tao there is a masculine and feminine energy which allows the dance to flow.

I am a dancer without fear. I am the first one to jump up and begin to dance and I don't care whether I look out of place or my style is out-dated. I love to dance. I will dance the night away and only stop for a reviving cocktail or mocktail depending on my psychic booking schedule or whether I am writing a blog entry for the next day.

My friends and I usually have a chat before the dancing starts and straight after that we're moving our arms and legs and giggling like young teenagers. It is one of the best ways of cleansing my aura after I've been doing spiritual medium readings and helping people to connect with their departed loved ones.

Spiritual Empaths like myself have to find an outlet so our ethereal fields don't get flighty. We need our core to be earthed for the variety of readings we're required to respond to. The spiritual energy of detachment is necessary for natural Sensitives, because we work in the spiritual arts and need to recharge our batteries. A great way of doing this is to move away from our day job and not talk shop.

I avoid conversations about my work when I go out with my friends. Nobody wants to talk shop 24/7, it doesn't allow balance and can make you burn-out if you don't give yourself some 'me time'.

I embrace my 'me time' and my partner and I will head to the beach or take a walk throughout the local parks and riverside. There you can hear the natural music of nature. Listen to the ocean's waves as they break on the sand. Allow yourself to be Still as the birds sing in spiritual unison and the trees sway to the light breezes touching their branches and leaves.

The spiritual energy of dance has been embraced by all different cultures around the world. Aboriginal tribes around the globe will collectively jump up and down and chant words about wildlife and sing songs handed down from one generation to the next.

Historically the energy of dance and its spiritual qualities have been known to all people. Each style of dance has unique vibrational frequencies. The passionate dance of the Tango is a sensual dance which combines the sexual energy of the base chakra and the love energy of the heart chakra as female and male dancers entwine their bodies around each other. If you ever get a chance to watch someone letting go of their thoughts as they dance, you will notice how the mind chatter ceases to exist. The dancer will enter a light trance and allow the subtle energy tones of the musical instruments to release a kinetic code which then automatically creates sensational movements.

When you hesitate to dance because you allow fear to control you, this is the ego encouraging a great dialogue and unnecessary mind chatter. A natural dancer will not allow the mind to create fear when they dance, the same as a natural singer will push the nerves away and breathe through the fear.

You can gain a lot of spiritual knowing through the energy of dance and movement and train your mind to be still. Contemplate the guidance about this energy and try to switch off the mind as you take to the dance floor.

Love and Light

April 8th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Aliens, Cults and Shysters

When you're in authentic spiritual energy you speak your truth for the greater good.

I am being guided to write about a paranormal topic which is rarely discussed or known about - The individuals and groups who try to stop free speech, and what is really motivating them.

Vine Psychic Aliens

I am going to write about how alien groups and cults are attempting to use the SEO on websites to appear more relevant and in touch with psychic prophecy and predictions than they really are.

If a cult leader needs to demonstrate to their followers that they are receiving divine channelling, it is important to be able to demonstrate this on a regular basis, which is why they target credible online prophecies by reputable spiritual conduits. They reword the prediction to appear as if they predicted it themselves.

Recently I placed a spiritually channelled message on my website about North Korea, which included a nuclear caution to world leaders. It was channelled over two days. The first vision and angelic channelling I received from my spiritual guardians concerned cautioning the world leaders about irrational acts by the North Korean military and their leader Kim Jong-un.

The second part of the channelling occurred the following day. In this one I was shown a vision of a nuclear explosion which could affect all of our world. I was guided to share this on my prediction website.
You can find a copy of the full transcript here.

Once I placed these spiritual warnings on my site a disturbing situation came to light. I was dealing with some type of prediction sabotage trying to stop the prophecy being found.

My North Korean psychic prediction was copied by several shyster psychic prediction sites. One site in particular is closely affiliated with another pilfering prediction site which had previously helped itself to our original content and placed it on its own site, word for word, no alterations, without seeking permission.

It was placed up by an anonymous user in Western Australia under the alias JamesOz. As it was breaching Australian and international copyright and also our policy, we acted in good faith and requested a removal of our predictions from their site.

All requests were ignored.

Vine Psychic Readings Line also served several DMCA copyright take-down notices but as soon as Google removed stolen content from it's searches, the phony sites would immediately steal new prophecies word for word. They would do this again and again and so Google was powerless to stop the fake psychic site stealing my spiritual guardian's channelled messages.

As there was no way of finding out who owned or ran the anonymous phony prediction site, we ultimately succeeded in having our stolen content removed by threatening legal recourse against the Server organization who was publishing our plagiarised content. The server organization was also unable to contact the illegal site owner because they were using a false address, name and phone number.

If this all seems a bit way-out and out-of-control to you, you're right. But it's only the tip of the iceberg of what is going on out there.

Spam sites are ripping-off original content from all over the web, and cloaking links to send traffic to their own affiliated web sites instead of to the original sites from where they stole the information. They are also sending people to corrupt websites which they try to infiltrate and also discredit the original website. This is called black-hat SEO.

Authentic psychics, writing real psychic predictions, are having their original spiritual predictions devalued in this way. It is as if phony psychic businesses have declared war on authentic psychics to stop Spirit's guidance from being found.

Who is Behind These Shyster Sites?
My spiritual guardians have channelled information on this controlling-of-the-internet, which you can read here. At the time I was trance channelling the "Controllers-of-the-Internet" information I asked, "Is the media doing this?" I was guided that some media outlets were involved but Spirit described that the media were doing the bidding of other individuals.

By now I was puzzled as to who would be deliberately attempting to stop my spiritual guardian's predictions from being found. There is no such thing as coincidence in the energy of knowing.

I began to understand what Spirit was guiding about the controllers of the internet and how they were regularly abusing reputable psychic's predictions and mixing them with current news to build up a fake reputation. Who and what could possibly be behind all of this? If the psychics weren't real, why would they be updating spiritual predictions and prophecy?

You would expect to find psychics describing their background and website, not writing short paragraph predictions which appeared to be discussions amongst each other. The names of the psychics also were fictional, some with photo profiles, some without.

Separated Beings
A separated being will not consider they are part of the One; they aren't able to love themselves, so therefore they can't love humanity. There are two things that motivate separated selves - Greed and Power.

The people behind the attacks are systematically attempting to get people to refer to their websites by greedily stealing other peoples links and content. They are commercial websites which have sponsored advertising and their motivation in this case - greed for money. This could have been one of the reasons, but I was guided there was even more behind it.

The other motivating factor is power; Power to control, power to manipulate, power to enforce a belief onto a public audience. What type of power could they possibly want to control?

In this case the motivating power energy was about alien intelligence. There are several psychic reading sites which aren't what they seem. Some people believe they are aliens or that aliens control everything about our world politics, economy etc. They have cult like leanings with charismatic leaders who can easily break down emotional barriers by hypnosis and other mind control methods, and they often run web sites that don't reveal who they really are. One of these alien/paranormal groups has been targeting our predictions site.

Black-Hat SEO
This paranormal article shouldn't be considered to be an opinion piece on whether aliens exist or not, because I haven't touched on that here. This is about malicious out-of-control black hat SEO, spamdexing, link farming, link spamming scraper sights set up by individuals who are disconnected from the greater good.

Spiritually I have been guided to look past the alien intelligence and go even deeper to the power motives of the group. I was shown that the force they were trying to control was the stockmarket and global economy, and that they attempt to cover up spiritual truth and guidance in order to hold onto economic power.

The individual or country behind controlling the internet is known to Spirit.

The cults and groups who unknowingly do their bidding are mind manipulated and believe their Masters who describe they will not reincarnate. They do not know they are only part of a greater plan which is to influence the vulnerable, to take away their own sense of individual consciousness.

The lengths that these types of anonymous organizations will go to in their attempts to stifle truth and peddle their own self interest ideologies, clearly shows the type of people we are really dealing with hiding behind their dark veil.

Spiritually all the answers lie within and if you allow a charismatic leader to control you or your thinking, you are handing over your spiritual and emotional health. Anyone who uses mind techniques, black magic or hypnosis to declare themselves psychic, isn't credible.

True spiritual teachers will try to help you find your inner knowing, they don't declare themselves above their students, for they know everyone comes from the One and will return to the One.

Love and Light

Vine Psychic Readings Line has referred to links which have been updated by cult investigators who have traced cult groups to online phone psychic readings. Although we are aware of some phone cults offering readings and falsifying psychic predictions we are not alledging all phone psychics are part of a cult. There are credible clairvoyants and lightworkers who work with the full spiritual understanding of working for the higher good. If you are unsure of the religious or spiritual leanings of a phone psychic network we recommend you research the psychic business by checking reviews, complaints over a period of time. There are some marketing companies which review psychic sites. They are paid commission to recommend top psychics which means you need to be discerning of which psychics you trust.

March 25th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Spiritual Energy of Exchange
It Ain't about the Cha-ching Cha-ching

Let the responses begin. I know as a psychic there will be diverse reactions about my latest spiritual topic. That's healthy because I'm here to energetically challenge you. What could possibly cause the reaction I'm anticipating when you read a little further?

I'm going to write about taxes.

Vine Psychic Happy Spiral

What is spiritual about taxes?

When listening to people complaining about how much money they have to outlay to the government coffers, you realize that having to pay taxes creates some of the biggest emotional outbursts. My taxes are paying for that... Those people on the dole are eating up my taxes... Why should I pay a carbon tax when it doesn't benefit me?

How many of you dislike paying taxes? Do you complain bitterly when it comes to the end of the financial year if you have to pay out, rather than get a nice cheque from the tax office?

Many people, when answering this question honestly, will identify with not liking to pay taxes.

Now, how many of you believe in the manifestation principles of the law of attraction?

You are guided you can use mind powers to manifest financial abundance, the perfect home or car, and if you visualize or use regular affirmations it will become a living reality.

Wonderful, you begin to build up your finances in your business or take on more hours at work and you see your bank balance growing healthily.

It is all going to plan until you have to pay your taxes.

You realize that the more money you accumulate, the more the tax man is going to want their fair share.

How does that make you feel?

Let me take a guess...
You feel energetically depleted because that money is rightfully yours, you worked hard for it and now it is going to be taken away. You feel disappointed because you deserve to be happy.

Did you see how you measured your happiness by the amount of money you had in the bank? We're told we'll be happy when we make millions or even billions of dollars. We are happy watching the money building up and now we feel helpless because a percentage of it is going to go...

I'm going to ask you spiritual questions and I want you to contemplate these questions in your mind before you answer?

Why are you feeling this way?

Where does your tax money go?

It goes to providing valuable government services we all rely upon. Our cars use the roads that need to be maintained. It goes to our hospitals which provide invaluable health services, it goes to educate our children and to protect our environment and national parks. It energetically works in the spiritual energy of exchange.

If we step back and look at the energy of taxes, we begin to see that the negative energy we release claiming our taxes are going to waste, isn't accurate. We allow ourselves to be worked up unnecessarily because we view taxes with negativity.

But are they?

Spiritually we are embracing the energy of Oneness. We are energetically manifesting a wonderful, vibrant, loving energy by being responsible for everyone around us. We are using the spiritual energy of exchange to pay our way, to look after the misfortunate and grow the economy and communities we live in.

The next time you think about paying taxes, see the bigger spiritual picture. You are one of all.

Love and Light

March 18th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Are You in a Relationship for the Wrong Reasons?

You remember meeting your partner, they took your breath away. It was like time stood still as you caught each other's eyes and held the gaze to show you were both feeling giddy. You couldn't wait to see them or speak with them on the phone and every word they spoke was magical. You became exclusive and moved in together or made it official by having a gathering of family and friends who helped you celebrate your wedding. It was going to last forever...

What happened?

Why is it when you look at the love of your life you don't seem to feel the same spark? You find them argumentative, moody, childish and the things that initially attracted you are now driving you crazy.

They have put on a lot of weight and they talk with their mouth open, gosh, how could I have not noticed his or hers mannerisms before you think. You start to question if you are physically attracted to the person you declared your undying love for and wonder what went wrong...

As a psychic medium I have tuned into many couples who doubt their reasons for being in a relationship when they don't feel the spark anymore. They stay in the relationship for many reasons.

Let's name some of them:
To not upset the children; difficulty financially separating the home and assets; it's easier this way; I'm afraid of starting again; I don't think I have it in me to do it on my own.

Then there are the relationships who are not compatible sexually, one partner wants to be intimate, while the other partner is completely not fussed. The person who desires to have a loving relationship with the person they care for is expected to forgo any type of intimacy because they made their vows for better for worse.

There are several reasons people fall out of love, lifestyles can change dramatically where one person wants to explore new options. They may have a mid-life crisis when the kundalini moves to the base chakra reminding them they haven't done what they set out to do when they were younger.

Kundalini is often misunderstood in mid life crises because most people associate it with yoga techniques. Kundalini is more than that and I want to share the work I do as a phone psychic reader helping my clients understand why they feel out of their depth dealing with unfamiliar emotions.

If you're doubting the relationship you're in, you are being spiritually guided to delve deeper and find out why. Do you feel your partner is neglecting your needs? Have you attempted to communicate and it falls on deaf ears? Are you feeling tired and overworked and want your partner to take over some of the load?

When I use the breath technique to tune into your aura I can detect the undercurrents of your emotional situation by allowing your ethereal energy to guide which chakra is having the greater say.

Normally I find the base chakra is the unidentified culprit of mid-life crises. One minute a relationship is going fine and the next moment one partner is having an extra-marital affair. Why? The base chakra was sending out strong sexual energy to get the person to wake up from their mundane life. They normally are taken aback by the strong energy that asks, have you accomplished everything you want from life?

I sometimes tune into so much guilt when I find the person who has succumbed to the urge to cheat on their partner. They know what they have to lose, but they still can't stop the desire from rushing through their veins.

They have to ask themselves if they are in the relationship for the right reason or should they move away from their existing relationship.

It isn't an easy thing to navigate on your own. I help my online clients get in touch with the energetic relationship of their emotions by sharing information you only know. As an Empath I know what you're feeling and why you are feeling it. I can also identify if the guidance being spiritually offered is resonating with your emotional body. That's why love psychic readings are sacred. Your emotional body deserves to have a place it can let go and cry and feel comforted that the higher realms are aware of your prayers and uncertainty.

You are a cherished being and sometimes you're going to feel like you are stagnating or unsure why you feel out of sorts, and are questioning if you're in the right relationship.

Let spirit guide you to a greater place of clarity and help you find your own truth.

Love and Light

March 11th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...


Why do people lose themselves energetically when they enter into love connections?

Vine Psychic Obsessive Love

I'm writing about this spiritual topic because I want to help a client going through this issue and hopefully it will benefit others as well.

What is love?

Depending on which interpretation you find in a dictionary or a romance book, everyone will have their own idea how they define love.

The love of one spiritual being for another, moves away from being unconditional because we have an expectation on how we want the relationship to be. We have deep emotional feelings and they stir endorphins and sexual energy to the surface when we become attracted. We want to merge our energy with theirs and spend time with them, be intimate with them and allow ourselves to melt into loving bliss.

What happens if the person you want to be in an intimate relationship doesn't feel the same way about you?

Most people will feel a sense of rejection and lick their wounds and take time out to recover. Some people can become overly obsessed angry because the one they hold a candle for doesn't want to pursue the connection any further.

This is the unhealthy energy that emerges when someone is rejected. The individual can lose themselves in fantasy failing to heed the words that have already left the lips of the male or female who reveals they want to be friends only.

The emotional energy of being rejected often leads to a sense of anger because the immediate needs have not been met. When this happens the ethereal emotional energy begins to become fragmented. The thoughts that enter the mind can be obsessive. The rejected being attempts to convince the other they are wrong. They fail to understand the free will of the one they desire and they begin to act out of character.

The obsessive thoughts begin to have their own voice. The spiritual voice of uncertainty, as my spiritual guardians refer to the energy of fear, begins to dictate how you function on a day to day level.

Some people are inclined to check up on the person who has rejected them. They check the social media to see if there is another person who could be interfering in the love relationship. There are cases of stalking and harassment when the voice of uncertainty holds court in the mind of the rejected.

They fail to see they are out of control.

I do have clients contacting me when they are dealing with these types of emotional exchanges. When I begin to tune into my client's aura using my spiritual breath technique I feel the change in their emotional body. The client who is dealing with the stalker will be fearful because they are being backed into a corner. They have to rearrange their life and make sure they are safe. I feel your pain when you are unable to cope and just want the harassment to stop.

The rejected client who is energetically fragmented will have such an intense energy that when I begin to relay the spiritual guidance from the higher angelic realms they refuse to hear what is being said.

They may be told they have to move themselves away from the other individual because they are not coping. They may share they did this for a short period but found they became depressed, and returned to the same type of behavior.

Spiritually it is difficult to penetrate the fragmented energy because they relentlessly believe they can change the other person's mind and they ignore the karmic consequence of disturbing the other person's peace of mind. My loving spiritual beings will unconditionally persevere when the guidance is rejected. They will reveal information my clients only know and don't want others to know about. It is about providing real evidence to get them to wake up from the darkness that holds their thoughts.

As a spiritual medium I am prepared to work with dark energy to help my clients hear the spiritual truth. I will protect myself from the anger that wants to lash out when Spirit accurately shares how out-of-control the person has become.

I can feel when you hear the guidance because you release a vibration tone from your aura and begin to soften your energy. I know you are hurting and need time to recover and heal.

Never doubt the higher realms will reach out to help when you feel despondent, unsafe, insecure or alone. They will use my spiritual vessel as a direct conduit to reveal loving guidance to help you find genuine clarity.

The energy of despair can only hold court for a short period when the loving angelic realms step in. The emotional feeling of loss and grief is part of the letting go and giving yourself time to ask more meaningful questions about the direction of your life.

If you are clinging onto another because you are unhappy in your own spiritual essence, you can heal and reclaim a life that makes you feel alive and connected. You can attract a loving partner who wants to be with you because they enjoy your company.

You can reclaim a fulfilling human life which allows you to be at peace. Spirit will help anyone that wants to improve their lives.

When you begin to love yourself you know how to love another.

Love and Light

March 4th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

Vine Psychic Lotus Flower

At sixteen years of age I was fully aware of my spiritual life path and the many sacrifices that would come with it.

I knew that my spiritual vocation was to assist others to understand our real relationship with our higher self. One day when I was joyfully spending time with my friends and talking about boys and what we wanted from life, one of my neighbourhood friends talked about the home she wanted to live in. It would have two garages and plenty of rooms for all of the children she would have. Another friend who lived across the road shared how she wanted to marry her childhood sweetheart. She was going steady. That's what we used to call it in those days in Australia. If you were going steady it meant you were exclusive, until the next person took your fancy.

As my friends were talking about their life direction, I went into a light trance and heard the spiritual words impressed to my aura, you will not have any children. My loving celestial beings were preparing me for what was to come.

But when one door closes, another door opens.

I have grown spiritually by not having a child because I understand the relevance of my spiritual role in helping people come to a greater place of truth in their own life.

I am content with the sacrifices I've made in doing the psychic work I do and I know there is a higher purpose for this sacrifice.

I understand the emotions that arise from a young woman being told she can't have children. I can feel my clients pain when they have miscarried or been told they need to have a hysterectomy when the biological urge is to have a baby.

I feel your dissatisfaction when friends and family have their children surrounding them at family events and you feel so left out.

I can tune into your ethereal field and sense how alienated you feel from your childhood friends when they are all in mother and father groups.

I know this time will pass and you will either meet the man or woman of your dreams or come to some place of truth about your life path.

I know I can pour my love into helping children around the world who are not so fortunate to be born into supportive families or be able to have enough food, water or sanitation to live a healthy and productive life.

The way you view a life disappointment can determine how you see life.

I have baby-sat many children in my life and spent quality time watching children grow. I know that if you pour enough of your energy into helping others, you will find that the rewards of being part of the collective family outweigh disappointments in other areas of your life.

If you reflect on this guidance you may know someone who hasn't had children or who has been in a serious accident and is unable to have the same lifestyle they used to have, or who has had a terminal illness that has brought them to a greater sense of spiritual truth.

We all have trials in life and some people may look like they are the luckiest people in the world because they have attracted a gorgeous partner or married at a young age and found their soul mate. They may have conceived straight away while you have been unsuccessful.

What you don't see when you admire the musical star or the film celebrity, is that their life isn't perfect. They have had to deal with similar issues as yourself, or will be required to spiritually deal with them. There is no get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to having to deal with some of the life or death situations we are here to learn from.

I am here to spiritually facilitate any spiritual or emotional concerns you have about your current situation. I would not be able to dedicate my life to Spirit and be a conduit to assist you if I had altered my ethereal field conceiving a child. My spiritual vocation is to share Spirit's channeling about nature and to speak up for the environment.

I don't consider being childless is a sacrifice because I know I can help others find a greater sense of peace in their lives and be a spiritual beacon when I do phone psychic readings or help someone pass over to the other side.

I love helping my clients find a place of truth when I do online psychic readings, and the sacrifices I have made have been to help Spirit reach a larger world audience and to let others hear their words.

Love and Light

February 25th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Living in the World of Fake

The creative energy that arises from a thought, a craft or a profession, is being manipulated to such an extent it is creating its own negative energy. 2013 is welcoming in the Year of Fake, according to my spiritual guardians.

Vine Psychic World Energy

Now more than ever before, we have people claiming the creation of things that were created by others.

Where once there were lines drawn in the sand about ethics, integrity and reputation, we now have people abusing the Universal Laws in ways previous generations could never have imagined.

This is something we have allowed to develop in our lifetime.

Let me describe an example of the Universal spiritual energy of exchange. Pure thought allows the individual to tap into their unique essence. We create what we think and then use our energy to place it in physical form.

The Akasha records our thoughts and actions and witnesses the being who stands in authentic energy. It taps into their unique creative essence.

The being who honours their craft, whether it is a mechanical, creative, practical or analytical craft, stands in authentic spiritual energy. The artist who goes into character and draws out the emotion of their craft knows they escape into the authentic energy and feel immediately at one with its knowing. The inventor who allows him or herself to see the possibility of a new technology and applies themselves diligently to the task, stands in authentic energy.

The beings who abuse the energy of exchange are the scavengers, they choose to not utilize their own skills and unique talents and to claim another's creative essence. This is created by 'the energy of lack'. The energy of lack is a spiritual term to describe how the essence of fear will determine the actions of governments, corporations and individuals.

The more a person uses another being's creative essence without their permission, the more it grows and becomes its own entity. This is happening right now on our beautiful planet.

The beings who fear not having enough or wanting more are creating a world where there is no respect for the creative essence. The governments who manipulate the creative essence to be considered more knowledgeable or economically powerful fail to see how the Akasha records everything. The corporations who try to cling onto power by not allowing the truth to be told, create the energy of lack. The beings who claim the creation of an invention which was not created by themselves, fail to see the karmic consequences of their actions. They consider they are untouchable because they think that their thoughts are not known.

Everything is known. Your thoughts are the energetic imprint of your consciousness. Everything you think is recorded by you. The Akashic Record is every spiritual beings' thoughts and every subtle energy that exists on our planet and the Universe. The being who interferes in free will because they fear they will not have enough, or will lose the person they love, or are afraid of change, will create a karmic lesson in this life time or one of the next.

The being who rapes and pillages our environment will create karma in which they will be born into the world they destroyed, to experience what they created. The millionaires who use people as pawns will find they will be born into a lifetime where they are treated in exactly the same way. The creator of the false energy will create their own universal destiny. We are spiritually held to account by the thoughts and actions of our lives. We can collectively combine our creative energies for the greater good, or we can choose to walk a path which briefly allows us to enjoy the falsehoods of the illusion.

It is an illusion to believe that wealth or status are attributes of the higher realms. They are not.

The higher realms look for the emotional connections you feel. They see past the made up faces and the toys we create, and they rejoice when we are able to identify our true essence from the illusionary matter we have created on our planet.

Consider how we have abused our planet's resources for our own needs. We allow the dictator to reveal what is considered to be of relevance to our greater being. When in fact if we allowed ourselves to be at One with all, we would find our Universal consciousness would support our every need.

The beings who have designed this world to create economic slavery, fail to see there is a knowing which looks past all of the illusion and allows us to get in touch with our own creative and spiritual senses.

The clair senses are the higher energy of our spiritual being. When you still your mind and allow yourself to become One with the knowing, you will identify there is no need to manipulate or destroy our planet for the sake of greed.

Love and Light

February 19th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Hypnosis and Psychic Readings, Dangers of Mind Manipulation

The spiritual topic I'm being guided to write about this week is: the dangers of hypnosis in psychic readings.

Vine Psychic Hypnosis

Today I want to share just one of several true life stories that have come to my attention concerning the problems with hypnosis in psychic readings. This one is about a client who had deep rooted child sexual trauma.

She went to someone who claimed to have clinical hypnotherapy qualifications who was also calling herself a psychic. She was told that she could help deal with her sexual trauma.

What she didn't know was that the hypnotherapist was connected to a group who had some unorthodox approaches to healing. The women expected professionally managed hypnotherapy, but she came out of the hypnosis session a blubbering mess.

In the session she was taken back to the childhood memory of her first sexual encounter with a neighbour who was a paedophile. But at the same time, the hypnotist-psychic massaged her body to help release the trauma under hypnosis.

When she came out from the hypnosis, the woman said that the massage/touching of her body in the present whilst remembering her traumatic past under hypnosis, caused her to re-live it, as if it was happening again.

When she awoke, she couldn't differentiate between the touching in her traumatic past and the massage/touching in the present.

As a result, the woman didn't leave her memories in the psychic shop. She took them with her, stronger than ever. Soon after, she began to shake uncontrollably, she couldn't work or function normally and sought out help from a clinical psychotherapist, who said she was having a nervous breakdown.

The young woman then re-contacted the hypnotherapist-psychic and told her that she had been emotionally damaged by the hypnosis session. The hypnotherapist-psychic responded by saying that she had left spirits behind and now she was being paranormally attacked.

By the time the young woman came to me for a spiritual reading, she was beside herself. She had a full time job but was unable to get out of bed. She had gone to the hypnotist-psychic to be healed, but instead was sent into a downward spiral.

We now have people calling themselves psychics doing short hypnotherapy courses and/or various psychic courses and then attempting to combine the modalities. They are often supported by ineffectively self-regulated psychic institutes that have no government regulation of either the psychic or hypnotherapy services.

The blending of modalities might seem perfectly natural to the people offering the courses, but Spirit is guiding that these modalities are causing more harm than good to the spiritual body.

This is happening right throughout the psychic and metaphysical industry. Spiritual Sensitives, albeit with good intentions, are not professionally qualified to deal with a variety of serious traumas. They step into unknown territory if they attempt it.

The associations and institutes are not equipped to deal with the variety of issues combining psychic, metaphysics and hypnotherapy.

There are psychics using hypnotherapy to try and increase sales, and there are counsellors and life coaches using the title 'psychic' when they don't have psychic ability.

Real psychics (Spiritual Sensitives) exist, but there are far fewer of them in the world than all of the ads on the internet and magazines would have you believe. It simply isn't possible that they are all psychic, and innocent customers are getting burnt.

Spirit has been cautioning about mind-manipulators and stresses the importance of getting in touch with our own inner knowing.

Only by being prepared to speak out about any unusual, way-out or unethical hypnotherapy/psychic treatments and warning about the dangers, can we ensure that spiritual health and mental well-being are not treated lightly by organizations or individuals seeking to broaden their income base or to selfishly and unfairly influence others.

Like my psychic reading client found out, it is only after the experience do you come to realize all is not as it seems. In her case she was aware that she was being hypnotised and trusted that the therapist knew what she was doing. But worse still is to realize that the person who is calmly talking to you in a soft tone, is actually hypnotizing you without your consent and trying to talk you into a course or to buy a book or influence you in some way.

Why as a spiritual medium do I speak up about the dangers of the psychic-hypnotherapy industry?

Because I have been guided it is going to get worse then it already is. You have the right to choose what type of modality you want to use, but you also have the right to ensure that the people who are doing consultations are qualified and aren't using unorthodox treatments. You also have the right to know that associations, institutes and organizations are not shirking their legal responsibility. If they are accepting a variety of memberships they should be required to have a charter of responsibilities and be regulated. If they don't want this responsibility, the State or Federal Government will need to be more accountable in ensuring your health is their number one priority.

Nobody should have their mental health deteriorate because they visit a psychic / hypnotherapist. No psychic chat site should be using hypnotherapy to coerce a person to book a reading. Greater accountability is required to mangage this problem.

Love and Light

February 11th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Romance, Relationship, LOVE

I've done a lot of relationship psychic readings over the years, more than I can count. The joys, the tribulations, the highs, the lows, the problems and the pure bliss - I think sometimes that I've heard it all and that Spirit has dealt with every aspect of love and romance under the sun in my 30+ years of psychic readings.

So the spiritual topic I've decided to write about today is love.

Vine sychic Heart Fire

But not the Valentine's Day type of commercial love that is highly promoted in the media. Having a special day to celebrate love is fine, but Valentine's Day is only one day out of 365 days in the year and is wrapped in too much sugar candy.

February 14th can be a controversial day. Some people will be excited about it; other people will avoid it like the plague.

So let's put love into perspective.

The love I'm talking about is the real spiritual love that allows us to get in touch with our feelings. The love that enables us to be vulnerable, and through that vulnerability to reach new heights of emotion and self knowledge.

The love that puts us into circumstances we would never otherwise experience. And through those experiences, teach us things about ourselves and others that we could never otherwise know.

When we lower our defences to let someone be close to us, it tests us.

Sometimes it embarrasses us, turns us into blubbering ninnies when we think of the times we sent one too many texts or asked the questions that we really didn't want to hear the answer to. We make mistakes, we learn.

The love I'm talking about is the caring love in which your partner knows you've had a busy day and makes a meal for you and the kids, to help you calm down after a difficult day. Where you wake up with pains and your partner gives you a gentle massage to relax your body, and suggests you not go into work. The love where you can take the make-up off, relax your public persona, be yourself and know you are loved just the way you are. This is pure love.

In the love I'm taking about, you will have arguments and feel frustrated. Sometimes you'll be tested to the point of walking out because you feel you're being taken for granted.

But if we didn't have these days that make us want to cry in the corner or question how we chose the person we're with, we would be in a very sterile type of relationship that gives us nothing.

The joys, blessings, trials and tribulations of love, are all a part of living a full life. When I'm asked to give a phone psychic reading about love and relationship, it's this true love at the core that allows Spirit to give you a greater sense of clarity.

Are you wasting your time dating someone you don't have any real chemistry with? Are you treading water until someone new comes along? Are you looking for the man or woman of your dreams and waiting for a soul mate?

Using a unique breath technique, Spirit allows me to tune into your aura to determine what is really going on, and then I share this guidance with you.

Do I always tell people what they want to hear? No.

When I tune into your aura I realize you have invested energy into feelings for the man or woman who holds your attention. I know it isn't easy to call a psychic and ask about love. I don't take your emotional feelings lightly, but nor can I give you false hope and tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, if it is not being shown to me.

If you're prepared to allow me to tune into the person you're interested in, I will give you a greater sense of confidence of how to communicate or understand their personality. I will caution you if I'm shown the relationship will not last the distance. I am not here to be a mediator between a husband and wife or a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn't want to own their own truth. By that I mean Spirit shouldn't be used to check if your partner is having an affair. I'm not a private investigator, I am a Spiritual Sensitive. My spiritual guardians will try to help you see the truth so you can take personal responsibility to fix your love life.

I caution you to remember you are the master of your own life. If someone is telling you what to do, stop. Contemplate why you are allowing them to have this much influence in your life.

The role of a psychic is to give guidance if you need it and to help you find a real love relationship which doesn't gloss over the bad times for the good. I will not judge you if you're looking outside of your relationship, but I will look at all of the people involved to give you a good idea if they are open to parting or wanting the relationship to work.

If you think this type of love psychic guidance would be helpful and give you a greater sense of clarity then I'm happy to be your spiritual facilitator.

In the meantime remember a spiritual being loves someone who loves themselves. When you begin to ask more from life, you'll be surprised what life can bring your way.

Love and Light

February 3rd 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Art of Letting Go

Grief is an all-consuming emotional energy that holds a great presence. Whether it is the loss of a loved parent or child, sibling, husband or wife, or the end of a relationship it is hard to let go of what we have known before.

Vine Psychic Sitting In Spirit

As a spiritual empath I tune into clients all around the world who are in the early stages of grief or holding onto the last moments. The grief may also concern changing circumstances in your life or the loss of a loved pet that offered comfort and unconditional love. Sudden departure can create enormous emotional wounds when your loved cat or dog is killed by a car, or simply vanishes overnight.

Spiritually the art of letting go is a lesson about trust that we all have to experience because it is a natural state of life.

We have to trust that the things we experience in life are a part of the process of life, and that sometimes in order to fully experience our lives and move forward, we have to let go of the need to control the process of life.

My role is to provide the clarity you need to give you peace of mind. To help you let things happen naturally. To help you let go and see what comes to you and what connections that will lead to.

Recently I did a spiritual medium reading for a client who had lost her mother and her sister within a short period of time of each other. She was lost and worried and she needed some type of sign that they had safely reached the higher realms and were looking over her.

I follow a spiritual breath technique to make contact with the individual consciousness of my customer and then I allow my spiritual vessel to be shown visions, hear spiritual words impressed to my aura from the spiritual art of clairaudience and to feel the emotional, ethereal aura of the departed.

I relay the visions being guided and ask if you can identify with them. Your loved one's know when you are grieving their loss and they will show visions only known to you.

Sometimes I feel myself tuning into a partner who was violently ill, vomiting before they passed and I will be told they had a terminal illness. Other times I will feel they passed quite suddenly and know the spiritual messages being relayed to my clients at the end of the line offer clarity. I hear my clients burst into tears when they know the guidance shared couldn't have been known to me and that they are getting real spiritual confirmation to help them find a greater peace of mind.

Like my client in the United Kingdom found out last week your loved ones want you to recover from your grief and to realize they are looking over you and helping you to have a wonderful life. They don't want you to become stuck after they die in car accidents or in traumatic circumstances. This is why they step forward to spiritual mediums like myself and allow their messages to be shared.

A spiritual being will choose the medium they feel best represents them. You can't force spirit to come to you and show evidence of their existence. Allow them to guide you to real spiritual mediums and let them show you the truth about the higher realms.

Like my telephone psychic reading client found out this week the loving guidance channelled will uplift, clarify and give you genuine peace of mind.

Love and Light

January 28th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Energy of ONENESS
does not single out Celebrity

What is the inherent genetic trait in us, that makes us place people into the celebrity/famous category and fail to identify the real energy of Oneness?

What is the energy of Oneness?

Vine Psychic Nirvana

The spiritual energy of Oneness is about understanding how each one of us is part of the indivisible whole. Each one of you was born with unique talents and we all complement the people around us.

If we were all born exactly the same, we would be like robots unable to distinguish anything outside the identical programme that we all shared. We would be unable to learn, to progress, to evolve and we would be unable to realise our spiritual being. It is the difference between us that allows us to experience the whole of our being, which encompasses us all.

Therefore, not one person in this world has the same thoughts. Biological twins have a unique gene pool, but the life experiences they encounter allows them to absorb unique thoughts which allows them to be in individual consciousness.

Every skill on our Earth is sourced directly from the thoughts we create in our mind. We have created languages and technologies through intellect. We have created jobs to service our earth survival needs and created governing bodies to represent the power of the people. Every job created is stimulated by the changing needs of our world.

Entertainers, actors, singers and artists provide enjoyment for our senses. When we listen to music and beautiful words it helps us get in touch with our emotions and to relive emotional connections and feel joy. When we are transfixed to films and stage shows, those artists are helping us get in touch with our raw emotions. Athletes dedicate their lives to learning about discipline and pushing their bodies to reach amazing sporting feats and we admire the amount of dedication and effort all of these athletes and artists aspire to.

We find ourselves placing them on a higher rung of the ladder without even knowing what personality traits or character they possess. We create television shows to revere the skills that they have and we place our own skills into the mediocre category. Blanketed by media releases about beauty and perfect bodies, we begin to doubt our own worth. We're told the most beautiful have perfect symmetrical faces and slim bodies and we wonder why our own gene pool didn't offer this same perfection.

We allow ourselves to doubt our own self-worth and we think there is something wrong with us.

We question whether we are as gorgeous as that woman on the TV screen and magazine ads, and we may even starve ourselves to fit the same exquisite clothes she wears. We begin to doubt our own unique gifts and we believe the producers of our media, who tell us there are people who are better than the next person.

We find ourselves looking at crooked bottom teeth and thinking, I have to fix that, or reaching out to beauty products to stop the first wrinkles reaching our faces. We become obsessive about buying the latest fashions and gadgets because if we don't, we feel we are less than equal. Now I want to share with you something important.

You are the spiritual equal of the people you are aspiring to.

The fame and celebrity titles are an illusion. Spirit doesn't consider one person to be energetically more relevant than any other. There is no celebrity heaven in the higher realms welcoming Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, or any celebrity psychics. There are no athletes winning medals, or scientists and sceptics arguing over which belief system is more important than the other. Every spiritual being is considered to be equal.

The thousands or millions or billions of dollars that you seek to make you feel adequate or whole, are an illusion in the spiritual world because there is no currency or economic framework which determines which part of the angelic realm is going to be yours. In the spiritual realms there is no drilling of ethereal oil wells to find energetic resources. Your spiritual senses don't require them.

You don't need to stay warm or cold or maintain a constant temperature. You don't need a gadget to give you an edge on your fellow spiritual beings. Because you are all-knowing, there is no need for mobiles, computers, or technology.

When you begin to see that the games we amuse ourselves with on Earth don't exist in the spiritual realms, you will begin to see that the stresses you place on yourself are not warranted. You're not going to take anything physical with you when you move from the physical plane to the angelic planes.

The energy of ONENESS and Climate Change
When those who deny the existence of human-made climate change finally see the energetic relationship between all things, they will realise that there is no energetic difference between the different physical states we perceive. Where they may see the weather, earthquakes, cars and people as all being different and unconnected; all in fact are energetically connected. There is no such thing as isolated circumstances.

Just as the weather and the movements of the earth affect our lives and allow us to exist, we too affect the Earth and the weather, and collectively we change the way they exist. We energetically share this planet as ONE with all of Gaia's elements - animal, vegetable and mineral.

Everything begins to make sense when you take a step back and look at the false kingdoms we reach out for. Jesus as a spiritual messenger, shared this important message when he told how he was tempted by the devil when he was fasting in the desert. He was tempted by all of the riches of the world, and he knew it was an illusion.

Our lusting after these same illusionary temptations is causing us to destroy the very energetic fabric that allows us to experience this physical existence.

Tao Te Ching (39)
In harmony with the Tao, the sky is clear and spacious, the earth is solid and full, all creatures flourish together, content with the way they are, endlessly repeating themselves, endlessly renewed.

When man interferes with the Tao, the sky becomes filthy, the earth becomes depleted, the equilibrium crumbles, creatures become extinct.

The Master views the parts with compassion, because he understands the whole. His constant practice is humility. He doesn't glitter like a jewel but lets himself be shaped by the Tao, as rugged and common as stone.

Please contemplate this guidance and decide for yourself.

Love and Light

January 21st 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Living in Authentic Energy
Nelson Mandela

This week I've been thinking about Nelson Mandela. I saw him on stage in Melbourne, Australia over 20 years ago.

He was asked to speak about reconciliation at the time our nation was still to find the courage to say sorry for the atrocities of pain and suffering on the aboriginal people of our nation. Thankfully Kevin Rudd used his time in the Prime Ministers office to place this high on his agenda and apologised to the aboriginal communities who had their children stolen from them. We have grown as a nation and people and come a little bit closer together.

Vine Psychic Authentic Energy

I listened to Nelson Mandela's inspirational words and knew instinctively he was a man who lived by his words and stood in authentic energy.

Authentic energy is about owning your own truth.

The people who own their sexuality are able to feel whole compared to the individual who hides behind their sexuality in case they offend or feel judged by their peers or family.

Living in the energy of integrity can be a blessing because all the emotional weight is lifted from your shoulders and you learn to live in the now. You are able to speak your truth and feel empowered when you live an authentic life.

I knew instinctively Nelson Mandela was a man who lived by his words and stood in authentic energy.

Reaching this stage in life can be difficult. I do a lot of phone psychic readings for clients who know something is amiss in their life but they don't know what is really at the core of their troubles. When I tune into their individual consciousness I am guided by their higher self to help them cleanse their ethereal blockages and give them the tools to walk away and use in your own life.

Some of my customers find they were guided to my spiritual services, once they find my channeled writings or read something that has direct significance to them they feel the urge to book an online reading.

These readings are different than the regular ones I do about helping you find clarity in love, relationships, career or business issues. They are the life purpose readings about knowing why you incarnated on Earth and what your calling really is. Sometimes we can lose sight of our passion because we feel we have to dedicate our lives to building financial security and following a well worn path that our parents and their parents tread.

We forget to smell the roses because our minds are too preoccupied with texting a recipe to our friends or rushing to the supermarket before the crowd gets busy. You can simply numb out of life and eventually something has to give.

"We forget to smell the roses because our minds are too preoccupied with texting a recipe to our friends or rushing to the supermarket before the crowd gets busy."

You might begin to feel flat in your energy, question the superficiality of life, wonder if there is more to life than just waking up and going to work, the list can go on and on.

The good news is when you begin to reach this stage the Universe knows about it. Your loved ones in Spirit are inclined to help you find my spiritual service and you'll be left questioning how did I end up on a psychic reading service when I've never contacted someone before about this type of stuff?

If you share that with me during the psychic reading I know instantly you have been guided. Most of my clients have been guided towards my psychic and spiritual services. If you read some of the testimonials that my customers share openly about their clairvoyant or medium readings they will describe they experienced exactly the same thing.

I am a Natural Born Sensitive who has been communicating with the angelic higher realms since I was a baby and there is nothing you can't share with me that I probably haven't already experienced energetically myself.

If you share I had these paranormal experiences and I don't know what to do. I'm ready to offer a helping spiritual hand and reveal it is normal to experience these type of metaphysical occurrences. If you contact me because you hate your job and don't know what to do, I will have felt your pain and frustration through higher senses and possibly be relaying spiritual guidance before you even get the chance to tell me why you called.

Nelson Mandela's ability to find his own truth was a way of helping people like you and I to find ours as well.

When I stand in authentic spiritual energy I am able to help you stand in authentic spiritual energy. The energy of Oneness is omnipresent, which means I am a vessel for the light to help you find your own truth and be at one in your own essence.

Nelson Mandela is a vessel of the light. He has dedicated his whole life to being a peaceful beacon to help us reconcile our past hurts. He found his truth in a prison in South Africa after he was jailed for protesting about the injustices of equality for man kind. His ability to find his own truth was a way of helping people like you and I to find ours as well. You may not have the same type of spiritual calling as Nelson Mandela, but your life passion is equally as important as anyone elses and deserves to be found.

Never doubt you are entitled to have a life of truth. It is a God given right.

Love and Light

January 14th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Hot Hot Hot - Australian Heatwave

Australians are used to living with droughts and flooding rains, but what we're not used to is how frequent bush fires are coming now, or how hot it is becoming each year or the increased frequency of floods that sweep in from the river and inundate our houses.

Vine- Hands on Earth

My spiritual guardians are aware of this and they have been providing loving guidance from the higher realms trying to prepare our world leaders and people about Earth Changes.

Since 2010 I have been sharing psychic predictions about Earth Changes. These premonitions aren't about doom and gloom although some of the visions are quite frightening. They're about helping us understand our direct relationship with nature and why we need to be aware of our real connection with Gaia.

This week several important news items were released to the world public which confirm the spiritual guidance I've been receiving about how our Earth's heating is directly affecting extreme weather events around the world and should not be taken lightly.

NASA has declared climate change was a major factor in the United States in 2012 having its hottest year ever. This is also being backed up by the National Climate Assessment of many US governmental science departments who are sounding the alarm bells to the American people. The 400 page report is stressing the cost of climate change on governmental infrastructure and to our lives.

This is the warning Spirit shared with me in 2011 before 2012 even began. They were guiding the political leaders around the world would be challenged in managing climate change and extreme weather events. It is more than obvious that countries all over the world in 2012 did experience extreme floods, extreme droughts, extreme hurricanes and extreme tornadoes.

Please read the original psychic prediction transcript here.

As a natural born Aussie, or indeed anyone who has been living with the heat over the last week, I think I can confidently say Australians are not shocked to see the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has released two new colours for it's temperature maps, purple and magenta to bring the top limit to 54 degrees Celsius.

BOM believes in the near future the red centre will hit this limit. Temperatures are expected to skyrocket to new levels just as my spiritual guardians have been warning.

Now I want to share a telephone conversation I had with one of my phone psychic reading clients today. She was worried about the earth drying. She shared her concerns about the heat and bushfires. She had stumbled across my psychic predictions page and read some of the premonition forecasts over the years and contacted me online to have a clairvoyant reading.

When I tuned into her ethereal field she showed me how much she loved her homeland and I was shown a vision of her feet being planted into the ground. That is pretty much how she came across when I communicated with her. She proceeded to share with me she was intuitively worried about the Earth and wanted to know what she could do to help spread the message.

I shared with her that we are all needing to play our part in helping our governments tackle climate change. We're all responsible for creating lives which honour our environmental connection with nature.

I also shared the higher visions being guided about Earth Changes aren't only about extreme heat, they are about extreme weather. Too often climate change is being misinterpreted as a warming planet. That's not the way my spiritual guardians are showing Earth Changes. It is about a variety of weather and national disasters occurring because the energetic constitution of our planet is altering.

Spiritually I'm guided in 2013 we have to be prepared to look at our lifestyles and the decisions we're making and ask how are we contributing to climate change getting worse.

Love and Light

January 7th 2013

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Good, the Bad and the Balanced

Yin Yang

We're a sad and sorry lot, aren't we?

Well if you read the latest psychic article sites, it seems most of us have dark energy around us and need a right royal hex removal spell in 2013 to make us pure in thought.

These sales pitch articles have been strategically designed to make you feel like you're a failure.

"Haven't attracted the love of your life yet? We'll give you a spell to attract your soul mate."

"Feeling like you are out of sorts? Maybe you need a hex removal spell to clear the bad energy and stop all those she-like claws attacking you."

The amount of advertising spin you find on article-share affiliate websites directed back to cheap psychic chat services, will make your head spin if you allow them to.

For your own peace of mind, look behind the advertising spin and ask yourself meaningful questions. Why does a spiritual business want to scare the living daylights out of you before you have a psychic reading?

They are using the sales tactic of fear to make you believe the psychic marketing.

Have you seen a photo image of the symbol of the Tao (pronounced Dow or the Yin/Yang symbol)?

In Chinese it means the path or the way. It reveals that our Universal consciousness is a mixture of light and dark. At the center of the dark is the light, and at the center of the light is the dark. The shadow and the light are both a part of an indivisible whole. Energetically when the light and dark are in balance, you're centered. When the energy is out of balance you will either be leaning more to the Yin or the Yang.

This is what a lot of psychics are now misinterpreting as dark energy.

Everyone of us is here to have emotional lessons to help us get in touch with our feminine and masculine personality traits. I am spiritually revealing that each of us is an emotional being and it's perfectly natural to have doubts or to question your path and seek a sense of clarity when you find you become stuck. Seeking clarity shouldn't allow false psychics to then try to offsell magical spells.

As a lightworker I tune into your ethereal field when I do a phone consultation and can immediately sense if you're in a balanced or imbalanced emotional state. I use your higher self's guidance to help you find a greater sense of knowing and to see why you are out of sorts. My role is to help you get in touch with your own ethereal field and to give you the tools to listen to your own inner voice.

Relying upon spells to remove emotional blockages takes the power away from you. Mostly it gives you a placebo effect. You believe the spell will influence the Universe. No spell is going to influence free will or Universal Consciousness. Which is why you need to be careful of all of the Mind Body Spirit counseling services saying that you are cursed or have an entity attached to your aura.

A small percentage of humans can have paranormal experiences. Normally their energetic constitution is too open and they need to learn why they're a sensitive. A sensitive is someone who is capable of feeling energetic vibrations that are not of this physical world. If you fall into that category you're not evil, you don't have anything wrong with you and natural-born sensitives like myself can help you take back control.

This year forget about all the mumbo jumbo and black magic curse removal and begin to embrace how wonderful your energetic aura really is. I was guided by my Spiritual guardians that the year of 2013 is when you can begin to get in touch with your own ethereal field.

If you need help to understand this process please book a phone psychic reading online and I will help facilitate this journey.

Begin to realize that you are an amazing spiritual essence who has incarnated to experience everything life has to offer, both the 'good' and the 'bad'. Don't automatically label yourself cursed if you find things are out of control.

This might be a life lesson that you're here to learn.

Love and Light

December 31st 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine's 2012 Psychic Predictions Come True
Many of Vine's predictions for 2012 have come true.

Vine's Psychic Predictions

Vine is a gifted psychic medium able to see to the very heart of your issues of concern and to help and guide on a one-to-one level. But she is also an Earth Seer with a strong connection to the energy of our planet.

On the 24th of January 2012 Vine wrote a prediction entitled, "The End of the World or the Awakening? Earthquakes and Extreme Weather"

Vine's primary message in that prediction and in many other predictions and channellings, is that we are presently out of balance with the nature of our planet. We presently see ourselves as disconnected and apart from nature and we are subsequently living unbalanced lives. The result of this in 2012 and into 2013 will be a worsening of extreme weather events and earthquake activity and they will continue to worsen until we live in harmony with nature and each other.

2012 has indeed been an awakening.

Extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy and the tragic shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School have begun to highlight the extreme need for harmony between ourselves and nature and to push the need for change to the political level.

In 2013 our politicians will need our strong and continuing support and encouragement, if life-saving changes are to be made in time.

In 2013, each one of us will need to be the change we need to see.

Love and Light

Vine will only be doing phone psychic readings in 2013.
Please see this notice in the Karma Lounge Forum for more information.

December 24th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Vine's Christmas Holiday Message
I have the best psychic clients in Australia and throughout the world. Thank you for using my psychic and spiritual services and entrusting your emotional health and well being when it came to finding personal and business clarity in 2012.

Everyone of you is a treasured customer who I hold dear in my heart and I would like to extend my love and gratitude for using our clairvoyant services.

I also want to wish you a Wonderful Christmas and Joyful New Year. My team and I are hoping you have a lovely holiday break and enjoy the festivities.

For those of you who feel lonely at Christmas, reach out to people who invite you to their parties and homes and don't shy away from their support. Not everyone is born into a loving family environment and it can be difficult to experience the holiday festivities when you can't relate to the same happy memories.

If you know there is someone alone and needing comfort offer your hand of friendship and drop off some Christmas lunch to your elderly neighbour or leave a small gift at their door. Be a secret Santa for the day where only you know what you have done. It is so spiritually rewarding to feel the joy of giving.

This time of the year is when my spiritual guardians channel angelic guidance about the direction of my spiritual business. The spiritual business you regularly use was created by Spirit. Every detail on the website is guided from Spirit. I am a spiritual Sensitive who listens to angelic channeling and then share this with you throughout the year. You will notice my Australian and world psychic predictions for 2013 have already been channeled and now I wait in anticipation for the next channeling.

I will share this all with you in January 2013.

Love and Light

December 17th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

December 21 2012 - The Ascension
12/12/12 has been and gone and now the world waits in anticipation for December 21 2012 and the beginning of the changes.

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Depending on your religious and spiritual beliefs this will be a time to rejoice or a time to fear.

Actually it just is. What do I mean by this? It is neither positive nor negative. The changes are an awakening, a time of awareness that will allow our spiritual vessels to be in tune with the subtle vibrational frequencies on our exquisite planet Gaia.

I love Gaia with all of my heart. My reasons for doing spiritual work and incarnating on our planet have always been known to me since I was a young psychic kid. My love of Gaia is unquenchable and my spiritual readings are about helping my clients get in touch with their own ethereal field. I am a spiritual teacher who is here to help you learn about the knowings of our planet.

As a spiritual medium I am aware of many spiritual worlds and also understand subtle spiritual frequencies that allow me to feel changes in climate and to tap into the Akashic Record to pull back the knowledge of the times we are entering in.

I am aware there are many people who fear the planets' aligning because of the Mayan Calendar prophecies and the wide range of interpretations from religious doctrines and Gurus.

I have received a lot of correspondence and world phone bookings from people wanting to know if they should question gurus claiming they are the new messiah and guiding them to get ready for the world to end.

These type of cults arose in the Age of Pisces. We have seen many dictators and spiritual cults arise at this time. You will notice over the last few years with the Arab Springs, the Occupy Movement that these dictators have fallen because they had to. The ones who try to cling onto power will also fall.

The gurus who declare to their disciples that they are going to lift out of their vessels and become light beings, forget to tell their students one thing. We are already light beings.

We chose to enter the physical vessel to experience a life on Earth and to ascend when Gaia goes through a major transformation.

Each one of us has chosen to be here to experience Gaia's amazing transformation. If you have been energetically attuned to these changes you are witnessing a time of spiritual awareness about our real connection to our planet.

The spiritual ascension we are all eagerly anticipating is about Oneness.

You are now learning how to hear your own inner voice and to be spiritually aware. There are lightworkers who have incarnated with full knowing of these changes. They are here to help you let go of your emotional energetic debris and begin to lighten in your own consciousness.

You are responsible for your own energetic health and this is why you need to become accustomed to working with your spiritual vessel and to be discerning of spellcasters and not allow anyone to control your mind.

2013 is welcoming a new consciousness and my spiritual readings are about helping you to see past the false teachings and to learn how to hear your own inner voice.

Love and Light

November 27th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Mayan Prophecy & 2013 Predictions from Spirit

"Vine, is the world going to end in 2012? I'm really scared".

"Vine, can you write an article about the Mayan Calendar and whether the end of the calendar means the world will no longer exist after December 21, 2012?"

These are only a couple of the comments I've heard over the last month during my phone psychic readings. The closer we get to December 21, 2012 and the Mayan prophecies, the more people are searching for answers about the legitimacy of the spiritual interpretations.
Mayan Calendar The Mayans did not predict the end of the world on the last of the current (13th) Baktun of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. But the Mayans always did expect major changes to be happening in the years surrounding the end of one Baktun and the beginning of the next.

The transition from the 13th Mayan Baktun to the 14th Baktun (beginning 22nd December, 2012) is no different and it reflects what my loving spiritual guardians have been guiding since I was a young child, that our world is going to experience a time of change.

I was guided in 2010 to regularly update psychic predictions about these changes.

Let me share with you there was no way I ever foresaw I would be updating Australian or world psychic predictions. I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car and my partner was driving when all of a sudden I entered a trance state and was guided that I would begin to update spiritual visions and share channeled guidance.

Spirit knew that wasn't going to sit well with me because I couldn't relate to celebrity psychic predictions about who was going to have a baby or who was going to have an affair behind their boyfriend or girlfriend's back. Not to mention the death lists or health lists about which famous people were going to live or die. I spiritually cringed when it came to witnessing the psychic arts being abused with total disregard of the Universal Laws that all spiritualists must follow to work for the greater good.

Spirit knew they were going to face opposition. My spiritual guardians were used to my rebellious energy. As a psychic kid the angelic realms allowed me to let off steam and then resume my spiritual lessons. By the age of eight I was having regular visions about everything in the world. I remember having a vision of the Tasman Bridge in Hobart, Australia with cars dangling on the edge and walking into our living room to see the same vision on our black and white television. They used to freak me out.

I have already shared that having heightened spiritual ability didn't sit well for me. I yearned to have a life which allowed me to know only about our physical world. I was a reluctant psychic kid. Now I can look back at my spiritual tantrums and wonder why the loving angelic realms just didn't give up.

Obviously, I had a change of heart once Sprit guided my predictions would be beneficial to the people who followed them. I immediately agreed when spirit reassured me that the visions I would be updating would only honor the spiritual realm.

There is something I know in my heart. Our Spiritual family care about our existence on Earth and they want us to flourish. However, they sometimes need to set us straight when we have become disconnected from 'All that Is and Ever Will Be'.

The 2013 psychic predictions I am sharing are to help us while we are on our beautiful blue planet. They are the same type of visions I tuned into when I was a young child and screamed out to the higher realms, "Well what's the use of knowing all of this stuff if I can't share it with anyone?".

Now I can.

Love and Light

November 19th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Compassion and Empathy for Others
I was spiritually guided during my sleep to write about compassion and empathy for our fellow beings.


Early this year I was spiritually woken from a dream state to write a psychic prediction about the Universal Rights of a Child. You can read this spiritual channeling here.

There have been many attempts by the United Nations and well meaning organisations to bring in greater laws and protections for our world's children.

Spiritually we are all a child of the Universe and our choices determine the life we shall live. We are from the One consciousness, the Universal or God Consciousness.

Why then are we unable to see past our own families? We want the best for our biological family, but we are able to avert our eyes from our global family.

"I want the best education for my child, I want my children to have the best that life can offer."

How wonderful you place our own needs aside for your siblings, parents and children. But what about the global children, the children who are living in poverty, oppression and traumatic war situations?

Why don't you consider them your family? Why is it that we can spiritually remove any emotional attachment for others whilst providing more than enough for our own?

This is a spiritual question my loving guardians channeled about the lack of compassion and empathy our world is currently showing to people who are suffering, in pain and crying out for support and understanding.

Wars are springing up all over the world and our spiritual children are being wounded, killed and lost to a senseless act of evil. Our world's children are abused physically, emotionally and intimately. The damaged child grows up to use power and money to coerce or control and is spiritually separated from the Oneness cell.

Spirit guides that traumatised children can be emotionally scarred and lash out at society or withdraw and not be able to contribute or do their very best to provide for themselves or their family. Our society deals with the economic fall out of consistently allowing the same abuse to continue.

The spiritual channeling I received about the Universal Rights of Children is a collective karmic lesson we are all witnessing now. You will be asked when you view your own life, why did you close your spiritual eyes to your planet's needs?

How will you respond at the time of your own spiritual life review?

Love and Light

November 10th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Dark Energy of Deviants
This article is about a taboo subject in society. It makes your skin crawl when you think of the damage it does to peoples lives and psyches. It affects families all over the world.

I am going to write about the energy of pedophilia and deviants, to help identify the early warning signs and how the higher angelic realms can reach out to help.

When I tune into the energy of a deviant I have to heighten my aura. I can immediately sense their unhealthy motivations when I move towards their ethereal field. Their aura sends a strong dense sensation to a Sensitive like myself. We feel their ugly urges and realise they don't have a conscience when they act up. They see people as prey and they deliberately target the vulnerable to get their latest thrill.

A young child born into a normal family environment can tear a family apart when they begin to show cruelty to animals or push moral boundaries. They can be compulsive liars, or want to experiment with touching young children's private parts. They show signs of unusual and disturbing behaviour.

Society labels these deviants as psychopaths or pedophiles. Families try to cover-up their actions because they don't want to acknowledge they could have brought a child like this into the world.

They ignore the warnings, and families fall apart when some of the behaviours begin to be known to siblings and parents. Silence and disbelief and family cover-up are an unwelcome feeling for the innocent parties. Everyone is on tenterhooks hoping the next issue, isn't as bad as the last.

If the child's behaviour is ignored long enough they will feel more and more confident they can keep getting away with their abuse. They begin to become more bold and take greater risks. Perhaps looking at their neighbour's children and waiting for the high that comes from finding another victim.

The parents who felt their children would grow out of their behaviour now realise they can' t ignore the signs. They feel powerless as more people approach them describing their disgust. They regularly visit Children's courts or deal with litigation. Their child's conduct is known.

The child mixes with other deviants and they flock to one another. They build off the strength they offer each other. They communicate in secret languages and hide behind secret data.

Later in life undetected deviants can be highly educated, work in government departments, or even in the clergy. They move towards occupations that allow them to be around your children.

Some of my clients have had ethereal scarring caused by pedophiles.

I have been spiritually guided to caution my single mother clients about the intentions of their latest boyfriend who shows no real feelings for them.

I have written articles to help them identify some of the signs and sometimes the guidance I have offered has fallen on death ears. I have been contacted after the warnings were not heeded and have listened to their wails as they realise their children have been attacked. I have offered guidance as they cope with drawn out court cases. I've felt their energetic body become more fragmented as they're emotionally crushed when they see their children withdrawing into themselves.

This isn't something you can sweep under the carpet. It needs to be aired for people to digest and recognise the subtle or not so subtle signs.

Deviants are evil. They have the ability to mask themselves. To charm their way into your life. They gain positions of authority and have secret codes to block out the rest of the world. Deviants have trained themselves to blend in with the crowd.

I've been guided by Spirit to share that reputable spiritual services can help. But it's crucial to seek out credible psychic experts who are naturally capable of working with the the higher realms to provide accurate spiritual guidance.

Only credible mediums will be able to sense their dense vibrational frequency.

How do they do that?

I can't speak for other Sensitives, but I use a breath technique that allows me to make direct contact with my client's aura. I then use their spiritual vessel as a conduit and I tune into a deviant's aura. I am able to sense different vibrational frequencies. They release a clammy energetic vibration that alerts an Empath straight away. This is how I tune into your loved one's past illnesses or can determine how they died. This spiritual art is called clairsentience.

Sometimes the psychic arts are misunderstood. Especially if you believe the lies of psychic marketing companies who attempt to pass off anybody with the gift of the gab as a credible psychic.

Most people aren't aware that a credible psychic requires natural born skills.

Spiritual readings concerning deviants and pedophiles cannot be taken lightly. They require psychic and medium experts to work with a heightened level of sensitivity to relay true spiritual guidance.

There are too many lives at stake. Some of the victims of deviants commit suicide because they are tormented by their experiences. This is why I was guided to share that you should seek out only reputable spiritual services for help.

Singling out deviants doesn't mean we don't come with compassion. They require professional medical help but sometimes this isn't enough to stop their cravings. The one thing we can do as a community is to not ignore the early warning signs. To speak up when they display unacceptable behaviour and not to cover-up in the hope they will grow out of it.

Love and Light

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Why did Hurricane Sandy Happen?
As super storm Sandy causes havoc on the US East Coast and moves on, I am guided to write about the Earth's magnetic field and the energies that created that havoc.

Hurricane Sandy from Space "In my vision I saw two opposing energies merging with the other and was immediately spiritually guided that the energy pulses were coming from the imbalance of our magnetic field."

I have been writing about Earth changes for many years, but I was first guided to write about extreme storms in January 2012.

I wrote a psychic prediction entitled: "The End of the World or the Awakening? Earthquakes and Extreme Weather".

There I shared the spiritual channeling I had received from my spiritual guardians and the visions I was shown. My spiritual guardians were guiding that magnetic pulses from our earth's core would cause extreme weather events around the world.

From a spiritual energetic point of view, the Earth's magnetic field is manifested by an underlying energetic shield that protects us from disharmony. This protective shield is generated from the poles and the polar-ice forms part of that protective shield.

When we release pollutants and carbon dioxide into the environment they create dense magnetic energies that congregate at the poles. They reverberate down to the very core where they create magnetic pulses that bounce back to the surface, further destabilizing already unbalanced energies and creating extreme weather events and earthquakes, etc.

In my vision I saw two opposing energies merging with the other and was immediately spiritually guided that the energy pulses were coming from the imbalance of our magnetic field.

Although the super storm Hurricane Sandy was in the North East of the United States, it is important to everyone around the world.

It is a warning of what is to come.

Our planet is a living breathing entity.

We are now going to be experiencing more and more of these super storms, and it's time to stop thinking that you will not be affected. Whether you are living high up in the mountains or living near the world oceans and rivers you will experience these changes sooner or later.

The earth's magnetic field is easily dismissed when we mine for minerals, remove trees from forests and force nature to bend and wield to our wanting. The human population believes we are a superior race and have the right to use all of nature's resources at our disposal.

We have altered nature so much that now we are starting to see the consequences of our actions. We are calling it Climate Change. Which isn't that far off from what my spiritual guardians have called it since I was a young child. They have always referred to this time of knowing as 'the Changes'.

Our climate scientists, conservationists and environmental activists are to be admired. For many years they have attempted to share the dangers of not acting on climate change and have had to deal with a great deal of skepticism by special interest groups who don't want to move away from their current economic course. They believe coal seam gas fracking will do no harm. Nor will mining into the ground and removing the tar sands from the Arctic, dredging our sea floors, or overfishing our oceans. They believe nature is economically there for our use.

What's wrong with this picture?

It's unsustainable, that is obvious. More than that, it disconnects us from nature, and stops us from seeing that the whole planet is energetically alive with everything interconnected.

We and nature are one.

That's right our Earth is energetically alive. Affectionately known as Gaia, or Earth Mother, she is revered by indigenous cultures around the world. The stories that were handed down from one generation to the next have slowly been lost. The prayers that were said to thank her for healthy harvests are wiped aside in the name of productivity and greed.

Climate Change, earthquakes and social breakdown are the end results of our disconnection with nature.

The way we are presently living is changing everything! Not only the extreme weather we are seeing, but also earthquakes, wars, terrorism and suffering.

From our everyday perspective, the extreme weather events are caused by man-made warming of air and seas. This causes the ice at the poles to melt, which creates more open water, attracting more solar radiation, which in turn helps to generate storms like Hurricane Sandy.

But at the core of our spiritual existence is energy, and from this perspective: the air, the sea, the ice, the earth and all life on the planet are harmoniously vibrating energies.

These energies connect EVERYTHING - all life and elements on Earth.

Therefore when we fall out of balance with the nature of our planet by polluting the air and seas, we are creating dense discordant vibrating energies. This in turn manifests as many different types of problems. Not only extreme weather events, droughts, fire, floods and rising sea levels, but also earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme social breakdowns resulting in wars and terrorism. They are all connected.

Let me share this amazing true life story that occurred to me when I was living in Queensland. I had travelled to Hamilton Island on my own and decided to take a walk up to the lookout point. I was surveying the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef when I was guided to look towards a small island in the ocean. There I saw cloud coverage over the top of the island and rain showering down on the trees. Now you might not think that this is amazing.

The reason why it was spiritually breathtaking was because there were no other clouds in the sky. It was a 30 degrees day. What I spiritually witnessed was the vibrational relationship between the elements. They were connected to each other and each element complemented the other. That's how all of the energies on our planet interrelate.

Nature is the vibrational harmony of the elements.

This harmonious relationship is similar to an orchestra playing musical instruments. Channeling these subtle vibrational frequencies allows a Sensitive like myself to understand the different tones they release. It is why I am able to clairaudiently hear nature's tones when there is an imbalance (i.e. earthquakes). And when I walk through a tropical forest and become one with nature I am sent into a state of bliss.

There are so many energies on our planet that we can't hear because we allow our minds to be busy. We're too distracted.

The energy pulses arising from our earth's crust at the moment are not harmonious. They are dense, created by imbalances that we have caused, and now we're all beginning to deal with the consequences in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, super storms, droughts, fires, floods etc.

Hurricane Sandy is showing our world the type of mega storms we will have to contend with on a regular basis if we don't begin to see our direct relationship with nature.

The human population has to stop considering that they are a superior race above nature, and begin to see that our flora and fauna and the elements have a similar consciousness as our own. We must begin to give her more respect. If we don't, her energies will stir and cause environmental and economic catastrophe. Let's hope we can wake up before one of these super storms rolls onto your own doorstep.

What we are trying to understand here, is how we connect to nature.

It's not about how we can manifest more and more, as this will only create more imbalance and more problems.

Instead, it is about understanding how peace and harmony is manifested through a balanced relationship with nature. And about how human and planetary suffering alike are created by living a life out of balance with nature.

Love and Light

October 22nd 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Psychic Animals
It's two weeks to go before the American public select a president, so watch the media circus come out to 'playfully' discredit everything about the spiritual.

US Elections coming up - How about a Psychic Bald Eagle?

It's amusing to see news headlines about Paul the psychic octopus selecting the World Cup, or the psychic pig declaring the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. It's a bit of a laugh taking the mickey out of the psychics.

This time it's the US elections, so what will be the next unfortunate 'psychic' animal to have two pieces of Republican red and Democrat blue food placed in front of it?

Forget about the psychic penguins and the psychic crocodile, be amazed, be enchanted, be mystified, be amused... How about a psychic Bald Eagle?

I'm all for having a bit of a laugh. I was approached recently by a Russian newspaper to declare the winner of the US elections and politely declined. My psychic predictions are not for entertainment value, they are visions that are shown to me when I go into a light trance and venture into the Akashic Halls of Learning.

A lot of spiritual mediums like myself take our vocations seriously and are not enticed by the celebrity psychic title. We see our visions as being sacred and important guidance to help see a positive path into the future. Our prophecy is to help others find a greater sense of truth and clarity.

The media has a love-hate relationship with the psychic and spiritual fraternity. They are happy to promote psychics in advertorials and earn money from advertising costs. But at the same time make fun of psychics in editorials and amusing stories about psychic animals.

It seems some people still want animals in their circus.

Love and Light

October 15th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

I want to write about how some people who work in the spiritual field are teaching their students to avoid the news and current affairs and to concentrate on their direct family and partners to live in a sheltered world.

I understand they believe anything negative can immediately influence their student's aura. Just the mention of a negative word will send some people into a self righteous diatribe.

Someone who 'makes the mistake' of uttering an off-limits word in a conversation with a lightworker who has this particular belief system, might find they are being immediately classed as negative.

Spiritually we have all come onto this earth plane to experience lessons. Each of us has our own gifts to offer in servitude to the other.

In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling there is an important lesson we can learn about naming what we are really dealing with. Harry speaks Voldemort's name, while almost everyone else refers to him as 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'.

Who has the stronger energy attached to the dark energy when they bring the thought to their conscious mind? The people who created the strongest vibrational field are those who directed their energy to avoid the name.

"Call him Voldemort, Harry. Always use the proper name for things. Fear of a name increases fear of the thing itself." - Professor Dumbledore.

Harry did not fear to speak Voldemort's name, whereas almost everyone else increased their fear by avoiding the name. Both Dumbledore and Harry knew that the only way out, is through. They faced their fears and discovered themselves in the maelstrom.

Avoiding life experiences on the physical plane and placing yourself in a bubble, doesn't stop the energy from existing. What it does, is stop you from participating in a meaningful way to help others.

There is no doubt we live in a polarized world that reveals suffering and pain.

The young girl in Pakistan, Malala Yousafzai, who was shot in the head and is now fighting for her life after she dared to speak her truth about female equality and girls being able to go to school, is confronting to watch. What is more confronting as a lightworker is to see so many people are unaware of her brave struggle because they have switched off.

Spiritual teachers who believe that their students should avoid real life and only concentrate on our spiritual home, need to ask the question, what is life on Earth all about? If we are already a spiritual essence, what on Earth are we doing here on Earth?

We are meant to be learning about life on Earth. That means we are here to experience everything it has to offer, both positive and negative. Being overly sensitive of negativity actually means you are likely to attract more towards you.

To acknowledge the existence of the negative, is not the same as dwelling on negativity. To acknowledge the existence of the positive, is not the same as dwelling on positivity.

Do not dwell on negativity or positivity.

To live a full life you must acknowledge the existence of all things and all possibilities both positive and negative. When you have done that, find the stillness within you, open yours eyes and see the true reality of your existence today.

"He who experiences the Unity of Life sees his own self in all beings, and all beings in his own self." - Buddha

Avoiding everything negative about the physical because you find it confronting, is only living half a life and cutting yourself off from the full level of your spiritual compassion.

When next you hear someone sharing something that's not so good about their day, instead of a 'tut tut' to yourself, try asking your higher self how you can help.

Our prayers for Malala Yousafzai...

Love and Light

October 8th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Light Workers - Supporting Sustainable Living
My spiritual work is a labour of love, as is my love of nature and spiritual connection to our environment.

Earthship Atrium

I am hoping to build an earthship or similar in 2013 to live and promote sustainable living. This is a spiritual passion of mine, and the guidance I've been receiving over the last few years as a psychic reader reinforces how lightworkers need to be more proactive about the health of our environment.

All is One and we are a part of the whole. Therefore a balance between our inner and outer worlds is crucial to our survival on this Planet. When we give too much attention to the outside world and not enough to our inner spiritual selves, we become out-of-balance.

As lightworkers we can sometimes be so inward looking that we fail to see important issues on the outside that are in need of our attention. I'm talking about our Planet. When Gaia's health is discounted because we consider the spiritual plane is more important, we become out-of-balance with life on Gaia.

You will notice our world is going through the Changes. This is what I have always known them to be. The Changes are more than our planet altering its energetic field, it is about us as a spiritual community understanding our direct relationship with Gaia.

Indigenous cultures share how a loss of our connection to nature is our undoing. They are right. Failing to see the energetic vibration of our Earth's elements makes us take them for granted.

We consider the largest television is a must, or that we must replace our mobile phone before it breaks to allow us to use the most modern technology. What we fail to see, is that each time we want and buy the most modern product, and each time we rely on unsustainable production techniques to manufacture our 'toys', we are disturbing the balance of nature.

Our desires to have more are creating the imbalances. Our planet has been sending out a warning for years.

The plastic we have carelessly thrown away has found its way into our oceans and over time ground into small particles. Particles of plastic are as small as plantkon and may even be consumed by plankton as well as by fish and birds. Our food chain is being altered dramatically and we are responsible.

There is no escaping the damage we have done on our planet.

In this week's Presidential debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney, there was no discussion on climate change, development of sustainable energy and sustainable production techniques. If this an accurate generalization of community interest, we are in trouble.

This is why lightworkers (if they are not already doing so) need to promote and work pro-actively towards living a self-sustainable life that does no harm. Oneness isn't just about our human population. It is also about recognizing that our flora, fauna and the elements resonate with their own subtle energy.

We have declared war on our planet's elementary energy by being self absorbed. Instead of allowing our needs to take centre stage we can resonate with this knowing and speak to consciousness and ask, what can I do for my beautiful planet today?

When we finally see the interconnectedness of All that Is, we will be able to create new technologies that don't drain Gaia's resources. We can breathe in her beauty and understand our real relationship with our surroundings. It is not yet too late to create a non-toxic energetic world. We have the spiritual tools inside of us and we can use this knowing to benefit all energies on our Planet's plane.

Sign the petition here to ban cosmetics with plastic micro beads inside.

Love and Light

October 1st 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Collective Grief in Melbourne
I was born in Melbourne and this is where my friends and family are. Melbourne has a worldly charm, not too flashy or extravagant, it's a city settled into itself. Which is why the people of Melbourne are shocked to find one of its own met a brutal fate this week.

A birthday celebration where people had been laughing and enjoying each other's company had suddenly become a missing person case and then later during the week we discovered security cameras had caught the last glimpses of Jill Meagher's life.

Collectively, all of Melbourne was in shock.

We all reflected that we had left nightclubs, city bars and restaurants and walked home on our own without a second thought. Why would you think you're in danger when you only live 5 minutes walk from your home?

People living in the inner CBD often rush down to the convenience store to buy late night purchases. Now that our inner cities are full of apartment living, we consider the city to be our front yard.

During the week I've had customers contacting me wondering why this murder case affected them? This is what I shared with them.

Energetically the people of Melbourne are in shock. Many were actively involved in social media trying to help. We are deeply affected because it is so close to home. We love our city and the simple innocence of walking home through its iconic streets, day or night. We feel this opportunistic act could have happened to any one one of us.

I also shared that it's perfectly acceptable to feel a sense of grief and to collectively grieve for the loss of innocence for the life that was taken.

The collective grief we're feeling may also be bringing up unresolved issues about someone we have lost personally. It's an energetic trigger that stirs unresolved emotions for us to confront and to feel the sorrow.

Collective grief shows we care about the people who live in our cities and suburbs. It identifies that we value and respect each other's right to live in our Country without harm or prejudice. It reveals that we are spiritual beings who want the best for each other.

Your loved ones in Spirit are aware that you need to grieve loss. As a spiritual medium, I am always in awe of how they know their own passing can stop you progressing in life. I have witnessed men and women in deep despair, having an immediate weight lifted from their shoulders and gaining a greater peace of mind after getting in touch with their departed.

The grief associated with the life - death cycle, although confronting, can teach us valuable lessons about our reasons for being.

Losing anyone tragically can cause an enormous emotional wound and collectively we can be a beacon of light and assist our fellow spiritual beings to work through their grief.

Melbourne people, we can rise above adversity and collectively look fear in the face and say our city will not allow evil to live here. We can shine a spiritual light and still go about our lives and reclaim our streets.

For the family, friends and work colleagues who are suffering because of this evil act, we extend our prayers.

Love and Light

September 24th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

My Jade Buddha
The history of my Jade Buddha statue shows how sometimes you just have to trust that everything will work out, and place your faith in a greater spiritual force.

Vine's Jade Buddha

I remember first seeing my serene buddha when I was walking down George Street, in the inner city of Sydney. I had moved into a beautiful apartment in North Sydney, right near the Sydney Harbour. I used to walk out of my building and look across to the magnificent view of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I love everything about Sydney and it is one of the most exciting cities I've ever lived in.

My beautiful Buddha was waiting for me there. He wasn't cheap, because he was made of Chinese Jade and sat on a lotus flower stand. He travelled with me all over Australia when I was going through a lot of my spiritual learnings.

Let me share how I came to be travelling around Australia in the first place.

My spiritual quest started when I was a young child and I've always been communicating and channeling messages from the higher realms. I had a heavenly vision that defined my spirtual vocation.

If you know the story of Joan of Arc when she was shown spiritual visions about protecting France, you might be able to grasp that spiritual seers still have similar types of real life encounters in their life as well (although not as dramatic as Saint Joan's tragic story).

One night I awoke from sleep to see one of my enlightened celestial guardians standing in front of me and telling me I had to leave my parents house and to venture out on my own. This is how I found myself living in the CBD in Northern Sydney. I lived and worked in the local area and moved only when I was spiritually guided to relocate to Queensland. I affectionately refer to this time of my life as a spiritual apprenticeship. I had to venture out on my own to learn about life. It makes me appreciate the aboriginal people who go walkabout. You are guided to different spots to meet a variety of wonderful people.

Years later, when I was living in a house in Middle Park, Melbourne, near the Albert Park village, a friend placed my Jade Buddha at the front of the door and used him as a door stop. A strong gust of wind entered the Victorian home and my Buddha took a serious knock. He fell off the stand and the altar around his head was cut in a sharp edge. He looked terrible. My friend was horrified about the damage and shared that he would pay to have it repaired. I attempted to call around several stone masons to be told they couldn't fix him. I was devastated.

I wrapped him up in some cloth and placed him in a box because he wasn't in a pretty state.

One day I went to find something in the box and decided to take a peek at my beautiful Buddha. What I found staring back at me was a different Buddha. The ugly and broken altar around his head had somehow crumbled into small pieces and he'd been miraculously transformed into a different statue.

For me, this was a surreal day. I was able to take him from the carefully wrapped cloth and display him proudly on my top shelf. He has been in every home and business location I've worked in ever since. He now sits on top of my cupboard and looks down upon my staff and me.

He reinforces how the Universe works in mysterious ways and when you love something with all of your heart you need to trust and let go. If it's meant to come back to you, it will.

Love and Light

September 17th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Coping with Traumatic Grief
A Psychic Medium Perspective

Coping with Suicide

Anyone who has lost a lover, partner, a member of the family or close friend to suicide will tell you the amount of grief they suffer is overwhelming. In my clairvoyant work as a psychic medium, Spirit regularly guides distraught, grief stricken people to me for a spiritual reading.

As a Natural Born Sensitive I am able to channel messages from the higher realms to give you a greater sense of clarity to help you cope with the traumatic emotions after the death of your loved ones.

I work on an energetic level and communicate with the departed to relay their messages after they have crossed over. It's not the same as counseling.

If you have read any of my previous articles you would know that I am strong advocate for raising suicide awareness and not making this subject taboo. It can't be swept under the carpet because it creates more heartache then necessary if you don't tackle your emotions head on.

You can't pray the grief away, nor can you buffer your pain by meditation techniques and hope it will give you immediate peace. It can't be sugar coated with positive thoughts, because it requires the person who is grieving to enter a natural state of emotional cleansing.

There is nothing worse for someone who has been left behind than to not know what happened when their loved one has died. You are looking for answers and wondering how the departed got to such a state where they would consider taking their own life. Or how one moment you were conversing with them and then they died tragically within a short period of time.

The energetic shock that resonates on our auras after a traumatic occurrence can be healed over time - but not overnight.

The most important guidance that recently departed Spirit can offer someone who is suffering from enormous emotional pain, is to share that they are now at peace and looking over their family and friends.

I would never trivialise the life / death spiritual cycle. My angelic work is dedicated to relaying true spiritual messages from the other side to help you have a greater sense of clarity in your life.

If your loved one has committed suicide or died tragically, they will attempt to reach out from Spirit to help you recover from the emotional grief. I have personally witnessed this in my face to face consultations and telephone readings (refer to face to face testimonials).

There is nothing more comforting when you are deep in grief than to be given specific information that only you know to be truthful. Your spiritual family know when you're hurting and they don't want you to suffer. They use compassionate credible Sensitives to help you heal. These spiritual mediums don't trivialise your grief by offering false hope, they are capable of being a vessel for the higher realms.

Naturally gifted spiritual sensitives and lightworkers will provide real proof. Your loved ones will telepathically provide clairvoyant visions to an authentic medium. They will impress energy vibrations to spiritual sensitives using a variety of clairsenses. For a better understanding of these spiritual senses, go to Vine's Home Page

If you are guided to my psychic and spiritual website, you might find that your spiritual departed loved one is wanting to make contact to help you recover from their loss, to help reduce your stress and anxiety, and to give you a greater peace of mind.

Contemplate the guidance I have provided and ask your higher self, "Can this type of spiritual service help me?"

Love and Light

September 10th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

The Law of Attraction
A Psychic Medium's Perspective

Vine Psychic - Law of Attraction

Alright seriously, when I hear callers online sharing with me they have failed in life because the Law of Attraction hasn't worked, or they feel guilty for having a down day because they are meant to be upbeat and positive all the time, spiritually something has to give.

Are you being negatively impacted by Universal Laws, or teachings which abuse natural laws for personal gain or power?

It's time to spiritually step forward. I am going to dissect some of these laws and identify if everything about the power of the mind manifestation is all at it seems...

"How many of you believe manifestation is about accumulating wealth and status and attracting love?"

That's a lot.

"Now, how many readers believe manifestation is so much more than that?"

Not as many, but still a healthy show of hands.

Why is this important?

It's about perception and belief systems. In the scheme of things, your beliefs can change when you experience your own life lessons.

As a spiritual medium I've been channeling spiritual messages for over 30 years, I can share with you why your departed family members, lovers and friends reveal they wasted so much time sweating the small stuff.

Not once since I've been doing clairvoyant and spiritual readings have your loved ones in Spirit channeled they wished they were richer in their lifetime. They do share how much they enjoyed life on earth.

Which is why I want to confide in you there is so much more to our life on earth than just accumulating wealth, power and status or mastering mind powers.

Contemplate why Spirit never channel anything about material things when they discuss the lives they lived on earth. They do however share how they enjoyed experiencing the beautiful beaches, lakes and countryside.

The loving encounters they had with their family and friends are cherished spiritual memories. They value the animals, flowers, trees and most importantly our beautiful Earth.

When I enter a light trances and allow my spiritual vessel to be a conduit for your loved ones I am honoured to relay their guidance back to you.

When they share how they died suddenly in a car accident, or failed to take care of their health and this resulted in them having a heart attack, they channel how much they regret they didn't enjoy everything life on earth has to offer. My online psychic phone readings allow your loved ones from the higher realms to relay their guidance to give you a greater sense of clarity.

You are entitled to have a bad day once and awhile, because you are a spiritual being in a physical vessel learning about your emotional body. That's right, you can have days when your hormones are out of whack, or you say the wrong thing to a friend or work colleague and wonder how you got yourself in this predicament. That's all part of the learning!

Nature Is Our Greatest Teacher

Watch nature to identify how the yearly Seasons are similar to your emotions - they follow a natural rhythm. Depending which part of the equator you live on, will depend on how you experience Seasonal changes.

The Universal Spiritual Laws I am guided to work under when I do your psychic readings and predict world events are natural laws.

You can learn more about my business philosophy and read about the 7 Universal Laws by clicking the page link here: - Vine Psychic Readings Line Follows Universal Laws of Nature

Universal Laws the truth
Natural laws aren't manipulated for personal gain. You don't have to use affirmations to force the Universe to look in your direction or visualize money coming from the sky.

This is why Spirit shares just being in a physical life is enough and valuing nature and breathing into its beauty will uplift your Spirit and give you a greater sense of self. How amazing is that?

Mastering Luck Depends on You
Attracting luck and being successful by mastering the power of attraction laws can be found in your own cellular gene structure. All the answers lie within. My motivation for working in the spiritual field is about helping you get in touch with your own intuitive self so you can see you are a spiritual masterpiece.

Love and Light,

September 1st 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Cyberbullying & Spambots on Social Networks

Social networks can bring a lot of fun and joy into our world. However the recent epidemic of public abuse on social networks is evident after a cyberbullying attack on a well known Australian media identity.

The enjoyment of sending a tweet on Twitter or viewing a friend's feed on Facebook or Google+ is losing it's sheen with the most recent abuses of cyber crime and breaches of privacy.

Psychic Reading Social Network Caution:

In the psychic readings field, social network abuse is out of control.

This week my staff warned Twitter users they were being targeted by an unidentifiable site directing them back to click a link for a free personal clairvoyant or astrology reading. These attacks are commonly referred to as spambot attacks.

A machine automatically spat out tweets with psychic messages every 30 seconds. At time of writing, 24 hours later, the machine-generated tweets are still being produced every 30 seconds.

The machine automatically generates a different tweet and slightly changes the twitter profile name to avoid being detected by the spam section in Twitter.

One tweet-spam every 30 seconds for 24 hours equates to at least 172,800 of just this particular tweet-spam. It is therefore not hard to see why it is estimated that at least 40% of Twitter accounts are spam generated.

The security sections on social networks are unable to cope with the amount of spambot entries being updated on social media sites.

Reproduction of Vine's Twitter warning

The overseas networks behind these spambots are cunning and direct their messages to false accounts, so you or I believe they are a credible business. The false account then retweets the spambot message to its followers to attract unsuspecting readers to click the free psychic site.

My team suspected it was coming from Indonesia or an Asian country. However social network spambots can come from anywhere in the world. They are normally associated with criminal networks.

Every instance of the tweet-spams we tracked (above) contain a picture of a nice looking person who probably doesn't exist. The spam-generated Twitter accounts are rarely used, other than to reply to spambots to make them look legitimate when they attack the trend you follow.

The one we detected spammed the category of 'psychic reading' so no other tweets could be found. The false machine accounts of the overseas Twitter accounts then retweeted the messages to the people who followed them. It was easy for them to spread the spams like a virus through the network without Twitter stopping them. They might still be on Twitter directing messages to unsuspecting accounts now.

If you and I read their message we might be inclined to click the link back to their web business to check out the offer. Big mistake. They are waiting for the innocent unsuspecting Twitter or Facebook user to click the web address domain site.

Why do you need to be cautious clicking links which proposition you to book a psychic or zodiac reading?

When you click a link back to a psychic or astrology site offering a free psychic reading you are being directed back to criminal business sites. The same people who send email spam are now on the social networks waiting for you to give them your details. You might receive a token Ebook or Ecourse or even a small paragraphed reading - but you give them so much more than you realize when you click their site.

You share your personal information. This is the real reason they are offering FREE astrology and psychic readings. It is a trap.

Tip: No credible psychic or medium will contact you via email, on your Twitter, Google+ or Facebook account to proposition you to have a free psychic reading.

Direct Messages From Psychic Reading Sites
If you receive direct messages on your social networks telling you have won something for free immediately report them to the security section of Twitter and Facebook. If you click the site, it may place a virus on your computer, or attempt to get you to click an App to give them the right to access your Twitter account. This is called phishing. (click here to learn more about phishing)

Cyber bullying is out of control on social networks and so are psychic reading spambots. DON'T allow yourself to be bought on the FREE psychic stuff! It is not worth losing your personal security for the sake of a psychic reading.

You can still enjoy social networks and use them for the reason they were intended by avoiding one-on-one contact with psychic readers on your social networks.

Hint: Search any links on Google or Yahoo to see if it is a genuine site before clicking a reputable online psychic business site. A real psychic business will be easy to spot on the web, they have built their reputation over many years and can be found on the top of the search sections.

Here are some useful resources to read about this important subject:

How to remove spammers on your facebook page

Facebook reveals fake accounts set up to target users (hint: Forbes will bring an advert first, click on top right hand corner to read article)

Love and Light,

August 26th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Culture and Spiritual Mediumship
Culture and Spiritual Mediumship - Dream Catcher

I absolutely love culture and traveling around different pockets of the world. There is so much truth in the fact that life itself is our greatest teacher. When you travel you learn all about your strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure if you've gone to a foreign location you found yourself having to navigate the language barriers and struggling to get the correct oral pronunciation when you greeted the locals.

I remember one time trying to organize my hotel accommodation in Spain. I had been practicing my Spanish words before dialing the phone number and had successfully greeted the caller at the end of the line and asked if they had any rooms for the night. I must have nailed the language, because the man on the end of the line asked a question in Spanish. I had no idea what he was saying so I hesitated and just listened, as he then exclaimed, "No speak Espanol, no speak?" And he hung up.

These type of events happen often when you visit a foreign speaking country. You learn to respect the ways of the people, to wear the correct clothing when you walk through the streets in case you may offend someone.

This is the same thing that happens when I do spiritual readings for customers around the world. Spirit doesn't divide us by cultural or sexual differences, I have spiritual visitors from all different cultures and backgrounds. When I do readings for people from India, Singapore, Europe or Britain I know we all have one thing in common. We are all from the same Universal consciousness.

I sometimes do spiritual medium readings for people from Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Orthodox and Indigenous backgrounds. I only speak English and it's amazing how through remote viewing, I can describe what my client's departed family and loved ones looked like before they crossed over. I am shown visions of their life and are fascinated by the clairvoyant impressions of the homes they lived in. Sometimes they show me special moments they shared with their partners, children and grandchildren. I am guided how they physically passed and share this information with my customers. The guidance they offer my clients is so precise and accurate that I feel blessed that they consider me worthy to be a spiritual conduit, and to help my customers understand that life after death does exist. It is an honor to do the work that I do and I never take it for granted.

My customers know they are respected and valued and Spirit is aware as a Natural Born Sensitive I am able to share their guidance to help their loved ones recover from grief, and through the art of prayer speak directly with them no matter how different our cultural backgrounds are. In our Earthbound lives, cultural differences often create divides, but in our spiritual lives we are all One.

Love and Light,

August 19th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Twitter Synchronicity


Yesterday in between a break from psychic readings I was updating a Tweet for my last client. I introduced Twitter into my business not long after it went live.

After I'd finished updating my tweet I was immediately drawn to a message from one of the people I followed.

A young woman who I have never met was sharing how lonely she was. I noticed she was living in Melbourne and I knew this was a sign for me to reach out and help her. Being a local of the Melbourne CBD allows me to know all of the great ways of getting around the city and what Melbourne has on offer.

I knew the Council of Adult Education has great meet up courses for all different tastes. I had done a couple of the walking tours, and eating out restaurant courses myself and knew instantly that I was synchronising with her energy to guide her to something she knew little about.

Helping someone without personal gain is what the energy of synchronicity is all about. You are emotionally connected to the collective and your thoughts are for the higher good. I sent her the web link to read the course guide and received a tweet back from her thanking me for the guidance.

This is what living in the moment and being in touch with the Akashic spiritual thread really means, and it doesn't require a great deal of concentration to understand the subtleties of the spiritual energy frequency. If you slow down your mind and become Still you will find signposts will appear when you least expect it.

Serendipity is about tapping into the Oneness cell. Everyone is capable of tapping into the guidance when you don't search for its meaning.

August 13th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Ebay Psychics
EBay recently announced it's removing all metaphysical, reiki healing, psychic, paranormal, email and tarot reading online services. (To read the full range of services being removed from eBay click here) and then click on "What Catergories will be discontinued?" in the Discontinued Categories section.

There are a lot of disgruntled tarot readers, and online psychics wondering why they are suddenly being removed. Twitter and Facebook petitions from EBay sellers are demanding eBay change its mind.

Why ebay had to remove spell, tarot and psychic services
I want to share with you why eBay had to act decisively to enforce its new policy.

A lot of psychic networks have been abusing the eBay sites, by falsifying their reviews to attract customers to buy hex spells, love potions, email psychic readings, prayer services, Reiki distant healing etc.

EBay received thousands of complaints from buyers about auction tampering. Thousands of psychics would auction psychic services and buy cheap readings from each other. They also reviewed each other's readings. This was how they boosted their ratings to attract new customers.

The psychic networks would get customers to give them top ratings to cheat the system. The more reviews they received the higher their reputation went up on eBay.

If they received a bad review they contacted the buyer and gave them their money back. Which is why buyers only found 99% to 100% accuracy reviews for hex removal spells and love potion sellers etc.

EBay had to take a stand. They couldn't allow cheap metaphysical and psychic reading auction scams to damage genuine sellers reputation. Which is why a blanket policy was enforced and will have all psychic and metaphysical profiles ending in September 2012. This policy change isn't about religious or spiritual ideology and taking spirituality back into the dark ages. It is about stopping online psychic network and spiritual scams that are rampant on the World Wide Web.

Why this is Important to YOU
These fraudsters aren't only on eBay. The network psychics and associations are now using social networks like Twitter, Facebook to reach you. They are 'liking' each other's pages in Facebook and Google+ to build up a false psychic reputation to get unsuspecting buyers to believe they are accurate psychics.

They engage in conversations with each other on social networks to entice you to their friendly services. Some psychics create their own follower profiles and fan pages. In short, they consider you to be gullible and easy to draw into their web.

Facebook and Twitter and other social networks are warning there's thousands of misleading business profiles using their services. There are no limits affiliate networks will not go to in building up an instant business reputation.

They buy cheap follower links from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and the Philippines etc. They will coerce you to friend them on Facebook by offering free psychic or tarot readings, or E-Books. They hope by directing you to free psychic and metaphysical offers that you will not think too hard about allowing them to have access to your private information.

Fake psychic world networks promote and market spiritual and psychic reading Facebook businesses. They try to replicate everything genuine psychics do, to get you to use their services before checking their real business credentials or reputation.

should I friend a psychic on facebook

Your Social Network Privacy
It should go without saying that no psychic should need your personal information on his or her Facebook page. We cannot expect our customers to share personal information if we do your personal or phone psychic readings.

It automatically crosses a line about knowing too much about our customer's lives. We are different than other online businesses and shouldn't be able to see your friend tags or your family photos etc.

Credible and authentic psychics would know there was a direct conflict of interest and not 'friend' a customer on facebook or Twitter. I joined Twitter over 3 years ago to use it as a bulletin board to leave private messages for my Australian and world clients. I never refer to my client's first name and only they know all messages.

Questions You Should Ask a Facebook Psychic
If you are being directed to live psychic guilds, associations, best psychic review sites to friend them on their Facebook pages ask why they desire this close type of relationship with their customers.

EBay taking a stand isn't going to stop the psychic mind spirit charlatans finding new ways to sell their witch spells etc. Be switched on and don't automatically trust angelic and spiritual businesses. You might find the beautiful angel photos are a cover for a seedy business operating in the underworld.

Reputable Psychics and Social Networks
Reputable psychics shouldn't know what is going on in our customer's lives and should be able to demonstrate genuine spiritual skills. Real psychics can be found on their own websites and known because of genuine customer testimonials. No clairvoyants, spiritual mediums should have to create their own reviews period. EBay shouldn't be judged too harshly for cleaning up the fraudulent psychics and false Reiki practitioners using their online services. They acted because they were receiving thousands of Ebay buyer complaints.

Love and Light

August 5th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Spiritual Energy of Betrayal
I want to write about the spiritual energy of betrayal to help you understand how to spiritually cope when someone fails to be truthful.

You may have encountered some of the following:

  • Been in a relationship to find your partner has cheated on you.
  • Your lover walked out of your relationship and now is living with someone else.
  • You were born into a dysfunctional family that failed to give you a good life platform where you were nurtured or had a sense of social connection.
  • Found out your friend has been misleading you and has been gossiping behind your back.
  • A friend, work colleague, husband, wife, family member have been keeping confidences and keeping you in the dark and now you are suffering the emotional and financial consequences of their past actions.
  • Global betrayal, politicians and businesses misleading the public that destroys your belief in the common good.
  • Spiritual betrayal: Being told you can't have children. Losing the ability to see, hear, or walk. Experiencing trauma from war, or violence.
  • Coping with suicide loss or grief after sudden death of your child, mother, father, sibling or friends.
No matter what form of betrayal you are working through, your loving spiritual family can help you find a greater sense of clarity. Your departed loved ones guidance can help you to make informed decisions to assist you with your choices and allow you to take back the reins.

If you find your husband or wife is gambling your savings away or taking an extra mortgage on your home without you knowing what is going on you will feel betrayed. Betrayal is an emotional reaction where you feel hurt by other peoples actions. Your expectations have not been met.

As a natural born psychic medium I have assisted thousands of customers deal with betrayal. I use my spiritual vessel as a conduit for the higher realms to share spiritual guidance that is relevant to fixing your problems and understanding the motivation behind the other individuals behaviour. As an empath I can find out energetically what is going on behind the scenes and provide angelic guidance from your loved ones to calm a situation down.

I have been working in the spiritual field for 30 years and I have witnessed customers who have experienced betrayal being consoled and uplifted by the healing channeling from the angelic realms.

If you feel guided to book an online psychic reading on the booking page after you have intuitively found this article, realise there are higher powers at work. You don't have to hold onto unnecessary pain and deserve a life that brings joy back into your heart.

Love and Light

July 29th 2012

This Week's Phone Psychic Reading Editorial ...

Australia's Carbon Tax
Australia finally introduced the carbon pollution tax on the 1st of July and maybe all of the political commentary will slow down a notch, because we've had an overload of negativity. Do you agree?

Vine Psychic Readings Line is supportive of looking after our World and the environment and Vine has been upfront about the guidance she has received since she was a young psychic kid that we have to stop our environment from declining.

That's why we use green energy and also carbon offset. We will continue to introduce more environmentally friendly practices. We believe the best sustainable spiritual business practices can help future generations live quality lives.

Also look at our environmental spiritual article on how trees release musical tones similar to instruments. It could fall into the paranormal, musical or science category. Vine shared this special article to help people understand our real connection to nature.

Vine accurately predicted job cuts and restructuring for Australian media

What is happening in August for Melbourne Born Vine Psychic? We are introducing our next video about how many psychic predictions Vine has accurately predicted since 2011.

Are you aware that Vine's psychic predictions are followed by people all over the world and are extremely popular? She has predicted so many accurate world events which include, Vladimir Putin returning to be Russian President, Muammar Gaddafi being captured in Libya and Republican Mitt Romney running against President Barack Obama for 2012 US election. The amount of spiritual prophecies she has shared with world readers is staggering.

She was originally reluctant to do premonitions, but in 2010 was spiritually guided to step forward to provide genuine documented predictions. A lot of people around the world respect her prophetic insights because in 2011 nearly every prediction updated came true. Review them yourself. Then you can see why she is considered a top Australian medium.

Her most recent proven Australian prediction is the media job cuts changing the way newspapers and magazines operate in the future. This remote vision came true in the last weeks of June 2012. This is why she has a large following and is considered to be extremely gifted.

Vine has also been warning the Australian and world public to be careful about psychic email readings because a lot of people are now referring to your social network profiles to check your information.

She guides that genuine psychics don't require a lot of private information to do a credible reading. We recommend you refer to her media release about misleading psychic businesses asking a lot of questions because they need to determine your current situation. She guides that authentic psychics provide you with answers and don't prompt customers to reveal why they want a reading at the start of a phone or email reading.

Are you being groomed to chat with a psychic so they can read your mood, and ask roundabout questions before they begin a reading? If you are, why do you believe this constitutes a reputable psychic reading? That's something to contemplate for August...

We have updated a lot of new psychic articles in the Karma Lounge Spiritual and Environment Forum and they are great reading. Take a look by visiting the psychic section here: latest psychic articles

Love and Light

Coffee shop Conversation about Near Death Experiences
My other-half and I like to venture out to the coffee shops in the city to have breakfast. Today we went to our local cafe and I ordered a couple of quiches for 'brekkie' and sat down at our table waiting for our coffees to arrive.

My partner went to buy a newspaper. While I was waiting I heard an amazing conversation from the adjoining table. One elderly grey haired women was telling a group of women, "I saw this light and they told me it wasn't my time to be in heaven yet." Another women was sharing how she had been pronounced dead and had a similar experience.

I knew that even on my weekend off, I was guided to sit next to this table of eight women talking about the after life.

I have these experiences often and I've written in previous editorials about how you can live in the energy of synchronicity and be guided to be in a place at the right time to be apart of a magical moment.

This was one of them. I didn't have to openly communicate with the women on the other table. I was able to listen to their excited conversation about life and death and know this was special.

It is wonderful to see people openly discussing this and feeling their spiritual energy as they share there is more to life than our physical experience of it.

It reinforces how far we have come. I remember as a child reading the early versions of Doctor Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's books about spiritual near death experiences and the after-life and keeping the mysteries of the Universe to myself.

Because 40 years ago these type of conversations were kept hush hush. The highly spirited American actress and entertainer Shirely Maclaine was one of my own. I remember when she was promoting her book Out on a Limb in Australia that someone openly discussed the spiritual. It was almost unheard of in my youth.

Lightworkers like myself were not in the mainstream, seeking publicity or attention - we went about our normal lives dealing with our wide range of paranormal and metaphysical experiences and living in this world at the same time.

We learned we had to keep our experiences to ourselves, because not everyone was able to assimilate or understand energy frequencies.

Now I can go to a coffee shop and hear women coming out and openly discussing their NDE's. That is a spiritual gift for me and shows how far we have come over the last 50 years.

I wanted to share how you too can look out for the signposts that the Universe reveals. Be still, observe and see if some type of spiritual message is gifted to you.

Love and Light


November 2013
To my loyal psychic customers in Australia & throughout the World

Prayers to the beautiful people of the Philippines who have lost so many of their loved ones in Typhoon Haiyan. No spiritual words can console the deep loss you must be feeling. Not only have you had to recover from a tragic earthquake but also contend with the worst cyclone to hit land fall in the last 30 years.

May you feel the prayers of Oneness reaching out to you in your time of need. Vine Psychic Reading Line will be donating to a reputable charity organization and encouraging our customers to dig deep as well.
Tarot Readings

Why don't I do tarot readings I was recently asked by a new client.

I don't use any modalities whatsoever because I can tune into your aura without knowing why you want a reading. That is what a real psychic medium is supposed to be able to demonstrate and as a spiritual empath I can immediately sense what is going on with your emotional and spiritual field. It also allows me to connect as a medium to show real proof of the afterlife.

A spiritual medium should be able to tell you how your loved ones died, share the remote visions they are being shown and provide relevant guidance about your life right now. I take my spiritual work seriously because you are asking me for help.

Your spiritual family guide you to me, to help you deal with tragedy. I help you understand the loss of a partner or child who died suddenly in a car accident or drowning.

I help provide greater insight about a friend, lover or family member who committed suicide which has left you to be in shock and needing answers. Mostly because you need greater clarity in love, relationships, family, work or business and need real help.

How much do you share with your tarot reader? Tarot reading or chat?...

As a spiritual medium I'm responsible for relaying higher realm guidance to help you heal or provide real clarity about your life situations. That's why I don't need to use any modalities.

I know that you are contacting mediums to find they use tarot cards and need regular prompting about your reasons for calling. I have to stop most of my clients from telling me why they want a psychic reading, because you're so used to being asked for all of this information in other types of readings.

I can only share with you that it is a personal choice to seek out tarot readers or spiritual mediums.

I know that a lot of people open up and share so much information about their lovers, romances, relationships, partners, family and friends to tarot readers and phone psychics that you may as well class that as a friendly chat.

I encourage you to stop revealing so much information at the start of your reading and allow a real psychic to give you proof of their spiritual ability and gifts. You will know if a tarot reader can connect with you if they pick up the cards and start to give you genuine evidence and don't have to ask a lot of questions before they begin a reading.

Psychic Reviews
Most of you want to know if you can trust all of the Australian and world psychic reviews that are being updated on the web. In the month of October I will concentrate on how the Spiritual Realms have been cautioning that the psychic arts are being lost by sales people pretending to be psychic.

Spirit is omnipresent and is attracted to psychic mediums who can provide credible evidence of the after life and show genuine heightened psychic ability.

Spirit selects the psychics and mediums who genuinely can work with heightened energies. They use a wide range of clairsenses to channel the higher vibrational angelic realms.

The top spiritual mediums and psychics are far removed from the psychic review sites that exclaim they have found the best psychics in the world. These reviews are simply a way of promoting live psychics throughout the globe.

Vine psychic gives accurate psychic readings to people from all cultural backgrounds

I recommend you read why I was guided to work on the first Australian psychic line and then started doing readings for people around the world from all different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures. Refer to my latest psycic blog article Are Psychic Reviews True or False and come to your own knowing about what is going on in the psychic field.

Free Psychic Stuff
We love your customer feedback and recently a Melbourne client suggested Vine psychic readings line do a new page to showcase all of our free psychic stuff. It is a great idea, so we are in the process of placing all of our free psychic interactive chakra charts on their own web page. You will be able to access this whenever you want.

The saying, ask and you shall receive is true when it comes to providing genuine psychic and spiritual services for our clients and readers. Keep the suggestions coming in, as they're greatly welcomed.

Money. Money. Money.
There is a disturbing trend occurring in the psychic market that customers in Australia and in the world need to know about. A lot of online psychics are misleading their customers about their real psychic business reputation and duping their customers to sell online marketing products.

They're connected to network affiliate sites who use social network sites and blog sites to share their business links in the hope they will be ranked higher than genuine psychic readers.

The same people and businesses that used to drive you crazy with email spam are now networking with each other to sell a wide range of spells, charms, money making schemes. They're hoping you don't delve too deep into their real business background.

The best Australian psychic readers are out of reach because the network psychics earn commission from reaching number one ranking. Psychic reviews are being contaminated by either the psychic or the networks writing their own customer reviews and tainting a sacred spiritual craft. Spiritually it was the reason why I was guided by my Spiritual guardians to work on the first Australian Psychic Line. Any of my clients will share with you they know how passionate I am about instilling a sense of ethical integrity into the spiritual arts and that's why I am spiritually guided to speak out about these practices.

Not sure if your phone psychic readers are connected to network affiliate link sharing, or updating their own business testimonials on Australian/World psychic reviews. Check here to find out what to look out for...

Vine Psychic - Ethical Psychic Readings

What a lot of Vine's Australian & World readers might not realize is Vine was spiritually guided over 5 years ago to introduce the first online ethical psychic booking process. She researched a lot of psychic booking options and selected PayPal because it ticked all of the right boxes and still does now. It is rated the World's Best online merchant booking process.

The security of your banking details and personal information was paramount to Vine. She was spiritually guided to show credible psychic ability and that meant eliminating the unecessary phone screening by customer service representatives or the psychics themselves. Does your trustworthy honest psychic follow a similar type of booking process as Vine?

You Are in Charge
Psychic ECommerce needs to be secure and Vine has created a customer booking process which YOU'RE in control of.

Your psychic booking and your banking details are known only to YOU. That's a great relief for customers and clients in Australia and around the world.

Is Your Psychic or Customer Service requesting your credit card or personal details?

Why not try the safe option and book an online psychic reading with Vine and feel assured nobody can check your social networks or engage you in a conversation to find out why you need a reading.

Does your psychic request your personal details and banking information before you have a psychic reading? How secure is their data information? These are the types of things you should think about before booking a telephone psychic reading. Our customers trust Vine's online psychic booking process.

Vine's Psychic Readings
Vine doesn't need any initial information at the start of your reading. Your complete anonymity is assured and you are not updated on a customer data base because we trust our customers know when they want a psychic reading and don't need to receive a newsletter from us.

Read Vine's PayPal history and why she was spiritually guided to let her customers be in charge of their own psychic bookings.

Phone Psychic Readings - Australia
Book Accurate Psychic Readings with Vine

Australian customers who wish to be charged via their phone bill can call Vine's phone psychic readings line.

Call - 1902 242 800 Australian Phone Psychic Line
(call costs $4.95 per min gst incl. extra mobiles/pay Monessa Gulf)
Hint: best contact from 6.00pm Monday to Friday and over the weekends.

Revisiting the Cleveland Ghosts
I have some interesting events to share with you after I managed to go back and do a follow up story last week about the Cleveland Ghosts and visited another spiritually active psychic location at the Cleveland Court House in Brisbane, Queensland. I was able to immediately sense two ghosts (spiritual beings) that were wanting to communicate and I will be sharing this story with you soon in my true life psychic stories section you can click here to read the original story here...

In the meantime I want to thank all of our regular psychic clients for sending requests for my spiritual blog topics. There were so many paranormal, UFO and relationship requests and I will try to cover each of your topics soon. Unfortunately I cannot touch on some of the rauncy topics because I have a "G" rated blog audience and that's just not going to happen.

I look forward to speaking with you when you return from your holidays. For my mums and dads clients who sometimes stress out entertaining their kids so they don't get bored, take time out for self and try to relax.

Love and Light

NOW 31 Years of Psychic Reading experience!
vine phone readings

Online Psychic Readings - Vine Psychic Line
Melbourne Born Vine Psychic is dedicated to helping you find the best psychic reading for your spiritual needs. If you need expert help before you book an online psychic reading and you are unable to guage which psychic is genuine, we recommend you read this article before booking an online psychic.

Women this is a must read by Melbourne Born Vine Psychic. Do not meet up with men from psychic chat lines or purchase/remove black magic curses. Find out why...

Vine's psychic Tips HeadPic_Philosophy.jpg

How to Find the Right Psychic

If you are looking for real clarity with your life decisions make sure you seek a psychic who has a credible background and doesn't consider readings to be entertainment. A genuine psychic will stand in the spirital energy of integrity and not trivalise their gifts for the sake of getting a customer to their door.

The best psychic reading is one that is full of clarity and will help you deal with your situations now. Be discerning of spell psychics, hex removal psychics, love psychic lines to attract someone into your life. Love psychics are normally waiting for someone who is vulnerable to call them in the middle of the night.

Vine's Psychic Readings Line

Vine's latest psychic reading blog articles explore:

Since Vine started to take reader's questions she has covered a lot of unique spiritual and psychic topics. Her latest psychic blog articles are about her 2014 psycic predictions and channelling form Spirit. She also shares how you need to be discerning when selecting a reputable psychic medium, which Spirit selects to work with your loved ones from the higher realms. Don't be fooled by "energies of deceit".

What Spirit Guides Are The Energy of Deceit?
These are people who present as psychics who come from a wide range of business backgrounds and some dissapointingly for psychic customers, are people who have joined business and blog affiliate networks to force the best psychics out of reach so they are found first.

Why are they doing this?
Simply because the psychic business wants to sell the networks main money making products to their customers and earn a commission. If you want to read more about which psychics in Melbourne and Australia are involved in these affiliate psychic schemes and their real business motivations we suggest you view the Karma Lounge Forums member articles.

The members of the Karma Lounge have investigated who is behind this network movement and how they came to have a huge presence in the tarot and psychic reading field in Australia. They deliberately targeted people who were vulnerable to sell their money making products. That in itself is a disgrace.

Is Your psychic reader in Australia connected to an affiliate money making scheme, or earning commission from selling products and doesn't really have a qualified psychic background?

Take a look at your regular psychic readers website. Are they connected to a money making scheme or selling a wide range of products which are not directly related to psychic readings?

Check if any or their psychic articles or advertisements are being directed back to a main business network where they earn commission.

Look at the bottom of their webpage and see if they claim to be an entertainment psychic only (check Terms and Conditions of Use if you are unable to locate a psychic is describing their readings are for entertainment).

Check if they're directing customers to another site which could be about SEO, marketing, blog network etc. If you find a business using inorganic links to build up their profile you have stumbled across a psychic business that may not be what it seems.

Google Moves to Clean Up Blog Network Inorganic Links
Google is currently checking any website networks that have inorganic links and penalizing them for trying to force genuine businesses down the search engines.

It is the number one topic at the moment in SEO circles because a lof of industries are finding they have been severely penalized and need to change their ways.

A good way of describing what Google is doing is to remove the dark seo from the search engines and only show the light side (similar to Star Wars). You can easily check if your psychic is engaging in dark SEO by viewing their link page.

Are they directing you to a multitude of businesses that have nothing to do with psychic readings? If the answer is yes. You have identified what Google describes as inorganic links. 'Penguin' the word Google is using to stamp out these practices is hitting a lot of sites as we write.

No genuine psychic business should have to falsify their links to build up reputation if they have built their reputation from a strong customer reputation base over the years. The only psychic businesses that are engaging in network links and social network links, are what Spirit describes are the 'energy of deceit'.

True psychic and spiritual readings are not about money making schemes and anyone who attempts to say otherwise doesn't understand the spiritual realms and how they value the sacred energy of spiritual servitude and only use good psychic mediums to be their spiritual voice.

If you are in a passive aggressive relationship and reach out to a psychic who isn't telling the truth about their own psychic background, you will find you're attracting another passive aggressive person towards you as a psychic reader. Don't be their next victim or use their wide range of Mind Body Spirit businesses. Not sure what a passive aggressive personality is? Visit here and you will understand the type of persality traits that you need to look out for. This is another must read...

These unique spiritual articles by Vine, may help readers understand how our energetic psychic body is so much more than we can mentally grasp.

Here's another of Vine's amazing true life spiritual stories about a husband reaching out from the higher realms to tell his grief stricken wife how much he still loved her. Australian Vine's latest story about meeting an elderly lady sitting at a bus stop while waiting for a friend is a must read for readers wanting to know what real love is and whether their relationship stacks up.

Is Psychic Lineage important when you seek a good psychic?
Read Vine's latest psychic readers article that delves into the generational psychic backgrounds and whether this is relevant to having a great reading...

Vine's latest psychic reading forum articles:

When you place your trust in a psychics reputation you are entrusting your spiritual health with the psychic. To find out an Australian or international psychic is fabricating their background to show a false level of credibility to their customers is dissapointing.

I am encouraging you to read my latest forum article about why new psychics need to be honest about their psychic backgrounds.

Genuine psychic reputation is built on years of customer trust and can't be marketed on psychic websites or article content farms by black hat SEO writers. It is a lesson for all psychics to learn by and realize above all else your customer wants you to be upfront and honest. Click here to read the full article...

Vine's Dream Articles

Melbourne Born Australian Psychic Medium Vine is an expert in dream interpretation and has been helping people unravel the meaning of their dreams since she began doing psychic readings 31 years ago.

Vine's clients give her permission to share some of their real-life stories to help you understand why some dream experts are not all they claim to be.

This dream article is a must read if you are thinking of getting an online dream reading from a psychic chat line or affiliate psychic business.

Vine's Proven Psychic Predictions

Vine Psychic Predictions - Bookings

Melbourne Born Vine's psychic prediction record has proven that she has the psychic ability to see into the future. Most of her Australian and world psychic predictions have come true.

Vine allows readers to follow the spiritual guidance by updating the accuracy of her predictions as reported in the news. Predictions are never altered or taken down, whether right or wrong. Australian and World readers have come to trust in Vine because she provides genuine psychic predictions relevant to the times we are living in and she stays true to them.

Vine's prophecies for 2013 were the most accurate and credible psychic predictions without rehashing historical prophet figures such as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce.

Vine's predictions deal with real issues of concern, problems and solutions in the world. Her respect for the spiritual arts is too great to trivialize guidance from the higher realms. Vine therefore doesn't bother withgossip orientated entertainment celebrity predictions.

Vine began her 2014 psychic predictions with a channelled message from Spirit - Read it here:
Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth

And Vine has begun publishing her 2014 predictions. Read them here: Vine's 2014 Psychic Predictions

Latest Psychic Predictions to Come True in 2012 and 2013 Melbourne Born Australian Psychic Vine
Accurate Psychic Readings

Secrets Revealed in 2014
Vine's 2014 Higher Angelic Realms Channeling entitled "Lifting the Veil and Revealing the Truth" is about the deceivers who have altered the way of our Earth and created energetic imbalances. The channelling deals with why the deceivers decieve: "You are unaware that one motion can cause an effect on different energetic planes and we come to you to guide the YEAR 2014 will bring the secrets to the surface."

Vine goes into more detail about secrets being revealed in her prediction entitled, "World Banks Public Uproar for 2014", which also deals surrounding environmental issues:

"I have been spititually guided that the world public have been mislead about the state of our environment and the secret deals being done behind closed doors."

So far in 2014 these secrets to do with economic and environmental issues have been revealed:

  • Mafia Colludes with Government Officials to Dump Toxic Waste
    According to former mafia boss Camine Schiavone the Camorra mafia have been dumping toxic waste in the country side around Naples with the full knowledge of corrupt senior officials, since the early 1990's.

    Now in 2014 that the Italian Government and the media have begun to throw a stronger spotlight on this long held secret. In January 2014 two jailed Camorra mafia whistle-blowers identified a field as one of the secret sites where the Camorra mafia had buried toxic waste, and the authorities invited the press to watch them dig the field.
  • Barclays Bank Forced to disclose Trading secret - A whistle blower exposed 27,000 confidential customer files stolen from Barclays Bank and sold on to rogue City traders.
  • Putin's Secret Interests Exposed - The truth about President Viktor Yanukovych's government in the Ukraine was brought to the surface when thousands protested over the future development of their country - whether it would be a country based on the rule of law, or Russian-style oligarchy and closed interests? The protest brought Russia's secret interests in the Ukraine out into the open for all to see.
  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - Conflict of Interest Exposed - Two Great barrier Reef Marine Park board members exposed as having having financial links to mining companies at the same time as approving dumping on the Reef for mining company ports.
  • Tax Havens Revealed in 2014
    Already in 2014, light has been shone onto Apple's secret tax havens and Ikea's secret Tax havens.

    Both companies avoid paying billions of dollars in Tax using various forms of secrecy inclunding hiding where their profits are made.

    The upcoming G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia (in November) is bringing a number of TAX haven related issues to the surface in 2014.

• • • • • • • • • •

Universal Energy Codes
The Connection between Human-Made Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events in 2012 and 2013

On 28th November 2012 Vine relayed a message from Spirit in a general prediction for 2013. It concerns our "reasons for being", and in it Vine firstly shared that in 2012 we would begin to see the connection between man-made global warming and extreme weather events like Hurricane Sandy.

Vine then predicted that 2013 would be ruled by an energy code represented by, "the ancient rune 'H', Hagal, or Hail meaning disruption, the destructive wrath of nature, uncontrolled forces usually the weather but also within us. Times of crisis and trials clearing away the negative to be a blessing in disguise and lead to inner peace."

This meant that in 2013 the global warming and climate change message would be driven home with further extreme weather events and that because of this we would begin to contemplate the life styles that caused these events and the life changes required to avert complete environmental catastrophe in the future.

Vine then relayed from Spirit, that we have been led to this environmental precipice by our "present infatuation with HAVING (rampant consumerism, and continual economic and industrial growth)..."

Vine ended the prophecy with this:
"Whether or not we can pull ourselves back from the brink, depends on whether we continue to define our lives around HAVING, or BEING."

Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and Vietnam is the latest and worst of a long line of catastrophic weather events in 2013. We pray for the friends and family of the many thousands of people who have lost their lives, and the millions affected by the storm.

The people of the Philippines are used to Typhoons but no one there had ever seen anything as strong as Typhoon Haiyan.

We've Never Seen Anything Like This Before
After the many extreme weather events in the last couple of years, the catch phrase most often repeated, time and time again is: "We've never seen anything like this before".

This is because we haven't seen storms, floods, fires and droughts as bad and as often as this before.

We can no longer be so complacent.

Whether or not we can pull ourselves back from the environmental brink we have brought ourselves to, depends on whether we define our lives less around HAVING - rampant consumerism, and greed associated with continual economic and industrial growth), and more around BEING - Love and caring for all spiritual beings on our planet and the realisation that we are ALL ONE.

• • • • • • • • • •

Queensland Politics - Campbell Newman
On 16th December 2012, Vine predicted that 2013 would be a rough year for Queensland's Premier Campbell Newman.

This has come true with everything from criticisms of his unpopular austerity measures to problems with ministers and political associates. The worst being the Michael Caltabiano affair, which Newman rated as the lowest point of his eighteen months in office.

• • • • • • • • • •

Ocean Seabed Floor Phenomena - New Land
On 4th December 2012, Vine predicted new land would rise from the sea as a result of volvcanic activity in 2013.

In October 2013 a new island rose from the sea as a result of volcanic activity after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Pakistan.

• • • • • • • • • •

Australian Politics
12 month lead up to the Australian Election

On 23rd December 2012, when Vine relayed Spirit's prediction for politics in Australia, Labor's Julia Gillard was the Prime Minister, the polls were heavily in favour of the Liberals, and the election was almost a year away.

In the lead up to the Australian election Vine predicted:

  • The women's vote would be important and women would be turned off by Tony Abbott
  • Tony Abbott's unpopularity with Australian women would not convert into support for Julia Gillard and she would not be given the green light
  • That even though the polls were heavily in favour of the Liberals when Vine made the prediction, when the 2013 Australian elections were called it would be straight down the middle 50/50

  • All of these predictions came true.

• • • • • • • • • •

Floods Like We Have Never Seen Before
On 2nd December 2012, Vine made a prediction for 2013... It was for floods like the world has never seen before. Downpours that will send large amounts of water around towns too close to the waters edge.

From the very beginning of the year, the prediction came true again and again, with catastrophic floods all over the world resulting from record downpours of rain. The message from Spirit, Vine says, is that these unusual and record rainfalls are caused by climate change.

• • • • • • • • • •

Qld Respiratory Health Problems
Vine's psychic prediction of respiratory health problems through some type of chemical or gas vapor release into the air, came true for the local community at Banyo in Brisbane's outer suburbs.

• • • • • • • • • •

President Obama Wins
Vine accurately predicted that President Obama would win the US Presidential elections in November 2012.

• • • • • • • • • •

Mitt Romney
Vine was also shown a remote-viewing psychic vision of the successful 2012 US republican candidate who looked exactly like Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney went on to contest the US Elections against President Barack Obama.

• • • • • • • • • •

Australian & New Zealand Currency
Vine accurately predicted Australia and the New Zealand government would consider merging their currency.

This was considered by the Productivity Commissions of each country.

• • • • • • • • • •

North Korea Prediction
Vine spiritually forecast that North Korea would perform a military act of defiance.

Vine's Psychic Ethical Conduct

Vine Psychic Line follows the Universal Laws and has a strong ethical foundation in offering genuine spiritual readings and helping people get a greater sense of peace and clarity in their life. You can be guaranteed that you will only get a high quality reading here.

Principle: Vine wishes to inform customers that she has no association with the Universal Psychic Guild or the Psychic and Astrology psychic guild. Please get in touch with our Admin. area if you spot any web pages about Vine Psychic Line, Vine Psychic Predictions being updated on any competitor psychic sites. We will not hesitate to take further legal action.

Tip: A reputable psychic should have a solid spiritual and psychic background and know how to deal with a wide range of paranormal experiences. Clients trust Vine because she offers clear spiritual guidance that is proven time and time again.

Summary of Vine's Psychic Background
Vine is a Natural Born Psychic Medium with 31 years of extensive experience in the psychic field in Australia and globally. Real psychic reputation and considered to be an expert Spiritual Sensitive. To learn more about Vine's spiritual background please click here.

International Psychic Reading Inquiries
Thank you for considering booking a psychic reading with Vine Psychic Line. Please use our secure credit card booking and select the block of time and payment method you require - It's that easy.

We recommend new clients read the FAQ section on the website and view Vine's psychic readings video (above) before contacting the administration area. Best clairvoyant readings!

If you require additional assistance please contact our administration area via the Contact Page.

We gratefully accept client recommendations and encourage you to share this site with your friends, family and colleagues.

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